GH Update Monday 1/7/13

General Hospital Update Monday 1/7/13


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Alexis wakes up with Shawn and wants to make sure he knows where he is.

Sonny seems to have awoken fully clothed after New Year’s, in the boxing arena where he fell asleep the previous night. He hears someone come in and tells them he wants to be left alone. But it appears that Connie (or is it Kate) appears and asks him if he really does not want her company.

At the station, Carly comes to be with Todd when Johnny is about to get sentenced for shooting out Anthony’s tires and killing Cole Thornhart and baby Hope, after finding out it was him, for the first time. But he tells her perhaps she’d like to know about Todd’s deep dark secret. She doesn’t want to listen. But he asks Todd if he wants to tell Carly himself or if he wants to let Johnny tell her. She asks what they are talking about. Todd is silent.

Alexis tells Shawn she was dreaming about her favorite sandwich and wonders if he can go and make it for her.

Sonny assumes Connie is still the person who’s taken control of Kate. But she tells him he needs to look at her and know that Kate is back. But he finds out he’s only having a dream.

The doctors rush to save Trey’s life. Kristina demands that Connie gets out and leaves her alone. But Connie tells Kristina she has the right to be there for her son.

Outside the room, Starr asks Michael how she could have been fooled and trusted Johnny. She wondered why he was so nice and helpful to her with getting her recording contract. She believed that the person who took her family from her was her friend. Michael protests that she did not know. But, she tells him, her dad knew yet she would not listen to him. Michael tells her that Johnny was a coward who could not face up to what he did and lied to her. But she blames herself for being so naïve and so stupid that she could not see until it was too late.

Carly asks Johnny why he thinks that Todd would be afraid of him. He tells her that Todd has a secret and kept his secret for him. He tells her that Todd knew all along that he (Johnny) shot out the tires that killed her son’s girlfriend’s family. She tells Johnny that’s absurd. If Todd always knew that, then why did Todd keep the secret for him? He replies it was blackmail. Todd was forced to shut up to protect the man who killed his granddaughter. She asks why. He says it was blackmail. Todd knew he had no choice because Johnny knew something about Todd.

Starr reflects to Michael that she was so out of control that she almost killed Connie. She now realizes she falsely accused Connie of killing her family. He tells her she did not know and had no reason to trust Connie.

Dr. Steven Webber tells both Kristina and Connie that if they want Trey to have a chance, they both must leave and let the doctors do their work.

Sonny sees his vision of Kate coming back. He looks at her adoringly and asks if it’s really her. She adoringly assures him that she’s there. She can see on his face that he’s been so alone. He’s lost Jason. Michael appears to be slipping away. Kristina is leaving. And he needs her. She tells him she knows it looks like she’s abandoned him. He tells her he knows she did not. It was not her fault. She cannot help the fact that Connie came out and stayed in control. She tells him she knows she was not there when he needed her. He tells her the main thing is that she’s there now.

Outside Trey’s hospital room, Kristina and Connie argue.

Alexis appears “orgasmic” eating the sandwich Shawn made for her. He asks her if she’s with him for his cooking. She tells him yes. He knows his way around the kitchen like no man has ever known before. Right then she gets a call from her daughter and can tell Kristina is frantic. She asks what is wrong. Kristina tells her mom it’s Trey. He’s been badly hurt and she’s worried.

Starr tells Michael she’s spent so much time feeling sorry for herself that she did not even check on Trey. He tells her he does not believe she’s felt sorry for herself as much as she’s felt sorry for Connie. She protests that she tried to kill an innocent person and falsely accused her of a crime she did not commit. But Michael protests that he knows that Connie is covering for Johnny and her hands are really no cleaner than his.

Johnny tells Carly that unknown to her and unknown to everyone, Todd switched Sam’s baby with Téa Delgado’s and let Sam and Jason believe their baby died. She tells him she knows that Todd was charged for the crime but the cops released him because he didn’t do it. He tells her Todd did do it and he can prove it.

Sonny envisions being back with Kate, kissing and holding each other. But at that moment, his phone rings to awaken him to the reality that he’s having a dream. It’s Alexis calling to tell him he needs to get to the hospital because Kristina needs both her parents.

Connie tells Kristina that she is nothing more than some superficial fling for her son; she is Trey’s mother. Kristina furiously tells her she’s never been there for her son. She threw him away when he was a baby. Connie tells Kristina she knows nothing more about her or what she’s been through. Kristina tells Connie she knows enough. Trey’s father had to raise his son all alone. Connie asks why she should care about that no good piece of crap that is her son’s father. Kristina tells Connie she won’t let her hurt Trey.

