GH Update Tuesday 12/18/12

General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/18/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita


CoeCoe Cosmetics: Lucy greeted Felix and Sabrina warmly, then thanked Felix for being a top seller. Felix was forced to admit he lied about that, and Lucy wondered why they were in her office then. Sabrina told Lucy they were from Port Charles. Lucy smiled about her fond memories of the city but said she had to leave it behind. Sabrina told her about her dream to revive the Nurses' Ball. Lucy wanted to attend, but Sabrina explained that they were soliciting donations. Lucy told them to consider the Ball paid for. Sabrina and Felix cut their celebration short when Lucy added that all they had to do was ask the Quartermaines. Sabrina told her that Tracy shot her down. Lucy then suggested going to Todd or Sonny. Sabrina told her why they wouldn't work. Lucy tried to think of other wealthy people. Felix asked Lucy what about her. Lucy would have loved to underwrite the ball but her money was tied up and she didn't have the time to dedicate to putting the ball together. Sabrina persevered and stressed that the ball was for an important cause and that it was even more important this year, due to Robin's death. Lucy had heard what happened and regretted not being able to attend the funeral. Lucy had been pleased back when she found out that Robin had a family of her own. Sabrina added that Patrick was committed to bringing back the Ball so that Robin's death would count for something. Sabrina thought Patrick might be able to help convince Lucy, so she called him, but he didn't answer. Lucy insisted that she didn't need to talk to Patrick because she remembered every word Robin said at the Ball. Lucy recalled the courageous way Robin told everyone at the Ball that she was HIV positive. Lucy believed that Robin had exemplified living gracefully with HIV. Sabrina didn't understand why Lucy would refuse to support such an important cause. Lucy reluctantly revealed that she was broke; the government accused her of running a pyramid scheme and froze her assets. The outraged Lucy told them that they were calling her the Bernie Madoff of Makeup. Felix was worried about what this meant for him; Lucy assured him she was going to straighten things out and he'd be able to keep earning money selling her cosmetics. Lucy told them she'd love to fund the ball, but she couldn't. Sabrina thanked her. Lucy begged them not to give up and promised to call them if her assets were unfrozen. Lucy thought the red velvet cupcake lipstick would be perfect for Sabrina. Felix shared that he used that very color when he was helping make Sabrina up for a date with the man of her dreams. After Sabrina and Felix left, Lucy remembered some of the old nurses' balls and wiped away tears, then she looked at Sabrina's number.

Hospital: Britt and Elizabeth had just finished extracting Lulu's eggs. Liz called Britt Dr. Westbourne, and Britt asked her to call her by her first name. Liz was taken aback when Britt suggested that the two of them go out for drinks to celebrate the successful procedure. Liz pointed out that they'd never socialized, but Britt reminded her that they had hung out a few times. Britt sighed that she had the night free since Patrick appeared to have blown her off. Liz couldn't, because she was going to watch her new “Christina Comes Home for Christmas” DVD with her kids. Britt didn't get that at all, because the movie was on TV every year, but Liz told her it was a tradition. Britt thought it must be nice to have children. She shared that she'd wanted to help Patrick and Emma decorate the tree tonight, but he didn't invite her. Liz snidely suggested that Patrick might have wanted to do something with Emma alone. Britt noted that Liz had been cold to her ever since Liz and Sabrina became joined at the hip. Britt asked Liz to be upfront and tell her how much Sabrina hated her and loved Patrick. Britt also believed that Sabrina's efforts to revive the Nurses' Ball was a veiled attempt to use Robin's memory to make a move on Patrick. Britt griped that Sabrina wouldn't shut up about Robin, because she thought Patrick's dead wife was the way to his heart. “Robin, Robin Robin!” Britt mocked. Liz got fed up and snarled that Sabrina would be better for Patrick than Britt could ever hope to be. Britt thought Liz must be kidding. She was adamant that “Little Sabrina” couldn't create an adult relationship by fantasizing about someone who wasn't even interested in her. Liz reminded Britt of her own immature action – making sure Sabrina saw the hotel keycard so she would know Britt and Patrick were hooking up. Britt smirked and said she wasn't ashamed of her private life, because she didn't have a reason to hide unlike some people. Liz called Britt out on attacking people's weaknesses. Liz told Britt that she used Sabrina's shyness and inexperience to make her feel smaller than she already did. Britt maintained that she couldn't control how Sabrina felt, but Liz snarled that Britt treated Sabrina like dirt then and pretended to be nice to her when Patrick was around. Liz informed her that she wasn't fooling anyone. Liz stated that both she (Liz) and Patrick could see right through her. Britt argued that Patrick enjoyed her more every day, and Liz shot back that he didn't call her tonight. Liz wondered if Britt even realized that Patrick might not have invited her over, because he was struggling with having lost the love of his life less than a year ago. Britt was silent. Liz knew that Sabrina had thought of that, even though Britt hadn't figured it out. Liz felt that Sabrina “got” Patrick and understood that he was grieving for his dead wife. Liz had known Patrick for a long time and she was confident that he'd rather be with someone genuine and honest like Sabrina than a spiteful backstabber like Britt.

