GH Update Wednesday 1/23/13

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/23/13


Written by Carole
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Pictures by Juanita

Patrick and Emma are having breakfast at Kelly's. They are talking about a school play about recycling. Patrick says it's a wonderful idea that the teacher had. "Yea," says Emma. "I'm good for the environment." "Yea, you are." agrees Patrick. Just then, Sabrina enters and an excited Emma runs over to hug her. She asks when Sabrina's going to babysit again.

Sonny has come by to check up on Connie at her penthouse. Connie is still suspicious about Sonny's motives. Sonny tells her that's it's because she's been through a hard time lately, and he can sympathize. He admits that he was even nervous leaving her and Olivia alone the other night. Connie says it was decent, and they even had a good talk. Sonny asks about what. Connie says nervously, that they talked about him, or more specifically, about him and her.

At GH, in Ellie's room, Spinelli confesses that there is more than he told her about New Year's Eve. When he tells Ellie that he slept with Maxie, she can't believe it. At the nurse's station, as Dr. Westbourne is walking Maxie out, telling her to think about what to tell Dante and Lulu. Dante and Lulu have just stepped off the elevator and overhear her. "Tell Dante and Lulu what?" asks a concerned Lulu. Maxie changes the subject by welcoming them home and asking about Luke. Lulu tells them that Luke got shot in a Turkish prison but he's alright. They tried to bring him to the hospital but, of course, Luke wanted to rush back to Anna.

Luke has arrived at the police station and is in Anna's office. She is telling him about Robert being in a coma, and that Holly is with him. Luke asks how it happened, and Anna tells him that it was Dr. Obrecht, the one they met before. Luke wonders why Anna was even back there. Just then, Duke walks in and says, "To rescue me." Luke jumps up to attack him, thinking he's Faison. Anna pulls him back saying that he us the real Duke Lavery. Duke apologizes for the confusion. Anna defends Duke telling him it wasn't his fault.

Back at GH, Maxie is still trying to distract Dante and Lulu from what they heard. Lulu, however, won't let it go and asks Dr. Westbourne if everything is okay. This is making Maxie extremely anxious, so Dante tries to intervene. Steve and Olivia have joined them so Lulu asks Olivia if Maxie is telling the truth. Steve steps in, and suggests that Lulu ask Maxie's doctor, who is standing right here. When Lulu does, Maxie shoots Britt a warning look.

Meanwhile, in Ellie's room, Spinelli continues his confession to a disbelieving Ellie. He reminds her about their agreement, and that he thought she had dumped him. He says he got drunk and wasn't thinking straight. Ellie demands a straight answer. Connie is also seeking answers from Sonny at her place. At first, she tells Sonny that it was just "girl talk," but she continues talking, saying that Sonny is a hard man to figure out. Sonny actually scoffs at this, until Connie tells him why. She wonders why he's being good to her after she treated him like dirt. Sonny fumbles for an answer.

Back at Kelly's, Patrick and Sabrina decide to tell Emma that she can't babysit her anymore. When Emma asks why, Sabrina flashes back to her conversation with Britt. She's brought back to the present by Emma asking about the Nursesí Ball. Emma asks if Sabrina doesnít like her anymore. Sabrina says she loves Emma, and then Patrick tells Emma about Sabrina's busy schedule. Emma doesn't understand and wonders about the Nursesí Ball.

Back at the hospital, Britt is reassuring Lulu that Maxie is just fine. Olivia also tells Lulu to rely on the doctor and not her visions. "Can I quote you on that?" Steve quips. Dante redirects the conversation back to the original question. In Ellie's room, Spinelli tells Ellie how and why, he ended up with Maxie. Ellie tells Spinelli that Maxie went looking for him. Ellie jumps to the conclusion that Maxie tampered with her car. Spinelli defends Maxie until Ellie asks about Maxie's integrity.

Back at Connie's, she's having a hard time thanking Sonny. In her office, Anna is catching Luke up on recent events, with Duke's help. They tell him how Faison used Duke and how Duke fooled Faison. Duke acknowledges that Luke is partly responsible for his being there. He wants to thank him but Luke refuses.

