GH Update Wednesday 12/19/12

General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/19/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Kelly's: Molly was impatiently waiting on Alexis to return and tell her whether she'd filed a lawsuit against Connie. TJ tried to get her to calm down. Alexis arrived, and she was not happy. She had gotten a copy of the manuscript from the publisher and she was horrified about the numerous sex scenes it contained. Alexis refused to file anything until Molly explained why she'd written something so explicit. Alexis was also wanted to know when Molly became so knowledgeable about sex. She glared at TJ, who swore that he didn't teach Molly anything. Molly thought Alexis was exaggerating. She insisted that she'd written a love story. The manuscript was filled with post it notes, which Alexis had used to mark all the gratuitous sex scenes. The title had also been changed from Love in Maine to Lust in Maine. Molly glanced at one of the marked spots and was shocked – she hadn't written it. Molly and TJ instantly realized that Connie had added to the book. Molly thought she could take out all the marked spots and reconstruct her book. Alexis apologized for jumping to conclusions about Molly. Alexis decided to go confront Connie. She thought Todd would help her get the rights to Molly's book. Molly and TJ told Alexis that they'd tried that already and Todd refused to help them. Alexis told them to have faith in her, then she left.

Michael's: When Michael got out of bed, Starr had a big breakfast waiting for him. Michael assured her that she didn't have to keep doing this; he was just happy to have her company. Michael wished he could stay and eat, but he had to go see AJ about ELQ. Starr had Michael sit down and she told him about the text and her theory that AJ goaded Sonny into beating him up. Michael thought Sonny would have had to see the text, too, but Starr explained that Sonny was already in the ring and AJ was near the phone when the text arrived. Michael didn't understand how this would make AJ the one in the wrong. Starr admitted that Sonny shouldn't have beat AJ up, but she felt that AJ had manipulated things. Starr told Michael that AJ had engineered a violent scene for Michael's benefit in order to validate all the things AJ had told Michael about Sonny. Starr felt that AJ was trying to drive a wedge between Micheal and Sonny. Michael pointed out that Starr didn't have any proof that AJ saw the text. Starr maintained that it was suspicious that AJ would go to the gym under the pretense of brokering peace, only to bait an experienced fighter once they entered the ring. Michael found it hard to believe that AJ had devised such a plan in a few seconds. He asked Starr if she was saying his biological father was a snake. Starr wasn't saying that. She just wanted Michael to see that his fathers were fighting over him. She was worried he'd get caught in the crossfire. Michael thought Starr was predisposed to see the worst in people because of her interactions with Todd. Starr admitted that her upbringing had lead her to believe desperate people did desperate things, but she urged Michael to think about things and acknowledge that AJ and Sonny weren't above doing sketchy things. Michael surmised that she was telling him not to trust AJ. He scoffed and told her she sounded like his father right now, then he asked if Sonny had put her up to this. Starr replied that she hadn't talked to Sonny. She added that Sonny had been busy talking to Connie when she went to the gym. Starr was adamant that she wasn't trying to influence Michael's decision and that she was sure both of his fathers had good points. Starr explained that she told Michael about the text because she didn't want him to be blindsided and because they had promised to be open and honest with each other. Michael was grateful, he was just tired of the feud. Michael apologized for going off on Starr. Starr told him it was okay and that he hadn't “gone off” on her; they just had a gentle disagreement. Michael still felt bad about being defensive. He opened up and told Starr that this was the anniversary of Abby's death. Starr asked why he hadn't said anything before. Michael hadn't wanted to dump that on Starr. Starr told Michael that he'd helped her through Cole and Hope's deaths and she wanted to be there for him, now. Michael shared that Abby had helped him through a very difficult time. Michael noted that Jason was gone, too. Michael hugged Starr and told her he was glad she was in his life.

