GH Update Friday 12/21/12

General Hospital Update Friday 12/21/12


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

At her penthouse, Sam shows Daniel the tree and explains the significance of the dragon and the phoenix. Her story is interrupted by the doorbell. She tells Daniel that maybe that's their Christmas miracle.

At the hospital, in the elevator, Sabrina and Felix discuss the difficulties Lucy Coe is having with her cosmetics company, denying her from being able to underwrite the Nurses' Ball. As they step off the elevator, Sabrina tells Felix that Lucy was her last hope and she doesn't know what she's going to tell Patrick. Sabrina and Felix see Patrick and Britt talking about their movie night. Patrick sees them and goes to them, followed by Britt to ask how things went. Sabrina starts to tell the what happened. Britt guesses that they had no luck. Felix steps in and says that their trip was a success.

Lucy arrives at the Quartermaine mansion. She hands Alice her coat and walks in, saying she's there to see the lady of the house.

At the hospital, Monica approaches Elizabeth to talk to her. Elizabeth asks if she did something wrong. Monica tells her on the contrary. She wants to thank her for what she did for AJ.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael apologizes to AJ for not being able to vote his shares for AJ. Michael and AJ discuss trying to convince Carly to vote AJ's way but Michael is not hopeful, especially after AJ set Sonny up. Michael again makes AJ promise that he is done with setting up Sonny and AJ again promises. He says that Tracy is another story though.

Sam answers her door, praying that it's Jason coming home. She answers the door to find Tracy there in a Santa hat and bearing gifts. Sam is not pleased.

At Manning Enterprises, Starr giving Todd CPR and then getting angry with him is replayed. Starr insists on knowing why he faked a heart attack.

At Kelly's, Carly is on the phone, leaving a voicemail for Todd. She tells him via his message about Johnny calling her to talk to her. She was hoping that Todd was available to talk her out of seeing Johnny but he isn't so she says she's on her own, then hangs up. She tries to figure out what to do on her own.

Replay of Connie knocking Johnny unconscious. She apologizes to him and says that if he hadn't decided to confess to Carly, she wouldn't have had to do it. Now she has to do what she doesn't want to do: she has to kill him.

Alice asks Lucy who she is. Lucy explains to her that she is Lucy Coe, Alan's ex, owner of CoeCoe cosmetics. Alice has never heard of her or her cosmetics company. Lucy tries to push her products on Alice and offers Alice a makeover while they wait for Monica. Alice kicks Lucy and her products out of the house.

Patrick asks Sabrina if Lucy is going to help. She doesn't answer but Patrick thanks Sabrina and hugs her.

Elizabeth asks what she did for AJ. Monica is thanking her for patching AJ up after Sonny beat him. Elizabeth insists she was just doing her job. Monica says that Elizabeth could have pawned AJ off on any other nurse and Elizabeth says she almost did but realizes she's not in a position to judge anyone. Monica then apologizes to Elizabeth for how she's treated her. Elizabeth tells Monica that she, Monica and AJ are all people who are hurting so they will just have to try to do better even if one of them does backslide a little.

Michael tries to convince AJ to try to work with Tracy. AJ says that's what he wants to do but it's Tracy who is refusing to work with him. He doesn't want Tracy out of ELQ, he just wants Tracy to let him in. He says they have to act fast. He shows Michael that if Carly can be convinced to vote for him, he and Tracy will be tied, leaving 18% unspoken for. He says they need to win Sam over, too.

Tracy gives Daniel a toy bear and hints to Sam that there's a sports car waiting for her. Sam is suspicious as Tracy has never given her a gift before. Tracy says its for Sam giving her a grandnephew. Sam guesses that she is there to get Daniel's and Jason's shares voting for her. Tracy asks who she hates more, her or AJ? Tracy starts to list AJ's crimes and stresses how AJ nearly killed Jason. Sam says it was a long time ago. Tracy tells her that AJ hasn't changed and that AJ will destroy ELQ. Sam tells her that Daniel will be fine without ELQ and Tracy asks if Michael will be fine without ELQ and when AJ is done with him.

Starr accuses Todd of faking the heart attack to stop her from hearing what Johnny had to say. Todd asks why he would do that and Starr tells him to tell her why.

Connie lies on the floor next to Johnny, apologizing to him for what she's done and what she still has to do. She tells him she has no choice because she can't risk him telling anyone what he had done. She gets up and grabs a letter opener and prepares to stab Johnny when they are interrupted by a knock at the door. It's Carly, wanting to speak with Johnny.

