GH Update Friday 1/4/13

General Hospital Update Friday 1/4/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

At his suite, Todd and Carly are in bed. Carly tells Todd that it was surprising. Todd asked what was surprising. Carly tells Todd that he was amazing but how she feels is amazing. Carly says what is surprising is how she feels.

In his bed with Olivia, Steve tells her that she was incredible. Olivia tells him she was amazing for a grandmother to be. Steve calls her a GILF: Grandma I like to Fool Around With. Olivia offers to make his dreams come true. He stops her and says there's something she needs to ask him.

In their bed, Lulu eats some ice cream and comments how good it is. Lulu feels guilty that they get to eat and do what they want while Maxie has to be cautious.

In Maxie's apartment, Maxie and Spinelli continue kissing.

Michael finds Ellie and Trey passes out. Michael calls out for help. Starr tells Johnny that it's not over and rushes to Michael. Starr & Michael recognize Ellie. Michael says that Ellie has a weak pulse and wants to move her. Johnny tells Connie that she is finally going down. Connie says that hitting Ellie is an accident. Johnny says that he thinks that kidnapping or assault can stick. Connie tells him that she will see him in lock up since he confessed to Starr. Kristina calls out for help again. Johnny tells Connie not to go anywhere and goes to help Kristina with Trey. Connie peeks around the side of her car at what is going on with Trey. Kristina asks what made Trey pass out. Johnny says he doesn't know but Trey needs a doctor. Kristina offers to look for her phone but Johnny has his but it has no service. Johnny says not to panic. Kristina says that Trey isn't waking up or moving so how does she not panic? Johnny tells her it's going to be ok as Connie watches. Starr and Michael try to get Ellie to wake up. She opens her eyes. Michael tells her she was in an accident. Ellie says she can't move. Michael wants to move her but Starr says they can't...they need an ambulance. Kristina tries to get a signal on Johnny's phone but is having a hard time doing so.

At GH Elizabeth asks Sabrina if she wasn't supposed to be babysitting Sabrina. Sabrina tells her how wonderful the night was. Elizabeth asks if Patrick kissed her. Sabrina says that she thought he might but the moment went away when Britt called and then showed up. Elizabeth says she spent the evening at the hospital working. Sabrina hopes someone rang in the new year right.

Carly is concerned that she is sending Todd mixed signals. She says that she knows guys hate it but she asks what the sex means. Todd says it means they are attracted to each other. Carly says they agreed it's not about getting back at anyone, it was just an urge. Todd asks what if he says it wasn't just an urge. Carly says then she wants to know what's next? Are they together?

Steve and Olivia talk about their first time together. Steve says he knew then that he wanted to be with her forever. He reaches into a drawer and pulls out a ring. He proposes to her.

Maxie and Spinelli continue to make out.

Olivia doesn't know what to say. She says it's a big step. Steve says that he loves her and he is ready for it. He says that she changed him. He tells her how wonderful she is and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Olivia says yes, she will marry him.

Carly walks out of the bedroom and fixes a drink. She says his non-answer was an answer. Todd asks if that's what she wants. He goes into his history as a "bad guy". Carly says that is the past and that he swore there are no deep dark secrets.

Johnny has Kristina look for a car and flag it down, he is going to get help. Connie tells Johnny is lying to Kristina. She starts going into his confession to Starr and Johnny shouts at her that her son may be dying. He asks if that means nothing to her. Starr and Michael cover Ellie. Michael goes to try to find service for his phone. Ellie calls out for Spinelli.

Maxie and Spinelli have already made love. Spinelli says that they have made a huge mistake. Maxie looks up at him.

Lulu says they need to stop worrying so much. It's not good for any of them. Dante says that he told her all of that. She says that she has to realize that not every time the phone rings, it means something bad. Dante's phone rings and he tells her to relax, it's just Michael. Michael tells Dante that there's been an accident.

Michael returns to Starr and Ellie and tells them that help is coming. He then shares the news with Johnny and Connie. Help is on the way via Dante. Kristina calls out to Michael that she needs help. Michael tells her that Dante is bringing help. Connie says it sucks for Johnny as he lost his chance to bolt. Johnny says he's not going anywhere. Starr says she needs to talk to Johnny. She wants to know if he was telling the truth or just trying to save Connie. He says he was telling the truth.

Sabrina fills Elizabeth in on what happened at Patrick's house. She tells Elizabeth that Britt was actually mad at her for being there and then ordered her to the hospital to do her paperwork. Elizabeth tells her that it's been a pretty slow night just as the phone rings. She gets the report that there was an accident and they are bringing people in. Elizabeth tells Sabrina that their night is about to pick up.

Starr unloads on Johnny and Connie for the lie and the cover up. She tells them that they deserve each other just as Michael approaches and asks what is going on. Starr says she will tell him about it later. The paramedics arrive and tend to Ellie and Trey.

Steven and Olivia cuddle and admire her ring. They admire how good her future married name sounds and they kissed. They are interrupted by his cell phone ringing to let him know of the accident. He tells the hospital that he is on the way. Olivia comments how she didn't see it coming which is weird since she sees everything else.

Spinelli apologizes to Maxie but Maxie tells him he doesn't need to apologize. Maxie says she participated willingly. Spinelli worries about Maxie and the baby and wants to get her to the hospital. Maxie tells him that he didn't hurt the baby, that it is impossible to have.

