GH Update Wednesday 12/12/12

General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/12/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Manning Enterprises: Todd told TJ and Molly that Molly's book was at his publisher's and they wanted to publish it. Molly celebrated, then she wondered how her book got there. Todd told her it had been submitted by the author – Connie. Connie tried to make a quick exit, but Molly blocked her path and confronted her about stealing the book. Connie insisted that she had written a book. Molly thought Todd read the book and could back her up, but Todd confessed that he hadn't read it. TJ asked Todd to stop the presses so Connie didn't get credit for Molly's book. Todd refused; he told them that the publishers thought the book would make money and the faster it was printed the faster the money would roll in. Todd admitted that he was not a good person; he didn't care whose name was on the book as long as he got paid. Molly reminded Todd what Starr had said about helping Molly's family, by helping Molly, but Todd refused to help. He told the three of them to work it out amongst themselves and left. Molly vowed not to let Connie get away with this. Connie argued that Molly had no way of proving the book was hers since Molly had overwritten the computer file and lost all her paper copies. Molly accused Connie of stealing TJ's copy. Connie urged them to use their active imaginations to write their own book. Molly recalled choosing each word so carefully; she didn't understand why Connie couldn't just give the book back. Connie replied that her book was nothing like Molly's. She asked them to leave, because she was busy. TJ and Molly noted that Connie didn't have anything of her own – she was running Kate's magazine out of Todd's office while married to Carly's boyfriend. Connie argued that all those things were hers. Molly told Connie that the entire point of writing a book was to tell a story that came from inside yourself. Connie argued that the point of writing a book was to make money, which she was going to do. TJ assured Molly that they'd find a way to stop Connie. They left. Connie dictated a mini bio for her book cover. She said she had a colorful youth in Bensonhurst and took many years off to find herself but now she was back and better than ever.

Penthouse: Sam left a voice mail for John asking for an update on Jason's case. The doorbell rang – it was Alexis and Kristina, their arms full of Christmas decorations and singing carols. Sam looked annoyed, but she let them in anyway. To Sam's dismay, her family immediately started to decorate her house. Sam appreciated the thought, but she asked them to stop, because she was too focused on her case to be in the Christmas spirit. Alexis and Kristina insisted that Sam could use something fun. The doorbell rang again, and Kristina said it was probably the tree. Sam didn't want a tree, but Alexis replied that Sam could be a Grinch, but her grandson would have a tree for his first Christmas. Kristina opened the door and was surprised to see that Trey was the delivery guy. Kristina and Alexis watched Trey set the tree up, while Sam sat on the couch, indifferent to everything going on around her. Alexis gave Trey a large tip. He felt awkward about taking it, but Alexis insisted that he accept it, since it was Christmas. Kristina followed Trey to the door; it had been a long time since they'd seen each other. The church where Trey lived was selling Christmas trees, so he was helping them out. Trey asked Kristina to go get some hot chocolate. They left. Alexis wondered what case Sam was working on. Sam tried to give Alexis the brush off, but Alexis kept pressing Sam, until she admitted hat she was working on Jason's case. Sam added that John was helping her. Alexis was surprised, because Sam had told her she was distancing herself from John. Sam felt bad about that; she explained that she'd reacted to John's attempts to help her by unloading her problems on him and accusing him of trying to be a stand in father for Danny. Sam thought she'd acted psychotic, but Alexis thought her behavior had just been over emotional. Sam clarified that she and John weren't officially partners, but he'd been assigned to Jason's case. Alexis wondered if Sam thought Jason would have a problem with it. Sam didn't care, as long as she got him back.

