GH Update Wednesday 12/26/12

General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/26/12


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Olivia is working at the Metro Court restaurant when Steven enters wearing his doctors’ scrubs, indicating that he still has to work but hopefully the two of them will be able to spend Christmas together. She sees a “vision” of Spinelli rushing Maxie into the hospital and urgently asking for “help”. She hasn’t a clue as to why she sees that.

Maxie is at hers’ and Ellie’s apartment in her pajamas acting as though everything is ok and wishing Ellie an enjoyable Christmas Eve with Spinelli while Ellie gets dressed and ready to meet him. Dante and Lulu enter. Maxie appears happy to see them. They are all positive about Maxie having their baby.

Spinelli is at the church noticing a text message that Maxie sent to him telling him something is urgent with which she needs his help. He feels compelled to let Ellie know that it takes precedence over them being together. Max and Milo enter to see him alone and distracted while texting. He finds himself in an awkward state as they ask about meeting his new girlfriend.

Kristina enters to be with Trey and tells him she could not let him spend Christmas Eve alone. Besides, she likes being with him. He asks her if she likes being with him enough to move with him to L.A. She doesn’t answer that.

Alexis and Shawn go to Sonny’s home and she tells Sonny she appreciates him inviting guests instead of sitting home alone. He expresses that last Christmas he was ready to marry Kate. And now he has to compete with AJ for whom Michael wants to spend Christmas with.

Michael opens his door to see his mom. Carly asks her son if she can come in.

Connie enters Todd’s office and asks him why he’s so jumpy and discontented. If his only “issue” is Johnny, he need not worry. She has taken care of Johnny, but Todd is not ok.

Carly brings Michael an envelope with his voting proxy for ELQ shares. She tells him she knows he’s been through a lot in the last few years. She believes he has a great future and urges that he not let AJ ruin that for him. Knowing that her son may not agree about AJ, she encourages him to go and visit his little sister Jocelyn. Michael then hugs his mom and wishes her a Merry Christmas. Starr enters. Carly tells her she was just leaving and wishes them both Merry Christmas. Alone with Michael, Starr instantly knows that her boyfriend will have a dilemma as to whether to spend Christmas with AJ or Sonny.

Alexis and Shawn encourage Sonny to call Michael and invite him to his home. He is not certain wither to do that.

AJ talks to Monica and to Tracy about whether to contact his son. Although Monica encourages her son, Tracy tells her nephew it’s just a matter of time before he goes back to prison.

Kristina and Trey go to visit Sonny. He is happy to see his daughter and her “husband”. He admits to Trey that he does not care for his father but does not harbor ill feelings toward him and knows that he cares for Sonny’s daughter.

Todd asks Connie just what she has done to “subdue” Johnny. He asks her to please not tell him that she killed Johnny.

Steven and Olivia go to the hospital and she keeps seeing Spinelli carrying Maxie and rushing into the hospital declaring that they are having an emergency. Olivia panics and is very worried.  Steven tells her he knows she is merely “imagining” things and there’s no need to worry.

In the “here and now”, Lulu and Dante want to stay with Maxie telling her she should not be alone Christmas Eve.  She panics about their preventing her from doing what she wants to do. And she encourages them not to worry, go out and enjoy their evening and tells them she won’t be alone. Mac will be there soon. As soon as she’s alone, she immediately calls Spinelli and tells him that they expect her to be pregnant and she is not and she does not know how to tell them that she’s afraid to go through with this. Olivia calls her. She knows she better sound positive and encouraging about having Olivia’s grandbaby, but she is clearly not. Olivia is then happy and no longer worried when she gets off the phone. Steven tells her she has to get out of there, go to Sonny’s party and enjoy her Christmas.

At Sonny’s, Alexis finds Kristina and Trey and asks her daughter why she didn’t bring Molly and TJ. They both reflect how Molly’s novel has been stolen and re-written by Connie Falconeri.

Connie avoids Todd’s question about what she did to Johnny. Carly enters and demands to know where Johnny is, knowing Connie knows and is up to no good. Todd follows her out the door and asks her what is going on. She tells him it’s a little suspicious that she has not seen or heard from Johnny and asks Todd if Connie has indicated anything to him about that. He confirms to her that he agrees that Connie is somehow hiding Johnny and is up to no good.

Starr and Michael discuss his “two dads” and she reflects that she’s having enough trouble with having only one dad. She informs Michael that a few days ago, Johnny came over to tell her something that he apparently felt was urgent. Before Johnny could say anything, she suddenly got a call from Todd that forced her to prevent finishing her conversation with Johnny. She later found out that Todd faked a heart attack. And strangely enough, she has not seen or heard from Johnny since. Michael also remembers he has not seen or heard from Johnny and finds it very odd that Johnny has suddenly disappeared. She then concludes that she thinks what he needs to do with AJ is similar to what she needs to do with Todd. She tells him it’s ok to give AJ a chance, but not if it comes at his expense.

