GH Update Monday 1/14/13

General Hospital Update Monday 1/14/13


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At Kelly’s Sam is alone with her baby showing him pictures of his daddy. She tells baby Daniel that he is so handsome just like his father back. John McBain appears and greets her. She tells him that she is so sorry for failing to accept that Jason is gone. She seems very calm in accepting her husband's death.

At the Quartermaine house, Lucy is making herself at home and tells Monica she wants all the luxuries and accommodations because she’s moving in. Monica tells Lucy she will not let her live there. But Lucy tells Monica if she feels that way, she needs to take that up with her sister in law.

Tracy is at the hospital ready to “do battle” with AJ to win Lucy over and throw him out of ELQ.. She goes to the hospital and gets off the elevator. She hears that Trey, the son of Scully and Connie is hooked up to a life support system with no hope to recover.

Connie, Carly and AJ are at the bar together drinking and arguing.

Todd is ready to break out of jail when he and Johnny are stuck in the same cell together.

Sam informs John that she is waiting for her mother in law and ready to join Jason’s family for the memorial service. John tells her if it’s any consolation, Todd Manning is probably going to stay in jail for a long time. He informs her that John offered him a bribe. Up until now, he wasn’t certain he could keep Todd is jail for long and thought Todd might be able to beat the charges. But after tape-recording Todd’s bribe to him, he might be successful in keeping Todd locked up for a long time.

Sonny goes to find Connie at the hospital and tells her she needs to get out of there and to the hospital. Her son needs her. She fights with him and AJ tells Sonny he needs to mind his own business and leave Connie alone> But Sonny confrontationally tells AJ he better not mess with him.

Lucy informs Monica that Tracy has invited her to live there and has appointed her to be a voting member of ELQ. But Monica is not ok with knowing that this is going to hurt AJ’s chances of having the future he wants for himself and for Michael.

Tracy sees Michael and Starr at the hospital and asks how Trey is. They tell her not well and he may be a vegetable for the rest of his life unless his “mother” takes him off of life support. But not far away, Kristina tells Alexis, Olivia and Steven that if Trey needs an organ donor, she wants to help with that. And isn’t there anything she can do? Her mom tells her maybe there is.

In the jail cell, Johnny informs Todd that he knows Todd offered that cop, John McBain, a bribe. And hopefully that will keep Todd in jail where he belongs for a long time if all else fails. Todd asks why, of all the people who could have followed him from Llanview to Port Charles, it had to be John McBain.

At the bar, Carly shares with Coleman that she has been betrayed believing in Johnny. Then she got over him and considered seeing and trusting Todd only to have the same thing happen to her with him.

Tracy reveals to Starr and Michael that she was “close” to Trey’s father and got to know Trey a bit after Trey’s father died. She sincerely tells the two of them she’s very sorry for their loss. And although she previously she had justification to confront Michael for backing AJ, she apologizes to him for threatening to take ELQ from him. She leaves them alone and Michael admits that this is not ‘normal” behavior for Tracy to act nice and be humble.

Sonny asks Connie what is going on with her. He knows she is upset to have seen her son and know that he’s dying. He asks and demands that she tells him what is going on with her when she knew that she was the sole family member with the authority to decide whether to remove his life support.

Olivia talks to Kristina and Alexis, assuring them that she is not defending her cousin and realizes Kristina has good reason to be angry with Connie. But she needs to know that her cousin does love that boy.

At the bar, Connie tells Sonny that she is not going to make a decision right now. She knows that it’s a matter of not much more time before her son dies. But he informs her that as they speak, Alexis is getting a court order for her daughter. So Trey might be gone before she has a chance to say good bye to her son. And he asks her if she really wants that to happen.

At Kelly’s, Sam asks John if he was not just the slightest bit tempted to take Todd up on his “offer” to enable him to see his son Liam. John tells her that letting Todd get away with his crime was not an option for him. Monica enters to see her daughter in law and infant grandson. She reveals to Sam that she does not want to “let go” of Jason. But Sam tells her mother in law that she knows they both have to accept that Jason is gone.

Tracy returns home to Lucy who knows she can order any food she wants and have all the living accommodations and luxuries she asks for as Tracy needs her to vote in her favor so she can beat AJ. Lucy seems to know she can “play” Tracy just the way she wants to.

At the hospital, Alexis returns to her daughter and to Olivia and tells her she’s almost finished finalizing the court order to remove Trey’s life support system. Kristina tells her mom that this happening so fast and she doesn’t know how she can accept removing Trey’s life support system and seeing him deceased.

Olivia goes into Trey’s room, cries and talks to her comatose nephew telling him that she would give anything for him to live and get to know his mom and her and all the people who love him.

At Coleman’s bar, Connie tells Sonny she believes he’s bluffing when he tells her hat Alexis has successfully gotten the court order to let AJ go. But he tells her she needs to go to the hospital and be there for her son. She leaves knowing that is true. Sonny tells AJ she better leave Connie alone as well as Carly. Carly is drinking and observing what is going on.

