GH Update Tuesday 12/11/12

General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/11/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Hotel in Lucerne, Switzerland A detective told Anna they'd issued an international alert for Faison. Anna was sure Faison was still in the country, waiting until he could make his next move. Anna didn't understand how Faison managed to disappear. The detective noted that he could still be in the hotel. He assured Anna that people were keeping a watch on her and Duke. Meanwhile, Faison was back in the hotel suite, disguised as Duke. He called Dr. Obrecht for an update. The real Duke had been returned to the clinic, and Dr. Obrecht had relocated Robin to a new location, so neither of them would be able to talk to the police. Faison was confident that Anna wouldn't have any doubts that he was Duke now that she'd seen Faison and Duke in the same room. Anna walked in on the tail end of the conversation. Dr. Obrecht complimented Faison on his brilliant plan, then they hung up. Anna asked who was on the phone. Faison told her he'd called his handler in Washington and told him what was going on. Anna bought it. She grabbed her phone to call the PCPD. Faison asked if that was necessary. Anna wanted to let the police in Port Charles know about Faison, just in case he was headed there. She also wanted to have them release Robert. Anna thought Robert deserved some credit for figuring out that Faison was alive, even if he was wrong about Faison pretending to be Duke. Anna's phone was dead, even though she just charged it. She went into another room in the suite, and Faison pulled her cell phone battery out of his pocket. Anna returned and asked to use his phone, since hers wouldn't charge. Faison said yes, but he started a discussion to distract her. Faison wished they could forget that the encounter with Faison, Duke and Anna had just happened. Faison told Anna he overheard her say that Robert had been right about him not really being Duke. Anna explained that she was accusing Faison, not him (Duke). Faison claimed he'd already been feeling helpless because he was unable to protect her, and her accusations made him feel like nothing they'd been building since his return had been real. He asked Anna if she could trust him the way she had when they were married. Faison wondered what he could do to prove himself to her. Anna told him that wasn't necessary. She explained that she'd been terrified when she saw Faison (without the mask) and jumped to the wrong conclusion, due to how adamant Robert had been. Faison admitted he was jealous of her blind faith in Robert. He wished Anna trusted him that way, too. Anna said she did. Anna realized she'd been wrong to think Duke and Faison were the same person once she saw them in the same room. Anna apologized. Faison didn't want an apology, he just wanted Anna to believe in him. Anna talked about how badly she'd wanted to rescue Duke from Faison. She was afraid of losing him again. Faison told Anna that wasn't going to happen. Faison kissed Anna; they embraced during the kiss, but Anna pulled away and told Faison she had to go to her room. Faison was startled that she was just going to leave. Anna told him she'd be back. Faison leered at Anna as he watched her leave.

Swiss Clinic: Dr. Obrecht hung up the phone just as Robert and John walked in. They showed her the picture of Faison that they got from AJ. She pretended she'd never seen Faison before. John showed her a picture of AJ. She recognized AJ but insisted that he'd been mistaken about seeing Faison there. John told her they had a warrant. He chose a room at random and asked the doctor to open it. Dr. Obrecht didn't make a move and John asked her again. The doctor asked to see Faison's picture again. When John showed it to her, she claimed she suddenly remembered him. Dr. Obrecht explained that she didn't recognize him at first, because his face had been covered in bandages for a long time. Dr. Obrecht told the men Faison had recovered and left for parts unknown years ago. She asked why they were looking for him and when they told her he was wanted for treason and espionage. Dr. Obrecht said she remembered Faison as being quiet and sensitive. John showed her a picture of Duke and asked if she recognized him. Dr. Obrecht lied and said no. Robert immediately realized she was lying. He accused her of covering for Faison. Robert thought Faison's face had been bandaged because he was recovering from plastic surgery to make him look like Duke. Dr. Obrecht stuck to her story. Robert told her Faison was holding someone in law enforcement and Dr. Obrecht would be an accessory if she was hurt. He ordered her to tell him what she knew before it was too late for Anna. When Dr. Obrecht stayed silent, Robert grew enraged and threatened to have her thrown in a Bulgarian prison where she'd be forced to do hard labor. When John stepped in to calm Robert down, Robert told him to leave if he didn't like his tactics. Dr. Obrecht pleaded with John not to leave her alone with Robert. John told Robert that Dr. Obrecht couldn't help and he had Robert leave with him. Once they rounded the corner, the now calm Robert and John discussed their good cop/bad cop routine. John thought Robert had laid the act on a little thick considering that their “warrant” was really a Chinese take out menu. Robert didn't think it mattered as long as it worked.

