GH Update Tuesday 1/15/13

General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/15/13


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At GH, Felix shows up late for his shift. He's babbling something about "Magic Milo" being hurt at the gym. Sabrina asks if he's okay, so Felix says he had to spot for Milo while he was doing bench presses.  Sabrina can't believe that's his excuse for being late.  Felix asks her if missed anything "fabulous". Sabrina tells him about the 25-year-old they had to pull the plug on.  Felix feels bummed after this and changes the subject to the Nurse's Ball. 

Elsewhere in the hospital, Shawn finds Alexis and asks "Is it over yet?"  She tells him that she and Kristina got the court order, but they didn't need it.  Connie showed up and gave her consent.  Shawn takes her in his arms to comfort her.  She tells him that she's fine, but she's worried about Kristina.  Kristina is walking down the hallway, flanked by Michael and Starr.

Sonny has escorted Connie back to Casa Zacarra, where she's having trouble getting her keys in the lock. Sonny tries to help, but she fights him off, telling him to leave. Sonny doesn't give up and eventually takes the keys to let them in. 

Back at the hospital, Felix asks Sabrina for an update on the Nurse's Ball.  Sabrina tells him that, thanks to Lucy Coe, the Nurse's Ball is a go!  They celebrate and high-five each other.

Lucy has gone to Kelly's ,where she freaks out upon seeing John McBain.  She calls him Caleb Morley, King of the Vampires. 

Meanwhile, at the nurse's station, Felix asks Sabrina which Quartermaine coughed up the money for the Nurse's Ball. Sabrina tells him that it was Tracy, so Felix says, "That's too bad for A.J.!"

A.J. has taken a drunken Carly to the Metro court, where she breaks into Todd's room.  A.J., a reluctant accomplice, is surprised that Carly is staying at a hotel. Carly proudly informs him that she has a house on Harbour View Road, "Right down the street from your parents!"  Not only that, but she owns the hotel!

In the meantime, Todd has been brought to GH after Johnny's beat-down. Johnny is in his cell, shouting that he needs to make a phone call. Just then, Diane shows up to confront him about Todd.

Sabrina and Felix attend to Todd, with whom Felix becomes enamored. Felix flirts shamelessly with Todd until Sabrina tells him that Todd refused to underwrite the Nurse's Ball. Felix tells the paramedics that "handsome" will have to go to another hospital.  The guard with them says that Todd isn't going anywhere. Sabrina tells Todd that they will look after him, even though he turned her down about the Nurse's Ball. Todd pretends not to know what's she talking about. Both Sabrina and Felix are dismayed, so Sabrina goes in search of Steve. On her way back to the nurse's station, Sabrina spots Starr. She tells a stunned Starr that her father is in the hospital. Felix tries to talk to Todd, but it's useless, so he leaves.

Meanwhile, at the Metro Court, A.J. has his hands full with Carly. Carly is feeling reckless and vengeful, but it's aimed at Todd, not A.J., much to his relief.

At Kelly's, Lucy is still ranting about Port Charles being invaded by vampires. John denies that he is this Caleb, but Lucy doesn't believe him. John tries to go back to Danny, but Lucy pulls a knife on him. She doesn't think a knife is strong enough, so she pulls a wooden cross out of her purse. She's pointing the cross at John when Sam comes back downstairs. This really sets Lucy off. She thinks Sam is "Livvie Locke", the daughter of Kevin Collins. Lucy warns Sam to stay away from Caleb. "Who's Caleb?" Sam asks John. "King of the Vampires" he says sardonically.

Back at the hospital, Alexis wants to go to Kelly's to check up on Molly. She doesn't want to leave a fragile Kristina, so Michael volunteers to stay with his sister. Alexis and Shawn head to Kelly's. Steve finds Kristina and Starr in the waiting room. He's looking for Connie because he has Trey's personal affects. Kristina tells Steve that Connie has left, so Steve gives them to Kristina. At the station, Johnny explains to Diane why he beat up Todd. Johnny tells Diane about Todd's plan to escape.

At the Zacharra penthouse, Sonny tries to comfort a defiant Connie. At the jail, Johnny tries to convince a doubting Diane of Todd's plans. Starr talks her way past the guard. She almost catches Todd working to get out of the cuffs. Todd tells Starr what happened but, of course, she doesn't believe him. Like Carly before her, Starr writes Todd off.

