GH Update Wednesday 1/2/13

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/2/13


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Patrick gets ready for the party and notices that Emma wonders why Daddy is going out and she has to stay in. He tells her he’s going to meet Dr. Westbourne after she’s done with her shift at the hospital which might be late. Emma asks why she has to go to bed but Dr. Westbourne gets to stay up with him. He tells her because Dr. Westbourne is a grown up. Emma remarks that Dr. Westbourne doesn’t act like one. While on the phone with Patrick, Dr. Westbourne overhears his daughter’s comment. He also remarks that he’s encouraged that Sabrina will be there soon. It will help his daughter feel better because she loves Sabrina. Dr. Westbourne is obviously not encouraged to hear how well liked Sabrina is.

Maxie gets a call from Dante and Lulu who encourage her to get out and enjoy New Years with them. But she wants to stay in. She notices that Ellie is also staying in with no plans for New years and asks why. Isn’t she going out with Spinelli? Ellie replies that Damien obviously has other priorities than being with her.

When Dr. Westbourne gets off the phone with Patrick, she is not happy to see that she has “work” to do when Michael brings Starr in insisting that she gets medical care since she had a concussion in her struggle with Connie although she tells him it’s nothing and not necessary to fuss. She tells him that she’s not as worried about that as she is by Johnny having been kidnapped by Connie who might not be so lucky when they’re not able to help him.

Once again Olivia joins her son and daughter-in-law encouraged about the baby, when she sees the mysterious “dog” that gives her cause for worry.

Max and Milo ask Spinelli why he’s not with his girlfriend. Spinelli does not want to admit that he and Ellie are through. He explains to them, as Ellie explains to Maxie, that they have made “tentative” plans to meet on the roof to reconvene “if” they feel they have a future. Although Spinelli is hopefully that she will meet him there, she tells Maxie she won’t because it will never work. Maxie asks Ellie why she plans to leave Spinelli all alone up on the roof waiting for her at midnight New Years. Ellie then spells out to Maxie that she knows she is not the priority to Spinelli that Maxie is.

When Sabrina arrives at Patrick’s, he’s very happy to see her. Once again, she has her “day dream” that she’s spending a romantic evening with him and he can see her mind is somewhere else. Yet he appears more encouraged talking to her than in seeing his girlfriend for New Years.

Dr. Westbourne examines Starr and believes that she has to run some tests and cannot ignore her medical protocol to her patient when Michael informs her that a crazy lady knocked Starr out and she was unconscious for a few minutes. Starr protests, however, that they need to help Johnny before it’s too late. She knows that the cops might not be able to do so on New Year’s although Michael calls Dante.

Todd and Carly go to the party together, both feeling a bit awkward leaving their pasts and previous relationships behind. Michael informs Dante that they can’t find Johnny. Connie is on the loose and they need to find her.

Connie runs into Trey and Kristina in the parking garage. She tells her son that he needs to realize they were never close. She’s leaving town. He asks her if Johnny is coming with her. She tells him no but won’t go into the details. Kristina can hear that somebody is in the trunk of Connie’s car trying to get out.

Ellie and Maxie discuss their respective relationships with Spinelli. And Maxie tells Ellie she will never forgive her if she leaves Spinelli alone on the roof New Year’s Eve.

Spinelli talks to Max and Milo who want to encourage him to prepare the romantic dinner, champagne and dancing with Ellie on the roof. But he somehow has a vision of the dog.

At the party again, Olivia sees the symbolic dog that nobody else sees. She knows it means something regarding the fate of the baby and she is worried.

When Patrick gets ready to leave for the party and leave his daughter with Sabrina, he seems very warm and friendly to his daughter’s babysitter although not in the way she hopes.

Dr. Westbourne is growing impatient and appearing in a hurry after running Starr’s test, assuring them that everything will be ok and dismissing Starr and Michael.

Todd asks why Carly would bring him to her ex-boyfriend’s club of all places, when she owns a competitor club. She tells him that if they went to the Metro Court, she’d be asked too many questions. This is the perfect place for the two of them to be seen at. He asks if she’s merely taken him there to rub Johnny’s nose in seeing her with another man. But they are happy to be together and laugh. Dante finds his mom, Steven, Carly and Todd, at the party and informs them that he got a call that Connie is out making trouble and has kidnapped Johnny.

At the parking garage, Kristina again asks Connie what is in her trunk. She tells her luggage and demands they don’t ask her more questions. But Kristina and Trey both know there is a live human being in her trunk and demand she opens her trunk.

