GH Update Thursday 1/3/13

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/3/13


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

At the Haunted Star the countdown to the new year concludes. Todd and Carly wish each other Happy New Year and kiss. Dante and Lulu wish each other Happy New Year as well as Lulu calls it the year of the baby. She suggests calling Maxie to wish her a Happy New Year, too. She calls Maxie who's phone is on the couch in her apartment, going unanswered.

At GH Maxie is with Britt who tells Maxie that she has miscarried Dante and Lulu's baby. Maxie doesn't believe it and asks Britt to tell her that she is still pregnant. Britt tells her that she can't because she has lost the baby.

At the Drake house, Patrick and Sabrina are watching TV before the look at each other and move in to kiss.

Maxie tries to understand how the miscarriage happened. Britt expresses that she is sorry for the loss. Maxie tells her not to be sorry for her because it wasn't her baby.

On the roof of GH, a drunk Spinelli is waiting for Ellie and calls her. On the road, Ellie is walking and hears her phone ring. She is happy that she is where she gets a signal now. Speeding down the road, Connie calls back to Johnny that the fog is lifting. She turns back to see Ellie right in her path. Michael drives in a car with Starr, Trey and Kristina. Starr tells a distracted Michael to look out.

As he opens a bottle of champagne, Spinelli leaves a voicemail for Ellie that it is after midnight, and he is alone which proves she doesn't wish to be with him. He asks where she is and pours the champagne over the side of the building.

Ellie has been it by a car and is unconscious by the side of the road. In one of the cars, Michael, Starr, Trey, and Kristina are also unconscious. The four of them bring each other around and think that they are ok. Michael says they spun out, trying to avoid hitting Connie's car. Starr is concerned for Johnny.

Todd and Carly continue to kiss and Todd asks Carly if she wants to leave. She says she does and they leave. Lulu and Dante leave Maxie a voicemail to wish her a Happy New Year. They assume she's asleep and promise to see her tomorrow.

Maxie asks Britt how the miscarriage happened. Britt tells her that its common in IVF pregnancies. Maxie asks if it was something she did and Britt assures her that it wasn't. She says that the embryo wasn't strong enough to survive and it's not Maxie's fault. Maxie wonders how she's going to tell Lulu. Britt offers to call Lulu but Maxie says it needs to come from her. She tells Britt she needs air and needs to think, then rushes off. Britt makes a call on her cell phone.

Patrick and Sabrina are about to kiss when they are interrupted by Patrick's cell phone ringing. Its Britt. Patrick asks her what's up.

Spinelli continues to ramble on the voicemail, letting Ellie know of all he had set up for her that will go unused, accusing Ellie of ending their relationship over his friendship with Maxie. He hears footsteps and calls out for her to disregard the last message he sent. Maxie comes through the door. Spinelli asks what she is doing there.

Ellie wakes up with a start but is unnoticed as Michael and Starr rush to Connie's car. She's not inside. They hear Connie's voice calling out for help. Michael wants to go to Connie and Starr wants to help Johnny first. Connie calls out for help again. Starr runs to the edge of the cliff to find Connie hanging on for dear life. Ellie calls out weakly for help but is unheard and unnoticed.

Maxie tells Spinelli she forgot about his plans. He says he didn't tell her but Maxie says Ellie did. Spinelli tells her that Ellie didn't show up. Spinelli tells Maxie that he and Ellie are over. He notices Maxie in tears and asks if the news that he and Ellie are over upsets her. Maxie says it doesn't but she messed everything up and doesn't know how to make it right. Spinelli suggests that she tell him what's wrong.

Britt called Patrick to apologize to him because she really wanted to spend New Years with him. He says he wanted to spend it with her, too. Sabrina packs up and heads out, telling Patrick she left a noisemaker for Emma as he hangs up. Patrick stops her, then tells him that he didn't pay her yet. He is short money to pay her and asks her to stay a few minutes while he goes to get more from the bedroom, check on Emma and return. Sabrina agrees to wait and he leaves the room.

Todd and Carly return to Todd's suite. More kissing before Todd offers her a nightcap. Todd suggests a toast to 2013 and to Connie kidnapping Johnny. Carly wonders what Connie will do to Johnny. Todd says that he has no messages. Carly asks if he was looking for one from Blair but he says he's looking for one from Starr. He hasn't heard from her since midnight. Carly asks if he always hears from her on New Years Eve. He says he hoped that she would call after she was so cold to him for Christmas. Carly tells Todd he never told her why Starr was so upset with him.

