GH Update Friday 12/28/12

General Hospital Update Friday 12/28/12


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

At the gym, replay of Sonny's telling Kristina that she isn't going with Trey. Trey steps up and tells Sonny that he is a man, Kristina is a woman and while they are there as a courtesy to Sonny, he can't tell her what to do. Alexis tries to step in to calm things down and Trey tells her that she gets no say either. Trey tells Sonny that he can't tell him and Kristina what they are going to do with their lives. Sonny disagrees.

In a garage, Lucy is leading the way as someone carries arms full of packages, telling them to be careful with her things. The packages are dropped to reveal Tracy carrying Lucy's packages and she picks them up for Lucy. AJ comes around the corner, amused by what he sees, telling Tracy there may be a job for her at ELQ as a porter. Tracy accuses AJ of not being there by coincidence. AJ agrees and admits that he's following her.

At the hospital, Sabrina carries a tray to be taken for dishes to be washed. Patrick comes around the corner and asks that while he knows it's short notice, does she have any plans for New Year's Eve?

At Manning Enterprises, Todd comes off of the elevator, on the phone, leaving Connie a voicemail, wanting to know what she did with Johnny.

At the Haunted Star, a replay of Connie and Starr struggling then Starr getting past Connie to open the door to see Johnny on the floor. Starr runs to Johnny and turns around to Connie, asking what is going on.

Todd walks into his office to find Sam trying to break into his wall safe. He comments that some things never change. Todd tells her that he changed the combination from the last time she tried to break into his safe. She asks if he wants an apology. He says that he wants to know why she would try that again as he picks up the phone and calls security. He tells security that someone tried to break into his safe and she is still there. He tells Sam that she can run now but security will likely meet her. She asks if it looks like she's running. Todd says no and asks what she is looking for in his safe.

Lucy asks AJ if he saw the last group of dresses she tried on and he tells her they were gorgeous on her. Tracy accuses AJ of sucking up. AJ says he heard Tracy offering to go shopping with Lucy and wondered if Tracy would try to pressure her for her 1%. Tracy says that she isn't pressured, women love to shop. She asks Lucy to back her up. Lucy tells him that Tracy offered to buy a few odds and ends for her. AJ asks if he should hand ELQ over to Tracy because he can't afford to buy her vote. Tracy tells AJ they were buying shoes. Lucy adds that they bought handbags, dresses, a new winter coat and some boots. AJ tells her that he's sure they looked great on her as she is a stunning woman but he wonders if she is smart, too. He asks if she's buying Tracy's act.

Sabrina asks him if he wants to know what she is doing New Year's Eve. Patrick says if she doesn't have any plans, he'd like her to spend it with him. She says yes and then Patrick asks what she is saying yes to as her fantasy ends. He said he asked if she was available on New Year's Eve and wondered if she could babysit Emma. She says she can babysit for him. Britt joins them and Patrick tells Britt that they are all set, that Sabrina will babysit Emma. Britt says that's perfect and they'll all have a good New Year's Eve: her with Patrick and Sabrina with Emma.

Kristina tells Sonny that he can't tell her what to do. Alexis tries to stand up for Kristina and Sonny asks if she had lost her mind, then reminds her of what Trey did to Kristina and to their family. Michael tells Sonny that if Kristina wants to forgive Trey and give him another chance, that's her call. Kristina asked what happened to the guy who was nice to Trey at Christmas and when he tried to help get Connie committed. Sonny says that didn't work out and Kristina says that it wasn't Trey's fault. Sonny tells her that he lost Kate and Jason and he isn't going to lose her, too. Kristina asks if that's what this is about: does he think he's losing her?

Starr tries to untie Johnny but Connie stops her. Starr tells Connie that keeping Johnny tied up like that is a crime. She then asks Johnny if it has something to do with him trying to tell her about why he had to marry Connie. He flashes back to his conversation with Connie when he told her that she needed to stop with the threats before he tossed her out of the window, telling her that he was confessing to three deaths so what is one more. In present time Starr guesses that Connie is blackmailing Johnny, that's why he married her. Connie asks Johnny if they should tell her the truth.

Todd asks Sam if she doesn't have a kid to look after. Sam tells him that Molly is watching Daniel and asks if he remembers her, the girl he let Connie steal a book from. Todd denies that he stole her book and tells her that if he did, he wouldn't keep the evidence in his safe. Carly walks in with two security guards and asks Todd about a report of a robbery attempt. He said that Sam tried to break into his safe and he wants her arrested.

