GH Update Wednesday 1/9/13

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/9/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

At a Lucerne hospital, outside of Robert's room, Anna receives a call from Luke. Luke is still in the Turkish prison where he bribed a guard so he can use his cell phone. Luke assumes that Anna is in Port Charles, but she tells him that she's in Switzerland. She tells him that he was right about Duke. "I fell for the whole thing," says Anna. "He was an impostor." Duke has returned with coffee for Anna. He overhears this part of the conversation.

Patrick runs into Sabrina in the hallway. "We need to talk about New Year's Eve," he says. Sabrina flashes back to their near-kiss.

In her apartment, Maxie is still rehearsing what she has to tell Dante and Lulu. Dante arrives first, saying the way she sounded made him concerned.

At the jail, Carly is still grilling Todd about his part in Danny's kidnapping. Carly tells Todd about her visit with Sam. "I would've rather walked on glass," she says. Carly tells him that she told Sam that she was right about Todd. Carly feels betrayed by Todd because their friendship wasn't real. Todd insists it was. Carly demands to hear the entire story about the baby switch. Todd tells her it's so convoluted that he doesn't even know the truth. Carly stubbornly demands the truth.

In her penthouse, Sam is pleading for Jason to give her a sign. Just then, there is a knock on the door. She opens the door to find John McBain. He explains why he hadn't been in touch. John tells her about Faison's masquerade as Duke Lavery. He tells her how they found the real Duke alive. Sam is disappointed because she thinks that John doesn't have any more leads about Jason. John tells her he made some progress. He tells her he knows who shot Jason.

Luke is flabbergasted at Anna's story. Anna tells Luke that Robert was hurt, and that Holly is also in Switzerland. Anna's phone call is interrupted by the doctor examining Robert.

At GH, Sabrina is nervously explaining why she left Patrick's without saying goodbye to him on New Year's Eve. Damian is telling Ellie about getting drunk because he thought she had rejected him. He eventually tells her that one thing led to another, and that he ended up with Maxie.

An anxious Lulu turns up at Maxie's, trying not to panic. Maxie tells Dante and Lulu that she has something to tell them about the baby. At the jail, Todd is telling Carly about how the baby switch happened. He tells her that as soon as he looked at Tea's baby, he knew something was wrong. Tea was begging him to get help. His cell phone wouldn't work, so he took Tea's baby and left her. \He came upon the cabin, he explains, where he found Heather. Heather said she knew what to do, but it was too late. The baby was already dead. "Was Heather there when Sam showed up?" asks Carly. "No, she was out burying Anthony," Todd tells her.

Todd tells Carly how he found an unconscious Sam at the cabin. He could hear a baby crying and went to look for it. He found Danny in the planter and was holding him when Tea showed up.  She took the baby, thinking he's her son, leaving Todd between a rock and a hard place.  Heather then returned from burying Anthony. She sized up the situation quickly. She lied to Todd about why Sam is there. She insisted that Todd let Tea think the baby is hers. Todd tells Carly that he tried to talk to Tea but that his cell phone service came back on. He called the ambulance instead. "So you leave Sam there with a dead baby," says Carly. Todd begs for understanding, but Carly surprises him by saying "Oh, I do.'

Maxie is still desperately trying to tell Dante and Lulu the truth. Once again, she is interrupted, this time by a phone call from Luke to his daughter. Luke is telling Lulu about his current situation.

Dante wants to know Luke's info, so he can help him. "Cupcake" tells Luke about the surrogacy. Luke is less than thrilled, of course.  It sounds like there's a riot going on at the Turkish prison.

In Ellie's room, she is upset, thinking that Damian was alone on the roof.  Damian tells her that he wasn't alone; he had a companion. Damian is about to make a confession. In the hallway, Dr. Britt brings Patrick Ellie's results. Patrick interrupts Damian's confession.

An emotional Carly tells Todd how she feels about him humiliating her. She wants to know why. "Because of Jason," Todd says. 

Back at Maxie's, Lulu is still on the phone with Luke. Lulu can hear the noise of the riot (with gunshots) getting louder. She asks Luke what's going on, but Luke distracts her. 

In Ellie's room, Patrick is examining her, but the results aren't good.

In the hallway, Dr. Britt corners Sabrina about her conversation with Patrick. Dr. Britt lies to Sabrina about Patrick. Patrick, in the meantime, is delivering devastating news to Ellie and Damian.

Luke has come back to the phone but tries to protect Lulu. However, by this time,  it's nothing but bedlam at the prison.

In Lucerne, the doctor does not have good news for Anna regarding Robert's condition. Duke has now joined Anna, who is clearly upset hearing that Robert may be in a coma for a long time. Duke tries to comfort a worried Anna. She jumps out of her skin when he touches her.

At Sam's, John explains how Faison's case is connected to Jason's. John tells Sam that Faison is the one who shot Jason. Meanwhile, Todd is relating his end of the Jason saga. Once he knew that Jason was Danny's father, he was afraid to tell the truth. Carly says she could've gone to Jason and talked him out of hurting Todd. Todd tells Carly how he fell in love with her during the pathogen scare. "The truth always comes out," Carly whispers.  Todd says he didn't care because he didn't want to lose her. He begs for her forgiveness.

Back at Sam's, John is telling Sam about Faison's confession about killing Jason. Sam is clinging to thin air, but John gently tells her that Jason is gone. Still in lockup, Carly is not in a forgiving mood. Todd tells her about being held prisoner and not seeing his kids. Todd puts his foot in his mouth about how long he knew that Jason was Danny's father. Dante is trying to get information about the riot from the Turkish authorities. Having no luck, he and Lulu decide to rescue Luke themselves. Lulu suddenly remembers Maxie.

Back at GH, Damian asks Patrick if Ellie will be paralyzed. Patrick gives them his prognosis, which isn't good.

Dr. Britt is laying it on thick, making Sabrina think that her crush will get Patrick in trouble. 

In her penthouse, Sam is having a hard time coming to grips with the truth.

In lockup, Carly is demanding the truth from Todd about Danny's true parentage. "You let Jason die, not knowing Danny was his son?" says an angry Carly.

Sam is near the breaking point but eventually accepts that Jason is dead. "I'm sorry, Sam," says John. Sam falls apart with grief in John's arms.

At Maxie's, she tells Lulu not to worry about her. They have to find Luke. When Dante and Lulu leave, Maxie talks to herself. "And, by the way, I lost your baby on New Year's!" she says sarcastically.

In Ellie's room, Damian comforts a frightened Ellie. He swears to stand by her, no matter what. 

In the hallway, Patrick runs into Sabrina, who tells him that she can no longer baby-sit Emma. Patrick is stunned.

In the Lucerne hospital, Anna apologizes for her reaction to a patient Duke.

At lockup, Carly disowns Todd for his continual lies. "Well, you were right about one thing," she says. "You are a horrible person." Carly walks away from Todd.

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