Todd tells Johnny the only way he can get away from Johnny is to bash his head against the wall in order to bleed and get the guards to release him so he can get medical care. Johnny asks Todd why he’s not doing that right now. Is he afraid of a little pain?

At Kelly’s, Monica reflects to Sam and to John McBain that she cannot let that monster, Faison get away with assaulting and leaving her son for dead. John assures her that Faison is going away for a long time. He leaves and Sam apologies to Monica telling her she knows she should have handled this differently and not gotten Monica’s and others’ hopes up. She admits to Monica that the thought of letting go and having all of their hope taken away is devastating. Monica tells Sam she remembers the day Danny was born, Jason was there with both of them and his son and happier than she’s ever seen him. And they both agree that they need to hang onto that.

Olivia emotionally tells Trey that she just needs to hear a sign from him about whether he wants to leave or not. And she believes she’s heard his answer that he wants to die with peace and dignity.

Tracy makes efforts to prepare a formal dinner for Lucy which she says she got the recipe from both her mother and her father. She’s willing to stop at nothing to win Lucy over to get her to vote how she wants. Too late she finds out that Lucy has an “issue” with being served duck due to her past pet duck, Sigmund.

Kristina finds Olivia beside Trey’s bed. She asks her how they can know if they are doing the right thing. Olivia tells her she knows that Trey has told her. Connie rushes in and asks them how any of them could possibly know if Trey wants them to unplug the machines. Kristina tells her she knows that’s what Trey wants. Kristina tells her that when that machine is turned off, a piece of her will die with him. But she knows what he wants. And in spite of her opinion of Connie, she realizes that Connie is his mother and she must be the one to do that. Connie then tells Kristina she knows that Kristina loved her son more than she ever had a chance to do. So she extends her hand to her son’s girlfriend and tells her that if this is what needs to be done, they can do it together.

At the bar, Carly drinks more and taunts AJ about knowing that he would probably sleep with Connie. He asks her how she would know that. She tells him that it didn’t take much for Johnny to sleep with her. AJ then asks her who Johnny is. She replies he’s her ex and a waste of space. Just like him. And just like Todd.

Todd dares Johnny to assault him. Johnny asks Todd just what he plans to do in order to provoke him to do so. Todd then asks Johnny just what he’d say if Todd tells him that throughout New Year ’s Eve, Todd was banging the hell out of Carly. Hearing that, Johnny instantly loses it and physically attacks Todd.

Sam asks Monica if she’s planning on having a memorial. Monica says yes and she’d like Sam to help her with that. Sam tells Monica that she was planning that and has picked out some of Jason’s favorite music. Monica then tells her that she knows that she will have peace knowing that Jason wants her to accept his death and find a way to move on. Sam asks Monica if that was what she did with Alan. Monica tells her yes. She tells her daughter in law she loves her and wants to be there for her. Sam tells her mother in law she loves her too.

Connie and Kristina ask Dr. Steven how long it will take for them to officially let Trey die. He tells her that it should not be long. But he will let them all be there and they may take as much time as they need.

At the Quartermaine house, Lucy spits out the duck and gets up to leave to get dinner elsewhere. Tracy is afraid that she will lose her vote. Alone in the house, Tracy urges her dead mother to help her.

After Todd provokes Johnny telling him he slept with Carly, Johnny then declares to Todd if he wants this, he’s got it. He then viciously assaults Todd, punching him in the face until Todd is blood and lying on his bed and a guard comes to intervene.

Carly sits near AJ and asks him if Michael has refused to sign with him. AJ tells her that Lucy has come back and he’s competing with Tracy for the votes. Carly laughs and tells him he's the same loser he always used to be, and he should drink. He tells her he knows she wants his son to turn against him. But if she really wants to win Michael over she has to work a lot harder than that.

Kristina and Connie both go into Trey’s room. Connie holds and kisses her comatose son, telling him it took her long enough, but they finally made it back to each other. She cries and tells him he can go now. It’s alright because his mom is there. She holds his hand and looks at him. Kristina stands beside her. At that point, Sonny, Alexis, Starr, Michael and Dr. Steven all enter. They all promise Trey they are all there for him and not going to leave him until he leaves them. They all hold hands and stand around his bed.

Tracy clears Lucy's tray. Monica is glad she’s gone but Tracy has other plans.

At Kelly’s, Sam asks John if he could watch baby Danny while she goes and splashes some water on her face. He talks to the infant telling him he has a baby about his age and asks if Danny can help him figure out what kinds of toys and interests his son might have or want. Lucy walks in and sees John talking to the baby. Startled, she stumbles backwards, calling him Caleb. John just looks at her.

AJ and Carly argue about who has the right to be the parent to Michael.

After Johnny beats Todd to a pulp, the medical staff takes Todd out of the jail cell and to the hospital.

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