At the Quartermaine house, Monica informs Tracy and AJ that she thinks she’s finally found a way to boot Tracy from having control of the ELQ shares. And it involves Lucy Coe. Hearing that, Tracy asks why she’d say that. Nobody has heard from “that gold digging no good tramp who slept her way into this family” for years.  Monica reveals that she has heard that Lucy is not far away and they may see her soon. Alice the maid then informs them she knows that someone broke into the house, last night. Tracy tells them she knows that even if Lucy has 1 share, she doesn’t have voting rights. AJ knows that if there’s a “deadlock” she could, and that could benefit him in giving him the rights to the shares he needs. Lucy enters wearing a seductive Santa suit and mini skirt and asks if someone mentioned her name.

When Todd and Carly are alone in his office, he asks her what is going on. Why isn’t she ready to go somewhere for Christmas and why does she appear bummed out? She then answers that Jocelyn is in Australia with Jax. Morgan is in Paris with a friends’ family. She saw Michael before coming there and can clearly tell her son is putting up a big wall between them because of AJ. She asks Todd what is up with him, informing him that she just saw Starr. She asks if his daughter is spending Christmas Eve with him.

Starr tells Michael she could not help but overhear the conversation he was having with his mom regarding when he was in prison. She heard Carly tell her son that something terrible happened to him that could have destroyed him. Starr asks Michael just what specifically that would be. He turns away not wanting to tell his girlfriend exactly what happened. She then tells him it’s ok. He need not talk about it. It’s Christmas Eve.  He tells her that he knows they have agreed that there will be no secrets. He then admits that when he was in prison, he was very young and not really able to defend himself. And he was raped.

Ellie goes to the party and sees Spinelli’s text message where he tells her he will be late.

Spinelli goes to see Maxie not wanting to leave her alone although she encourages him to have fun and be with Ellie.  She starts having what appear to be serious cramps and indicates she cannot be alone.

Sonny announces to his guests that Dante and Lulu will soon make him a grandpa. He also misses Jason, hopes Michael will attend soon and is hopeful that Kate will come back to him soon. Connie enters revealing that she is still Connie.

When Lucy makes herself at home and it appears she’s not invited, “strangely” we notice that Tracy and AJ both appear friendly and encourage her to stay. Observing that, Monica tells Lucy she needs to know that they could care less about her. They are only interested in her 1% share of ELQ.

Michael reveals to Starr that he was raped while in prison. Abby was there for him and helped him heal. Starr reflects that after losing Abby, he must have been so alone. He tells her he did, until he met Starr. She tells him she’s so glad he told her. And it does not change how she feels about him.

Carly wants to know what Todd did to make Starr so mad she won't spend Christmas Eve with him. She admits that she’s in the same boat, spending Christmas alone without her kids. She asks Todd what he’s doing at his office if he’s not working. He replies he does not want to go home. She admits she does not either. And they conclude maybe they should spend Christmas Eve together.

When Connie crashes Sonny’s party, he asks her why she’s not with her husband. She tells him she needs to find out if she can use something of his for her magazine’s cover shoot. Sonny tells her he knows she’s there because she has nowhere to go.

At the hospital, right before his eyes, Steven sees Olivia’s vision come true when Spinelli urgently rushes Maxie into the hospital and tells the doctors they need help right now. And he calls Olivia to tell her he won’t be able to make it to the party for that reason. She is spooked when Dante and Lulu notice her and ask her if she’s ok. They also notice that Ellie is not “ok” and ask where Spinelli is. She tells them he keeps texting that he will be there shortly. Lulu encourages her to know that Spinelli would never stand her up. Olivia then gathers her son and daughter in law and tells them they need to get to the hospital for Maxie

Tracy and AJ “go to battle”, each trying to convince Lucy that she cannot trust the other that that she should do business with them. Tracy offers her a job. Michael offers her what he tells her is a better deal. She can instantly see what they are both doing and tells them if they want her 1% ELQ share, they will have to do “much better than that”.

Starr tells Michael if he remembers her telling her she can decide where they go for Christmas, she is choosing for the two of them to stay right there.

Carly and Todd are happily spending time together while he impresses her by “being crafty” putting Christmas tree lights on their office plant and encourages her to show them that he’s “met his match”.

Michael and Starr spend the evening together in bed.

Carly and Todd are enjoying each other’s company putting up Christmas decorations at his office.

AJ separates himself from his mom, aunt and Lucy and goes to privately call and leave a message for Michael. Sonny does the same, while Michael is in dispose, ignoring both his dads’ calls, and sleeping with Starr.

Ellie finds herself alone at Sonny’s party, tired of waiting for Spinelli, and gets up to leave. As soon as she walks out the door, however, he comes rushing in and apologizes, urging her to know he made every effort to get there as soon as possible. She angrily tells him she knows the reason he was late was Maxie. She will always be more important to him. So, Ellie tells him, she is hereby relieved of all responsibility and obligation for her. She is breaking up with him.

At the hospital, right after Spinelli has left, Maxie, Lulu, Dante, Olivia and Steven all rejoice when they find out that Maxie is pregnant with Dante and Lulu’s baby.

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