GH Update Thursday 12/20/12

General Hospital Update Thursday 12/20/12


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

In Michael's apartment, Starr looks at a photo of Cole and Hope, telling herself how it's supposed to get easier with time. She says she'll never stop missing them as there is a knock at the door. She answers the door to find Johnny there. He asks if Michael is home. She says he's not and asks why Johnny needs to talk to him. He says he doesn't. He needs to talk to Starr.

Carly walks into Kelly's and stares at the seats by the counter. She flashes back to her conversation with Johnny when he tells her he didn't tell her the real reason he married Connie. In present time, Sonny walks in and tells Carly she won't believe what AJ did this time.

At the Quartermaine mansion, AJ asks Michael if they have an idea for taking over ELQ and Michael says not yet. He then asks if AJ set up Sonny at the gym. AJ wants to know who told him that. Michael asks if AJ saw the text he sent Sonny telling him that he was on the way there and then goad Sonny into beating him up.

At GH, Maxie catches up to Spinelli and asks if he is there to see Ellie. Ellie watches as Spinelli tells Maxie that he's there to see her because its her big day, the day of the procedure. Mac arrives as well and tells her that they should get going. Spinelli tells her he has faith that it will all work out.

Dante and Lulu wait in a room as Maxie and Mac arrive and join them. Maxie says she got their message but wonders if they shouldn't meet in pre-op instead. Dante tells her that they have some time and Lulu says there's something they wanted to talk to her about first. Alexis arrives and apologizes for being late, then asks if she missed anything. Maxie says no but she apparently missed something and asks what is going on.

At her apartment, Connie comes downstairs and tells Todd that Johnny isn't there. Todd asks where he could be. Connie doesn't know. Connie says she's worried because Johnny has been doing a lot of drowning his guilt and wonders if he could be out baring his soul.

Back at Michael's apartment, Johnny asks Starr if he could come in and Starr lets him in. She tells him that she's acting strange. He stares at the photo of Starr, Cole and Hope on the table as Starr asks what his visit is about.

Connie tells Todd that Johnny told her that he was going to confess. She worries that he is at the PCPD and starts to rush out when Todd stops her. Todd tells her he has a guy at the PCPD and calls him to see if Johnny is there. Johnny hasn't been there. Todd gets him to promise to let him know if Johnny shows up there. Connie is relieved but says she knew Johnny wouldn't do it. She said he didn't have the nerve to confess.

Johnny continues to stare at the photo as Starr tells him she's really glad they had their talk the other day. She says she's still confused and wishes he married anyone except Connie after what she did to Cole and hope. Johnny says he wishes that was true. Starr says that Johnny married Connie because she has some leverage on him. Johnny says this is true but he never told her what it was. Starr tells Johnny that they agreed that Johnny didn't have to talk about it but Johnny says that they do. Starr asks what he is trying to tell her.

At the hospital, Spinelli sees Ellie and is relieved that she is ok. He has tried to call her but she hasn't returned any of his messages. Ellie says she's been very busy. They come across Olivia and Ellie tells her that they are the fertilized eggs and promises her that they are human, then leaves to make the delivery. Olivia thinks that Ellie is in a hurry to get away from her but Spinelli says she's in a hurry to get away from him.

Dante tells Maxie that they want her to sign something. Mac wants to know what they want her to sign. Alexis tells them its a standard agreement for the surrogacy. Maxie tells Lulu that they already discussed it and wants to know why she's getting all legal on her. Alexis assures her that no one is getting legal on her, but it's always better to have everything in writing. Maxie thinks that Lulu doesn't trust her.

Sonny tells Carly about what happened at the gym when he was boxing with AJ. He tells her how AJ set him up and Carly correctly guessed that Sonny beat AJ up for Michael to see. Carly asks how Michael reacted to seeing it. Sonny tells her not well.

Michael pushes AJ for answers about the boxing match. He accuses AJ of not being straight with him. He wants the truth from AJ. AJ flashes back to his conversation with Sonny. He then confesses to Michael that he did set Sonny up for Michael to see him beating AJ.

Maxie doesn't feel trusted. Lulu tells her that it's just a formality while Dante assures Maxie that it's for her protection as well as theirs. Maxie asks how. Dante tells her that if something happened to him and Lulu, she wouldn't be obligated to care for the child. Alexis suggests that Maxie thinks of it as a prenup: no one likes the romance killer that it is, but it is a safety net to protect everyone. Mac looks the agreement over and tells Maxie that it's pretty straightforward and that both Dante and Lulu signed it. Dante tells Maxie that they wouldn't have asked her to carry their child if they didn't have faith in her. Maxie signs the agreement.