Carly asks if it's true. Sam says she is trying to retrieve the book he stole from Molly and is allowing to be published with Connie's name. Carly asks Todd if anything was taken. When he says no, she dismisses the security guards and says she will take care of it. She asks Todd if there is any chance what Sam is saying is true. Todd offers to open the safe to prove that there is no manuscript in it. Carly asks about the accusation about Connie. Todd tells her how Starr and Molly brought a manuscript by, it disappears, Connie decides to write a book at the same time and that he never read the book, there's no other copy to prove it's Molly's book and he then asks who is going to call McBain, him or Carly. Carly asks Todd what is the matter with him. She tells Todd that Sam just lost Jason and just got her son back and Todd wants to throw Sam in jail, costing her another night with her son on New Year's Eve. Sam says that Todd had no trouble keeping her from her son for the first six months of his life so what's another night.

Connie tells Starr that Johnny is tied up because he likes kinky games with her. She says she made Johnny marry her if he wanted to continue the games. Starr asks if he really married Connie because he's into bondage.

Sonny tells Kristina that he is her father and it's his job to tell her if she's making a mistake. Kristina says that he doesn't want her to go because he'll miss her. She assures him that they can Skype, text and she'll come home for holidays. Alexis tells Sonny that they can't make Kristina live her life to make them happy. She suggests he think of it like she's going away to college. Sonny tells Alexis that there's no comparison. Trey hasn't even indicated that he will give her what she wants and needs. Alexis tells Sonny that he's not giving Trey enough credit. Sonny concedes that he sees where Trey is coming from but Kristina has two families in Port Charles. Kristina tells Sonny that she's going whether he likes it or not. She tells him again that she will come home for holidays but if he pulls any strings to make her stay, he will lose her for good.

Patrick is glad that Sabrina will babysit Emma but he's surprised that she doesn't have plans and accuses the guys in town of being blind. Sabrina says she doesn't want to spend New Year's Eve with the wrong person. She says that she can use the time when Emma's asleep to work on the Nurses' Ball. Patrick says it sounds like it's right on track. Britt says that Lucy was dramatic the way she came in and announced that the Nurses' Ball is happening, but too bad it's not. Patrick asks what she means by that. Britt tells him that Lucy is broke and can't make anything happen.

Lucy tells AJ that her vote can't be bought for the price of a new wardrobe. She says she needs to consider her decision carefully because she does want to uphold Edward's standards. AJ asks what it will take to win her support. Lucy says she does have one thing in mind. Tracy asks what it is.

Britt tells Patrick that the Sun reports that Lucy's cosmetic company is little more than a pyramid scheme. Patrick tells her that the Sun is a tabloid and Todd would print anything to sell papers. Britt says she looked further into it and sees that the SEC is going after Lucy personally as well. She blames Sabrina for getting hopes up and not doing her homework. Patrick tells Britt that it's not Sabrina's fault that Lucy misrepresented herself. Sabrina confesses that Lucy didn't misrepresent herself, she was very honest about her situation. Britt tells her that she and Felix were very confident that the meeting was a success. Patrick tells Britt that was more Felix than Sabrina. She said that when Lucy came in and told her everything was a go, she didn't see the need to tell them about the first meeting because she thought everything was ok.

Lucy tells Tracy and AJ that she is having problems with the SEC in regards to her cosmetics company. She tells them that she would look favorably on anyone who could help her with her troubles. Tracy tells Lucy that ELQ can't be involved with her problems. AJ tells Lucy that Tracy has problems of her own with the SEC. AJ tells Lucy that with him at the helm of ELQ, the SEC problems that Tracy is having go away and then he could help Lucy and her cosmetics company with their problems as well.

Todd tells Sam that she had a tough year but he needs to find someone else to take it out on. Sam accuses Todd of taking her baby and giving him to Tea. Carly tells her that it's already been established that Heather took her baby. Sam accuses Carly of being stupid or selfish and that she's believing Todd because Todd flirts with her. Todd tells Sam that the only reason she's not on her way to jail is because of Carly. Sam tells Todd that Carly only stopped him from calling the police because it's what Jason would want her to do. She tells Carly that Todd is a kidnapper and is not her friend. Carly tells Sam that maybe Heather lied to Todd like she did everyone else. After all, Heather hates her and faked a paternity test so that she and Jason would believe that Franco was Danny's father. Sam says that yes, Heather is evil but so is Todd. Carly defends Todd, telling Sam that Heather lied to him, too, that he didn't know that Heather had switched the babies. Sam tells her that she can't believe that Carly is defending the man who kept Jason's son from him. Carly continues to proclaim Todd's innocence. Sam tells Carly to forget about Jason, Todd is her new best friend.