Johnny's penthouse: Johnny's decision to confess to causing the accident was weighing heavily on him. Diane showed up, at Johnny's request. Diane reminded him that he had to be completely truthful with her, because she needed all the facts to represent him to the best of her ability. Johnny confessed to shooting out Anthony's tires and causing the accident that killed Starr's family. Johnny felt compelled to turn himself in. Diane was curious to hear what made Connie confess, but Johnny refused to elaborate beyond saying he and Connie made a deal. Diane told Johnny he was looking at felony murder for the death of Starr's family. Diane asked Johnny if he was the one who killed Anthony. Johnny was silent, and Diane realized that he had killed his grandfather, too. Diane knew that the cops would look at Johnny for Anthony's murder again after they found out about his earlier attempt to kill Anthony. Diane believed that she could use Anthony's abusive ways to mitigate Johnny's actions, but Cole and Hope's deaths were a different story. They died while Johnny was involved in a gang related crime, making it Murder one. She asked Johnny if he was sure he wanted to confess and risk spending the rest of his life in prison. Johnny couldn't take living in this nightmare anymore. He was tired of lying to everyone and being under Connie's thumb, and he thought that the only way out was to come clean. Diane was confident that his current situation was better than living in Pentonville. Johnny explained that he didn't want to go to prison, he just wanted Connie out of his life. Diane didn't see how Johnny planned to take away Connie's leverage without paying for what he'd done. Johnny reminded her that she'd gotten Jason acquitted of multiple murders. He thought there must be something she could do to get his sentence suspended or reduced. Diane considered using the tactic she'd used to get AJ off. She asked Johnny if he had information about a crime bigger than his own. Johnny told Diane that he had eyewitness proof that Todd conspired with Heather to switch the babies. Johnny stated that this meant Todd was guilty of kidnapping and possibly child endangerment. Diane announced that there was a problem – she represented Todd. Johnny thought Diane could take his money to put Todd behind bars and let Todd pay her to defend him at the same time. Diane replied that it was a conflict of interest. Diane thought she could help Johnny, but first she had to find a way to get past the conflict of interest. Johnny offered to pay Diane double if she cut Todd loose, but Diane told him the courts would frown on that. Diane asked Johnny to keep quiet while she figured out a strategy. Johnny couldn't do that; he wanted to confess to Carly and Starr before he went to the authorities. Diane argued that neither woman would take the news well. She told Johnny that she couldn't represent him if he wouldn't follow her directions. She pointed out that Johnny had kept the secret for months, so he should be able to stay quiet for a few more days. Johnny acted like he couldn't bear to hold the secret in for a few more days. Diane ordered him to stay quiet and let her do her job, unless he wanted to go to prison.

Manning Enterprises: A panic stricken Connie burst into Todd's office and told him they had a problem – Johnny was growing a conscience and the guilt of killing “those people” was starting to gnaw at him. Todd reminded her that “those people” were his granddaughter and Starr's boyfriend. Todd told Connie he'd caught Johnny in the process of confessing to Carly and had taken care of it. Connie wondered what Johnny saw in Carly. Todd made a sarcastic comment about not understanding why Johnny would want Carly when he had Connie. Connie took a shot at Todd by wondering why Carly was interested in Todd. Todd looked pleased to hear Connie thought Carly was interested in him. Connie told Todd that his attempt to keep Johnny quiet had failed and that he might be confessing right now. Todd was stunned when Connie revealed that Johnny had threatened to tell the truth last night. He wondered why he was just hearing about this now. Connie told him that Johnny had threatened to come clean in the past, but this time was different; Johnny had almost snapped and threatened to kill Connie with a paperweight. Connie was adamant that they had to come up with a plan. She stressed that she and Todd would be in trouble if Johnny confessed. Todd laughed and said he wouldn't be in trouble. He felt that Johnny was her problem. Connie argued that Johnny must have something on Todd too, since Todd hired her. Todd claimed he did it because of his contract with Connie, but Connie didn't buy it. She went over and sat in Todd's lap and suggested they call Johnny. Todd wrapped his arms around her and said they should call Johnny and tell him where Connie was sitting. Connie stated that she and Johnny had an open relationship. Todd wondered why Connie was afraid Johnny was going to sell her out. Connie went back to her own chair and tried to figure out what Johnny knew about Todd. Connie guessed Todd switched the babies and Johnny had proof. Connie taunted Todd by screeching that he switched the babies over and over again. Connie noticed Todd's reaction and realized she was right – he did switch the babies. Alexis walked in and heard Connie's declaration. Alexis asked Todd if he gave her daughter's baby to Tea. Todd said no and that there was no proof tying him to the switch. Alexis announced that she had enough evidence to pursue a civil case against him on Sam's behalf. Todd insisted that he'd treated Sam well and given her a job, but Alexis countered that Sam didn't see it that way. She also threatened to sue Todd if he published Molly's book under Connie's name. Connie pointed out that Alexis couldn't prove it was Molly's book. Alexis vowed to find proof. Alexis offered to settle things with Todd before things got messy. She strongly suggested she take his offer after what she just overheard. Alexis left and Todd told Connie she was pretty low to steal a book from a little kid. Connie felt that she'd made a smart move. She countered that she stole a book, but Todd stole a baby. Connie changed the subject and suggested that they go stop Johnny from confessing. Todd realized she was right and they left.

