GH Update Thursday 1/17/13

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/17/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Britt catches up with Sabrina and asks if she's seen Patrick. Sabrina tells her that Patrick is just out of surgery and that she thinks he's in the locker room. Britt is excited that Patrick may be in the shower and rushes off. Sabrina flashes back to when she saw Patrick and Britt in the shower together. She then comes back to the present and walks off, nearly colliding with Epiphany. Epiphany wants to know where Felix is.

At the Metro Court in Todd's suite, Felix is there to talk to Carly about using the Metro Court for the Nurses' Ball. She tells him it's not a good time. He asks about her hair and who cut it. After resisting telling him, she then admits she cut her own hair.

In his hospital room, Todd tells Diane that he is paying her a fortune to defend her. She tells him that she's about to see her legal skills in action because they are going to court today. Todd tries to find excuses to get out of going to court but Diane reminds him that he pushed for a quick court date and he got one. Todd asks how long she thinks it will take him to shake two police escorts. McBain appears in the doorway and says he thinks it would take about ten minutes and that's why he's going with Todd.

At the Quartermaine mansion, AJ is looking at The Sun and the headline about Lucy when Michael walks in. Michael apologizes about not being in touch then shares the news about Trey and telling AJ that Kristina is taking it hard. He also apologizes for Tracy besting AJ for CEO. AJ tells Michael it's not over yet and shows him the headline about Lucy.

Lucy, Felicia and Alexis walk into the courtroom where Mac is already waiting. Lucy and Felicia are happy to see Mac there. Alexis stresses to Lucy that it's an arraignment and its crucial that Lucy allows Alexis to do the talking. Lucy says that's fine and then pleads with Mac to go out and kill "Caleb", telling him that now is the perfect time since "Caleb" is weakened. A frustrated Alexis again tells Lucy that she needs to not say anything until she is asked for her plea, then Lucy only says "not guilty by reason of insanity". Tracy walks in and protesting this advice.

In the hospital locker room, Patrick comes out of the shower and Britt walks in, disappointed that she missed him in the shower. Patrick tells her that it was lonely in there but now he needs to get dressed. Britt hopes it's not on her account.

Sabrina gives Epiphany an excuse for Felix, telling her that he's at the central supply closet looking for latex gloves. Epiphany says that she was just there and didn't see him at all. She also warns that if Felix is skipping out on his shift, he will have to deal with her.

Carly tells Felix that it has been a long time since she did something like that to herself. Felix wonders if she means cutting her own hair and Carly says no and wonders why she's talking to him. Felix wonders why she would chop off her own hair. Carly says it's a long story but Felix says he has time.

Michael reads the story as AJ gives him the cliff notes version. They discuss how Tracy announced Lucy as her co-CEO and then Lucy gets arrested for assaulting a cop with a stake and calls him a "vampire king" in front of half a dozen witnesses. AJ tells Michael that Tracy is crashing and burning and that ELQ is theirs for the taking.

Tracy tells everyone that she announced Lucy as her co-CEO to everyone who follows her on every social network and then Lucy attacks a cop. Lucy corrects her and tells her that she attacked a vampire, trying to protect Port Charles. Tracy stresses that she can't have her co-CEO publicly pleading insanity with AJ ready to take ELQ from her. Mac tells Tracy that her problems are not the priority and Felicia wonders if Lucy needs help. Lucy interrupts and says that they need to focus, get her through court and back out so she could kill "Caleb". Tracy implores to Alexis how bad it would be for AJ to take over ELQ and Alexis agrees with her. Tracy asks if there's another plea they could use to buy her time to fend off AJ.

AJ is glad that McBain is ok and hopes that Lucy can get the help she needs but he sees an opportunity. With Lucy being declared insane, AJ believes that they have grounds for a re-vote and that there's a possibility that at least one of Tracy's supporters could switch to AJ's side. He says if that happens, he and Michael could run ELQ as father and son.

Tracy urges Alexis to keep Lucy quiet. Alexis asks her what motivation she should use for Lucy stabbing a cop. Tracy suggests maybe Lucy was drunk or it was an accident, but don't call her insane. Lucy agrees, saying she's not insane, she's protecting everyone from vampires. Tracy appeals to Lucy's greed first, telling her all she can have if she stops her obsession with vampires and when that doesn't work, she threatens to pull funding from the Nurses' Ball. She asks Lucy if killing "Caleb" is worth that and leaves it up to Lucy.

