GH Update Thursday 12/27/12

General Hospital Update Thursday 12/27/12


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

Michael and Starr wake together in his bed. Michael asks Starr if she slept ok and she told him she slept for about 20 minutes. He asks her if she knows what the best part about waiting to have sex is. She guesses that it's making up for lost time. They kiss.

On the rooftop of General Hospital, Ellie is attempting to light a cigarette when Spinelli arrives. He asks why she has the cigarette when she doesn't smoke.  She says that she doesn't know what to do with herself since they broke up. Spinelli reminds her that they didn't break up, she dumped him and he doesn't know why.

Dante and Lulu give Maxie a New Years gift at Maxie's place. Maxie tells them that they don't have to keep giving her gifts, especially when she hasn't gotten them anything. Dante reminds her that she is giving them the biggest gift of all: their baby.

At Kelly's, Trey tells Kristina that he had a great time on Christmas Eve. Kristina reminds him that they were at Sonny's place and Connie interrupted the evening. Trey tells her that her Christmas gift more than made up for it as she agreed to go to Los Angeles with him. Kristina worries about breaking the news to her parents as Alexis arrives and asks her what news.

At the Haunted Star, Connie is on the phone to Sonny, asking if they are still on for the photo shoot. Sonny tells her he's at the gym waiting for her. She tells him that she will be there shortly after she ties up a few loose ends. She hangs up and looks over at a bound and gagged Johnny.

Ellie is surprised that Spinelli doesn't understand why she dumped him. She reminds him that he invited her to Sonny's and didn't show up to be there with her. She is upset over being by herself at the house of a "notorious gangster". Spinelli tells Ellie about the gentleman that Sonny is. She then mentions Max and Milo and how they made her uncomfortable all night. She then tells him how upset she was over his vague and dismissive text messages. Spinelli can't believe she dumped him over his missing the party and texts that she didn't like. She tells him that he knows very well why she dumped him. He tells her that if she dumped him over Maxie, she made a mistake.

Maxie opens her gift and finds that it's a pregnancy bible. She offers them a drink but Lulu gets up to go get Maxie something. Maxie and Dante look at the book and Maxie is glad that it's easy to understand. Lulu brings Maxie a glass of milk, telling her it is good for the baby. Maxie mentions that she promised Steve she would increase her calcium intake. Dante and Lulu ask why she was at the hospital on Christmas Eve anyway if she didn't know she was pregnant.

Alexis joins Kristina and Trey as Kristina mentions that she would rather wait for Sonny and tell both of them together. Alexis tells her that Sonny is busy with the photo shoot and won't be there, so Kristina could just tell her. Kristina starts by telling her that Trey has a job in Los Angeles as a P.A. on a movie and he's hoping that it will become a permanent job. Alexis is relieved to hear that but then Kristina tells Alexis that she is going with Trey.

At the gym, Shawn helps Sonny with his boxing gloves and can't believe that Sonny agreed to a photo shoot with Connie. Sonny tells him that it's not his style but he'll do what he has to do. Shawn hopes that Sonny knows what he's doing. Sonny reminds him of the steps that didn't work and tells him that he's going to try flirting and charm to get through to Connie to help get to Kate.

Connie tells Johnny how she thinks Sonny has a crush on her and how she's going to put Sonny on the cover of her magazine. Johnny struggles to get free and Connie ungags him to give him a drink. Johnny shouts out for help. Connie tells him that they are on a boat and no one can hear him shouting.

Michael and Starr snuggle in his bed as they agree on how wonderful it is to be together. Starr wants to stay in bed but Michael reminds her that it's New Year's Eve and they haven't made plans yet. She is surprised that he wants to go out. She tells him that she was supposed to perform at the Haunted Star but it isn't happening since what happened with Johnny. Starr flashes back to her conversation with Johnny before his disappearance. Michael is wondering if Starr is thinking about Johnny while she's in bed with him and asks if he should be jealous. Starr assures him that he doesn't. She tells him about her conversation with Johnny, how she thinks that maybe he didn't marry Connie of his own free will and how she thinks he was confessing something to her. She says she could tell how distraught he was by what he'd done.

