GH Update Thursday 12/13/12

General Hospital Update Thursday 12/13/12


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

In Switzerland, Robin looks at the calendar on the wall in front of her and realizes that Christmas is coming. She mentions the preparations that she imagines are going on at home and how she misses Patrick, Emma and her family.

At Kelly's, Maxie and Mac are together. Maxie is too nervous over the next day's treatments to eat. Mac tells Maxie that Felicia wishes she could be there but Felicia is sick and doesn't want to endanger the baby. Olivia runs in and joins them, expressing how excited she is about the baby. She hallucinates the dog again, this time in a high chair.

At the hospital, Lulu and Dante are preparing for their part of the IVF treatment. They are excited over the treatment getting going and about making the baby. Dante is told that they need his sperm to get started.

At the nurses' station, Patrick tells Sabrina how much he likes her Christmas hat. She tells him that she has already gotten the kids in pediatrics to rehearse Christmas carols. She tells him how excited she is about the Nurses' Ball and how great she thinks it's going to be. Patrick reminds her that she doubted it would happen and while she agrees that she was, she tells him that she's over that now.

Back in Switzerland, Robin says that she can't take much more of being there. Dr. Obrecht enters with Robin's meal, obviously upset. Robin asks her what is wrong but she says its none of her business. After Robin goads her, Dr. Obrecht blurts out that Faison was captured.

At the hotel suite, Anna stares at the Interpol website at a photo of Faison and then slams the laptop shut as Robert arrives with coffee for both of them. Anna shoves everything off the table in frustration and asks Robert if she could be any more stupid.

Robin asks Dr. Obrecht what she said. She is happy that Anna figured Faison out. Dr. Obrecht tells her that Anna had fallen for it and it was perfect. Robin tells her that it wasn't so perfect if Faison was captured. Robin is glad that Anna is free of Faison and hopes he's in hell. Dr. Obrecht snaps at her not to talk about her parents anymore and tells her they can both go to hell.

Anna tells Robert to say I told you so but he doesn't want to. Anna berates herself for falling for Faison's ruse. Robert told her that she just wanted to believe him. Anna tells him that she's a spy and should have seen the truth, she was trained to see such things like he did. He tells her that he wasn't very good about it. She tells him to stop being so gallant, she'd rather he gloat. Anna says she got sloppy, but Robert tells her that she just got played by one of the best. She should have seen what was right in front of her and wonders why she didn't. Robert suggests that it's because of Robin.

Robin realizes that Anna and Robert worked together to capture Faison. Dr. Obrecht blames herself, saying that Faison wanted to kill Robert and she talked him out of it. Robin figures that several countries are vying to see who gets to try and convict Faison first. Dr. Obrecht says that Faison left her to deal with the fall out. Robin tries to convince her that the best thing for Dr. Obrecht to do is to let her go now.

Sabrina tells Patrick that he is the one who had faith and told her that they could do it. She says that they needed a fairy godmother and she found one: Felix.

Felix encourages Dante not to be shy. Britt tells them that as soon as they have Dante's "contribution", they can start preparing for the next step to having their baby so she will leave them in Felix's hands. Felix mutters that he wishes and steps away.

Patrick is concerned with Sabrina calling Felix a "fairy godmother". She tells him that she meant that Felix is going to put her in touch with the real "fairy godmother", Lucy Coe. Patrick knows of Lucy but never met her. Sabrina and Patrick agree that Lucy would be good for the ball and Sabrina exclaims her excitement before Patrick hugs Britt happens by to witness the hug.

Felix encourages Dante to get started so they can move along with the treatment. He shows Dante where he can find "films" and reading materials to help him along. Felix tells Lulu they should go so Dante can do his part. Lulu says she's not going anywhere.

Olivia whispers to the dog that she wasn't talking to him. Maxie and Mac look to see who Olivia is talking to and ask her who it was. Maxie is concerned about Olivia and asks her what is wrong. Olivia tells her that she has had hallucinations and blows them off as crazy, even for her. Maxie wants to know why Olivia won't tell her what she just saw. Olivia told her its nothing and nothing for her to get worried about. Maxie says that she wasn't worried until Olivia said something. Mac tries to back Maxie off. Maxie pushes Olivia to tell her what the vision was, especially after Olivia says she told Dante and Lulu. Olivia tells her that she saw the baby as a dog. Mac and Maxie question Olivia about her vision of the dog. Olivia tells her that its more a puppy than a dog. Maxie thinks this means she's going to give birth to a puppy. Olivia tells her that she's not going to give birth to a puppy. Maxie asks how she knows that. Olivia tells her because the puppy just spoke to her. Maxie now thinks she's giving birth to a talking puppy. Olivia rushes out, telling Mac and Maxie that she had to get to the hospital because she promised Lulu and Dante she would be there to give the support.

