GH Update Tuesday 1/8/13

General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/8/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Patrick tries to explain the seriousness of Trey's injuries to a distraught Connie. With Sonny standing by, Connie asks Patrick if he can fix Trey, but Patrick tells Connie that he's sorry--Trey is dead.

In Ellie's room down the hall, Sabrina watches over her. Ellie slowly regains consciousness and asks immediately for Damian.

Over at her apartment, Maxie is talking to herself in the doorway about losing Dante and Lulu's baby. Inside, Spinelli is still asleep on the couch. A delivery boy shows up and overhears Maxie's confession. She quickly pays him for her order. "I was just practicing." she says. She gives him a big tip, and he tells her he's sorry for her loss.

At Jason and Sam's penthouse, Sam tries to reach Spinelli. She is anxious to continue the search for Jason. There is a knock on the door. Much to Sam's surprise, it turns out to be Carly. Carly tells Sam that she was right about Todd.

In the PCPD jail cell he shares with Johnny, Todd tries to smother Johnny with a pillow. 

In Ellie's hospital room, Sabrina questions her about what she remembers about the accident.  All Ellie cares about is where Damian is and why he isn't with her.

At home, Spinelli awakens to the smell of coffee and the sound of his cell phone ringing.  It's the message that Sam left for him. Maxie hands him the coffee and they go over the previous night's events.

Back over at Sam and Jason's, Carly halfheartedly apologizes to Sam for her previous behavior. She reveals that Johnny confessed to Cole and Hope's accident and Todd's involvement in Danny's kidnapping.  Sam immediately wants to go find Todd to kill him. She asks Carly to look after the baby when Carly finally tells her that Johnny and Todd are in jail.

Dante shows up and interrupts Todd's attempt to smother Johnny. Johnny and Todd start bickering.  Dante tells them that he has some police business to attend to, but he'll be back when he finds out about their arraignments. "Play nice," he tells them as he leaves. Johnny and Todd go back to their bickering until Todd tells Johnny that he needs his help.

Outside of Trey's room, Patrick tells Connie that there is nothing more he can do to save her son. Just as Starr, Michael and Kristina show up. Patrick tells Connie that Trey actually died of an aneurysm. "Because of the accident?" cries Kristina. Kristina goes off on Connie. and they argue over whose fault it is that Trey died. Sonny, Michael and Starr stand helplessly by while Patrick tries to manage the situation. Sonny tries to comfort the distraught Connie. but she's having none of it. She begs Patrick to fix her son before she storms off. Kristina asks to see Trey. which Patrick allows. Sonny asks Michael to look after his sister before he takes off after Connie. Around this time, Dante arrives to arrest Connie. much to Sonny's dismay.

Down the hall, Sabrina is desperately trying to calm an ever-more-hysterical Ellie. Ellie is freaking out over Damian not being there. Sabrina assures her that she has tried to reach Damian, to no avail. She does tell Ellie that there is an unheard message on Ellie's phone, but she didn't want to invade Ellie's privacy. Sabrina hands Ellie her phone, and a frantic Ellie hears Damian's drunken New Year's Eve message.

Back at home, Spinelli wants to hear what Maxie has to tell him, but Maxie chickens out. As Spinelli is rambling, he and Maxie realize that Ellie has not come home yet. Spinelli tries to rationalize the situation and thinks maybe that he and Maxie were meant to be after all.  

Back at the hospital, Dante is telling Sonny what Connie is being arrested for. Sonny pleads with Dante to show a little compassion for the woman whose child may be dying. Connie is on the phone to Olivia. Michael and Starr are trying to get Kristina to leave Trey's room for awhile. When Kristina refuses, Starr steps up to be with Trey. When Michael and Kristina leave, Starr gets emotional. recalling her friendship with Trey.

In lockup, Johnny is wondering what Todd wants from him now. They argue again over Carly when Todd pulls out the Cole and Hope card.

Back at Sam and Jason's, Carly is going over her relationships with both men. Sam is little comfort, but then the truth comes out that Carly is there because she misses Jason. Carly tells Sam that it is time to face some hard truths, and one of them is that Jason is gone and never coming back. Carly had seen the files on Sam's desk earlier and had guessed what they were.

At the jail, Todd needs to brush up on his negotiating skills with Johnny. who is laughing him off. Once again, Todd blackmails Johnny, using Starr when suddenly a crowing Diane turns up. Todd wants to use her services, which Diane happily accepts. But first, Diane has to escort Johnny to his arraignment. "But I have you on retainer!" Todd cries as Diane and Johnny leave.  

Back at the hospital, Dante is catching Sonny up on the latest events, including Johnny's confession. Sonny is shocked to learn that Johnny is responsible for Cole and Hope's accident and not Connie. Dante tells Sonny that Connie has till the end of the day. Sonny turns to Connie and goes off on her about making Kate feel guilty all that time. Connie gets defensive and leaves in a huff. She is desperately trying to get Patrick's brother Matt out of prison so he can save Trey.

In her room, Ellie is upset after hearing Spinelli's message, thinking she didn't want him anymore.

At Sam and Jason's penthouse, Carly is pleading with Sam to face the truth. Sam gets upset and kicks Carly out.

In the hospital hallway, Sonny is trying to comfort Connie, but she feels too guilt-ridden to accept. Patrick runs into Michael and says since Trey left no living will, someone has to give permission to turn off life support. Connie tells Sonny it's time for her to step up, so they return to Trey's room.

Sabrina has left Spinelli another message from the nurses' station, and this time he gets it. It breaks up a precious moment between Spinelli and Maxie. Ellie is now nearly hysterical when Damian finally shows up to be with her. Sabrina leaves them alone. Ellie assures Damian that she still wants him and it was a all a huge misunderstanding. Sabrina runs into Patrick, who says they have to talk about New Year's Eve.

Connie, Sonny, Michael, Starr and Kristina have all now returned to Trey's room. Kristina tells Sonny and Connie that someone needs to give permission to turn off Trey's life support. This upsets Connie. who flatly refuses and takes off again.

Damian and Ellie are in her room, making up. Ellie feels bad about Damian being alone on New Year's Eve. Spinelli confesses he actually wasn't alone.

Maxie is at home talking to Dante. She wants him and Lulu to come over. He tells her that he will be there as soon as he can. Dante is waiting for a couple of officers to arrive to arrest Connie.  

In his jail cell, Todd is standing on his head, going through his mantra. "I have a daughter...her name is Starr. I have two sons.... their names are Jack and Sam." And a new one....."I have a friend....her name is Carly." Todd hears the guard letting someone in to visit. He jumps up, expecting to see Diane, but instead it turns out to be Carly. Sam is at home crying and still in denial about Jason. Clutching her photo of her and Jason, she begs him for a sign. Suddenly, there's a knock on the door. 

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