Sonny doesn't regret beating up AJ but wished that he didn't play into AJ's hands. He tells Carly that Michael says he doesn't know Sonny anymore. Carly gets up and wants to go to AJ but Sonny stops her. He tells her what happened when he confronted AJ at the Quartermaine mansion. Carly says that AJ will never confess to what he did to Michael because he doesn't want to look bad to Michael. She thinks that he will lie to Michael to look good to him.

Michael is very angry with AJ. He tells AJ that Sonny and Carly warned him that AJ would pull something and they were right. AJ tells him that he has every right to be upset, but Michael says he's more embarrassed after he promised to give AJ a chance and work with him. Michael tells AJ he can't hurt him because he doesn't know AJ and he doesn't know if he ever wants to know him.

Todd tells Connie that he doesn't understand why she's so upset because Todd is the one who is in trouble if Johnny confesses. He tells her that he could lose his daughter because she won't speak to him again. He tells her that Johnny confessing would be good for her. Connie tells him that he's wrong and that if Johnny confesses, Todd isn't the only one who loses everything.

Starr asks Johnny if she was right about him killing Anthony. Johnny tells her that she was right. Johnny tells her that he's going to turn himself in but there is something he needs to tell her first. Starr asks why. She says they already had that discussion and that Anthony was a horrible person. She blames Anthony for pushing Johnny to killing him. She isn't sorry he's dead and she thinks that a lot of people probably agree. Johnny stops her and says he's not there for her to make him feel better. There's something he wants her to know and he wants her to hear it from him and not someone else. Starr tells him he's about to turn himself in for murder and wants to know what is more important. Johnny tells her that the rest of the story is.

Connie tells Todd that if Johnny confesses, she loses her leverage and Johnny could have her committed. She tells him that if Sonny finds out, he'll be there all of the time, trying to get Kate back. She is worried that if Kate figures out that she didn't kill Cole and Hope, Kate could come back permanently and get integrated, so Connie would be gone. Todd comments that they are both in deep, but Connie says that she's in deeper. Todd says that Johnny almost confessed to both Carly and Starr. He's worried that Johnny may want to finish what he started.

Starr asks Johnny what he means by the rest of the story. She asks if he killed someone else. He says that he can't tell her how much he regrets it.

Alexis tells Mac that she hopes he isn't upset that she drew up the agreement. Mac tells her that it was the right thing to do for everyone. Alexis observes that he's not thinking about "everyone" right now. Mac asks her what if Maxie wakes up one morning five months along and regrets the decision. Alexis tells him that its going to be a rough four months for her but she doesn't think that will happen. Mac asks why she thinks that. Alexis tells him what a remarkable woman Maxie has become and how beautiful a thing she's doing for Dante and Lulu. She tells him to be proud of her and he says that he is. Alexis guesses that he is still worried about Maxie. Mac tells her that Maxie never ceases to surprise him.

Lulu is excited over the procedure happening and she kisses Dante. Dante sees his mother and tells her to not do the furrowed brow thing. Olivia tells them that she is only thinking happy thoughts. An orderly brings Maxie through as Mac joins them. Mac asks Maxie how she's doing. She says she's doing pretty good and asks where Spinelli is.

Spinelli catches up with Ellie at Kelly's. She asks if he is following her and he says she is. He asks what she is doing and she says she's getting lunch. Spinelli reminds her that they have lunch together on Wednesdays. He asks why she didn't come to get him and why she keeps running from him. She tells him that it's because she'd rather not have lunch with someone who would rather "partake" with someone else.

AJ tells Michael they need to talk. Michael asks what they need to talk about. AJ tells him that he knows that things aren't black and white. AJ asks for a chance to explain. He says that once he explains, if Michael still wants to go, he won't stop him. It won't hurt for him just to hear AJ out. Michael gives him five minutes to explain.

Sonny says that Michael is determined to give AJ a shot. He says that they should let him. Carly is surprised by the suggestion. Sonny says that forcing Michael to do what they want him to do will just alienate him. Carly asks what they are supposed to do. Sonny says that they let AJ screw things up like he always does. Carly fills in that Michael will get to see AJ crash and burn. They are interrupted by Carly's cell phone. Todd is on the phone wanting to know what's up. Todd wants to know if she's with Johnny. She gives him an emphatic "no". Todd tells Carly that he was just worried about her since Johnny was bothering her. Carly tells him thank you but she's fine. She hangs up and Sonny asks what that was about. Carly says she has no idea.