Sonny calls Kristina on trying to write him off like she did when he wouldn't participate in Mob Princess. Kristina says he's right, she shouldn't issue ultimatums but Mob Princess was part her idea, too, because she was upset with Sonny and Alexis. She says that she's grown up a lot since then and wants to figure her life out. Sonny suggests she go back to school like Michael did. Kristina promises to when she figures out what she wants to study and tells him that she wants to go to Los Angeles with Trey. She tells him how she can find a great arts and fashion program in Los Angeles. Sonny suggests she go to New York City for that. Kristina says maybe she'll end up there but it has to be in her own time. She asks again for Sonny's blessing to go to Los Angeles. Sonny looks at his phone and Kristina asks who he's calling. He says he's looking at his calendar and asks Alexis how the tenth is. He wants to give them time to settle in and then for he and Alexis to visit Kristina and Trey on the tenth in Los Angeles. Sonny makes her promise to come home if she's not happy and she agrees.

Starr tells Connie that she knows Connie has something on Johnny because he told her so. Connie tells her that she threatened to post their sex videos on the internet but they made up. She orders Starr to leave. Starr leaves and she hears Johnny's muffled cries as she starts to make a call in the hallway. Connie grabs Starr, drags her back into the room and shoves her in. Starr hits her head on a table and falls to the floor, unconscious. Connie tells Johnny that what happened to Starr was his fault. He tells her to help Starr, to call 911. Connie tells him that she's thinking. Johnny says that Starr is hurt and needs help just as Starr's phone starts to ring. Michael is calling her.

Michael hangs up and tells Sonny that the call went straight to voicemail so Starr must still be talking to Johnny. Sonny wonders what she is talking to Johnny about. Michael only says that she had some stuff to straighten up with Johnny and that he's going to go meet her there. As he heads out, Kristina invites him to celebrate with her and Trey and Trey thanks him for his support. Michael tells Trey to treat Kristina right. Trey promises to. Michael tells Sonny that he's glad they got to talk earlier. He wishes Sonny a Happy New Year and he leaves. Alexis mentions that she forgot it was New Year's and Kristina wishes Alexis a Happy New Year as Sonny guides Trey aside for a talk. He tells Trey to look out for Kristina. He promises to. He says that he thought about Sonny saying that Trey has nothing to stay for. They discuss that he would if Kate was around. Trey wonders if telling Connie he is leaving would make a difference to Connie.

Johnny calls out to Starr and gets no reply. Connie tells Johnny that they had the perfect relationship, they needed each other to stay free, but now she has the two of them to take care of. Then she says maybe she doesn't.

Patrick asks Sabrina if Lucy has written a check yet. Sabrina says she hasn't, but she's sure that Lucy has the best of intentions. Britt tells Sabrina and Patrick that even if Lucy comes through with a check, they couldn't accept it because it's a scam at worst and dirty money at best. Patrick isn't concerned about dirty money as he mentions that shady characters have donated money to the hospital in the past and the hospital is fine. Sabrina says that she and Lucy have a meeting to discuss preliminaries and then notices that Lucy is late.

Tracy reminds Lucy that AJ shot Alan in the back and that Alan gave her the 1% of ELQ she owns. Lucy reminds Tracy that it was a payoff. Lucy then realizes that AJ will be new to heading ELQ, so it will take time for him to catch up and she considers maybe he can't help her like he suggests he can. She then tells Tracy that her own SEC problems are bad enough, she doesn't need to worry about Tracy's too. Tracy tells her that there is no SEC investigation...AJ adds "Yet". Lucy tells them that she is late for a meeting and has to go. Both Tracy and AJ offer to drive he there, but Lucy says she'll take a cab and asks Tracy to take her packages home. She then tells them that they have made excellent progress: She has a new wardrobe. She leaves for her meeting.