Alexis gently pointed out that finding Jason's shooter wasn't the same thing as finding Jason. Sam knew that, but she wasn't going to give up. Sam understood that Alexis and others thought Jason was... - she couldn't bring herself to say the word “dead.” Sam was okay with that and thought it meant that they didn't have the faith she did. Alexis was concerned about how long Sam was going to try and live on faith alone. Sam asked what was the point of the Christmas spirit or the decorations Alexis brought her if she didn't have faith. Later, Alexis had Sam close her eyes for a surprise. Alexis dressed Danny in a Santa outfit. Sam was delighted, and Alexis was glad to see Sam smiling. Sam thanked Alexis for always being there even though Sam always pushed her away. Alexis asked Sam to tell Santa what she wanted for Christmas. Sam thought he already knew. Sam held Danny while she placed a phoenix and dragon ornament on the decorated tree. Sam explained that she and Jason had given those to each other for Christmas. Sam said she and Jason said they were always going to be together. Danny reached out and touched Jason's ornament. TJ and Molly arrived and Molly asked Alexis to sue Connie.

Kelly's: Carly took Josslyn to get hot chocolate after they chose a Christmas tree. Josslyn spotted Johnny, who was already in the diner. She flew into his arms and told him she missed him. Johnny missed her too. Carly kept up appearances and allowed Josslyn and Johnny to spend a little time together. Josslyn asked to color and Carly was going to sit with her, but Johnny asked Carly to stay with him at the counter and let Josslyn go to the table alone. Once Josslyn was settled, Johnny thanked Carly for not poisoning Josslyn against him. Carly replied that Josslyn would forget all about him one day. Johnny replied that he wouldn't forget the little girl; he added that he missed Carly. Carly spat that he didn't get to miss her. Johnny thought about her all the time, especially... Carly asked if he was going to say especially the time he humiliated her in front of everyone. Johnny said he thought about how he hurt her. Carly asked Johnny how married life was and pointed out that this was going to be his first Christmas with Connie. She recalled that she and Johnny had been talking about going somewhere for Christmas, since Josslyn was spending the holiday with Jax and Morgan was going to be in Paris with his friends. Carly assumed that Johnny hadn't wanted to make concrete plans with her because he knew they weren't going to be together by then. Johnny swore there was nothing he wanted more than to spend the rest of his life with Carly. Carly snidely wished him a happy holiday with Connie and turned away. Johnny put his hand on her shoulder, and Carly quietly told him not to touch her. He apologized for hurting her, and Carly hissed that he'd said all he needed to say to her. Johnny countered that he hadn't told her why he married Connie, and Carly noted that he'd already lied to her about his reasons multiple times when he claimed he married Connie for love. Johnny told her it was complicated. He brought up his talk with Starr the other day; Johnny knew Starr was hurt by his decision, and he wanted to tell Starr the truth, but he felt that Carly should hear it first. Before Johnny could come clean, Todd walked in and started chatting with Carly. Carly told him to hold on, because Johnny was about to tell her why he married Connie. Todd leaned on Carly's shoulder and gave Johnny his full attention. Todd guessed that Johnny was going to tell Carly that none of this was his fault. Johnny told Todd he was wrong, but he decided against saying what he'd been planning to, because it didn't matter. Carly urged Johnny to finish what he was going to say, but he refused. Just then, Josslyn rushed up and presented Johnny with a drawing of him and Carly. Johnny told her he'd treasure it. Carly took Josslyn to order their hot chocolate, and Todd had a terse conversation with Johnny. Todd reminded Johnny that they'd decided it would be best if he didn't confess. Todd questioned whether Johnny really wanted to go to prison for killing Todd's granddaughter and her father. Johnny made it clear he was tired of the threats. Todd argued that Johnny made this mess and there was nothing Johnny could do about it now.

After Johnny left, Carly gave Josslyn her cocoa, then went to talk to Todd. Todd thought Carly should be grateful that he interrupted her and Johnny, but Carly told Todd she wanted to hear Johnny out. Todd didn't understand why Carly cared. He asked Carly if there was any sort of explanation Johnny could offer that would make her take him back. Carly couldn't even consider that question. Todd was hoping for a strong “no.” Carly wanted to focus on moving forward in her life. Todd agreed that this was a good idea. Carly added that she didn't think Johnny could ever make her understand what he did.