Starr looks down at Connie who can't believe Starr isn't helping her. Starr asks if she tried to run. Connie asks so what if she did, she obviously couldn't see anything through the fog. Her foot slips on rocks and she nearly falls. Michael gets the trunk of Connie's car open and finds Johnny bound, gagged and unconscious. Connie asks Starr for help again. Starr tells her that she killed her daughter and boyfriend so why should she help Connie. Connie's foot slips again and she loses a grip with one hand but is able to grab hold again.

Sabrina is waiting for Patrick when there's a knock at his door. She tries to call to Patrick but answers the door herself to find Britt holding open a coat with nothing on underneath. Sabrina is surprised to see Britt and Britt appears to be disgusted to see Sabrina there.

Dante and Lulu arrive at Maxie's apartment to find the door open. Dante walks in and searches, calling out for Ellie and Maxie when Lulu says that's not normal. He looks in the bedrooms and tells Lulu that no one is there.

Maxie tries to tell Spinelli how she screwed things up but he tells her that it was far from true. He tells her how she is doing something so selfless for Lulu and Dante. He then points to his set up and asks who he failure is. He grabs his bottle and tells Maxie that he will take her anywhere she wants to go. She just wants to go home. He agrees to go with her and they leave the roof.

Ellie again weakly calls out for help. She talks to herself, stating that she must stay awake and starts reciting the different things she believes are wrong with her. Connie tells Starr she has to help her up and can't leave her there as Starr starts to walk away. Starr reminds her that she killed her family at the very spot they are at now and that Connie deserves to die there, too. Connie reaches up and grabs Starr's wrist.

Carly accepts that Todd hasn't told her what happened with him and Starr but doesn't push it. She says that Michael hasn't called her but that's not unusual and even if it was, there's nothing she can do about it anyway. Todd can't stand it when Starr doesn't talk to her. He starts to call Starr but Carly stops him, telling him not to ruin their moment. They discuss Starr and Michael living together and ringing the new year in together. Todd wants to go stop them but Carly tells him no and kisses him.

Michael helps a newly conscious Johnny out of the trunk. Michael tells Johnny that they were in an accident and asks if he is ok. Johnny says he's fine and is concerned for Starr. Michael assures him that Starr is ok. Trey calls out to Michael as he holds a passed out Kristina in his arms. Michael tells Johnny to find Connie's cell phone and to try to get a signal before he runs to help Trey with Kristina. Johnny searches the car and finds Connie's cell phone but gets no signal. Trey tells Michael that they were fine, they were talking and she passed out. Trey asks where an ambulance is but Michael says Johnny is working on it. They determine that Kristina is breathing and Trey calls out to her. Starr is trying to release Connie's grip from her wrist as Connie begs her to stop. Johnny hears the commotion and runs to check it out. He gets to them as Starr is about to drop Connie. Johnny tells her not to do it.

Britt is furious that Sabrina is still at Patrick's home. She accuses Sabrina of manipulating things so she was there at midnight. Sabrina explains that she is just waiting for Patrick to pay her. Britt shoves money in her hand and tells her to get to her office and start filing the stack of papers on her desk now. As Sabrina protests, Britt shoves her out the door, telling her she wants it done by morning and closes the door behind her. Patrick walks out to find Britt there. He's surprised to see her. He asks where Sabrina is.

Dante finds Maxie's cell phone and Lulu is worried because Maxie doesn't go anywhere without her phone. Maxie and Spinelli walk in together and Maxie asks why they are there. Dante and Lulu say they were worried about her. They ask where she was. Maxie says she was resting and heard scratching at the door. She opened the door to find a dog there. Lulu tells her that Olivia had another vision of a dog. Maxie says the dog ran in and she tripped and fell, trying to get the dog out. She tells them she went to the hospital. Lulu asks if the baby is ok.

Ellie still calls out weakly for help but can't be heard. She calls out for Spinelli over and over. Trey works to try to bring Kristina around. Johnny pleads with Starr to not kill Connie. Starr tells him that Connie may have been trying to kill him. Connie says that she wasn't. Starr tells Johnny that they can both live in peace with Connie gone.