Connie tells Todd that she told him that Johnny didn't go to Carly. Todd says he gets that but he wants to make sure he's not with Starr and he calls her number next.

Starr asks Johnny if he's serious about killing someone else and asks who. Her phone rings and she sees its Todd. She tells him she'll just be a minute as she answers her phone. Todd asks her if she's busy. Starr tells him that Johnny is there and they are in the middle of something. Todd says that she needs to stop and go to him now. She asks why. Todd starts to fake a heart attack and tells her that he's having a heart attack.

Spinelli asks Ellie if she means Maxie. He tells her that there's nothing going on with Maxie. Ellie accuses him of telling her that he was happy when she professed her love to him. She tells him she heard him tell Maxie it was a dream come true then tell her that he would love to scream that he loves her and chooses her. Ellie asks him if he denies it and he says he doesn't. Ellie says she couldn't take anymore so she left. He tells her he's sorry. She wants to know if he's sorry for what he said or for her hearing him say it. He says he's sorry that she didn't hear the rest. She wants to know what rest.

Olivia tells Maxie that Spinelli ran after Ellie. She starts to reassure Maxie that the eggs are human but Dante stops her. She just says that they're going to get started. Lulu asks Maxie if she's ok. Maxie says she is and that Spinelli got to wish her luck earlier. Mac brings the phone to Maxie and Maxie talks to Felicia. The orderly tells her that they really do need to get going. Maxie tells Felicia that its time to go get pregnant. Mac takes the phone and promises to let Felicia know when they are done. Dante and Lulu promise Maxie that they will be with her the whole time. The orderly tells Maxie and Lulu that its time for them to suit up. Mac and Olivia say goodbye to Maxie, Lulu and Dante and prepare to wait. Olivia sees a copy of Dog Fancy with a wolf on it and tosses it aside.

AJ tells Michael that he could have lied and denied everything but that's not the man he wants to be. Michael asks if he wants to be the man who set up Sonny and AJ says no and he apologizes for falling back into old patterns because he was scared of losing Michael. He says he knows that he doesn't "have" Michael and that they have a long way to go to building their relationship but what he did wasn't some evil plan. He tells Michael that he went to Sonny to ask for a truce and to tell Sonny that there's room for them both in Michael's life and that he extended his hand to Sonny. He said he saw an opportunity to show Michael what Sonny really was and took it.

Carly is worried that AJ has gotten smarter than they are giving him credit for. Sonny says that Michael is a smart kid and will figure things out. Carly doesn't understand how Sonny is so calm. She knows that Michael is angry with her but AJ isn't trying to take her place. Sonny says he has faith in Michael. Carly tells Sonny how Michael is his son and credits Sonny for the man Michael is. Sonny gives some credit to Jason, too. Carly agrees. Sonny tells her that he has to go because today is the day of Maxie's procedure and that if they're lucky, Dante is becoming a father. Carly asks Sonny to give Dante and Lulu her best. Sonny reassures her that the "real" AJ can't hide forever and he leaves.

Todd tells Starr to go to his office. She offers to call 911 and he tells her no, he did that and asks if she will come. She says she will be there in a minute. As they hang up, Connie asks if Starr bought his act. Todd says that Starr doesn't know about Johnny. Connie asks how he knows. He says because Starr answered the phone and didn't sound destroyed. Todd says that this isn't working and they need to stop Johnny permanently. Connie reminds him that he needs to get to his office. He leaves and Connie tries to figure out what to do.

Johnny asks Starr if everything is ok. She apologizes and runs out, saying that she has a huge emergency. She says that whatever he has to say can wait. After she's gone, he says no it can't and heads out of the apartment.

AJ tells Michael how much it tortured him that Sonny and Carly raised him and taught him that AJ was the devil. Michael says that he hasn't proven them wrong. AJ tells Michael that he has done terrible things but so has Sonny. Michael says he knows Sonny's flaws. AJ reminds him that he was raised to love and respect Sonny and hate him. He tells him that he only heard one side of the story. He says that he provoked Sonny so Michael could see the side AJ knows. He says that Sonny could have ignored him or walked way but he beat AJ up. AJ says that Sonny could have killed him. He explains to Michael that he never could fight back against Sonny before and that provoking Sonny into beating him was a stupid attempt at doing so now. He hopes that he hasn't blown his chance with Michael because of it.

