GH Update Friday 1/11/13

General Hospital Update Friday 1/11/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

In his jail cell, Todd reads over a confession that he wrote which includes a plea that he hopes it isn't too late for them. As he finishes reading, he hears McBain commenting on what he heard.

Starr opens the door to her apartment with Michael to find Carly there. Carly is looking for Michael. Starr says that Michael isn't there, he's at the hospital and she's just there getting him a change of clothes. She asks Carly if everything is ok. Carly says everything is awful.

Michael and Sonny talk right before Alexis and Kristina join them, then Sonny finds Connie gone. He announces that she's gone. Kristina wants to know where Connie is.

Connie offers to buy AJ a drink at the Floating Rib. She tells him that he looks like he could use a drink. They agree that it's been a hell of a day. Connie says she hates to drink alone and offers again to buy him a drink. AJ accepts.

Olivia rushes into the locker room at the hospital to see Steven. She says that she's been worried. He assures her that nothing is going to happen to him there. She said ever since they became engaged, she doesn't know what she'd do if she lost him.

Connie calls out asking what she has to do to get AJ a drink. Coleman walks in, telling her to keep her shirt on...or not. Connie and Coleman flirt around a bit and Connie offers to let him take her to bed. Coleman declines, not wanting to be in between Sonny and his girlfriend. AJ hears this and learns this for the first time.

Alexis tells Sonny that she thought Connie agreed to take Trey off of life support. Sonny said she had. Kristina wants to know where she is then. Sonny guesses that she saw Trey and panicked. Kristina says that Connie didn't panic, she was playing Sonny.

Carly tells Starr that she doesn't want to hold her up and asks that she tell Michael she came by. She then asks how Trey is. Starr says no change and it feels like a nightmare. She invites Carly in. She says that she saw how upset Carly was about Todd and if it helps, Todd is in jail. Carly says she knows. She went to the jail and wrote him off for good.

Todd asks if McBain is there to gloat. McBain says if that was the case, he would have brought popcorn. McBain wonders who the apology is for. After running down he list of people he thinks deserves an apology from Todd, McBain decides it's for Carly. Todd comments on how he didn't leave Llanview because he wanted to, but McBain left his wife and child. He wants to know how long it's been since he's seen them. McBain then taunts Todd by taking photos of him behind bars with his cell phone.

Carly tells Starr how much Todd loves her and how devastated she knows Starr must be to have been lied to. Starr confesses that she knew about the babies. Carly asked how long she knew. Starr says he told her when Sam got her baby back but she didn't say anything because she couldn't send her own father to prison. Carly says she understands that but can't understand why Todd told Starr the truth but lied to her face the entire time.

McBain continues to further taunt Todd by telling him that he took a good picture of Todd and that he could use it on the cover of his newspaper with a headline. Todd tells him it's a terrible idea. McBain then tells him that he thinks he will send the picture to Tea to give her some peace for all the pain Todd caused her. Todd tells McBain that they are not so different.

Carly tells Starr how McBain accused Todd and that when he left, she asked him again and that Todd swore on Starr's life that he was innocent. Starr asks why she believed him if she felt that he was lying. Carly says that she wanted to believe him. Starr tells her that they all found out about Todd knowing what Johnny did at the same time. Carly comments that as hard as it is to believe, Connie is the least vile of Connie, Johnny and Todd. Carly starts to leave after telling Starr she shouldn't be trashing Todd to his own daughter. Starr tells Carly that she knows that Todd can be kind, loving, caring but that he can also hurt people. She is sorry that Carly is another person she hurt.  Carly tells her that she's sorry, too but the truth was staring her right in the face and she chose not to see it.

Michael, Sonny and Alexis try to convince Kristina that Connie's intentions were there but when she saw Trey, it was too hard for her to let him go. Kristina insists that Connie only cares about Connie and nothing about Trey and his suffering. Sonny tells Kristina how broken up Connie was about Trey. Kristina doesn't believe him and wants to know why Sonny is defending Connie.

Connie tells Coleman that she's not with Sonny and that her husband Johnny is in jail for triple homicide, so Coleman can do with her as he pleases. He kisses her and tells her maybe next time. She orders a drink for AJ. When she tries to get AJ's name, Coleman tells her who he is. Coleman and AJ tell her how they know each other and how Coleman came to be at the Floating Rib. They also tell her that they aren't exactly friends.