Carly tells Sam that she is bending over backwards for Sam because of Jason. She mentions the breaking and entering and asks if Sam is trying to go to jail for the night. Sam says she just wants Todd to admit what he did. Carly says there's no reasoning with her. Todd says that there's no reason for Sam to start the year in jail. Carly encourages Sam to go home to her son. Sam wants to know why she believes Todd. Carly tells her because Todd looked at her and promised he didn't do it. He swore on his daughter's life. Sam says that she understands that and that there's nothing worse than swearing a lie on a child's life, that she thinks it would cause a person to go to hell. Sam promises to get to the bottom of what Todd did with Molly's book. Carly tells her to give it a rest. Sam tells Carly that it isn't her fault that Johnny made a fool of her. She said she's just trying to tell Carly that she's smart and should trust her instincts, that shouldn't let Todd make a fool of her because Jason wouldn't want that. She leaves Todd and Carly alone. Todd laughs off Sam making accusations. Carly asks if he's going to make a fool of her, too.

Connie comes off of an elevator with a huge container and Lucy happens by. Lucy recognizes her as Kate Howard but Connie denies that she's Kate. Lucy tells her how much she liked Crimson when Kate ran it but not so much now. She tells Connie she looks like Kate and Connie says she gets that a lot. They part ways as Lucy gets into the elevator and Connie says to the container that Johnny isn't making it easy for her.

Tracy tells AJ that she needs to get the wardrobe home but AJ accuses her of going straight to Lucy. Tracy turns to leave and bumps into Connie who tells her to watch it, she has valuable cargo.

At the gym, Alexis is on the phone advising Molly regarding Daniel. As she hangs up, she tells Sonny at least Molly still needs her. Sonny can't believe how much Daniel looks like Jason and Alexis can't believe all that has happened this year. Alexis and Sonny discuss Kristina's moving away with Trey and Sonny tells her how it wasn't his idea, but Alexis ok'd it first. She believes that Trey will take care of Kristina, but she wishes it wasn't so far away. Sonny tells her how she still has Molly, Sam and Daniel. Alexis asks about how things are going with Michael. Sonny tells her how Michael learned something about AJ and opened his eyes but wants to give AJ a second chance. Alexis asks Sonny to not worry about it. Sonny is certain that AJ wants Sonny out of Michael's life but vows to not let that happen.

Michael arrives at Johnny's office at the Haunted Star and finds Starr unconscious on the floor. He rushes to her side, calling out to her.

Connie gets Johnny into the trunk of her car and goes to get into the car. She runs into Trey and Kristina.

As she works at the nurses' station, Sabrina watches the elevators. Patrick approaches her and asks if there is any word from Lucy but Sabrina says no. Patrick tells her how busy Lucy is as a CEO and maybe she's stuck in traffic. Britt joins them and tells Sabrina her shift is over and she can go home before she babysits. Sabrina tells her she wants to wait for Lucy but Britt tries to convince her that Lucy isn't coming, despite her good intentions. They are interrupted by Lucy's arrival as she comes off the elevator with apologizes for being late. Lucy says that she has a lot of ideas but Sabrina stops her and tells her they can't do anything without backing. She tells Lucy that she knows that Lucy doesn't have the money to underwrite the ball. Lucy said she never told her she had the money as it is tied up with the government.  Sabrina tells Patrick and Britt that she guesses that's that. Lucy said that they are going to have the money as ELQ will underwrite the ball. AJ & Tracy step off the elevator as Lucy tells Sabrina, Patrick and Britt that either AJ or Tracy will write the check.

Carly tells Todd to forget it. She says she's not going to let Sam make her doubt Todd. Todd tells her they've been over it, she knows he's a despicable person. Carly says there's different levels of despicable. Todd tells how he's let anyone close to him down and that while he tries to do the right thing, he doesn't always know what the right thing is. Carly tells him that she knows that whenever she calls, he comes and he listens, that he accepts her and she accepts him. She says that's how she defines friendship. Todd tells Carly he hopes he never disappoints her. Carly and Todd agree that the year is almost over and they don't want to dwell on the past. Todd asks her out for New Year's.

Sonny and Alexis wonder where Connie is. Sonny tells Alexis that they are there together and it was supposed to be him and Kate but instead Connie is celebrating the new year with Johnny.

Connie tells Trey and Kristina not to sneak up on anyone like that. Trey asks to speak with her as he has something to tell her. Connie tells him to make it fast as she has New Year's plans with Johnny.

In the office, Michael brings Starr around. Starr tells him that Connie did this when she tried to call the police. She then tells Michael that Connie has Johnny.

Connie asks Trey if what he has to say can wait until next week as she's in a hurry. He says he won't be there next week and asks for five minutes as he has never asked for anything from her before. Connie agrees to five minutes. Kristina walks off, leaving them alone, waiting at the back of the car. Trey tells Connie about his leaving Port Charles for good due to a job. Kristina hears thumping in the trunk and jumps away, asking what the thumping was.

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