Felix tells Lulu that they need to give Dante his privacy. Lulu is concerned about Dante making a baby with "other women". Felix leaves them to work it out while Dante explains that he won't be having sex with the other women. Lulu knows this but she doesn't want him looking at other women while he's doing what he needs to do. Dante promises Lulu that he won't use any of the movies or magazines, he'll just think about her. This makes Lulu happy. She leaves, wishing him luck. After she's gone, Dante comments that he's going to need it.

Britt approaches Patrick and Sabrina, asking what they are celebrating. Sabrina tells her that they are celebrating the Nurses' Ball. Britt thought that it was on hold because of no funding. Patrick explains that it's back on because of Sabrina. Sabrina explains about how Felix is going to put her in touch with Lucy Coe and that Felix and Lucy are "like this". Felix looks on in concern.

Robin tries to convince Dr. Obrecht to let her go. She asks Dr. Obrecht about her family and if they don't miss her. Dr. Obrecht tells Robin that her family is none of her concern and that the situation is complicated. Robin continues, telling her how much she misses Patrick and Robin and that she hasn't seen them in nearly a year. Dr. Obrecht asks why she should care about Robin's suffering. Robin says that they are both doctors and didn't become doctors without caring for people. She urges Dr. Obrecht to trust her own compassion.

Robert recounts for Anna the loss of their daughter and how much pain it caused them. He reminds her of what happened with losing their daughter, Heather telling Anna that Robin was alive and Faison showing up disguised as Duke. He tells her that Faison's timing was impeccable because he couldn't have gotten away with the impersonation of a dead man unless Anna was grieving. Anna supposes what if Duke really is still alive.

Maxie asks Mac what Olivia hallucinating a dog means. Mac tells her it probably means nothing. Maxie reminds him that Olivia's hallucinations have been pretty accurate. Mac says that even if her hallucinations are accurate, it doesn't mean that she will give birth to an actual dog and that the hallucinations should be up for interpretation. Maxie asks what if it means the baby is going to be ugly, a bad person or with a disease. She then worries that she is going to be implanted with a dog embryo. Mac tells her to stop it. She's not going to be pregnant with a dog. Mac says that he thinks the hallucination is probably about Olivia's own concerns about the baby. Maxie decides that whatever it is, it's bad. Mac tells her that the hallucination isn't what concerns him right now...Maxie is.

Lulu approaches Britt, Sabrina and Patrick. She asks Britt if they can speak. She has a question about her procedure. They step away, leaving Patrick and Sabrina alone. Patrick asks Sabrina when her meeting with Lucy is. Sabrina says that she doesn't know but Felix promised to take care of it. She reassures him that it will be great as Felix watches.

Olivia approaches Felix and asks where she can find Dante. Felix directs her to where Dante is. She excitedly runs into the room where Dante is undressing and Dante asks what she is doing.

Sabrina is explaining to Patrick about how Lucy ends up in her underwear at the end of the Nurses' Ball when they notice Felix and ask him over to join them. Sabrina says how she told Patrick about him helping her get the meeting with Lucy. He says that he needs to tell them something about that. Patrick asks what and Sabrina asks if it's something good. Felix starts to say something then tells them they have mistletoe above them.

Robin tells Dr. Obrecht that if she releases her, she looks innocent. Dr. Obrecht says that it's times like this that faith is tested and she has faith in Faison. Robin tells her that she's going to be disappointed because Faison is a treacherous man who cares only about himself and he will turn on Dr. Obrecht. Dr. Obrecht explains to Robin that Faison would not compromise their plan. He will find a way to remedy the situation. Robin tells her that if Robert and Anna know about Faison, it's only a matter of time before they figure out that Robin is there and Dr. Obrecht doesn't want to deal with Robert and Anna when they find Robin shackled to a bed. Dr. Obrecht says that she may have a point. Dr. Obrecht may have no choice but to eliminate Robin.

