GH Update Monday 12/17/12

General Hospital Update Monday 12/17/12


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Spinelli goes to the hospital to see Ellie dressed as Santa Claus and confident that they are getting serious and have a romantic connection. But she indicates to him that it’s not professional or appropriate to do this at her place of employment.

Maxie goes to see Dante and Lulu and also talks to Olivia at the hospital ready to tell them “something “which she hesitates. She remembers Mac telling her that it’s her decision alone to make about whether she wants to go through with carrying Dante and Lulu’s baby for them and if she’s decided otherwise, she needs to let them know now. She notices them happily ready to have a child and knowing that she is the only hope they have and will be shattering their lives if she tells them she cannot, she says nothing.

Sabrina the nursing student goes with her colleague from the hospital to find Lucy Coe to help them sponsor the Nurses' Ball. She tells him she knows how important this was to Patrick’s deceased wife and without Lucy, they won’t get it off the ground.

Patrick enters his empty house in the dark and turns on the lights.

Anna goes to find Dr. Obrecht and demands that she tell her where Duke is. Duke appears in a wheel chair.

Patrick turns on the light and is startled to see Robin alive and well and he knows she is not an illusion.

Sabrina is very nervous and ready to put her best foot forward to meet Lucy Coe and she wants to make sure she’s dressed the right way. She reminds Felix that Elizabeth told her that Lucy was once married to Monica's husband. Felix then admits to Sabrina that he does not work for Lucy. In fact, he’s never met Lucy before in his life.

At the hospital, Maxie “attempts “ to tell Lulu and Dante she needs to back out. But it’s not the right time when she finds Lulu but sees that Dante has already preferred his sample. Ellie is happily ready to help perform the procedure. Olivia is emotionally happy for her son and daughter in law. And at that point, Maxie cannot bring herself to tell them that she cannot go through with being their surrogate.

Patrick turns to see that Robin is not really there but Mac is there with Emma. Patrick picks up his daughter and greets her. He asks her to run upstairs and get her pajamas on while he talks to her Papa Mac alone. Mac then tells Patrick that he wants to know what is going on with him. Patrick looks like a ghost, Mac tells him. Patrick admits he did. He just “saw Robin.”

Dr. Obrecht gives Robin her meds in the hospital room. While alone, Robin struggles to break out of the restraints they are keeping her in. but she appears “cooperative” when the nurse enters. Not far away in another room at the Swiss hospital, Anna and Robert find their way to Duke Lavery’s hospital room. He is elated to see Anna after all these years.

Sabrina asks Felix if it’s true that he does not “know” Lucy Coe. He tells her he does “know” Lucy. And he knows he can get them in the door. Bree finds them and asks them where they think they are going.

At the hospital, Olivia admits to her son and daughter in law that she is having some “sense” about the baby, specifically that she is envisioning a puppy instead of a human baby. Right then, they somehow know that this means something.

Patrick admits to Mac that he is “seeing” Robin. He doesn’t know why this is happening. He assures Mac that he is completely off the drugs he was once taking. Mac admits that he believes that he is drug free and getting his life back on track. But Patrick knows that if it’s not drugs that are causing him to “see” Robin, then there’s no explanation and he can’t figure out why this is happening.

Dr. Obrecht is ready to inject Robin with something while Robin protests and pleads that she needs to get back to her daughter. Dr. Obrecht tells her she has no choice and needs to close her eyes and fall asleep. But right then, Robin calls to her mom. Robert is right then, in the hallway hearing his daughter calling for help and knows he must do something.

Olivia goes and talks to Ellie and tells her she was hoping that Ellie could put her mind at ease about “something”. She just wants to make certain that nothing “screwy” goes on in those sperm labs when her son donates what will be implanted to conceive a baby. She laughs realizing it’s ridiculous to be afraid her grandbaby would be a dog. She turns to see Spinelli holding the same puppy she saw Lulu holding in her arms when she had her previous “vision” about the baby.

When Bree catches Sabrina and Felix at Lucy Coe's cosmetics company, CoeCoe, Sabrina tells her she better get used to them because they are not going anywhere.