Sonny tells Kristina that he doesn't want to fight with her. He, Michael and Alexis try to convince her that Connie is in the hospital somewhere but Kristina thinks she's on her way out of town. Alexis tells her that at least Trey isn't in any pain but Kristina isn't so sure. She wants to know where the mother who suddenly cares so much for Trey is.

Steve tells Olivia that he is stuck with her. He tries to convince her to not worry and to try to be happy. She says she's a Catholic with psychic visions so she doesn't think that's going to happen. Steve tells her all of the good things they have to look forward to. She says she's upset over a message she got from Connie about Trey. She feels bad that she never got to know her cousin's son and never will...and that Kate will never know him either.

Coleman and AJ share more history with Connie, telling her how AJ burned down the Paradise club and how Coleman blackmailed AJ's wife into stripping for him. They then reveal how AJ was married to Sonny's sister. When Connie asks if that means AJ and Sonny are family, AJ tells her that they are if she considers Sonny stealing Michael from him family.

McBain asks how they are alike. Todd tells him that they both act without thinking and they bend the rules when it suits them. McBain says that if he means they are both less than perfect, then yes, they are alike in that way. He says that he has made many mistakes but none that will land him in prison like Todd's will. Todd asks what happened to their relationship. He says McBain used to like him. McBain thinks Todd is trying for an insanity plea. Todd says that he lived with McBain for a little while and they had some laughs. Todd tells him that he's going to prove he's not such a bad guy by getting Natalie and Liam back for him.

Starr tells Carly that Michael just wants a chance to get to know AJ and that it might be easier on both Michael and Carly if she didn't fight him so hard on it. Carly tries to convince Starr that AJ is not a good person. Starr says that she knows that is who AJ was but maybe he's changed. Carly is convinced that he has not. She shares with Starr how Michael was in Trey's position a few years ago and that he needs Starr. She thanks Starr and leaves.

Alexis suggests they look for Connie. Alexis and Sonny offer to go find her and Sonny asks Michael to stay with Kristina. The hospital administrator brings the paperwork for Connie. Alexis and Sonny say they are trying to find her and will bring them back when they find her and get them signed. Once the administrator leaves, they start to look for Connie.

Connie asks about Sonny stealing Michael from AJ. He tells her that's what happened. Connie says she can see the resemblance. She orders for AJ again and Coleman asks if AJ is off the wagon again. Connie asks AJ if he's a drunk. He says he hasn't had a drink in years. She asks about his day and he tells her how he is trying for a relationship with Michael and that he was going to work with him at ELQ but that fell through, so now he's afraid he'll never know Michael. Connie shares that she has a son she'll never know either. She wants to drink to other opportunities. They raise their glasses.

Alexis walks into Trey's room to find Kristina about to pull the plug on Trey. Alexis asks her what she's doing and Kristina says if Connie won't help Trey, she will. Alexis goes to stop her.

Todd tells McBain that he's been keeping tabs on the situation with Natalie and Liam. He says he knows that Clint Buchanan is helping Natalie. He tells McBain that if Clint wins, McBain won't see Liam until he's an adult. He offers to go to war with Clint on McBain's behalf.

Alexis stops Kristina and shuts the door. She tells Kristina that if she pulls the plug, she's murdering Trey. Kristina says he's already gone. She says it doesn't make sense that to pull the plug before they get a signature is murder but afterwards, it's mercy. Alexis says it's the law. Alexis warns her to stay away from the ventilator. Kristina tells her how unfair it is that biology wins out over love. Alexis agrees with her. Kristina wants to know what happens if Connie doesn't come back.

Sonny walks the halls on the phone with Max ordering him to find Connie. Michael, Starr, Steven and Olivia meet him in the hallway. Olivia says she thought Connie agreed to take Trey off of life support. Sonny tells her that she did but left and he has Max and Milo looking for her. Michael tells him how upset Kristina looks and Olivia comments on Connie cutting and running when she is needed most. She has a vision of Connie telling her that she doesn't know what she's talking about and downing a drink.

Connie downs her drink and orders another one for herself. AJ has yet to drink his so Connie encourages him as Coleman brings her another drink. She tells AJ that his day entitles him to fall off the wagon. Carly comes in and approaches them. She taunts AJ for drinking. AJ tells Connie to watch out for Carly because she could slip Connie a mickey and douse her in alcohol. Connie tells him not to take it personally, it's likely the only way she can get a man. Both Connie and Carly encourage him to drink up, but Carly adds a warning for AJ not to drive and make someone end up like Jason.

