GH Update Wednesday 1/16/13

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/16/13


Written by Carole
Proofread by Brenda

Pictures by Juanita

Carly wakes up wondering why she's in Todd's room and in Todd's bed. At the hospital, Diane has come to see her client. "Some lawyer you are," Todd scoffs. Back in his hotel suite, Carly hears the shower running and freaks out, thinking it is Todd. At the Quartermaine's, Monica is leaving a message for AJ when a triumphant Tracy joins her. Back at the Metro Court, AJ reveals himself to Carly and lets her think they slept together. "I'm going to be sick," says Carly, leaning over the bed to vomit.

Anna and Duke have arrived home from Switzerland. They are heading to her office so she can check on her staff. They recall the events that brought them here including Faison's capture and Duke's rescue. An officer interrupts to welcome Anna home. She asks to see McBain and Falconeri. She's reminded that Dante has taken time off to look for Luke in Turkey. She is stunned to learn that John has been stabbed and is in the hospital.

At Kelly's, Mac and Felicia are enjoying a hearty breakfast. Felicia, having been ill these past weeks, feels like she's missed out on a lot. "Like Lucy's triumphant return," says Mac. Felicia talks excitedly about her old friend. She hopes things work out for her financially. Shawn overhears them talking about Lucy. He tells them that Lucy stabbed a cop in Kelly's last night. Lucy is in her cell dreaming about Caleb and their last meeting (courtesy of a Port Charles flashback).

At the hospital, John wakes up in his room to find Sam watching over him. "Hey, welcome back to the land of the living," she says. At the police station, Anna and Duke are shocked to hear about Lucy attacking John. "I didn't know she was back in town," says Anna. "I never knew she left," says Duke. Back at Kelly's, Mac and Felicia are just as shocked at Shawn's news. Felicia especially can't believe Lucy could do that, until Alexis shows up and shows her the Sun. Back in lockup, Lucy is screaming about Caleb when the guard comes in to quiet her. Lucy becomes even more frantic when she learns John McBain wasn't arrested.

At the hospital, Sabrina and Felix are also reading the Sun. Felix can't believe that his beloved Lucy Coe tried to kill McBain. He thinks losing her company made her lose her mind. In his hospital room, where he's chained to a bed, Todd and Diane are bickering over his escape attempt. Todd blames his failure on John McBain and his new squeeze Sam. In his hospital room, John finds out that Sam has been with him all night. She says it's time they brightened things up. She draws open the curtains. "Isn't that supposed to be bad for...” John starts. "Vampires?” finishes Sam. This makes John realize that he wasn't dreaming about being stabbed. "Nope, that happened." says Sam.

At the Quartermaine's, Monica and Tracy are arguing over the deal Tracy made with Lucy. Meanwhile, AJ is still letting Carly think they slept together. He's having fun teasing her as she retraces her steps from the night before. AJ reminds her that she was filled with revenge for Todd. Back at the Quartermaine's, Tracy and Monica continue arguing over Tracy beating AJ as ELQ CEO. Monica holds The Sun but doesn't show it to Tracy. Tracy gloats then posts an announcement on social media about hiring Lucy.

At the Metro Court, AJ continues to have fun with an increasingly frustrated Carly. "Why are you still here?" she asks. "Self-preservation," A. J says. He tells her how upset she was about Todd. Carly is still foggy until AJ shows her the scissors. At GH, in Todd's room, Diane and Todd are discussing his case. Vampire jokes abound. At the nurse's station, Sabrina wonders about the fate of the Nurses' Ball. In John's hospital room, Sam recalls the night's events to John. They talk about the special connection they've felt ever since they met.

Back in Anna's office, Anna gets ready to check on John. Unable to take Duke to the hotel, she hands him some money for a cab. She tells him to use the phone and whatever else he needs. He asks if he will see her later. Preoccupied, Anna doesn't really answer him, and takes off to see John. Over at Kelly's, Alexis tells a concerned Felicia and Mac that Lucy is in lockup. Felicia rushes off to see her friend. In lockup, Lucy is still screaming about Caleb when Duke shows up wondering what the ruckus is about. At first, Lucy is happy to see Duke, who wants to help her. Suddenly, she remembers that Duke isn't Duke. Duke thinks she means Faison but no, Lucy recalls that Caleb had an assistant named Joshua Temple. She didn't realize it then but he looked just like Duke. Duke is at a loss.

Back at the Metro Court, Carly surveys the damage she's done to Todd's expensive wardrobe. AJ says he was impressed but still doesn't tell her about the real damage... to her hair. After finally remembering the night before, Carly decides to have a shower. AJ amusedly counts the seconds until Carly sees herself in the mirror. "Oh my God!” she cries. Back home at the Quartermaine's, Tracy is feeling pleased with herself, when Monica finally shows her The Sun, with Lucy on the front cover: "CoeCoe goes CooCoo."

