GH Update Thursday 1/10/13

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/10/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

At GH, Britt approaches Patrick in the locker room. They both comment on how busy the night was. Britt says that Patrick must be exhausted, but he says he's ok. Britt wonders why he looks unhappy. She asks if something is bothering him. He says that there is.

At the nurses' station, Elizabeth sees that Sabrina is upset and asks if she is ok. Sabrina says she's not. Elizabeth asks what's wrong. Sabrina tells her that it's Patrick.

Britt tells Patrick that he can tell her anything and asks what has her so distracted. He tells her it's Sabrina.

Lucy walks into the Floating Rib, asking what the address is because she's meeting someone. Mac hears her and goes to see her. Lucy thinks Mac is working undercover but Mac tells her that he left the PCPD and works as a bartender now. They share memories about the Outback and comment how some things don't change: Mac is tending bar and Lucy is causing trouble.

At the hospital, AJ heads for Trey's room when Alexis comes around the corner and stops him.

Inside Trey's room, Michael tells Kristina that he sent Starr home to shower and get some rest, then suggests Kristina do the same. Kristina refuses to leave Trey. She asks Michael how long Trey can continue like he is. Michael says that depends on his mother.

In jail, Connie calls out for someone to let her out. She calls out that her son is in the hospital and she wants to be there to make sure no one pulls the plug so she needs out. Sonny walks in.

Mac lets Lucy know that he's back with Felicia and Lucy is happy for him. She tells him that she is back to help revive the Nurses' Ball in Robin's honor. Mac is concerned that the hospital doesn't have the money for it. Lucy tells him that one of the Quartermaines is going to write the check but she isn't sure which one yet, just as Tracy walks in to see her talking to Mac.

Alexis leads AJ away from Trey's room and asks what he wants. AJ tells her that he's there to see Michael. Alexis tells AJ that Michael is with Kristina and he's not allowed to go anywhere near Kristina.

Kristina is upset that Connie hates Trey and gets to make the decision. She regrets signing the annulment papers. Michael suggests that perhaps the annulment papers don't matter and maybe she can file a petition to become Trey's guardian. Kristina wants to talk to Alexis, saying she'd know.

AJ apologizes to Alexis for the pain he caused her and he mentions the alcohol. Alexis tells him that the alcohol was only a symptom. She begins to tear into him for what he's doing to Michael, accusing him of tearing Michael's world apart, then tells him how Sonny is a better person and father than he is. She tells him that he is still a petty and vindictive person as Michael steps out of Trey's room and looks on.

Sabrina tells Elizabeth about how she thinks she made Patrick uncomfortable on New Year's Eve with the almost kiss. She says that Patrick feels like she was throwing herself at him and that the feelings and almost kiss were one sided. Elizabeth asks if Patrick told her this. Sabrina says no, Britt did.

Patrick is upset because Sabrina quit. He says she told him it's due to her schedule and priorities and she doesn't want to inconvenience Patrick. He is concerned about what to tell Emma. Britt offers to help tell her but Patrick declines. He wants to find a way to compromise with Sabrina. Britt tells him that's the worst thing he can do because he would also compromise Sabrina's studies.

Connie wants to know what Sonny is doing there. He says he wants to see her. She tells him to get Diane for her but he tells her that Diane is too busy with Todd and Johnny right now. Connie says she doesn't care, she needs to get out on bail so she can go see her son. Sonny offers to bail her out. She wants to know what the catch is.

Alexis calls AJ out on being a coward and faking his death rather than face the consequences of his actions. He starts to tear into her for what she did to keep Kristina away from Sonny when Michael approaches and tells them that this is not the time or place for the argument. AJ apologizes to Alexis and Michael tells her that Kristina needs her. Alexis leaves them and goes to see Kristina in Trey's room. Kristina tells Alexis that Trey is not the man she knew, he is just a shell. She wants him to be able to die with dignity instead of living on life support. Alexis tells her that they need to hope someone can get through to Connie.