Spinelli tells Ellie that at one time, he would have done anything to win Maxie's love but that was before he met Ellie. He tells her that he sees a future with Ellie and if she'd listened longer, she would have heard him tell Maxie that. Ellie asks if he's over Maxie. Spinelli flashes back to his telling Maxie that if he wasn't with Ellie, he'd be with her. In present time, he tells Ellie that he chose Ellie and that he wants to be with her. He tells her that he wanted to ask her something over lunch but he wants to ask her now. He asks her to spend Christmas Eve with him. She agrees to and says she wants to spend Christmas with him, New Years and Valentine's Day, too. Spinelli tells her how happy he made her. She says he makes her happy, too. The two kiss.

Sonny arrives and asks where everyone is. Olivia tells him that they all went to start the procedure. Sonny is upset that he wasn't there to show support. Olivia assures him that they know he supports them. She asks if that's all that's bothering him. Sonny tells her he's in the doghouse with Michael. Olivia is upset over use of the word "doghouse" and storms off. Mac tells Sonny not to ask.

Johnny returns home and calls out to Connie. He is relieved when she doesn't answer. He fixes a drink, commenting how he's glad he's doing it today or it won't get done. Connie peeks around a corner, watching him.

Starr rushes off the elevator at Manning Enterprises, frantic over Todd as she runs to his office. A moment later, Todd runs off the elevator. He looks around and doesn't see Starr. He then hears her calling and drops to the floor, faking a heart attack as she runs out of his office to see him at the entry. She doesn't know how she missed him and tells him she's there for him.

Spinelli and Ellie are interrupted by beeping. Ellie tells him that it's the alarm on his watch. Ellie guesses that he wanted to be reminded of the time Maxie was having her procedure. He tells her she's right. Ellie asks if he wants to call her and he says no. He knows she's ok.

Lulu and Dante join Sonny and Olivia. They announce that everything went well and Maxie is resting. Sonny apologizes for not being there. Dante says the important thing is that he's there now. Olivia asks what's next. Dante says they just wait and they should know if Maxie is carrying a baby in a couple of days.

Michael tells AJ that he's right. He hates what AJ did but Sonny did attack him, provoked or not. Michael tells him how he has a temper, too, and how it is hard when the switch is flipped. He tries to explain to AJ that Sonny isn't a bully, he just had to fight for everything he has. AJ says he understands. Michael tells him that he is tired of being jerked around. AJ asks how he can make things up to him. Michael makes him promise no more set ups and no more trying to turn him against Sonny and Carly. He tells AJ that no matter what they've done, they gave him a good life. AJ agrees to his terms and says he just wants a chance with him. He tells AJ no more lies. AJ promises to try not to fall into old patterns but everyone lies, including him. He doesn't want to make a promise he may not be able to keep. Michael tells him that he's being fair. AJ promises to be a better man, one he can be proud of and he won't lie to Michael. He extends his hand to Michael who takes it. They then hug.

Carly runs into Alexis on her way to her table at Kelly's as Alexis is getting coffee. Alexis goes to her and asks if she's ok. Carly says other than AJ trying to steal Michael from her and Sonny, she's fine. Alexis tells Carly that Sonny told her about the AJ situation. Carly thinks that Alexis laughed at Carly about it but Alexis says she didn't. She reassures Carly that she and Sonny are Michael's parents and regardless of her personal feelings for Carly, Alexis thinks she's a good mother. Carly tells her that it a huge thing for someone who hates her to say. Alexis tells her that hate is a strong word but Carly doesn't believe her. Alexis suggests they don't ruin the moment and tells Carly to take care of herself, then leaves. Carly's phone rings and it's Johnny. He tells her that he needs to talk to her. He asks her to come over. She says that he can tell her over the phone. Johnny insists that it needs to be said in person.

Starr wants to know why the ambulance isn't there yet. She decides she needs to do something and starts CPR. Todd stops her when she tickles him. Starr is angry when she realizes he faked the heart attack. She makes him say he faked the heart attack. He confesses he did and Starr wants to know what his problem is.

Johnny tells Carly that they started a conversation about why he married Connie. He begs her to come over, telling her how important it is. Carly says she'll think about it. When he hangs up, Connie comes up behind him and smashes a bottle over his head, knocking him out.

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