Carly is back at Todd's suite, brandishing a pair of scissors. A.J. nervously asks what she's doing, but then Carly pulls a "Fatal Attraction" on Todd's clothes, ripping them up.

Kristina is at home, dealing with Trey's personal effects. With Michael's support, she opens the envelope and out falls Trey's necklace. She lovingly picks it up.

Steve has come to check on Todd. When Todd calls Steve "Dr. Drake" , Dr. Webber becomes suspicious. He asks Todd who the president is: "Dorian Lord Vickers" says Todd, then corrects himself. "Dorian Lord Vickers Buchanan." Of course, Steve doesn't buy it for a minute. He leaves to order some tests. Once again, Todd goes to work on the cuffs. This time he is caught by Diane.

At the Metro Court, Carly continues slashing Todd's clothes until it stops being fun. A.J. and Carly bicker, seething with underlying passion.

Lucy is still raving at Kelly's. John gets Sam and Danny out of harm's way. Lucy looks around for a weapon to kill Caleb. She finally breaks a chair, then rushes outside and stabs John with a pointy piece of wood.

At Alexis's, Kristina and Michael are remembering Trey. Kristina wonders if Trey knew she loved him.

At Johnny's, Sonny tries to take care of Connie, but she thinks that Sonny is only waiting for Kate to come out. "Kate is never coming back!" she screams!

Back at Metro Court, there is an ugly fight brewing between A.J. and Carly. At the hospital, Diane asks Todd for a show of hands. He's busted!

Alexis and Shawn arrive at Kelly's to find Lucy wanting to kill John. Shawn grabs Lucy while Alexis calls for help. Sam holds John, begging him not to leave her.

Diane is at the hospital, trying to talk Todd out of running away. Diane uses the Starr and Carly card, to no avail. She tells Todd he's on his own and walks away.

At Kelly's, Danny is now upstairs with T.J. and Molly, who know nothing of the night's events. Alexis and Shawn are cleaning up until Alexis goes outside to check on Lucy. Lucy, now being held by two cops, is still ranting about Port Charles being overrun by vampires. Alexis questions Lucy, who thinks John was trying to kill the baby. Alexis tells Lucy that Sam is her daughter and Danny is her grandson. Lucy thinks otherwise.

Sam has gone to the hospital with John. Felix and Sabrina are the nurses again. Felix goes to find Dr. Webber. Todd has found a disguise, and with the most absurd sense of timing, tries to leave. Sabrina mistakes him for a real doctor and begs him to help John. "Just an average staking!" quips Todd. John mumbles that it's Todd.

Starr shows up at Alexis's and asks about Kristina. Michael tells her that Kristina will need a lot of time. He asks about Starr's dad, but she refuses to talk about him. They talk about A.J., whom Michael is worried about.

A.J. is still at the Metro Court, ripping into Carly. A.J. brings up their ugly past, which makes Carly feel sorry for herself. She suddenly grabs the scissors and starts chopping off her hair.

Michael is worried about A.J. but doesn't want to leave Kristina. Kristina overhears Michael and Starr worry about her. Michael's other father, Sonny, is still with Connie, who doesn't trust him. Sonny goes to leave, but then Connie asks him to stay as long as they don't talk. A.J. is taking care of Carly, saying "Only you can take the joy out of a revenge rant." He picks her up and carries her to bed. He gently wipes the hair from her face. At the same time, Connie has finally fallen asleep, so Sonny picks up a blanket to cover her.

Sam is at the hospital, talking to Alexis on the phone. She looks over to where John is and suddenly recognizes someone. At the jail, Diane has returned and tells Johnny she had no luck with Todd. Todd orders morphine for John, to get rid of Sabrina. John is trying to out Todd, but no one can hear him. Todd apologizes before punching John. He makes a run for it but is stopped by Sam. Sabrina and Steve return at the same time. Steve is shocked about the morphine. He is also shocked that Sabrina left a patient alone. She says there was another doctor. John groggily tells Steve what happened.

At Kelly's, Alexis is recalling her history with Lucy to Shawn. Lucy is being brought into lockup, screaming still about Caleb. Diane sees a potential client, but she quickly changes her mind. Sam has stopped Todd and pulls off his mask. When he tries to escape, Sam cries for help. As the officer is rushing towards them, Sam tackles Todd!

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