Sonny tells Connie that there's no catch, he thinks she should see her son. Connie says that Sonny doesn't care about Trey because he's always been a problem for Sonny. Sonny admits that he learned to respect Trey. Connie tells him she still refuses to turn off the machines so he can take his bail money and leave.

Sabrina tells Elizabeth about her conversation with Britt and tells her how Britt hinted that Patrick could be in a bad position, how everyone, including Patrick, knows she has a crush on him and brought up on sexual harassment charges. Elizabeth finds the whole thing difficult to believe and doubts that charges would happen. Sabrina wonders how long a transfer to another hospital would take.

Patrick tells Britt that he doesn't think it's a bad idea for him to try to compromise with Sabrina so that she has some kind of relationship with Emma. Britt convinces Patrick that Sabrina is trying to bow out gracefully and he should let her. She admitted the workload is too much so he should respect that. She then tells Patrick that he needs a shower. He agrees and leaves her to take a shower.

Michael wants to know what AJ wanted to discuss. AJ tells him that the shareholders backing him are signing a resolution to remove Tracy as CEO. He says that he and Tracy are deadlocked and that he thinks he got through to Lucy to try to win her 1% support. Michael agrees to sign the form as well. AJ tells Michael that he wants for the two of them to run ELQ together and he wants for them to have a relationship even more than that.

Tracy apologizes for being late. She orders martinis and ribs for herself and Lucy. Lucy says that she loves the ribs and martinis but to get her support and her 1% vote, Tracy will have to do a lot better than that. Tracy takes some paperwork from a manila envelope, hands it to Lucy and asks if that is good enough.

AJ tells Michael that the entire time he was away, he'd dreamed of a chance like this. He promises Michael that he won't regret it. Michael hopes it works out. AJ leaves him.

Elizabeth tells Sabrina that she thinks that Britt is manipulating things between Sabrina and Patrick. She reminds Sabrina that all of the things she is concerned about came from Britt, not from Patrick. She suggests that if Sabrina wants to know what Patrick thinks, she should ask him. Sabrina thinks that Elizabeth is right and besides, asking couldn't make things worse. They both head off away from the nurses' station.

Elizabeth heads into the conference room and AJ walks in after her. He tells her that he's there for the Nurses' Ball meeting. Elizabeth is surprised by it. She hands him a packet and tells him about the conversation she had with Monica and how Monica thought that Elizabeth and AJ could be friends. AJ is embarrassed and tells Elizabeth not to feel obligated. She tells him that's ok, she could always use a friend.

Tracy has offered to buy out Lucy's cosmetics company as well as underwrite the Nurses' Ball. Lucy says that won't work. She is now being investigated by the FDA for problems with her red lipstick. She is going to liquidate her cosmetics company. Now she wants to be co-CEO of ELQ as well as for the ball to be underwritten. Tracy says she is not going to work with Lucy as co-CEOs. Lucy threatens to give her vote to AJ. Either she's co-CEO or Tracy is out as CEO.

Patrick is in the shower as Britt joins him. She asks him if he wants her to leave. They kiss. Sabrina enters the locker room, calling out to Patrick who doesn't hear her.

Kristina is in tears as she tells Trey how much he loves her, but she never got a chance to tell him so now he will never know.

Connie is relaxing in her cell when she notices that Sonny is still there. He tells her how he saw how she was at the hospital when Trey was going to die. He saw how much it affected her. He tells her that she has two choices: let him waste away with no brain functions or let him go. She accuses Sonny of hating Trey. Sonny says that he doesn't hate Trey and that he had given Trey and Kristina his blessing to go to Los Angeles together. Connie asks him that if Michael was in Trey's place, would he let Michael go. Sonny asks if she has Kate's memories. They talk about when Michael was shot in the head. Sonny tells her that the situation was different. He tells her that Trey is brain dead and not coming back. Connie tells him that she hasn't done anything for her son and now Sonny is telling her to end his life. Sonny tells her he will be setting Trey free, that it won't be easy but he will be there with her the whole time.

Sabrina continues to look for Patrick. She sees Britt's clothes on the floor and then witnesses Patrick and Britt making out in the shower. She runs off, upset.