Johnny asks Connie what she's doing and if she's crazy, then tells her not to answer that. She tells him that she can't have him confessing to what he did. Johnny thinks that confessing would make her happy since she's been threatening to expose him the whole time. Connie tells him that if he confesses, he'll go to prison, she'll be committed and Kate will be integrated. She tells him if she thinks he's going to let that happen, he's the crazy one. He asks why she didn't just kill him. She tells him how she has a conscious. She starts to taunt him over feeling guilty for what he did. She tells him how hot he is, tied up and tormented by guilt as she touches his face. Johnny bites her. She tells him that she won't take advantage of him in his condition because no means no and she's been raped before. Johnny asks what she's going to do with him if she's not going to kill him.

Starr tells Michael that she should go and talk to Johnny. Michael offers to go with her but she says it isn't a good idea. She thinks Johnny won't talk to her if Michael is with her. He agrees and says he should go see his dad. Starr asks which one. Michael tells her that both think that he spent Christmas with the other and that he hasn't spoken to either of them since before Christmas Eve. Starr and Michael both say that they aren't in any rush to go anywhere and they kiss again.

Trey tells Alexis that it was his idea to ask Kristina to go with him and while he is thrilled she said yes, if she changes her mind, he will support her decision. Alexis asks Kristina to consider if she is making a mistake. She tells her that her feelings for Trey could change and then what? Kristina asks what she wants Kristina to do. Alexis says that it's not about control, it's about getting her to consider ramifications. Kristina tells her that she knows Alexis is trying to protect her, that she has her best interests at heart and she appreciates it, but she has to find herself and doing it on her own is the best way to do that.

Spinelli tells Ellie that she's reaching a conclusion based on false assumptions, something she would never do in the lab. She reminds him that in the lab, results are predictable and this isn't. She tells him this hurts her. She asks him if she's expected to believe that his being with Maxie was in no way romantic. He assures her it wasn't, it was all about her fears over the baby. Ellie tells him that Maxie wasn't even sure she's pregnant yet. She asks why Maxie didn't call Felicia, Mac, Dante or Lulu. Spinelli tells her that Maxie didn't want to worry them and ruin their holiday. Ellie tells him that Maxie ruined hers instead. Spinelli again tells her how terrified Maxie was over the baby. Ellie says that nothing was wrong: Maxie is pregnant and everything is wonderful. Spinelli asks what her point is, then.

Maxie tells Dante and Lulu about the cramps she was having. Lulu asks why she didn't say anything if this happened while they were there. Maxie tells her that they happened after they left. She tells them how she started to get stressed over the whole thing and started to have a panic attack, so she called Spinelli and they watched a movie together until she got cramps and he took her to the hospital. Lulu is upset that Maxie had gotten upset and didn't call her and Dante instead of Spinelli. Maxie tells her that they were at Sonny's and she didn't want to ruin their Christmas Eve. Lulu asks if Maxie didn't think that she should have told the baby's parents about something that could have affected the baby. She says that Maxie assured her that she could do this and asks what Maxie and Spinelli were doing before the cramps came. Maxie tells her that she wasn't doing anything. She says that she has devoted her life to not moving to protect Lulu's baby. Dante steps in and tells them both to stop fighting.

Ellie tells Spinelli that Maxie will always come first do Spinelli. She considers that Maxie created drama to get Spinelli to come to her as she made a point of calling him and no one else. Spinelli assures her that Maxie's distress and the physical complications were real. He tells her that he knows that Maxie has feelings for him but he chose Ellie. Ellie wonders if he regrets choosing her. Spinelli assures her that he doesn't and asks her to un-breakup with him so he can spend New Year's Eve showing her how much she means to him.