Trey and Kristina sat down outside the diner. Trey wanted to tell Kristina in person that he'd decided to leave town. Trey had sent a reel of some of his work out to some producers and he'd landed a production assistant gig on the new David Vickers film. Trey confessed that he had hoped he and Kristina would get back together. Kristina felt the same way, and Trey asked her to go with him. He pointed out that she hadn't found a job in Port Charles yet. Kristina told him her family was there. Trey thought her family would want her to be happy. Kristina thought it was a big step. Trey wasn't leaving for a couple of weeks, so he asked her to think about it. He told her she could find a job out there, too. Trey was about to suggest she ask Sonny to help her find a job in the new town, but he thought better of it. Kristina agreed that she didn't want Sonny pulling strings for her. She promised to think about it. Trey asked her to think about this – with that, he kissed her.

Manning Enterprises: Johnny arrived and found Connie taking pictures of herself. She explained that she was practicing poses for the picture on the dust cover of her book. Connie told Johnny his wife was about to be a celebrated author. Johnny replied that they might not be married much longer. Connie flippantly wondered if he planned to kill her. She promised to tell the cops what he did if he botched the job. Johnny had reached his breaking point. He announced that he could throw Connie off the roof and confess to three murders instead of two. Connie continued to taunt Johnny and reminded him that he hadn't gone through with his promise to tell Starr the truth. Johnny unleashed on Connie for constantly using threats to force him to do things. Johnny grabbed a paperweight and advanced on Connie in a menacing way while yelling at her. Connie's eyes bulged and she promised to back off. Johnny backed her up against the wall and yelled that she didn't know how to back off. He vowed to confess, since it appeared to be the only way out of the marriage, then he left.

Hotel in Lucerne, Switzerland: Faison opened the door expecting room service. He was incensed to see Robert and John standing with the tray of fondue. Anna demanded to know why they were there and she reminded Robert that she told him to leave her alone. Robert and John told her about Faison being alive and were surprised when Anna revealed that she'd already had an encounter with Faison. Robert assumed Anna meant that she didn't think this was the real Duke. Robert and John were thrown when Anna told them she'd seen Faison and Duke together in the same room. She emphasized that this meant Robert's theory was wrong. Robert challenged Anna to explain why Olivia saw Faison when she looked at “Duke.” Anna figured Olivia may have been having a premonition to the run in in Switzerland. Either way, she wasn't concerned about Olivia's hallucination, now that she was certain that Faison and Duke were two different people. Faison thought Robert owed him an apology. Anna explained that Faison overpowered Duke and tied him up and gave Anna a sedative. Robert concluded that Faison and Duke were working together to trick Anna. Anna didn't believe it; she wanted Robert and John to leave. Robert and John told Anna about Dr. Obrecht, who claimed she didn't recognize Duke's photograph, only to call him when she thought she was alone. Faison maintained that their theory was absurd. While Faison and Robert bickered, John discreetly turned the thermostat on high. Faison told Robert Anna wanted him, not Robert, so Robert should bow out like a gentleman.

Anna was interested in hearing more about the phone call. Faison was in disbelief that Anna was taking this seriously. Anna only wanted to clear things up, but Faison argued that she shouldn't even entertain the theory. He told her that her eyewitness account was proof that Robert and John were wrong. He accused Robert and John of fabricating a connection between him and a doctor he'd never met. John took Dr. Obrecht's phone out of his pocket and redialed the last number that was called. Faison's phone began to ring. Anna looked at the phone and saw that there were two missed calls from that number. Faison tried lying his way out of the situation by accusing John and Robert of using a prop phone to set him up. While Anna believed that Robert might do something questionable, she was adamant that John wouldn't manipulate evidence. Everyone began to note how hot it was. John told Robert his instincts told him to turn up the heat. John noticed that Faison wasn't sweating like the rest of them. When Faison claimed he was used to the heat because of his stint in a Turkish prison, John pointed out that Faison's body was sweating, but his face was dry, unlike everyone else in the room. Robert joined in and noted that Faison didn't have to get plastic surgery to impersonate Duke, because Faison had access to people who could make realistic masks. Robert glanced upward and quietly apologized to Duke for thinking he was involved in the scheme.