While at Patrick’s, Emma expressed to Sabrina that she is not keen on the idea of her daddy spending New year’s Eve at a party with Dr. Westbourne. She asks if Dr. Westbourne will be her new mommy and tells Sabrina she sure hopes not because she doesn’t like her. And she tells Sabrina if anyone were to be her new mommy, she’d want it to be Sabrina.

Dr. Westbourne wastes no time changing into her party dress and getting ready to leave the hospital to be with Patrick. But as soon as she gets ready to get on the elevator she runs into a little girl and her mom. In an attempt to be “gracious”, she hugs the girl and the girl throws up on Dr. Westbourne's party dress. She is furious.

When Todd finds out from Dante that Connie attacked his daughter, he panics and demands the cops do something about it. He gets on the phone to call Starr while she and Michael are on the elevator to the parking garage where Connie is attempting to evade Trey and Kristina’s questions about the “person” in her trunk. She drives off but they are not about to let her escape.

Ellie gets dressed and gets her hair done, ready to meet Spinelli after Maxie’s encouragement. Yet, Maxie is secretly discouraged to think that Spinelli may have moved on.

Max and Milo cannot understand why Spinelli is not more encouraged to have his romantic encounter with Ellie. Milo even remarks that he is envious of Spinelli’s popularity with women and would rather have what Spinelli has than being a male stripper.

When Maxie is alone in the apartment, she hears a noise outside the door and goes outside. And right then, she sees the mysterious dog at the door.

Starr and Michael run into Kristina and Trey who inform them that they ran into Connie and know she has kidnapped a human being in the trunk of her car. Right then, Starr concludes that’s got to be Johnny. She demands that the others go with her to prevent Connie from accomplishing her dastardly deed. She tells them she will do something about it with or without them.

After Emma informs Sabrina that she’d like her to be her mom, Sabrina admits that she is grateful to hear that but knows to talk appropriately to the girl about how nobody could ever take Emma’s mommy’s place.

When Maxie sees the puppy, she tries but fails to find out where he came from. She calls but cannot locate any person or place for the dog to go to. The dog then invites himself into the apartment and she accidentally falls over. She finds herself in pain as though she’s injured her foot. And she somehow knows it can’t be good.

At the party, Olivia keeps having the suspicious premonition about that very dog. Carly and Todd talk about whether he’s really over Blair and whether she’s really over Johnny. Lulu also wonders why her co-owner of her club is not there on this night and why nobody has seen or heard from him.

Connie is in motion driving hastily in the fog with Johnny in the trunk. She’s determined to “get them to their destination”. Michael drives behind her with Starr, Trey and Kristina in his car. They’re determined not to let Connie get away although they too can barely see anything in the fog.

Not far away, Ellie is standing alone after her car has broken down. She remarks that she can’t see anything and is trying and failing to get through on her cell phone. But she is ready to make it up to Spinelli and have the perfect evening that he wants to have with her.

On the roof, Milo teaches Spinelli some of his “moves” but tells him he has to depart so he has someone to kiss for New Years. And he leaves Spinelli alone with a bottle of Schnapps.

When Dr. Westbourne has changed back into her scrubs with no other clean clothes to wear, Maxie enters. Dr. Westbourne calls Patrick and tells him she’s running late but he must wait for her. He tells her they can “take a rain check”. She is clearly not happy with that and asks Maxie what she wants. Maxie tells her she fell and is in pain. She’s worried about the baby.

Patrick returns home and is happy to be alone to have popcorn, watch television and talk to Sabrina alone after Emma is in bed.

At the club, they ring in the New Year and all the couples kiss.

Spinelli notices the fog is lifting. It’s midnight, but Ellie is not there with him.

Unknown to him, Ellie is trying and failing to meet him or get through to him while stranded on the road without transportation and unable to call him.

Maxie concludes she does not want to spend New Year’s at the hospital. As soon as Dr. Westbourne returns, she tells her she’s sorry to have bothered her. She will get out of her hair and let her spend New Year’s at a party. She just has to get home to a dog that needs to be thrown out of her apartment. But Dr. Westbourne tells her before they depart, she needs to talk to Maxie about her “condition”. She’s very sorry. Maxie has had a miscarriage.

Spinelli is alone on the roof.

Ellie seems to have gotten a signal on her phone and is distracted walking on the road, but the two cars fail to stop in time and Connie hits her. Michael’s car follows and collides as we see the 4 people appearing as though they have been injured and unconscious in the car accident.

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