Maxie wanted to see the embryos so, Spinelli took her down to the lab. Ellie patiently explained that the embryos were too small to see and Maxie couldn't go inside, because the area had to stay sterile. Maxie looked upset when Spinelli and Ellie smiled as they talked about Ellie combining Lulu's eggs and Dante's sperm. When Spinelli noted that Maxie could be tomorrow, Maxie ran off, leaving Spinelli and Ellie confused. Ellie hoped Maxie wasn't sick. Spinelli kissed Ellie goodbye and went to check on Maxie. Maxie told him she was upset because being at the lab reminded her of her last moments with Robin. The holidays were a time to be near family, but Maxie couldn't stop thinking about the family she lost. Spinelli wondered if Maxie was also thinking about her family to be – the baby. Maxie countered that the child wasn't going to be family, but Spinelli felt that it was close enough. Maxie confessed that she was uneasy about relinquishing control of her body for the next nine months. She admitted that she almost backed out of the procedure, but she hadn't because she didn't want to disappoint Dante and Lulu. Maxie resolved to pretend to be confident and excited and not to show that she was worried about Olivia's visions that the baby was going to be a dog. Maxie added that she wasn't really concerned about the dog; she was worried she was doing this for the wrong reasons. Spinelli asked what reason. “You,” Maxie replied. Maxie explained that Lulu and Felicia has asked her if she was doing this because of Spinelli's rejection. Maxie wondered if they were right and she had offered to be a surrogate because she wanted to forget that Spinelli didn't love her back. Spinelli asked if she was doing this because he chose Ellie over her. Maxie quickly said no. Maxie felt that being a surrogate was the most wonderful thing she could do for a friend, but she did wonder why she chose to become a surrogate right after Spinelli chose Ellie. Maxie confessed that she'd wanted to feel important after Spinelli didn't choose her. As Maxie said this, Ellie was approaching them. She overheard Maxie's words and hid around the corner to listen in. Maxie and Spinelli continued to talk, unaware that they were being watched. Maxie asked Spinelli if he rejected her because of Ellie or because he didn't want her. Maxie wondered if Spinelli realized she was shallow or if he wanted someone who understood his brilliance like Ellie or if he realized he never really loved Maxie. Spinelli admitted that he'd been overjoyed when Maxie declared her love for him and that he had wanted to scream that he loved her and tell her that he'd choose her over Ellie in an instant. Ellie looked crushed and left. Maxie asked why Spinelli didn't say that. Spinelli explained that he'd already decided that he couldn't spend one more day hoping Maxie would fall in love with him. Spinelli told Maxie that despite her grace, intelligence and incandescence he moved on and met Ellie. Spinelli thought he could have a future with Ellie. He assured Maxie that he still cared about her and he'd always love her. Spinelli admitted that he would be with Maxie now if he hadn't met Ellie. Maxie wiped away tears and acknowledged that he had met Ellie. Spinelli gently told Maxie she wasn't stupid or shallow and that she didn't have to be a surrogate to make herself important, because she already was. Spinelli asked Maxie if she was sure she wanted to go forward with the surrogacy. Maxie said instead of her first and last thoughts of the day being about Spinelli, she'd be thinking about the baby. She sounded confident in her decision as she announced that she did want to do this. Maxie left. Spinelli went back to Ellie and prepared to tell her something. Ellie told him she already knew. She said goodbye and ran off crying.