Michael tells Starr that his Uncle Jason once told him that bad things happen fast. But you get over them slow. Grief can come and hit someone and knock them down and make them think at one point they can beat it, but it takes a long time to get over. She tells him he has no idea. She thought she heard Hope calling out for her begging her mommy to help her. But Michael protests that she must know that there was nothing she could have done that night. She tells Michael it’s like she’s lost her daughter all over again. He tells her that now, for the first time, they will finally have justice. No more cover-ups. No more lies. Now everything is out in the open.

Johnny informs Todd and Carly that he had his guys follow Todd while he was tailing Heather Webber. Todd protests that he was making a desperate attempt to save Téa Delgado’s baby. But Johnny knows what really happened. Carly then demands to Todd that he tell her how he can lie about that. Johnny then odds that it would make perfect sense that Todd would refrain from getting him arrested and convicted for killing Todd’s granddaughter. That explains it perfectly. At that point, Carly turns away from Todd and angrily tells him he better not touch her.

At the hospital, Starr tells Michael now she really needs to check on Trey and that poor girl, Ellie. Michael assesses that Trey has only one family member they know of that is Connie.

Connie tells Kristina that she knows that Kristina does not care about her son and hopefully he will get wise and dump Kristina’s ass and see her for the untrustworthy piece of trash she is. Sonny enters and sees Connie in a confrontation with his daughter and angrily tells her she better get away from Kristina.

Starr assesses to Michael that Trey is her roommate and his sister’s husband and they are the closest to family that they have. And they both assess that they are both fortunate to have families that may have problems but that care about them.

Carly tells Todd that if he had just told her about the dilemma he was in with saving Jason’s baby or saving his friend, Téa’s baby, she might have understood and forgiven him. But he had to lie to her and could not trust her. He protests to her that he did forewarn her that he is “not a good person”. She tells him she realizes that she, herself is “not a good person”. But she’s not a hypocrite. She doesn’t lie and cover-up who she is and the things she’s done. But she trusted him and believed in him. He must have gotten a good laugh thinking she was some poor stupid idiot to have trusted him and thought they were friends. He tells her that she was the first friend he’s ever had. She tells him she’s the last. She tells him there is no way he can ever make it up to her. The damage is already done. He lied to her face. And what is going to happen when Starr finds out about it. He knew what happened to her daughter yet did nothing about it. Starr enters to hear their conversation and asks her father if he really knew all along that Johnny killed her family. She runs off. Michael comes up to Todd and asks what is wrong with him to have done that to his daughter.

Sonny finds Alexis and they talk to Kristina alone. He wants to make sure she’s ok. She tells her dad she is. But she let this happen to Trey. She blames Connie for what happened to Trey. Alexis takes her daughter down to the cafeteria to let Sonny talk alone to Connie (whom he believes is Kate, still remembering his dream). Strangely, she has not changed, but cries in Sonny’s arms about her grief with those people who won’t let her see her kid who is dying.

Dante hears Johnny confess and Todd admit that he covered for Johnny. Todd protests to Carly that he “did not have a choice”. She tells him we all have choices. He made the wrong one. Dante then announces to Todd that he is also under arrest. Carly almost interjects wanting to help Todd but then realizes she is done and washed her hands of both Johnny and Todd for good.

Sonny holds the woman he believes is Kate in his arms while she cries. Connie is still Connie but crying on his shoulder. But he calls her Kate. At that point, she furiously turns away and asks him if he called her Kate because he believes there’s no way she could care if her son lives or dies and has no feelings about anything unless Kate is back.

Michael and Starr are both wondering what to do regarding Trey’s prognosis.

Carly is not far away, appearing like she’s ready to cry and a bit confused when she remembers her most recent conversation with Todd after they slept together. She remembers he told her that he wants to move forward with her and for them both to move on and trust one another.

Dante takes Johnny to his cell and tells him he can share the cell with Todd. Johnny tells Dante he can’t put him in the same place as Todd. But Dante tells Johnny he thinks it would be great since the two of them have been joined at the hip covering for each other’s dastardly deeds. He believes that those two guys deserve one another.

Alexis and Kristina return to Michael and Starr and ask if they’ve heard any news about Trey. Connie gathers to overhear. Sonny follows her. They all want to appear “hopeful," but Dr. Steven Webber enters to regretfully tell them how sorry he is to have to tell them what he’s about to tell them.

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