After Patrick admits to Mac that he is having hallucinations of Robin, Mac tells him he really understands how the grieving process works and admits that he too has been having “visions” of Robin. He admits that a few days ago, he was Christmas shopping for all his family members and when he got back in the car, he stopped realizing he was not complete without anything for Robin. He tells Patrick that since this is Patrick’s first Christmas without Robin, Patrick needs to cut himself some slack. Patrick remembers last year when they thought that Robin was coming down with AIDS at Christmas and afraid. But they realize that they at least had a good Christmas together.

Robin yells out to her mom to find her and Robert rushes to find his daughter while in the hospital hallway. While Dr. Obrecht attempts to gag her so she cannot be heard and she struggles, Robert walks into the room and comes face to face with his daughter.

At the hospital, Dante sits beside Maxie while Lulu is in surgery having her procedure which is supposed to have little or no risks. They are both uneasy and he admits that she is making his and Lulu’s dreams come true. And they agree, light-heartedly, that there will be “no dog babies”.

When Olivia notices Spinelli holding a puppy, she panics and yells and he wonders why. He appears to have adopted a dog named Rocco to give to Ellie. But she somehow knows the dog symbolizes something.

Sabrina and Felix protest that even if they are pulling off a con to get into CoeCoe, they thought that their organization practices philanthropy. Sabrina protests that Lucy Coe hdld fundraisers for AIDS since way back when nobody knew what to do about it. Felix protests to Bree that Lucy hosted the balls and helped the AIDS cause. But she’s gone now. Nobody can find her. So that is why they need Lucy's help to find a way to hold fundraiser balls at General Hospital.

While Anna is talking to Duke in one room, both completely unaware that Robin has been found not far away, Robert forces his way inside and struggles to prevent Dr. Obrecht from injecting his daughter with a needle in her room.

Dante and Maxie rush in to see Lulu after she’s done with the procedure. The nurse tells them everything went well. And unless anybody “needs” her, she’s going to deliver Lulu’s eggs to the lab. Lulu tells her husband she knows that everything is going to be ok. She feels it in her heart. Dante faces his wife, smiles and tells her he knows that it is going to happy and everything is going to work just the way they want it. Maxie observes them and seems ok with knowing that she is helping them to have their dream come true.

When Olivia sees Spinelli with the puppy, she tells him she is merely concerned about having an animal in the hospital near her daughter in law’s eggs. Ellie then goes inside the lab without the dog and gives him to Spinelli. But Olivia takes the dog out of Spinelli’s arms telling him she has her suspicions about that dog. Spinelli does not know what to say or do or what she is sensing.

Bree admits that she used to be a “madam” and worked for the same cause as Lucy and the girls. They then ask her if that means they can go and see Miss Coe.

Emma helps her dad decorate the Christmas tree. And she finds her mommy’s Christmas stocking.

Duke finds out from Anna that Robin has passed away and was killed in an explosion. He asks his ex-wife how that could have happened to his step daughter. She tells him that it was at the hospital. She also tells him that she and Luke found a lead that took them to this very clinic to find Robin. Somebody tipped them off that her daughter was alive. She thought she saw her daughter. But realized it was merely a young woman who looked just like Robin. She knew it was just a scam. But it’s very odd that it happens to be this very same hospital in Switzerland where she’s found him and it also just happens to be Faison's base. And maybe Faison's entire plan in getting what he wants is also going to lead them to Robin.

Robert struggles with Dr. Obrecht and the needle but passes out after she stabs him while she is ready to do what she intends to do to Robin. But Robin insists that her dad save her. Robert is determined not to let his daughter down.

Lulu holds the puppy and confronts him telling him she does not know what his “deal” is. But she won’t let him mess things up for her family.

Maxie then returns to Mac and admits that she wishes he could have seen what she saw. She wishes he could see the way Dante looks at Lulu. He looks at her like she’s the only woman on the planet. They will make great parents. And she concludes she knows she is doing the right thing. Mac smiles at her. She then asks him if he’s “mad”. He asks her why she’d think he’d be “mad”. He tells her he couldn’t be prouder. Spinelli then finds them and tells them that it looks like everything is a go and with any luck, Maxie will soon be with child. Not far away, Dante wheels his elated wife into the hallway in her wheelchair. They observe a happy and smiling Ellie in the lab while she waives at them full of hope.

Patrick is alone in his home after Emma’s in bed and notices a card from Robin.

Bree leads Sabrina and Felix to the real Lucy Coe. She turns around to face them.

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