Britt is surprised that Lucy is going to be able to underwrite the ball. She knows about Lucy's difficulties and tells everyone that Lucy is too broke to do so.

Lucy feels around the door of the Quartermaine mansion. She finds it, lets herself in and keeps the key.

Monica tells Elizabeth that people think she doesn't know AJ. She sais he does, she knows him, flaws and all. She says she's happy for what Elizabeth had done for her and that Elizabeth could be a good influence on AJ.

AJ explains to Michael how important Sam voting Jason's and Daniel's shares for him are. He says that he needs Michael's help to talk to Sam. AJ and Michael leave as Lucy sits back and watches them leave.

Tracy explains to Sam how important it is for her to vote Tracy's way and tells her that if Jason was around, he'd put a stop to AJ's works and his trying to get close to Michael.

Connie listens as Carly calls out to Johnny from outside the door, telling him that he called her and now there she is to hear what he has to say. Carly accuses Johnny of just seeing if she'd go to him. She starts to leave when Connie opens the door. She tells Carly it's a surprise to see her. Connie has moved Johnny under a table, out of sight.

Britt mentions how she'd heard that Lucy's company was in trouble. Sabrina tells them that Lucy told her that the news that she was in trouble was an exaggeration. Patrick says that they obviously chose the right person to go to for underwriting the ball and congratulates Sabrina. She excuses herself and steps aside with Felix. She asks him why he would say what he said. Felix explains how he wanted to stick it to Britt. Sabrina tells him that they can't tell lies about the situation and that they both know that Lucy can't help.

Lucy walks into the Quartermaine living room and sees the ELQ information on the table. She sees that Tracy is running ELQ and can't believe it. She wonders aloud why Monica lets Tracy live at the mansion, deciding that Tracy must be blackmailing Monica. Alice catches Lucy and attempts to throw her out again. Lucy tells Alice that she used to be the lady of the house. Monica walks in and tells her that she belongs in a house but not one for ladies.

Tracy hands Sam a proxy to sign, giving Tracy the ok to vote her shares. She tells Sam that Jason would approve of her letting Tracy vote her shares. They are interrupted by a knock at the door. Tracy tells Sam to sign the papers and answers the door for her. She answers the door to find AJ and Michael there.

Carly tells Connie that she's there to see Johnny. Connie asks her why. Carly tells her its none of her business. After Connie points out that she's Johnny's wife, Carly tells her that Johnny wants to tell her why he really married Connie. Connie invites Carly into the apartment. She offers to answer Carly's questions. Carly wants to hear it from Johnny. Connie insists and Carly tells her she can't wait to hear. Connie tells her that he reason he married her was because she gave him no choice.

Todd tells Starr that he thinks she broke a rib. Starr insists again that he tell her why he didn't want her to hear what Johnny had to say. She concludes that Johnny had something on Todd that he didn't want her to hear. She says that she knows about the baby switch and wants to know what could be worse than that. Todd asks what she and Johnny were talking about. She flashes back to her conversation with Johnny then tells Todd that its none of his business. She asks why he faked the heart attack. Todd tells her that if her conversation with Johnny is none of his business then his reasons for faking a heart attack is none of her business.

Carly asks Connie why she forced Johnny to marry her. Connie claims it's all about sex and how she gives him the best sex of his life. Carly tells her that she knows Connie is lying. Carly guesses that the marriage hasn't ever been consummated. Connie insists that it has been. Carly tells her that Johnny cringes every time she mentions Connie and appears sick. She wants to know where Johnny is. Connie says he left the building.

Elizabeth joins Sabrina and Felix and tells them that she's sorry that the trip was a bust. Felix denies it was while Sabrina confirms it and says that she needs to break the news to Patrick. Elizabeth is surprised she hadn't already. Felix tells her that may have loosely implied that the ball was assured of happening. Sabrina tells her that now she has to tell Patrick the truth.

Monica wants to know why Lucy is in her house. Alice asks who Lucy is and Monica confirms that Lucy is Alan's ex wife. Alice offers to get rid of Lucy but Monica says she can handle her. Alice leaves but lets Monica know that she's nearby if Monica needs her. Lucy tries to give Monica her cosmetic samples but Monica wants nothing to do with them and asks again why Lucy is there. Lucy says that she wanted to pay respects for Edward. Monica tells her that it's too late and that the will has been read. Lucy asks if she was mentioned and Monica tells her no. She says that Edward left his legacy to those who deserved it and maybe to a few who didn't.