Alexis tells Kristina that she hopes that Kristina isn't making a mistake and hates that she's moving 3000 miles away. She concedes and gives her blessing to Kristina going with Trey. Kristina is surprised that Alexis is letting her go. Alexis says she has no choice. She says she doesn't want to let her go but she knows she has to. Kristina and Trey thank her and tell her how much it means to them. Alexis tells Trey she's trusting him to take care of Kristina and hopes he can get his life back together. He promises her that he will do both. Alexis then reminds them that they have one problem: they still have to tell Sonny.

Shawn and Sonny spar in the ring and Shawn comments that he has some of his spirit back. Sonny tells him how he hasn't been in the ring since AJ tricked him. Shawn figures that Starr had to have told Michael the truth about Sonny's beat down on AJ by now. Sonny says that even if she did, it wasn't enough since Michael spent the holiday with AJ. Michael walks in and tells him he's wrong.

Johnny tells Connie that she can't keep him there forever. She hints that maybe she could. Johnny promises that he isn't going to go to the police. He tells her how he does everything he can to stay out of prison and confessing will just put him there. Connie tells him that she's more worried he'll go to Starr or Carly to tell them and ease his guilt. She doesn't believe him and tells him she has to go to the photo shoot. She gags him again and leaves the room as Johnny yells at her through the gag. Connie locks up the office as Starr arrives and asks what she's doing. Connie asks Starr what she wants. Starr tells her that she's looking for Johnny. Connie says that Johnny is away on business. When Starr reminds her that Johnny has a party at the Haunted Star that night, Connie tells her that Lulu is handling it while Johnny is away. Inside the office, Johnny hears the conversation and starts to struggle. Connie and Starr agree that Starr hates Connie. Connie encourages Starr to move on with her life and to do it with Michael. Starr says that she will not allow Connie to enjoy anything since she killed Cole and Hope and that she will see to it that Connie is punished for it. The two continue to argue as Johnny knocks over what appears to be CDs in his office. Starr hears the crash and asks Connie what the noise is. They hear more items fall and Connie looks in the direction of the crash.

Shawn leaves Sonny and Michael to speak privately. Michael assures Sonny that he didn't spend Christmas with AJ, he spent it with Starr. Sonny hopes that Michael is going to abandon AJ but Michael says he's not going to. Michael tells Sonny how AJ admitted to what he'd done. Sonny tries to convince Michael that AJ only sees Michael as a prize to be won against Sonny and Carly. Michael says that AJ never got the chance to get to know him and he wants to give AJ the chance. He says he is willing to try to forgive AJ. Sonny hopes that AJ justifies Michael's faith in him. Michael didn't want Sonny to think he was staying away from him and apologizes if he did. Sonny apologizes in return saying that while AJ deserved what he got, Michael didn't deserve it. He asks Michael for a second chance like he's giving AJ and Michael agrees.

Alexis tells Kristina and Trey how bad their timing with Sonny is since he lost Kate and now thinks he's going to lose Michael, too. She says now they want to tell Sonny that Kristina is moving away. Trey confesses that he is concerned with what Sonny's reaction will be. Kristina asks Alexis to tell Sonny and she tells him that is so not going to happen. Kristina asks when she should tell Sonny.  Alexis tells her that now is the best time since he will be too distracted with the photo shoot to yell at her. Kristina agrees and Trey says that he is going with her, he's not letting her do it alone. Alexis is impressed with his sense of responsibility and gallantry but says it's a little stupid. Kristina asks Alexis for one more favor: will she go with them to tell Sonny.

Ellie tells Spinelli that she had told him how she'd been hurt in the past and that he promised he wouldn't hurt her. She believes he meant it at the time, but she's hurt. She tells him that is why she doesn't do relationships: too confusing and messy. Spinelli tells her that she underestimates herself. Ellie tells him that she is not the only one who needs to be honest with herself. She tells him that he needs to admit his feelings for Maxie because she isn't convinced that Spinelli is 100% happy he chose her over Maxie.

