GH Update Friday 1/18/13

General Hospital Update Friday 1/18/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

In the hospital, Maxie is on the phone with Lulu. She assures Lulu that everything is ok with the baby and asks how Lulu is doing and if she found her father. Lulu says that they are at the prison Luke was in but no one is talking. Britt comes in and Maxie ends the call, saying Felicia is on the phone. Maxie asks how Dante and Lulu took the news of the miscarriage. Maxie says that they don't know because she couldn't tell them. Lulu asks Dante if he'd talked to the warden. He tells her he has and she asks what he said.

In Ellie's hospital room, Spinelli and Ellie are on a computer when Patrick walks in. Patrick asks how Ellie is doing. She tells him that she's concerned that Patrick told her that if she hasn't regained feeling or movement in her legs within a week, she probably won't and its been six and a half days.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy tells Ned she will have to call him back and hangs up. AJ asks if she's sharing the news that her new co-CEO is cuckoo.

Lucy is at Ferncliff, shouting about how she's not crazy and Heather walks in. Lucy is surprised that Heather believes her. Heather tells her that Lucy is every bit as sane as she is.

Todd pleads not guilty and says that the person who did those things wasn't him. Diane turns and looks at him, stunned. Carly and McBain think that he's going to put all of the blame on Heather Webber.

Heather tells Lucy that she's sure that everything is a big misunderstanding. Lucy is glad that someone gets it. She says she wonders why though and asks if Heather would feel the same way if she told her that Port Charles is in danger from a vampire named Caleb Morley.

Diane frantically tells Todd that he pays her to speak for him, so he needs to be quiet. The judge urges Todd to continue. Prosecutor Campbell makes the case that Todd is trying to blame Heather but she didn't do half of what Todd is accused of. Todd says he's not blaming Heather. The judge asks who he is blaming.

Dante tells Lulu that there was an uprising and Lulu did hear gunshots, but they have it under control. Lulu is worried that her father is actually innocent this time and can't get out of prison. Dante tells her that he impressed upon the warden that he needs to share information or Dante will make sure he deals with the American consulate. Lulu confesses that she's not only worried about Luke but about Maxie, too.

Maxie tells Britt that she started to tell Dante and Lulu about the miscarriage and even invited them to her home to tell them but she feels that fate stepped in to stop her because she's not supposed to tell them. She says they had to leave the country to find Lulu's father. Britt tells her that she will have to tell them when they return. Maxie says maybe not.

Patrick has Ellie close her eyes and tell him if she feels anything. With the first two touches of her feet, she doesn't respond but says she feels the third one.

AJ asks Tracy what Lucy's breakdown does to Tracy's agreement with her. He wonders if that is going to force another vote. Tracy chastises AJ for taking advantage of Lucy's condition, then remembers a clause Edward put in the bylaws regarding insanity and tells AJ that she can fire Lucy due to her psychotic break and tells him that she's in control of ELQ again. AJ tells her unless there's another vote.

Lucy tells Heather the story of slaying Caleb Morley and then how she tried to slay McBain. Heather tells her that she knows McBain and that his being a vampire would explain his being cold and distant. Lucy tells her that she's lucky that he didn't drink her blood. Heather says when he sank his teeth into her case, he didn't let go.

Todd explains to the judge that Heather is guilty because she's nuts. He then tells the judge that various things that he had done could be considered crazy. He says that he is pleading not guilty because he's insane. McBain and Carly shake their heads in disbelief.

Diane asks the judge if Todd could take the stand to explain himself. Prosecutor Campbell reminds the judge that it's an arraignment not a trial. Diane makes the case saying that neither McBain nor Dante let Todd explain himself to get his side of the story. The judge allows it but warns Todd not to waste his time.

Tracy argues that AJ has no authority to call for a new vote since Lucy voted for her before the breakdown and none of her backers will side with AJ. AJ disagrees. Tracy apologizes to Michael for his being disappointed. Michael suggests that Tracy give AJ a shot at being co-CEO. She refuses saying that she thinks AJ is incompetent and she wants to run the company alone. She leaves to talk to the attorneys about Lucy. Michael asks what AJ thinks. AJ says he needs to get to Lucy now.

Heather is surprised that Lucy staked McBain. Lucy is surprised she missed his heart and chalks it up to being out of practice. Lucy asks if Heather believes her. Heather says she does because Lucy has honest eyes. Lucy tells her that in part to her eye make up from her cosmetics company. Heather loves Lucy's cosmetics, especially the blush. Lucy promises to get her some of her favorite shade at cost, then tells Heather that she is the owner and founder of CoeCoe Cosmetics. Heather calls Lucy her hero for "saving" Alan from Monica. Lucy asks Heather how she knows about that. Heather reveals who she is and that she was married to Edward. Lucy is disgusted and upset because she liked Edward. She calls Heather a psycho. Heather tells her that it takes one to know one.

