GH Update Tuesday 1/22/13

General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/22/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita


At the hospital Maxie is having a checkup with Dr. Britt.  She wants to be reinseminated but is shocked to learn she is already pregnant. 

Dante and Lulu are being reunited with Luke in the Turkish prison. While waiting for Luke to be released, Dante and Lulu update him on the recent events regarding Maxie. Lulu tells Luke about New Year's Eve and how Maxie fell chasing after a dog.  Luke is amazed that Dante and Lulu came to rescue him during all of this.  Luke is anxious to get back  to Port Charles and Anna.  Lulu advises him to please use some tact.

At The Floating Rib, Mac and Felicia are telling Duke about Lucy being committed to Ferncliff for attacking John McBain and her vampire ravings.  Felicia notices that Duke is worried about something other than Lucy's accusations.  He admits to being concerned about Anna.  Mac and Felicia continue to encourage Duke not to blame himself for what happened to Robert who remains in a coma. Anna mentions that Holly is with him.  Duke tells his friends how thoughts of Anna kept him alive all those years with hopes of reuniting. And now thanks to John McBain and Robert he has, but she can't stand to look at him.  Mac tells him he's not to blame for what happened that it was all Faison.

Anna has called Sonny into her office to let him know who Joe Scully was taking orders from....Faison, who is responsible for Jason's death. She explains that Faison held the real Duke prisoner for years to extract information about her.  Sonny says now she can welcome back the real Duke into her life.  "You would think so," she replies. 

At Connie's penthouse, she is surprised to find Liv waiting for her.  Connie is defensive but Liv tells her that Sonny only wants to take care of her. Liv tries her best to help Connie get over losing Trey. 

At the hospital, Spinelli has turned up at Ellie's room where she tells him that she can wiggle her toes. Much more exciting than the copy of "2001: Space Odyssey" that he brought for her to watch. She and Spinelli are rejoicing that she isn't paralyzed. Ellie is cautious though and Spinelli goes in search of Steve but he's already in the doorway.  Steve examines Ellie and says she's lucky. He then calls in Physical Therapy for her. Spinelli gets serious and announces that there is something Ellie needs to know, which happened on New Year's Eve. He slept with Maxie.

Maxie is in shock to learn that she is pregnant "again". She discusses her situation with Dr. Westbourne.  She is still in shock until Britt tells her she got pregnant the old-fashioned way. Suddenly, Maxie remembers and says "Oh!" as she flashes back to her New Year's Eve with Spinelli. Maxie urges Dr. Westbourne to keep the situation just between them for now. Britt suggests she figure out what to tell Dante and Lulu. At that moment, the couple walks in asking what they should be told.

Anna confides to Sonny her confusion over Faison and Duke.  This is something that Sonny can relate to. He is having trouble with Connie/Kate because he's still in love with Kate.  Anna is amazed that she is confiding in Sonny of all people.  "It's easier than arresting me." he jokes.  He then reminds her that Robin used to confide in him all the time.  They have a moment over their mutual loss. 

Connie is still wary of Sonny's motives but Liv tries to tell her that he just concerned for Connie.  Liv confesses that though she came to love Kate she actually missed her cousin Connie, the one she grew up with.  They reminisce about a promise they made to dance at each other's wedding.  Connie apologizes for not having a dance floor at city hall.  "Well,  I will, at mine!" says Liv flashing her engagement ring from Steve. The two cousins rejoice and hug each other. After they do a little dance together, Sonny returns but Connie is suspicious of his being so nice to her. He assures her he has no angle; he just sympathizes with her "from one parent to another." She tells him that she and Olivia had a good time and even talked about him.

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