AJ asks Tracy to let them in and she slams the door on them. Sam then tells her to let them in. Michael apologizes for their intrusion. Sam tells him that he's welcome anytime but she's not sure about AJ yet. She says that they're not the first uninvited guests of the day. AJ sees the proxy and Tracy encourages Sam to sign it while AJ implores her not to sign it. Tracy asks Sam if they have a deal. AJ asks for a chance to prove himself. Tracy and AJ continue to fight over both ELQ and Michael while Michael tries to calm them both down. Sam tells them to both shut up and as she doesn't want the fighting around her son. Michael apologizes and Sam tells him that she's not blaming him. Tracy and AJ ask for her decision and she says she has one.

Lucy tells Monica that she didn't come to Port Charles just hoping that Edward left her something in the will, she was truly upset over his passing. Monica points out that she skipped the memorial service. Lucy says that she didn't want to intrude and wasn't sure she'd be welcome. Lucy tells her that Alan would never treat her like Monica is treating her. Monica reminds Lucy that she skipped Alan's memorial, too. Lucy claims to have a lot of money and reminds Monica that she has one percent of ELQ. Monica escorts Lucy from her home.

Felix stops Sabrina, telling her that she can't tell Patrick, especially in front of Britt. Sabrina says she has to tell him the truth. Elizabeth agrees and tells her that she and Felix will be with her the entire time. She tells Sabrina that Patrick will understand. Britt tells Patrick that she had a wonderful time with him and that she hopes that they can do it again sometime. She also tells him that she's going to give him and Emma the space they need, especially considering that the holiday will be tough for them without Robin, but if he needs to talk, she hopes he will think of her. Sabrina, Elizabeth and Felix approach them. Britt chastises Sabrina for interrupting them. Elizabeth says that what Sabrina has to say is important. Patrick asks what she needs to say.

Carly doesn't believe that Johnny left after calling and asking her to come over. She asks where he is. Connie says he left with an overnight bag. Carly points out that his car is still in the garage. Connie suggests he took a cab to the airport. Carly tells her that maybe he took a hotel room to get away from her. Connie starts to throw Carly out when Johnny stirs and Carly hears him. She asks Connie what the sound is.

Sabrina and Felix tell Patrick that they need to talk to him about Lucy and the Nurses' Ball. Sabrina tells them that the meeting didn't go as well as they implied. Britt asks if it's about the financial thing. Before Sabrina could answer, Felix says that Lucy is there. They see Lucy coming down the stairs, waiving at them.

Alice gives Monica some coffee and notices that Lucy is gone. She asks if Lucy was really married to Alan. Monica says that she was briefly married to Alan but both she and Alan forgot about it and told Alice she could, too. Alice says that Lucy seems like trouble. Monica says she's harmless unless she meets a wealthy man she can seduce. Monica suggests that they keep an eye on Lucy after all because trouble does actually seem to follow her.

Sam tells Tracy and AJ that her decision is that they each get nine percent of ELQ and she tells them she doesn't care what they do with their nine percent but she doesn't want to hear the word "ELQ" ever again. AJ and Tracy tell her that it doesn't help because they are still tied. Sam suggests they find someone else to break the tie. Tracy believes there is no one else.

Lucy greets Felix and Sabrina then notices Elizabeth there, too. She tells Elizabeth she's gorgeous and asks if Elizabeth uses her cosmetics. Elizabeth says that she does. She then meets Patrick and she is impressed with him. Sabrina introduces Patrick and Lucy apologizes and then tells him how sorry she is about Robin. Lucy tells them that she's there to help with the Nurses' Ball.

Carly asks Connie what the sound was. Connie says she didn't hear anything. Carly said she heard something like a groan. Connie implies that Carly is losing it because she's hearing voices. Carly tells Connie that she would know. As Carly leaves, Connie promises to let Johnny know she stopped by. Carly tells her that she'll tell Johnny herself and promises that it's not over, then leaves.

Starr tells Todd that if he doesn't want to talk to her, she'll talk to Johnny and that it's not over before she storms out of his office. Todd calls Connie and tells her that Starr is on the way over to talk to Johnny. Connie tells him that Johnny's not in any condition to talk to anyone. Todd asks what she means and Connie says that Johnny isn't going to be a problem to them anymore as she picks up a sharp pair of scissors and hangs up the phone.

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