Diane argues that Todd has PTSD and explains it is due to trauma he suffered from his mother and his brother and puts the blame on Heather, citing that Todd didn't have any malicious intent. Todd tells the judge that he feels like he's not the one doing the various crimes, he hears a voice in his head that tells him not to do them. Diane argues that Todd doesn't need jail time, he needs professional help. Carly objects.

Patrick tells Ellie that he hadn't touched her when she said she felt something. He encourages her to stay optimistic, though, because sometimes it could take longer to regain feeling in her legs. When Patrick leaves, Ellie tells Spinelli the reasons that she's lucky and then vows to not feel sorry for herself. She breaks down in Spinelli's arms.

Maxie tells Britt that she knows there are two embryos left. Britt tells her that its true, that its standard procedure. She asks Britt if they could just implant another one and by the time she is pregnant again, no one will have to know she miscarried.

Dante asks Lulu what Maxie said to make her worried about Maxie. Lulu says that Maxie says everything is fine but she knows Maxie and feels like she is hiding something. She says that Maxie always finds excuses to get off the phone and that she didn't want to hold them up looking for Luke. She has the feeling Maxie was going to tell them something big.

Maxie tells Britt that Dante and Lulu have already been through so much trying to have a baby and she doesn't want them to have more heartbreak over it. Britt says that she can't keep the miscarriage from them and tells her that the embryo may not have been viable and assures Maxie that it is highly unlikely the fall chasing the dog caused the miscarriage. Maxie pleads with her, telling her that the miscarriage could ruin their friendship and cause them to not trust her again. She begs Britt to make her pregnant again.

Lucy tells Heather that other than their common taste in cosmetics, they have nothing in common. Heather tells her that Monica always called her a social climber but Ferncliff is an equalizer: everyone there is criminally insane but makes the best of it. Lucy is sure that the doctors will tell the judge that he made a mistake. Heather says that she doubts it since Lucy try to stake a vampire cop and guesses that they will be sharing a cell for years to come. Lucy tells Heather that she's meaner than everyone says. Heather says that she's just honest and when Lucy is committed, she's going to need a friend and that she would be it.

Ellie is still concerned about having no feeling in her legs. Spinelli reassures her, telling her that she should know that Patrick's timeframe is likely an average and that some people recover faster, some not so fast. Ellie is concerned that Spinelli feels obligated to her but he denies it. He says he has something in his car that will make her feel better. He rushes out to get it.

Britt takes blood from Maxie as Maxie thanks her. Britt says she hasn't agreed to anything yet, she's just checking hormone levels to see if a new implantation is possible but she doubts it is. Maxie asks if she will do the procedure if it is possible. Britt hasn't decided yet and will when she sees the test results. Maxie tells her how everything will be right when Britt puts the baby in Dante's and Lulu's arms. Britt takes the blood to be tested.

Dante tells Lulu that maybe Maxie just wants to move out of the apartment away from Ellie. Lulu concedes that its possible given that Maxie loves Spinelli, but why would she want Dante there. Dante guesses teasingly that Maxie likes him, then tells Lulu that whatever it is, Maxie must have decided it could wait.

Spinelli runs into Maxie in the hall and asks if she and the baby are ok. Maxie says they are fine. She asks about Ellie and if she's going to remain paralyzed. Spinelli tells her that they are hopeful. Maxie tells him that she'd have gone to see Ellie but that things may be a bit too awkward for that. She also guesses that Spinelli hasn't called her because of Ellie's condition. Spinelli denies this.

Michael asks AJ why he needs to see Lucy. AJ explains that the time is right to try to woo Lucy over to their side. He asks Michael to cover for him because Tracy can't know what he's doing. Michael tells AJ he's the world's worst liar and that Tracy will see right through him. AJ tells Michael that between his and Carly's DNA, Michael has lying in his blood and he'll be fine. He leaves Michael as Tracy walks into the room, on her phone. She immediately asks where AJ is.

Carly tells the judge that Todd doesn't have PTSD. Diane tells the judge that Carly isn't a shrink. Carly says she's not but she spent a good deal of time with Todd and has observed him so she knows he's in his right mind. She asks Todd if he has PTSD and if what they had wasn't real. Todd says that it was real and that he fell in love with her. Carly tells him that he has to admit to what he did and trust her to stand by him. She says everyone makes mistakes but he has to own what he did.