At Kelly's, Alexis asks Mac when the last time he saw Lucy was. Mac tells her it was the other day at the Floating Rib. She was having a business meeting with Tracy and she seemed fine. Mac and Shawn wonder what happened to make her snap. "She needs serious help," says Mac. "I know just who to call," says Alexis, using her cell phone. Back in lockup, Duke tries to reassure Lucy that he really is Duke Lavery. Lucy still doesn't believe until Felicia shows up to vouch for him. Anna had called her and Mac to tell them that Duke was alive. Lucy is still reluctant; however, Felicia takes a moment to welcome her old friend Duke home. Lucy goes back to ranting about Caleb. Duke and Felicia are concerned as Lucy recalls the story of how Caleb came to town.

At GH, in John's room, he and Sam are having an intense conversation about past lives. They are still wondering why they feel so connected to each other. Talk then turns to Todd, who Sam says is chained to his hospital bed. John is amused that it was Sam who tackled Todd. John asks Sam to go and check on Todd. Sam does, but just for John's piece of mind. She leaves with yet another lame vampire joke.

At the nurse's station, Sabrina confesses to Felix that she doesn't want to be involved in the Nurses' Ball because of Patrick. Sam has arrived on Todd's floor, while she is on the phone, checking up on Danny. She notices that Todd's room is in use. She bursts in as Diane is listing all of Todd's misdeeds, including that Todd knew who Danny's father was. Sam flips out. Meanwhile at the Quartermaine's, Tracy and Monica are at it again, because Monica didn't show Tracy the paper before she posted her announcement. Monica happily quotes Edward, "You lie down with dogs. You end up with fleas!" Tracy storms off saying "Put a sock in it, Monica!"

At the Metro Court, Carly storms out of the bathroom blaming AJ for her hair. "Don't get snippy," he quips. He reminds her how and why she did it. She threatens that the next time she uses scissors it will be on him. They argue some more before agreeing that Michael was the best mistake they ever made. Carly throws him out.

Meanwhile, back at GH, Sam is ripping into Todd for lying to her about Danny. Just then, Diane receives a call and reluctantly steps out of the room. Sam continues her attack on Todd who ends up digging himself an even deeper hole. "You let Jason die not knowing he was Danny's father," she cries. When he blabbers that Carly knew, and how long he knew, Sam is beside herself. She picks up a pillow and goes to smother Todd. Diane comes to Todd's rescue to tell him it's time for his arraignment. Diane goes off to find the guards. Sam becomes totally disgusted and puts the pillow down. She decides she wants him to lose everything.

At the nurse's station, Felix is encouraging Sabrina not to give up on the ball or Patrick. They go back to talking about Lucy and how weird it all is. Back at Kelly's, Shawn, Alexis, and Mac are also talking about Lucy. Shawn makes a joke about a bite on the neck. Alexis says "that's enough," and goes to call Lucy’s husband, Kevin. She checks with Mac to see if she has the right number. Anna is now visiting John at the hospital. John fills Anna in on what happened when she was gone. He tells her about Johnny's confession. She tells him about Robert and that his ex-wife is with him. He asks her about Duke and notices her lack of enthusiasm.

Duke and Felicia are still in lockup listening to Lucy's vampire tale. Lucy begs them for their help Meanwhile, back in John's room, Anna confesses her confusion about her feelings for Duke. John is being supportive, and then Anna says she has to leave. John jokes about being back to work in a week. Anna says that he has to get a doctor’s note. "Don't order the steak," she jokes. John pretends that she wounded him. They share a laugh before Anna leaves.

In lockup, Lucy makes an unusual request of her friends. She wants them to finish what she started. Felix shows up at Todd's suite looking for Carly. He wants to book the Metro Court for the Nurses' Ball. At the hospital, Diane returns to Todd's room. He blames her for leaving him alone with Sam. She reminds him that he said it was okay. Todd tells Diane that Sam almost killed him. Sam has returned to John's room feeling strangely unsatisfied. Back in Todd's room, he and Diane bicker about his case. She finally tells him it's time to go to court.

At the jail, Felicia tells Lucy that she is her friend, but the only way she can help her is to go to her arraignment. Lucy is frustrated that no one will believe her. Duke takes Felicia aside, and says that maybe it's best if he doesn't go with her since Lucy believes that he is a vampire, too. Felicia agrees. An officer appears to take Lucy to her arraignment. Just as she says, "But I don't even have a lawyer," Alexis shows up saying, "You do now." Outside of lockup, Tracy is demanding to see Lucy. An officer tells her that she already has visitors. Anna shows up as Tracy continues her demands. Anna tells her it's not possible. Tracy says it's a matter of life and death. Anna asks whose. “ELQ'S,” cries Tracy.

AJ has arrived home finally, much to Monica's relief. When she smells alcohol on him, AJ tells her of his adventure with Carly. He assures her that nothing happened between them. Monica is relieved but still worried. AJ sees the paper and starts reading. Monica can see the wheels turning in his brain. She asks him what he is thinking. AJ thinks he's found the way to win back ELQ.

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