Quartermaine Mansion: AJ stared at the list he made that divvied up the ELQ votes between him and Tracy. His eyes focused on the undecided votes owned by Jason, Sam and Danny. AJ heard the door open and told Michael to come inside. Sonny and Shawn entered the room and told AJ it wasn't Michael. AJ demanded to know how they got in. Tracy had let them in. AJ angrily wondered if Sonny was going to have Shawn beat him up, just like Sonny had recently. Shawn showed AJ the text from Michael in which Michael had said he was on his way to gym the day AJ and Sonny sparred. Sonny accused AJ of setting him up. AJ insisted that he had no idea what Sonny was talking about. Sonny told AJ that AJ had been sitting on the bench next to the phone. Shawn recalled that AJ's demeanor had changed after he sat down; beforehand, he'd been reluctant to get into the ring and he'd been civil to Sonny. Sonny stated that AJ purposely said some things to make Sonny angry. AJ asked if he was supposed to be responsible for Sonny's lack of self control. Sonny thought that things had gone exactly as AJ planned when Michael walked in and saw Sonny beating him. AJ snidely asked if he was supposed to apologize for Sonny's lack of control or apologize for getting beat up for saying something Sonny didn't want to hear. Sonny felt that AJ had it coming, but Michael didn't deserve to see what he did. Sonny thought AJ was wrong to have purposely upset Michael. AJ argued that Michael was upset because of what Sonny did. Sonny told AJ that if he wanted to be a father, first he had to learn to be a man. Sonny stated that fathers protected their children; they didn't use them as weapons. Sonny was fine with AJ coming after him, but he ordered AJ not to hurt Michael as a way to hurt Sonny. AJ swore he'd never hurt Michael, but Sonny argued that he already had with this stunt. Sonny demanded that AJ admit that he goaded him into attacking him. “So what if I did?” AJ hissed. Sonny and Shawn noted that AJ's statement sounded like a confession. AJ maintained that the things he said in the ring needed to be said, but he insisted that Sonny take responsibility for his reaction. AJ was pleased at how predictably Sonny reacted to getting his buttons pushed. AJ thought that Michael had saw Sonny's true colors. Sonny asked how AJ expected Sonny to respond by AJ's vow to take Michael away. AJ went off on Sonny for blaming him for Sonny's reaction. AJ added that Sonny couldn't face him without Shawn. Sonny asked Shawn to leave. Sonny glared at AJ and told him it was just the two of them. AJ smirked and asked if Sonny was going to shoot him. Sonny replied that he wasn't sloppy enough to shoot AJ in a house full of witnesses. Sonny recalled that AJ had shot Alan in front of Emily and tried to kill the unarmed Jason in front of several people including Michael. Sonny knew Michael hadn't forgotten that. AJ turned the conversation back to what Sonny did in the boxing ring. Sonny admitted that he wasn't proud of that and he acknowledged that it had hurt Michael to see that. Sonny told AJ that Michael would find out who AJ really was. AJ replied that he wanted that to happen, and Sonny told him to be careful what he wished for. Sonny didn't think he needed to shoot AJ to get him away from Michael. He warned AJ that AJ was going to do that all by himself. Sonny felt that as Michael spent time with AJ, he'd realize he was a weasel. AJ countered that he'd came back to town and faced the charges, but Sonny argued that AJ let his mommy buy his freedom, like he always did. Sonny predicted that AJ was going to self destruct. AJ claimed that it wouldn't happen this time. Sonny resolved to sit back and wait while AJ ruined his own life. Sonny left. Sonny's predictions echoed in AJ's head. He glanced at the wet bar and the alcohol caught his eye; he contemplated taking a drink, then he thought better of it and poured a glass of water instead. Michael arrived and asked AJ if he'd set his dad up.

Kelly's: TJ intently read Connie's additions to the book. Molly gasped when she read one description. She was appalled that Connie would add something so explicit to her to her love story. TJ admitted that he liked the scenes Connie wrote. Molly lightly smacked TJ's arm and argued that Connie was a plagiarist, a liar and a cheat. TJ agreed that Connie was a horrible person, but he still thought she was good at writing sex scenes. Molly demanded that he tell her why he liked it. TJ showed her a line and asked her to read it. Molly read a line about a man slowing down to draw out the pleasure for himself and his partner. Molly didn't understand what it meant. TJ flashed a smile and offered to show her sometime. Shawn walked in and asked what was going on. TJ jumped and Molly quickly closed the book. Molly told her they were reading his book. Shawn wanted to take a peek, but Molly squealed “No!” She told him he couldn't see it because it was evidence. She and TJ stammered about Connie making changes and Alexis's plan to sue Connie and Todd. Alexis returned and she and Shawn shared a peck on the lips. Molly asked about her case. Alexis told her that Connie and Todd denied everything, but Alexis assured Molly that she would make them pay.

Johnny's: By the time Connie and Todd got to the penthouse, Johnny was gone.

Michael's: Starr looked at a picture of herself with Cole and Hope. She told them that things had gotten easier for her in a way, because she'd found other things to focus on, but she'd never stop missing them. She kissed their picture. Starr answered a knock at the door; it was Johnny.

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