At Kelly's, Sabrina tells Emma that they will still be involved in the Nursesí Ball. She then goes to order her food. While waiting at the counter, she overhears Patrick try to calm Emma down. Patrick tells Emma she may not need a babysitter. She can come along on his dates with Britt. Emma shocks Patrick by telling him that she doesn't like Britt. She wants Sabrina to be her babysitter. He asks her why and Emma says Britt is mean.

At the hospital, Britt is backing up Maxie, telling Dante and Lulu that it's just a change of medication. Lulu is, of course, nervous. Britt tells them that they are her patients too and they will be kept updated. Olivia sees Maxie holding our favorite dog. "Mother of God! Not you again!" Spinelli is in Ellie's room, defending Maxie, much to Ellie's dismay. Ellie knows very well that Maxie shouldn't have had sex so soon after being inseminated. Spinelli clumsily tries to defend her but Ellie gets so upset that she throws him out.

At Connie's, Sonny tries leave to check on Kristina, but Connie thinks he's running away from her. In Anna's office, Duke is trying to make nice but Luke isn't having it. Duke admits to that he still loves Anna. Luke declares his love for her as well and says it makes him and Duke adversaries. Luke wants to go home and talk to Anna, and she tells him that she moved out. He asks her why and she says it's because he went against her wishes. Luke desperately pleads his case, sensing he may have already lost her.

Back at Connie's, she's also pleading her case to Sonny. Sonny and Connie talk about where their relationship is. He admits that he still wants to see Kate that and it hurts. In her hospital room, Ellie is also hurt and angry and wants Spinelli to leave. He does but not until he apologizes and tells her he loves her. Still in the hospital, Olivia is the only one who sees the dog.

Back at Kelly's, Sabrina overhears Patrick attempting to get Emma to give Britt a chance. Emma says that her mommy is in heaven and that she doesn't want another mommy. Patrick talks to her about missing Robin but Emma is persistent. She says if she has to have a new mommy, then she wants it to be Sabrina. Emma runs over to the counter where Sabrina is sitting and clings to Sabrina.

At the hospital, Dante tries to assure everyone that his mother's visions aren't literal. Lulu defends her position because she isn't the one carrying the baby. Britt doesn't believe they are talking about Maxie having a dog. Lulu explains to Britt how Olivia acquired her gift. Steve turns to her and asks if it was the same dog. Olivia says that this time it looks like a wild animal cub. Spinelli passes by and Maxie suddenly figures out that it is a jackal. Maxie switches gears and tells Lulu it's time for her back off. Dante agrees and they leave.

At Kelly's, Emma doesn't want to let go of Sabrina. Sabrina reassures her that she's not going anywhere. Patrick apologizes to Sabrina, but things are awkward. In Anna's office, she tells Luke what he doesn't want to hear so he leaves. At Connie's, she's disappointed that Sonny doesn't feel the same way she does. Connie still thinks he wants her gone and Kate back. Connie reminds him of the way they used to be, and then asks him to leave. At Kelly's, a heartbroken Emma watches Sabrina leave. Patrick tells Emma that Sabrina has he own life. Sabrina watches through the window as Patrick tells Emma that Sabrina isn't family.

Back at the hospital, Olivia apologizes to Maxie for her behavior. She tells Maxie that she is in good hands with Britt. Olivia leaves. Maxie tries to leave, too, but Britt won't let her. She wants to know if she seriously plans on passing off her and Spinelli's baby as Dante and Lulu's. A determined Maxie tells Britt that before the surrogacy, Dante and Lulu considered adoption. Dante and Lulu have arrived at Kelly's with Lulu asking her husband "On a scale of 1 to 10 how obnoxious was I?" Dante deflects but then reassures his wife that he understands why she's so nervous. Lulu tells him how excited she is about this baby. Dante tells her to think positive and they talk lovingly about the future. In Anna's office, Duke is telling Anna to take her time because he wants to be fair. He leaves, telling her he will always love her.

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