Dante tells Lulu and Maxie that none of this is good for any of them, especially the baby. He reminds Lulu that the doctor told them that cramping could occur and it was a good thing because that meant that they are pregnant. Lulu apologizes for flipping out on Maxie, she's just having a hard time believing that she's having a baby because she isn't the one having it. Maxie asks Lulu if she's sorry that she asked her to carry the baby. She tells them that while she has given them plenty of reason to worry, this is not one of those times. She tells them that nothing bad has happened and yet they seem very worried that she is carrying their baby. Both Dante and Lulu assure her that they are not worried that she is carrying their baby and that they trust her. Maxie questions Lulu's trust in her, saying that she isn't acting like she trusts Maxie.

Spinelli starts to plead his case when Ellie stops him and tells him she needs time to think. She says that she needs to know that he didn't make a mistake. He needs to be sure and then be honest as it will affect three lives. He suggests they take a day to consider feelings since his actions may have spoken of uncertainty. He then says that he has a proposition.  He wants them to re-enact the end of "An Affair to Remember", saying that after they consider things, if they decide that they want to continue their relationship, they will meet on the roof of the hospital at midnight. He asks if they have a deal.

Michael tells Sonny that he wishes he could help with all he's going through. He then explains that AJ will never change how he feels about Sonny but he'd like to get to know AJ and have a relationship with him. Sonny tells Michael that since he didn't get to wish him a Merry Christmas, he wishes him a Happy New Year. Michael wishes him the same. They are interrupted by the arrival of Alexis, Kristina and Trey. Alexis tells Sonny that Kristina has something to tell him. Michael offers to leave but Kristina asks him to stay, telling him that he should hear this, too. She tells Sonny that she and Trey are moving to Los Angeles. Michael doesn't believe it. Kristina tells Michael that she thinks it's a great opportunity for her to forget what has happened this year and to start over with Trey. Michael asks what they are going to do in Los Angeles.  Trey tells him that he got a job as a P.A. and assures him that it's not a scam. He says that he cares a lot about Kristina and that he's grateful she said yes. Kristina also reassures Michael that it's right. Michael says that if she's happy, he's happy for her. She tells him that means a lot to her and asks Sonny what he thinks.

Connie tells Starr that she didn't hear anything. Starr can't believe it. Connie tries to dismiss Starr but is unsuccessful. They hear another crash and Starr asks if Connie didn't hear that either. Connie tells Starr that Johnny is a packrat and that some files probably fell. They hear another crash as Johnny falls over in his chair. Starr asks what Connie is hiding. Connie tells Starr that she would get out of there if she were her. Starr says fortunately she is not Connie and says she's going in. She starts to go in as Connie tries to stop her.

Lulu reassures Maxie that she does trust her. Dante does likewise and tells Maxie that they wouldn't have gone ahead with her if they didn't. Dante suggests that they look at the pregnancy book to see what to expect. Dante thinks the baby looks like a semicolon and Maxie thinks it looks like a garbanzo bean. Lulu says she can't wait to name the baby. They joke about naming the baby Garbanzo Bean Spencer-Falconeri and calling him "Bean" for short.

Ellie agrees that they should take a day and if they want to continue with the relationship, they will meet on the roof at midnight on the condition that Spinelli carefully considers what he truly wants. Spinelli agrees and looks forward to seeing Ellie at midnight. Ellie says "or not" and leaves Spinelli on the roof alone.

Kristina asks Sonny to say something. Sonny asks if she is following Trey to California...then tells her that she will over his dead body.

Connie and Starr continue to fight as Starr tries to get into the office. Connie asks why she wants to see what's in there so badly. Starr tells her because whatever it is, Connie is trying to hide it and she wants to use it against Connie to get her locked up for the rest of her life. Starr is able to get past Connie and opens the door to see Johnny, bound and gagged and on the floor of his office.

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