Elizabeth asks AJ how he is involved. He tells her that the Quartermaines may be underwriting the ball. Lucy arrives and wonders where everyone is. AJ says that they are early and asks Lucy to sign the paperwork to remove Tracy as CEO. Tracy arrives and tells him that it's too late: she and Lucy already signed an agreement.

Kristina is outside of Trey's room and asks where everyone is. Alexis says they're in the chapel, saying a prayer for Trey. Kristina asks where Sonny is. He approaches them with Connie behind him, saying he's there. Michael and Kristina are very upset to see Connie out of jail and there with Sonny. Kristina blames Connie for Trey's condition. She says that Connie doesn't care about what is best for Trey, just about keeping him alive because she feels guilty. Connie tells her that she does care and that she's ready to take him off of life support, but she'd like to see him first. Kristina gives her the ok to see him. Connie goes into Trey's room to see him.

Patrick and Britt continue kissing out of the shower after they have dressed. They agree that next time they will be on "dry land". Patrick says he just needs to figure out his babysitting issue first.  He walks away and looks at his wedding ring.

Sabrina runs away and leans against a wall in tears.

AJ tries to convince Lucy to change her mind. Lucy says that while she's a firm believer in giving second, third and fourth chances, the troubles with AJ are just too fresh to side with him. Tracy starts tearing into AJ, reminding him of his flaws. Lucy tells him that Tracy's offer was just too attractive and a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. AJ tells her that Tracy is going to run ELQ into the ground, then storms out of the room, running into Sabrina. He apologizes, telling her he's always crashing into something. As AJ walks off, Patrick approaches Sabrina and wants to talk to her. She tells him that they've said all they have to say and she leaves as Britt arrives.

Kristina asks Alexis what happens next. Alexis tells her that they need to go to the hospital administrator to get the papers for Connie to sign to take Trey off of life support. Kristina goes with Alexis to get the papers. Michael asks Sonny how he got Connie to agree to take Trey off of life support. He says he talked to her like she was a real person. They discussed when Michael was shot and he hates what this is doing to Kristina and Connie. He is worried about what to tell Kate if she comes back and finds out that Trey died without Kate getting a chance to know him. AJ watches as Michael tells Sonny that he is there for him.

Connie talks to Trey. She tells him how she left him because she didn't know what to do with him. She feels like they have a beginning and an end but no middle. She says that he's handsome and that she hears he's smart, too. She was surprised that he came to say goodbye to her and wondered why he did that. She says that now it's her turn to say goodbye to him. She takes his hand and realizes that his hands are warm. She doesn't want to let him go.

Sabrina enters the conference room and Elizabeth asks if she got a chance to talk to Patrick. Sabrina says that she didn't because he was too busy taking a shower with Britt. Patrick walks in, followed shortly by Britt who takes his arm and suggests they sit down. Lucy calls the meeting to order and announces that they have the money for the Nurses' Ball. She notices that the check isn't signed and she gets Tracy to sign it. She tells Tracy that she feels bad for AJ, realizing that he was truly disappointed. Tracy says that AJ will find a way to drown his sorrows.

AJ walks into the Floating Rib. The bartender who relieved Mac asks what he wants, then tells him to let him know when he decides as AJ stares at a bottle nearby.

Sonny tells Michael that he appreciates Michael being there and tells him that he needs to take care of Kristina. He wants her to give Kristina whatever she needs. Michael promises that she can count on him. Alexis and Kristina return and announce that they are waiting for the papers to be delivered by the hospital's legal team. Sonny goes to get Connie from Trey's room for the paperwork, but she's gone.

Connie walks into the Floating Rib. She orders a double vodka and tells the bartender to keep them coming. She flashes back to the hospital. She remembers telling Trey that she can't do it, she can't pull the plug. She slips out of his room behind Sonny's and Michael's backs as Michael tells Sonny that if he was in Trey's place, he'd want Sonny to let him go. Back in present time, she downs a drink and orders another. She then calls out to AJ and offers to buy him a drink.

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