Anna tells Robert that she ignored her instincts before but she won't now. She tells him the story of Faison and Klaus bringing Duke into the room and what happened during that encounter. Robert realizes that Klaus being ordered to shoot Duke was staged and Anna agrees. She then tells him how she was drugged and when she woke up, "Duke" was right there, Klaus was dead and "Faison" had gone. She asks who was the guy she saw that looked like Duke. Robert supposes that it was a henchman with another Duke mask on. Anna says that's possible but what if there is another explanation. What if Duke really is alive and she saw him. Robert tries to convince her that she saw a henchman with a mask. Anna tells him that when Faison was Duke, he was active and not just some mute. He knew personal things about her and Duke. Robert says that this is Faison and he would be able to get a detailed dossier about them. Anna wonders why his story checked out to Luke in Turkey. Robert says that Luke just couldn't disprove the story. Anna considers that maybe it's because Duke was in that Turkish prison. Robert reminds her that Faison is capable of bribing people to say what he wants. Anna wonders if Duke really was in that prison, Faison questioned him for the information and made a mold of his face for the mask. Robert tells her that all he needed was internet and a good lab, then suggests that they call Interpol. Anna stops him to say that something else has been bothering her. She remembered that when Duke was brought in, she saw a look in his eyes. She remembered him struggling and trying to tell her something. She says she recognized the eyes and that they were Duke's. Robert says he doesn't think she's right about it but he knows where they can get some answers.

Dr. Obrecht tells Robin that she said so herself. It's only a matter of time before Robert and Anna find her and destroyed all that Faison and Dr. Obrecht accomplished. Robin tells her that its already been destroyed and that's why Dr. Obrecht has to save herself. Dr. Obrecht says that the only way to save herself is to kill Robin. Robin says she's wrong. Killing her isn't going to fix things and if Dr. Obrecht lets her go, Robin will plead for leniency. Dr. Obrecht tells her that leniency would never happen. Robert is a legend in the spy world and is known for being merciless with his enemies. He will want to destroy her and Faison. And while she never understood Faison's obsession with Anna, she knows Anna is dangerous and would want revenge on someone who harmed her child. Robin tells her that her parents pay their debts and they will be in her debt if she lets her go. Dr. Obrecht says that Robin was right in the first place. It's time to cut her losses. She needs to figure out how to deal with Robin quickly as Robert and Anna will be there soon and Robin isn't the only one she has to deal with. Robin asks who else is there. Dr. Obrecht leaves Robin without answering her.

Felix urges Patrick and Sabrina to kiss as it is bad luck not to kiss under mistletoe. Patrick is about to kiss Sabrina when Britt arrives and asks if she sees mistletoe, then plants a kiss on Patrick. Felix comments to Sabrina on how Britt is a sneaky bitch. Britt tells them all that she couldn't let the mistletoe go to waste, then asks if Felix and Sabrina shouldn't be on their way to New York. Felix asks if she doesn't mean the three of the and asks if Patrick is coming along.

Dante again asks what Olivia is doing. She tells him that she asked where Dante was and was pointed in his direction. He tells her she should have knocked. Olivia reminds him that she changed his diapers so she's seen everything he has. Dante tells her not like this she hasn't. Olivia tells him that she just wanted to tell him how she supports him and is with him every step of the way. He tells her that's great but he doesn't need her there for this step. She wishes him luck and leaves the room.

Maxie asks Mac why he's concerned about her. Mac reminds her that she has a lot of concerns and she's focusing on what won't happen instead of what will. Maxie asks what is more concerning than worrying about giving birth to a dog. He reminds her that she is about to undergo an invasive procedure and will be giving up the next nine months to carry someone else's baby. Maxie says that they discussed it and he supported her. Mac asks if she's sure about it and that it's not too late to change her mind. Maxie tell him that it was her idea to volunteer. Mac explains that they're not talking about Lulu and Dante's desire for a baby, they're talking about Maxie. Maxie says that she is talking about herself, too. She's worried she may screw it up. Mac asks how she could possibly screw it up. Maxie explains that she wouldn't mean to and tells him how she ate blackberry jam. Mac reminds her that she's allergic and Maxie says she knows but wasn't paying attention. He tells her that she seems fine now. She says that she is. She had a rash for a few hours but no big deal. Mac asks what is, then. Maxie tells him how she gets distracted and loses track of things. She is worried that maybe next time it's not jam, but something important and life altering. Mac asks for an example. Maxie says she doesn't know but Lulu and Dante are putting a lot of faith in her to carry their child and maybe she doesn't deserve it. Mac tells her how wonderful a surrogate mother she'll be but she needs to know for sure. In the end, it's her decision. Maxie says that even if she wants to back out, and she doesn't, she wouldn't know how to tell Dante and Lulu. She wouldn't want to disappoint them. Mac tells Maxie that he has to go pick up Emma and advises her that she needs to be honest with herself as well as Dante and Lulu. If she wants out, she needs to tell them now so that they can find someone else. Maxie is worried that they will hate her forever if she does. Mac says that they would be hurt, but they are her friends and they would get over it. They want what's best for her and so does he. He tells her that whatever she decides, he supports her. He leaves Maxie to go get Emma.