Michael is impressed with how AJ is handling Tracy besting him. AJ asks if Michael didn't think that he would find a way to get back at Tracy out. Michael says he was afraid that AJ would do something crazy. AJ says that he did.

Carly tells Felix that she did something self destructive. She tells him that it wasn't the first time and likely won't be the last. Felix asks why she cut off her hair. Carly asks why not. Felix guesses that it has to do with a man.

Todd tells McBain that he figured he'd still be in bed. McBain reminds Todd that he thought he'd live long enough to see Todd behind bars and it looks like he was right. He asks the uniforms a the door to cuff Todd. Diane reminds McBain that its up to a jury to decide if Todd goes to prison. McBain tells her that they should get going to the courthouse. Diane is concerned that McBain can't get there because he can barely walk. Todd suggests that McBain lay down but McBain tells him that he knows Todd would miss him if he wasn't in court with him. They start to head out and McBain is stopped by Epiphany. She wants to know where he thinks he's going. McBain tells her to court. Epiphany says that Todd, Diane and the officers are going to court but McBain is getting back into bed ... now.

Carly tells Felix that it doesn't matter why she cut her hair, its done and its gone. She walks to a chair and gets dizzy. Felix asks if she'd eaten and she says she hasn't. Felix orders breakfast for her and then introduces himself, telling her he is a nursing student. He also tells her that he's been to a few clubs and suffered a few hangovers and asks her to trust him. She said she's out of trust, asks to change the subject and then confesses that she chopped her hair off over Todd. Felix guesses that she likes bad boys.

Todd tells McBain that Epiphany is the boss and that he should listen to her. Epiphany tells Diane to shut Todd up or she will, then tells McBain that she is going to have him escorted back to his room. McBain says that she can't keep him there without his ok and he will be going to court. Epiphany has Diane explain to McBain that if he leaves against doctor's orders, the hospital is not responsible for McBain collapsing. McBain says he will take his chances and heads out. Epiphany says its his funeral and Todd says he wishes.

Tracy convinces Lucy to keep quiet about the vampires. Lucy says that a not guilty plea will suffice. Mac urges Lucy to do what Alexis tells her to do. Alexis reviews with Lucy what she says when asked for her plea. She says "not guilty, your honor" and Tracy reminds her that she needs to keep quiet about the vampires. Lucy says she still intends to slay "Caleb" but agrees to keep quiet about the vampires for the good of ELQ...for now.

Michael is concerned and suggests they call Diane to figure out a strategy if AJ's done something illegal. AJ says he isn't surprised that Michael jumps to the worst conclusion, given how Sonny and Carly raised him. He promises that it wasn't illegal and it's nothing for Michael to worry about. AJ sees Michael looking at a nearby snifter of alcohol and promises that he didn't drink, though Carly tried to tempt him into it.

Carly asks Felix how he knows Todd. Felix tells her that they spent the night together...professionally when he was Todd's nurse. He tells her that Todd was brought in from lock up after being beaten up. He assures her that Todd is ok and that he got himself beaten up to get to the hospital so he could escape. He tells her it almost worked until a woman jumped on his back and started screaming at him. Carly says that's typical for Todd, make a mess and don't stick around to clean it up. They agree that the moral of the story is to not cut hair over a man. Carly says too late and Felix offers to fix her hair for her.

Britt tells Patrick that she likes the shirt but she likes him better without it. Patrick comments that Emma chose it for him. Britt is concerned that she was too aggressive by joining Patrick in the shower. He assures her that it was fine and he has been thinking about it, and her, a lot. Britt asks if they can take their relationship to bed. He says he would like that but now that Sabrina quit, he has a babysitting problem. Britt produces a card for a reputable babysitting agency. Patrick thanks Britt but says that he's going to have a tough time replacing Sabrina.

In the hall at the hospital, Sabrina runs into Epiphany again. Epiphany wants to know where Felix is and demands the truth. Sabrina tells her that he's securing a location for the Nurses' Ball. Epiphany tells her there won't be a Nurses' Ball.