Drake Home: Patrick unwrapped the gift from Robin – a DVD titled “I'll always love you, Patrick” with a note that said to watch it alone. Patrick's eyes filled with tears as he watched it; Robin had made the video on Christmas 2011. Robin recalled crying when Patrick gave her the deed to the house with room for more children. She told Patrick that while she had told him they were tears of joy, they were actually tears of sadness. At the time the video had made, Robin hadn't yet told Patrick that her HIV had reemerged and none of the protocols were working. She had wanted their family to have one last perfect moment. Robin had created the video believing that the virus would kill her before Christmas 2012, and she hid it hoping that Patrick wouldn't find it until now. Robin hated the thought of not being with Patrick anymore. She was also worried that Patrick would deny himself the chance to be happy and turn bitter, which wouldn't be good for him or Emma. Robin knew her request would be hard, but she asked Patrick to honor their family by building a happy home with someone else for Emma's sake. Robin didn't want Patrick to be alone. She told him there was a smart, funny woman out there who would love him and love Emma as her own. Just after Robin urged Patrick to find a woman to complete the family, Sabrina called. Patrick was fixated on the video and didn't hear his phone vibrating. Robin explained that she wanted Emma to have a mother figure and Patrick needed a wife. Robin admitted that she had a few candidates in mind. She suggested Liz, but she told Patrick he was free to choose someone on his own. Patrick smiled when Robin jokingly threatened to haunt him if he picked wrong. Robin urged Patrick to get on with his life and made it clear that she would always love him. After the video ended, the distraught Patrick looked at his phone and saw the missed call from Sabrina. He called Britt.

Hospital: Just after Liz made her speech about Patrick's taste in women, Patrick called. Britt made it clear that Patrick was on the phone and shot Liz a smug look as she accepted Patrick's invitation to come by his house for drinks. After Britt left, Liz noticed that her copy of Christina Comes Home for Christmas wasn't in her bag where she left it. Later, Liz ran into the dejected Sabrina. Sabrina told her that things didn't go well and that there wasn't going to be a Nurses' Ball in 2013. Sabrina figured she had to bite the bullet and go break the news to Patrick. Liz gently told her Patrick had a guest tonight. Sabrina realized he was with Britt, which made her already bad day even worse.

Drake Home: Britt noted that the tree looked nice. Patrick apologized for not calling her about that. He explained that when she suggested that the three of them decorate the tree together, it reminded him of all the things he and Emma weren't going to get to do as a threesome. Britt claimed she assumed that was the reason. Patrick thanked her for understanding. Britt had brought eggnog and bourbon and the DVD – Christina Comes Home for Christmas for the two of them to watch with Emma. Patrick explained that Emma had been exhausted and was already asleep. Patrick was impressed that Britt had a copy of the movie. He loved it and had tried to by it online, but it was sold out. Britt insisted that he take “her” copy and watch it with Emma tomorrow. Patrick was too excited to wait, and Britt grinned when he suggested the two of them watch it tonight. Patrick shared that he was glad they slowed things down in the hotel. Britt blamed herself for not realizing he wasn't ready. Patrick had a wistful moment when he took Robin's DVD out of the player. Later they watched the movie and Patrick reached over and pulled Britt close and she snuggled into his chest.

Swiss Clinic: Anna and Duke were horrified to find Robert lying on the floor with a syringe in his chest. Anna removed the syringe. Robert groggily remembered finding Robin and struggling with Dr. Obrecht. He kept stammering “Find her” in an urgent tone. Anna assumed he was talking about Dr. Obrecht. Duke went to get help, while Anna tried to comfort Robert. Robert tried to tell Anna that Dr. Obrecht had Robin, but he couldn't get the words out. He passed out. Duke returned with a doctor; this was Dr. Obrecht's wing, so the man wanted to page her, but Anna filled him in. Duke found an empty vial of Propofol, which Anna recognized as a sedative that was lethal in large doses. The man told them that if Robert had been injected with the contents of the entire vial, there was nothing he could do. Anna argued that Robert was strong and she urged the doctor to save him. The man had an idea and he left the room. Anna grabbed Robert by the shirt and ordered him to live. Duke watched as Anna refused to go on living alone. They got Robert into a bed and the doctor gave an intravenous drug that might counteract the sedative. He warned Anna that the treatment wasn't guaranteed to work. Duke was confident that Robert would be fine. Anna remembered that Robert had been struggling to tell her something that seemed important.

Dr. Obrecht took Robin to a house and told the occupant that she thought it was best to deliver Robin to him, now that Faison had been captured. Dr. Obrecht left her alone with the man, who was revealed to be Jerry Jacks. Robin shook with fear as Jerry pondered what to do with her.

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