Todd and Carly discuss how neither of them are perfect and how they've both made bad choices. They comment that if they were smart, they would end it right there and then....but say thank goodness neither of them is smart.

Connie looks to where Trey had been laying but he is now gone. She remembers Johnny yelling at her about her son possibly dying and about how he's going to make some charges stick. She says that she is out of there and heads off to leave.

Trey is rushed into the hospital where Sabrina meets them. She tries to stop Kristina from coming into the exam room, but Kristina insists on coming in. Ellie is brought in next and taken to a trauma room. Michael and Starr arrive and are met by Elizabeth. Michael wants Starr looked at for passing out twice. Elizabeth sees Johnny and decides his wound takes priority. She leads Johnny away, telling Michael and Starr she will get back with them. Starr worries about Trey and Ellie, then breaks down in Michael's arms. Kristina watches as Trey is worked on. Outside in the waiting room, Michael comforts Starr and suggests they call their parents. He calls Carly. As Michael calls Carly, Johnny and Elizabeth come out of the emergency room. Starr and Johnny look at each other.

Carly comments on how she swore off men after Johnny. Todd then asks Carly what she thinks. Todd tells her that he wants a relationship with Carly. Carly says she's scared and Todd tells her that they are officially "going steady". They kiss only to be interrupted by the phone. Carly answers it to Michael's call. Michael tells her about the accident. Carly asks what happened. Michael says Connie happened.

At the site of the accident, Connie tries to start her car but is unsuccessful. She gets out to leave and is stopped by Dante and some officers. She claims to be glad to see Dante. Connie tells him that she and Johnny were out for a drive and Ellie appeared out of nowhere. Dante isn't buying any of it. Connie then says she was taking Johnny to the cops after he confessed to shooting out the tire of Anthony's car. Dante orders Connie cuffed to her car and continues his investigation

Johnny goes to Starr to plead his case. He says that he meant to hurt only Anthony. Starr tells him everything she lost because of him. Johnny wants to try to make things up to her but she says nothing he can do ever will make up for what he did.

The doctor in Ellie's room recognizes her. Sabrina explains who she is. They discuss trying to find Ellie's family. Sabrina looks at her cell phone and sees a waiting message from Spinelli.

Spinelli's phone starts to ring and he see's it's from Ellie's phone. Sabrina is calling him from her phone and leaves a message for him that Ellie was in an accident.

Michael asks if what he is hearing is true. Starr goes off on Johnny further. Johnny tells her that he isn't proud of his actions and that he one action that he doesn't regret is buying her contract. He thought maybe her singing would help her heal. Starr says that she never heals from losing her child. Michael tells him how pathetic he is. Johnny tells Starr how he cares about her but she doesn't believe him. She says she hates him and Johnny doesn't blame her. Starr attacks him telling him how much she hates him

At the site of the accident, the officers find Connie has escaped her handcuffs.

Steven and Elizabeth continue to care for Trey. Kristina hears what they are discussing and asks them to explain. Steven tells her she shouldn't be there. Kristina refuses to leave because Trey needs her.

Michael restrains Starr from Johnny. Dante joins them and asks if everyone is ok. Michael fills Dante in on Trey, Kristina, himself and Starr. Dante sees Johnny and asks if he has anything to say. Johnny says he wants to turn himself in.

Olivia arrives at Lulu and Dante's home. She wants to share her news with Dante and Lulu together. Lulu shares the story of Maxie and the dog with Olivia and says that the hallucinations meant something but nothing bad.

Spinelli thinks that Ellie pocket dialed him and tossed the phone aside. He wants to hear what Maxie was about to tell him . She says it's important about Dante and Lulu's baby.

Todd and Carly arrive at the hospital and go to their children. Carly notices Johnny being arrested. Starr tells Carly what Johnny did. Johnny confirms it's true and that he just turned himself in. He tells Carly he tried to tell her many times. Carly flashes back to several times when Johnny tells her he needs to talk to her. Carly wants to know why Connie covered for him. He says she had her reasons but he only married her because she kept his secret. Carly is upset that he lied but he says he never lied about loving her. Carly says she doesn't care about that and turns to Todd for comfort. Dante reads Johnny his rights as Michael comforts Starr and Todd comforts Carly. Connie sneaks in behind everyone. Johnny says he never meant to hurt any innocent people and he will say it until people believe him. Starr runs off and Michael follows her. Dante starts to take Johnny away but Carly says not yet.

Olivia shares her engagement news with Lulu. Lulu congratulates Olivia and they celebrate the growing of the family.

Maxie is ready to tell Spinelli about the miscarriage and starts to but finds him asleep on the couch. She lays her head on his lap.

Ellie is still unconscious but stabilized. The doctor suspects that she has a spinal injury.

Todd says that they should let Dante take Johnny. Carly says that she can't believe she's saying it but she feels sorry for Connie.

Connie peeks into Trey's room behind Kristina as machines go off. Trey is crashing. Kristina tearfully begs Trey to come back. Behind Kristina, Connie is near tears.

Carly goes off on Johnny on how she regrets every moment she's spent with Johnny and she's glad she's moving on with Todd. Johnny asks if she thinks it's smart and says she's moving from one criminal to another. Carly tells Johnny that at least Todd is honest about who he is. Johnny asks if Todd bared his soul and guesses that he has not. Carly asks Todd what Johnny is talking about. Johnny asks if Todd wants to tell her or should he.

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