Carly tells Felix she thought he was a nurse. He tells her that beauty is his sideline and explains how he was an apprentice at Foxy Roxy's. Carly turns down his offer, saying she has a stylist downstairs and she doesn't want the same scissors from last night on her hair again. She confesses that she also cut up Todd's clothing, then tells him that it wasn't the worst mistake she made last night.

AJ tells Michael that he's not trying to trash Carly, then tells him the whole story. He then tells Michael that she was drunk and upset and probably didn't know what she was doing. Michael is relieved that he didn't drink. AJ then confesses that he spent the night with Carly.

Carly tells Felix about the night before and tells him about Jason. She tells him how she did what Jason always told her not to do and she got reckless, then came home with a man she despises. She quickly tells Felix that she didn't sleep with him. Felix is relieved for her. She flashes back to a conversation with Todd at the jail house where Todd tells her how beautiful she is and how much he likes her smile. Her thoughts are interrupted by Felix telling her it isn't all bad. Carly says that it's pretty awful.

Todd, Diane and McBain arrive at the courthouse but court is still in session. The three and the uniforms wait outside the courtroom for their turn.

Inside the courtroom, the prosecutor presents his charges of murder with special circumstances for Lucy stabbing McBain and stating an intention to kill him.

McBain wants to see where the hearing going on is standing. As he goes in, he tells the officer that if Todd moves, shoot him.

The prosecutor states that he has witnesses that saw Lucy break a chair to obtain the weapon. Alexis objects, reminding the prosecutor and the judge that it's an arraignment, not a trial. Prosecutor Campbell wants separate charges of aggravated assault against a human being with intent to cause harm. The judge asks Lucy how she pleads as McBain walks in and takes a seat at the back of the room. Lucy says "not guilty" then turns around to see McBain. She then declares that it's because the man she attacked is not a human being.

Britt suggests that she and Emma take their time to get to know each other. She says that Emma is adorable and that they can go anywhere Emma likes and that she'll even make pancakes for Emma. She suggests that this is good idea so when she stays the night, it won't be such a big shock to Emma. Patrick tells Britt that they need to talk about that.

Sabrina tells Epiphany that she knows that Lucy is having some issues with the police but they still have the money and it shouldn't be an issue. Epiphany says it has nothing to do with Lucy or the money, but with her. She says that she is the head nurse and wants to know why, after all the meetings and planning for the Nurses' Ball, does she still know nothing about what is going on. Sabrina tells her it's because Felix told her not to tell Epiphany anything.

Felix tells Carly that she looks like she's feeling better. She says that she's not sure of that, but at least the room stopped spinning. She says that she wants to burn her clothes, hide away and pretend that last night never happened.

Michael is upset that AJ spent the night with Carly, still thinking AJ slept with her. AJ says that he didn't sleep with her and that he took her to Todd's suite. He tells Michael how Carly shredded Todd's suits. Michael asks why AJ didn't at least call him. AJ didn't want Michael to see her that way. He says that Carly is Michael's mother and he didn't want Michael to see her that way.

Carly tells Felix that she always follows one disaster with another so she just needs to take a moment and regroup. Felix thinks she sounds like she's hiding out, but Carly says there's nothing wrong with taking a time out. Felix suggests that she should get her hair fixed, dress up and let Todd see that he didn't ruin her life.

Todd asks Diane about when she told him that Carly would forgive him. Diane says that Carly is difficult to predict and that Jason would pay her triple to handle Carly. Todd is confused as to why Jason paid her if Carly was married to Jax. Diane says all she was ever told was that Jason and Carly were friends. Todd wishes that Carly was her friend and wonders if Carly would have stood by him. Diane says if Todd had told her everything, then Carly probably would have stood by her. Todd is not happy that Diane told him not to tell Carly that he hurt Jason. Diane explains that since Carly was mourning Jason, she thought that was the right thing to tell him. She says that on the other hand, she may have misread Carly and that Carly is very loyal and yes, would have likely stood by him. Todd blames Diane and asks how he's supposed to fix things with Carly. Diane asks him if she told him to tell Carly everything, would he have? She guesses that he would not have.