Lulu walks around the room in Turkey looking for a signal. She wants to text Maxie that she is worried about her. As she walks around, she sees the phone and blood on the wall next to it. She asks Dante if what she sees on the wall is blood.

Spinelli explains to Maxie that he slept with her, thinking that he and Ellie were over. He says that Ellie had every intention of meeting him but she had gotten hit by a car while he got drunk and slept with Maxie. He tells her that he and Ellie are back together. Maxie wonders if he is with her just until she walks again. Spinelli says no, that he wants to be with Ellie. He is choosing Ellie over Maxie again.

Tracy presses Michael for information on where AJ went. Michael tells her that he went to an AA meeting but Tracy trips him up and catches him in a lie. She tells him that for a Quartermaine, he's a terrible liar. She guesses that AJ went to see Lucy.

AJ walks into the room Lucy and Heather are talking in at Ferncliff as Lucy asks him where a doctor is. When she realizes that it's AJ, she asks what he is doing there. He says he's there to warn her that Tracy doesn't believe in vampires and then tries to convince her that he does.

Carly implores Todd to confess to what he did. Todd tells her that he was crazy being with her and not trusting her with his secrets. The judge asks if he is changing his plea. Todd says he is not. He still pleads not guilty by reason of insanity.

Spinelli says that he didn't mean for things to happen the way that they did. Maxie says that they did and asks that he leaves her alone. Spinelli leaves and Britt arrives. She asks Maxie to meet her in the exam room in five minutes. she is getting Maxie's test results.

Dante confirms that they are looking at blood. Lulu is concerned that the blood is Luke's. Dante promises to get the information for her, no matter what he has to do. The warden walks in and tells them that he apologizes for the delay. Lulu asks if he knows where Luke is. He says he does.

Tracy runs AJ down to Michael and tells him how Edward had no faith in AJ either, hence he never got promoted higher than VP of paper clips. Michael tells her that maybe he wouldn't have screwed up if someone had shown faith in AJ. Tracy compares Michael to Jason before the accident as AJ's biggest cheerleader, then tells him that AJ visiting Lucy won't make any difference because she's going to end up in a straight jacket.

AJ tells Lucy that Tracy is getting her attorneys to take away everything she promised Lucy. Lucy says that Tracy can't do that but AJ says that she can. He says she has to prove that she is not insane. He tells her that if she takes back her shares and votes with him, he will do everything he can for her and that they will run ELQ together.

The judge dismisses Todd from the stand. Todd goes to Carly and apologizes. Carly says she's sorry he's not the man she thought he was and she leaves. McBain tells him that he did it all to himself and he leaves as well. Diane asks Todd if he's sure he's doing the right thing. Todd says he isn't sure. He says the right thing is always just beyond his grasp.

The warden tells Dante and Lulu that Luke was in that room when the riots started and confirms that the blood on the wall is Luke's blood. Lulu asks if Luke is dead.

Britt meets Maxie in the exam room. Maxie asks if she will do the procedure and Britt says she can't. Maxie asks why she is refusing to do it. Britt says that it's not that she's refusing, it's that she can't. Maxie is already pregnant.

Spinelli returns to Ellie's room, announcing a surprise. She asks if it's champagne. He says no, it's a special edition DVD of 2001: A Space Odyssey. He asks why the request for champagne. Ellie reveals that she can move her toes.

McBain gives Carly her purse. She thanks him and congratulates him on the win. McBain says no one wins these things. Carly wonders if Todd's lie will work. McBain says that Todd lost her. With all Todd costs people, now its his turn to lose, too.

Prosecutor Campbell tells the judge that Todd is clearly lying. Diane objects and argues for Todd. The judge has made a decision. He remands Todd to Ferncliff for a psychiatric evaluation and they will reconvene when the doctors make their decision. Diane congratulates Todd on getting what he wanted. Todd says he got nothing he wanted but at least he doesn't go to prison. Diane stresses that it is pending the doctors' evaluation. Todd is confident he can fool the doctors but Diane warns him that Ferncliff won't be easy.

AJ continues to try to convince Lucy to work with him. They are interrupted when Lucy is told her doctor and attorney are ready for her. Lucy says she can't deal with it right now and leaves a frustrated AJ. Heather steps further into the room and watches him.

Tracy tells Michael that AJ is wasting his time. Even if he gets Lucy's signature, a judge will throw it out because of Lucy's mental condition. She says that no one in Ferncliff can help him.

AJ tells himself that Lucy was his last hope for ELQ. Heather tells him not necessarily.

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