Carly pulls back from kissing Todd and tells her that she wants them to be sure they want to do it, that neither of them have any regrets being together. Carly asks if he is with her to forget about Blair. Todd asks if she is with him to forget about Johnny.

Connie cries out for God to help her but Starr says that God won't help her because she murdered Cole and Hope. Johnny tells Starr that Connie didn't kill them. Starr looks over at Johnny.

Britt tells Patrick that Sabrina had to go and asked her to tell Patrick goodnight. Patrick says that he owes Sabrina money. Britt says she took care of it and it's her treat. Patrick is still confused by Sabrina leaving so fast. Britt suggests that maybe Sabrina had something to do or a party to be at. Britt is sad to have been away from him all night and she wants to make it up to him. Patrick says she doesn't have to but Britt insists. They kiss and Britt whispers to him to guess what she is wearing under the coat.

Carly asks Todd what he would tell Blair if she walked in. He says that he would tell her that he is with Carly. He asks what she would tell Johnny and Carly says she'd tell him to get lost. Carly and Todd believe that they are a new start for each other. They kiss again.

Starr doesn't believe Johnny. She wants to know why Connie would take the blame for the accident. Johnny says that she was protecting the real shooter...him. He confesses to shooting out Anthony's tires the night that Cole and Hope died. Ellie mutters about how she and Damian belong together.

Lulu encourages Maxie to say something. Spinelli stands up for Maxie and says that if something was wrong, she would have told him. Lulu asks why Maxie didn't call them, they would have taken her to the hospital. Maxie said it all happened so fast. Lulu says she understands but Maxie says she doesn't. Dante and Lulu agree that the important thing is that Maxie and the baby are ok. Dante asks that Maxie promises to call them first if anything happens again. Maxie promises. As Dante and Lulu start to leave, they offer to take Spinelli with them but Maxie says he's fine where he is. They wish each other a Happy New Year as Dante and Lulu leaves. Maxie closes the door behind them and asks what just happened. Spinelli wants to know where Ellie is.

Ellie mutters about how she's sorry she wasn't there for Spinelli. Kristina comes to and Michael tells her not to scare them like that again. Michael tells them he wants to check on Connie and Starr. He goes and Trey tells Kristina how important she is to him, she tells him likewise and they kiss. Connie calls up that she is losing her grip and tells her to listen to Johnny. Starr tells her to shut up and asks Johnny for more details. Johnny tells her that he didn't know that Cole and Hope were there and they don't have time to discuss it. Connie doesn't need to pay for what he did, she should make him pay. Connie calls out that she's falling as she starts to slip.

Patrick guesses that she's naked and she starts to show him. He stops her and tells her that Emma is a light sleeper. Britt promises to be quiet. Patrick tells her that Emma isn't ready to see Britt in the morning. Britt says that she understands. She suggests that they try a hotel one night. Patrick tells her that they can. It's a new year and he is ready to move forward. They wish each other Happy New Year and Britt leaves.

At the hospital, Sabrina is at work but has a tough time concentrating. She looks at the picture of Patrick and Emma on her phone and smiles.

Todd and Carly make their way into the bedroom. They kiss, make out, undress each other and fall into bed together.

Johnny helps Connie over the cliff to safety. Connie screams at him that it took him long enough. Starr runs up to Johnny and smacks him as hard as she can.

Dante and Lulu are dancing and kissing at the Haunted Star.

Maxie looking at the pregnancy bible that Dante and Lulu gave them, wondering how she's going to tell Dante and Lulu. Spinelli comes out of a bedroom and says that Ellie isn't there and guesses she's looking at stars with someone new. He sees Maxie in tears again. She apologizes as he comforts her.

Connie asks where the red headed girl is. She says the girl was in the middle of the road, and she thinks she hit her. Michael finds Ellie's cell phone with a message from Spinelli on it.

Spinelli continues to comfort Maxie, telling her everything will be ok. Maxie says it can't be ok. Spinelli asks if he's ever broken a promise to her. Maxie says no. Spinelli again tells her that everything's going to be ok. Maxie and Spinelli kiss.

Michael examines the phone, looks around and finds Ellie unconscious, then runs to her side. Kristina thanks Trey for saving her life. He says there wasn't an option. She thanks him again, they kiss and he goes to try to find a phone signal and collapses. Kristina runs to him.

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