Olivia runs past Lulu asking if she wants something from the cafeteria. Lulu starts to tell her what they are doing and Olivia says that she saw Dante and he's doing great. Olivia watches her go, surprised.

Dante locks the door to the room he's in and makes sure that the blinds are all closed. He starts to go to get a movie or magazine then remembers his promise to Lulu. As he starts to undress again, he also remembers Felix's words about having pretty girls and pretty boys if he needs help. He shudders and says that isn't helping. He then remembers his mother walking in on him and that further frustrates him. He wonders how he's going to do what he needs to do.

Maxie is looking through a magazine at photos of babies when she receives a text. She looks at the text and it's Dante telling her he needs her and that she should get in there. She heads towards his room.

Felix reminds Patrick that he's on the committee with Sabrina and that he needs to go with Sabrina. Patrick says he can't because he promised Emma they'd decorate their tree together. Felix urges him to bring Emma along and tells him she'd love the tree at Rockefeller Center. He tells Patrick that they can take Emma to see the tree while he talks to Lucy. Patrick says he'd love to but he can't but he'll be there in spirit and wishes them luck before leaving them. Britt follows Patrick. When they are gone, Sabrina smacks Felix and asks what is wrong with him. Meanwhile, Britt offers to come over to help Patrick and Emma decorate the tree. She has a procedure but says she has the afternoon free to come over to drink cocoa, string popcorn and whatever. Patrick flashes back to last year when he, Emma and Robin took photos at Christmas, then showed Emma that Santa was coming. Back in present time, Patrick tells her maybe and that he will text her. Britt tells him to let her know and leaves him.

In her room, Robin struggles to get free. Meanwhile, Dr. Obrecht walks down the hall with a syringe in her hand, commenting how neither Duke nor Robin can be discovered there alive. She is grabbed by Anna and pinned to the wall. Anna says she wants to know what Dr. Obrecht is doing there again and wants the truth as Robert backs her up.

Maxie arrives at the hospital and sees Olivia. She tells Olivia that she doesn't want to hear about hallucinations of dogs or anything furry or canine. Olivia promises not to tell her and asks what she can do for Maxie. Maxie is looking for Dante and Lulu. She has something to tell them.

Lulu walks into Dante's room and she asks if there's a problem. He tells her how Felix and Olivia are in her head, spoiling the mood. Lulu starts to undress Dante as he tells her how special creating their baby is supposed to be and that he doesn't want to do it without her. Lulu asks if it's allowed. Dante doesn't care and kisses her.

Sabrina asks how Felix could ask Patrick to go with them and tells him how he put Patrick in an awkward position. Felix tells her that he didn't want Britt to steal her "mistletoe moment". She concedes that Britt did kind of swoop in on Patrick. Felix told her that he was fighting fire with fire and he knows that Sabrina would love to spend time with Patrick at Rockefeller Center. He describes how she and Patrick could have lived every New York romantic comedy moment from the last ten years. Sabrina tells him that any romance with Patrick is in Felix's head. Felix says that it isn't true, its in Sabrina's head if anywhere. Sabrina tells him that even if there was a chance that Patrick would be interested in her, he's still grieving over Robin and she wouldn't push him into something he's not ready for and reminds Felix that they have a meeting with Lucy and they don't want to keep her waiting.

Patrick walks into his house and sees a vision of Robin standing by the fireplace mantle.

Anna struggles with Dr. Obrecht and knocks the syringe out of her hand. She tells her that she knows that Faison was impersonating Duke, that Faison is in custody and she wants to know if Duke is alive. Dr. Obrecht accuses Anna of losing her grip on reality. Robert tells her that Anna is very sane but that Dr. Obrecht is in trouble unless she answers them. Dr. Obrecht tells them that she doesn't have to answer them. Anna releases her and says that's fine, she'll just search every room. Dr. Obrecht tries to stop her from entering the first room as Robert restrains her. Anna walks into a room and is stunned by what she sees.

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