Robert theorized that Faison had put the Duke mask on an accomplice that way she could see both Duke and Faison at the same time. John asked if she heard Duke talk while he and Faison were in the same room. Anna remembered that Duke had been gagged. Robert found it convenient that Anna was passed out while Duke supposedly freed himself. Anna pointed out that Faison's accomplice had been shot, but Robert argued that Faison was a psycho who'd have no issues with shooting his own man. Faison was fed up and asked Anna to leave with him. Robert was crushed and confused when Anna agreed to go with Faison. Anna suggested that Faison take her to the inn in Andermatt where they got snowed in years before. Faison readily agreed. Anna revealed that she made up the whole story; they'd never gone to an inn and been snowed in. Faison quickly claimed he lied because he didn't want to admit he'd forgotten the event, then he claimed he was hurt that she was siding against him. Faison announced that he was leaving and he'd be back when Anna came to her senses. Robert grabbed Faison and threw the oil from the fondue pot in his face. Faison howled in pain and crumpled to the floor holding his face. Ropes of goo spilled out from between his fingers.

The horrified Anna rushed over to Faison and asked Robert what he'd done. Robert explained that oil made latex deteriorate. Anna told Faison they had to get him to the hospital. Faison wailed that he couldn't let Anna see him like this. Anna urged him to let her see how bad it was. Faison lifted his head, showing his true face. Anna screamed and jumped back and whispered “Faison.” Robert and John restrained Faison while they waited for Interpol. Faison insisted that he'd done it all for Anna, but the angry and tearful Anna ordered him to shut up. Anna told Faison he stole another part of her life that she cherished. She called him a monster. Faison swore he loved Anna, but she told him he disgusted her. Faison just wanted Anna to love him a little bit. Some detectives were called and they arrived to take Faison away. Anna asked them to wait and she slugged Faison in the face.

Hospital: Dante met with the worried Lulu. She explained that Maxie appeared to be having an allergic reaction. Lulu was concerned that it was the hormones and that they'd have to find another surrogate. Meanwhile, Maxie was in a cubicle showing Britt the rash on her arms. Britt asked if Maxie had changed anything in her environment other than getting the hormones. Maxie panicked and asked if Britt was suggesting that she wouldn't be able to be a surrogate. Britt had to examine Maxie to know for sure. Dante and Lulu entered the cubicle and Maxie apologized for what was happening. Britt informed everyone that Maxie's rash was caused by a food allergy and wouldn't affect the surrogacy process. Britt decided to test Maxie and Lulu's hormones and left the room. Lulu asked Maxie how she managed to eat something she was allergic to. Maxie thought it must have been the peanut butter and jelly sandwich she ate at Lulu and Dante's loft. She asked if that was grape jelly; Dante told her it was blackberry. Maxie was allergic to blackberry. She apologized for being careless, but didn't think it was a big deal. Lulu on the other hand, was very annoyed, and she demanded to know how Maxie was going to carry their baby when she was so careless with her own body. Dante told Lulu to calm down because Maxie didn't do it on purpose, but Lulu was still irritated. Maxie thought Lulu was right. She promised not to take a chance with their baby again. Lulu's anger instantly dissipated and she offered Maxie a tearful apology. Lulu felt bad for focusing on the baby instead of on the fact that Maxie could have gone into shock. Maxie told Lulu she was about to be a mom, so she was allowed, but Lulu disagreed. Lulu told Maxie she was her friend and she trusted her to take this seriously. Lulu expressed gratitude toward Maxie and told her she loved her, even if she wasn't their surrogate. Maxie loved Lulu too. Lulu and Maxie blamed Lulu's outburst on the hormones and hugged. Dante looked bewildered by everything that just happened.

Britt examined Lulu and Maxie. Lulu's ovarian follicles had developed, so Britt gave her a trigger shot. The next step would be egg retrieval, which could be done very soon. Lulu, Maxie and Dante were excited to be one step closer to pregnancy.

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