Lucy starts to rant about McBain and the several names she believes he's used. Alexis wants to know why McBain is there. Tracy tells Alexis to shut Lucy up and the judge tells her to get Lucy under control. Alexis says that's easier said than done as McBain starts to leave and Lucy goes to attack him. Mac and Felicia pull Lucy off of McBain and Alexis tells the judge that she is requesting a full psychiatric evaluation for Lucy and is changing their plea to not guilty by reason of insanity. Tracy is very upset by this.

Patrick tells Britt how wonderful she is but also tells her that he's in a new territory between dating and doing what is best for Emma. He says that if that doesn't fit into Britt's long term plans, he understand. Britt says that she understand and its all great as she's not a long term plan type of person anyway. Patrick says that he would like to keep seeing her.

Epiphany sees through Sabrina's excuse and asks her again why Felix told Sabrina not to tell her about the Nurses' Ball and she wants the truth. Sabrina confesses that Felix told her that Epiphany has no sense of fun. Epiphany is hurt and says she is one of the most fun people she knows. Sabrina tells her that she is very fun. Epiphany swears to deal with Felix about it when he gets back.

Carly tells Felix that he's right and asks what she can do for him in return for helping with the hangover and giving great advice. He asks for a discount on the ballroom for the Nurses' Ball. Carly says she will do better than that, they can use it for free. She says that she was going to be Todd's best friend and he blew it. She's not going to hide her head and walks out of the suite.

Michael thanks AJ for looking after Carly. He tells AJ that despite everything, Carly shouldn't have pushed him to drink. AJ says that Carly wasn't in her best place and in the meantime he and Michael should put their heads together and figure out how to deal with Tracy.

A still ranting Lucy is escorted from the courtroom by an officer and followed by Mac and Felicia. Todd asks Diane if Lucy's the one who staked McBain and then calls after Lucy to give her a thumbs up and tell her nice job. Diane tells him to knock it off and leads him towards courtroom as Alexis and Tracy walk out with Tracy complaining to Alexis about her using an insanity plea and what will happen to her at ELQ thanks to Alexis changing the plea to insanity as Todd listens in on them. Alexis says she had no choice because Lucy is nuts. Alexis tells her to look on the bright side: at least Lucy isn't going to jail. Both women leave Todd contemplating what he heard. Todd sees Diane and McBain in the courtroom and tells McBain that he is free to go now. McBain says he isn't leaving and missing the fun. Todd tells McBain to try not to suck anyone's blood. Diane encourages both men to behave. As Todd and Diane go to their table, Carly walks in with a new haircut and in a red dress. Both Todd and Diane take notice.

Patrick thanks Britt again for being understanding. Sabrina walks in and Patrick says he's been looking for her. She left her glasses case at his house, and he returns it to her. Britt and Patrick leave her alone in the locker room so they can go get coffee.

Diane tells Carly she looks different while Todd tells her she looks amazing. Todd says he's glad that Carly came. Carly tells him not to be because she's just there to see him charged. Diane tells him its time to focus and Todd stares at Carly as he says he is focused. Diane leads Todd away and reminds Todd to plead not guilty and that she will handle the arguments. She tells him that she will ask for bail but it will be denied. The judge enters the courtroom to begin the procedure. The judge reads a list of charges against Todd and asks for his plea. Todd says not guilty. As Diane goes to ask for bail, Todd continues and says that the person who did those things was not him.

Michael warns AJ about getting his hopes of beating Tracy up. AJ still believes they have a shot and they overhear Tracy talking to Ned about Lucy being insane and that she couldn't stop Lucy, so now AJ and Michael are waiting to take over. She walks into the living room to find AJ and Michael there. AJ tells her not to stop on their account.

Lucy, Mac, Felicia and Alexis walk into Ferncliff while Lucy complains that Alexis didn't get her bail. Alexis tells Lucy that she's beyond bail and Felicia says that Lucy is going to get the help she needs. As Mac and Felicia leave, Lucy tells Alexis that she doesn't have a problem, that "Caleb" is the problem. Alexis tells Lucy that she can tell the doctor all about it and then rushes out to find a doctor. Lucy calls out after Alexis that she's not crazy and doesn't need a doctor. She says that she wishes someone would believe her. Lucy hears someone tell her that she believes her. Lucy turns around to see Heather Webber in the doorway.

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