McBain asks how he intends to fight Clint. He says he can afford a legal dream team. McBain says Clint can afford a better one. Todd tells him that Diane will get his wife and kid back for him. McBain asks how he's going to do that from prison. Todd says that he needs to be out of prison to do that.

AJ tells Carly that he thought she liked the way Jason was. She said she thought Jason was perfect but it doesn't negate that it was AJ's damage that did it to him. She taunts Connie for leaving Trey brain dead in the hospital and not caring about him. She tells her that his friends are holding vigil and she's there drinking with AJ. Connie tells her that she doesn't know what Connie cares about and that she should leave her alone and shut up. Carly says she's glad to and Connie walks away. Carly tells Coleman she needs a strong drink. AJ gives her his drink, saying he doesn't need it.

Alexis tells Kristina that they have to hope that Connie comes back and that they can talk some sense into her. In the meantime, Kristina needs to stay away from the ventilator or she will be arrested and she doesn't want to visit her daughter in prison.

Olivia yells at Connie for drinking. Steven tells her that Connie isn't there. She then sees a nurse with a bottle of water. She tells everyone she saw Connie standing there drinking shots. Steven asks if Connie could be at the Floating Rib. She says it's possible, her visions have been accurate so far. Sonny says he will go check it out.

Carly walks by AJ and Connie but only after taking another shot at them, telling them how pathetic they are. Connie and AJ agree that they both hate her. Connie says that she started to think that Sonny wasn't so bad because he bailed her out of jail. AJ tells her that Sonny's generosity comes with a price. Connie says that he was softening her up to pull the plug on Trey. AJ expresses condolences for her son.

At her table, Carly orders another vodka and keep them coming. Coleman asks who he should call as he used to call Jason when she got wasted. Carly tells him that she's there because she lost Jason when she was hanging out with another friend who lied to her. He asks again who he should call and Carly says there's no one because there's no one for her to believe in. Coleman offers her something off the menu and she says to just keep the drinks coming.

Todd tries to convince McBain to get him out of jail. He says he knows McBain won't break him out but he could look at the arrest and find a glitch. McBain asks what if everything was done by the books. Todd says there's always something that he could find. McBain asks how does he know that Todd won't back out of the promise. Todd offers to put $1 million dollars into a college fund for Liam. McBain asks if it's a bribe and at first Todd denies it is, but then finally confesses that it is a bribe. McBain thanks him and then produces a phone, letting him hear the recording he made of Todd bribing him. Todd asks why McBain recorded him. McBain tells him it's insurance in case Todd starts to walk on the charges, now he has a recording of a bribe to play and make sure Todd goes to prison.

Starr gives Michael a bag with a change of clothes. She tells Michael that Carly stopped by to see him. Michael says he will call or text her later. Starr encourages him to call her as she is in bad shape because of Todd.

Todd tries to cry entrapment but McBain says it isn't because he didn't try to elicit the bribe. Todd then says that the recording isn't admissible because he didn't have permission. McBain tells him in New York, he only needs one person's permission and he had his own permission. Todd then accuses McBain of blackmail. McBain says it's not blackmail because there was no quid pro quo. Todd tells him that Diane will get it thrown out and McBain says she is welcome to try. He says he'll leave Todd to his writing because his apology letter needs work. But then again, maybe Carly has already moved on.

Coleman sits with Carly and asks if she's sure about it. She says she is and tells him to go away. He leaves her and she starts drinking the line of shots that he left her.

Alexis tells Kristina that she needs to be strong and patient, that they need to hope that Sonny can convince Connie to do the right thing. Kristina says that it's what Trey wants. Alexis tells her how hard it is for any mother to let their child go, even a mother like Connie.

Olivia is concerned about Connie. What if Connie isn't at the Floating Rib? Steve reminds her that her visions have been accurate so far, so there's a good chance she's there. Olivia hopes that shots are the worst thing that Connie is doing.

Connie tells AJ that she has a new rule. They're going to forget their problems for the night. AJ says he likes that rule. He looks over the songs in the jukebox as Connie sees Sonny walk in. She takes hold of AJ and kisses him for Sonny to see.

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