Hotel: Faison called room service and ordered fondue and champagne. Dr. Obrecht called and proudly announced that she'd saved him again. She told him about Robert and John's visit. Faison wondered how they figured out he was in Switzerland and asked where they were now. Dr. Obrecht didn't know. Suddenly, John and Robert appeared and took the phone and grabbed her. Faison didn't hear the commotion on the other end of the line. He hung up and answered the door to Anna, who'd changed clothes. They shared a passionate kiss.

Swiss Clinic: Robert demanded to know where Anna was. Dr. Obrecht cackled and said she'd never tell. John called the number again and got Faison's voicemail (he identified himself as Duke in the recorded message). John thought about having it traced, but Robert knew it was too late to do that.

Police Station: Dante had an officer pull flight records to try and figure out where Anna and 'Duke' had gone. Michael walked in and shocked Dante by asking him to arrest Sonny. Michael told Dante that Starr convinced him to go talk to Sonny and when he got to the gym, he walked in on Sonny hitting AJ. At first, Dante wasn't concerned, believing AJ could handle himself, but Michael insisted that Sonny had lost it and that it had been bad; he added that AJ had to go to the hospital. Dante sighed and wondered why Sonny would do that. Michael didn't know what lead up to it, only that the ring had been covered in blood. Dante hadn't realized it took place in a boxing ring. He asked if AJ was wearing gloves. Michael admitted that he was, but he didn't think it mattered. Michael maintained that what happened was a beat down, not a match. Dante told Michael he was sorry, but there was nothing the police could do, since AJ agreed to spar. Michael was concerned that Sonny was going to spiral out of control now that he lost Kate and Jason and Bernie were no longer around to be calming influences in his life. Michael knew that at most, Sonny would spend 48 hours in a holding cell if he were arrested. Michael thought it could serve as a wake up call. Dante asked if Michael really wanted to do that to his father. Michael just knew he never wanted to witness Sonny attacking AJ again. Dante maintained that Michael walked in on the tail end of a fight. He told Michael that there were two sides to a story and that for all anyone knew, AJ could have been at fault. Dante asked Michael if he'd come to the station on his own or if AJ had sent him. Michael had done this own his own; AJ didn't know he was there. While Michael explained that he was worried Sonny would try to kill AJ to keep him away from Michael, like he did years ago, Dante walked to the door and looked at the officer assigned to locate Anna. The man hadn't found her. Michael was frustrated, because he didn't think Dante was listening to him. Dante explained that he was swamped with work – the commissioner was missing and they hadn't found Jason's shooter. Dante noticed the look on Michael's face at the mention of Jason's name, and he wondered if Michael was latching onto AJ as a replacement for Jason. Michael was adamant that Jason was irreplaceable. Michael didn't think AJ deserved what Sonny did to him tonight, even if he was as bad as everyone said. Dante didn't like Sonny's temper or his code of ethics, but he reminded Michael that Sonny raised him and loved him. Dante offered to take AJ's statement if Michael really wanted him to, but first he wanted Michael to think about whether he really wanted to have his father arrested. Michael thought about it and decided Dante's time would be better spent on Jason's case. Michael decided to go talk to Sonny himself. Dante knew he couldn't replace Jason, but he wanted to be there for Michael if he needed him. Michael thanked him and promised to think about what he said, then he left. Dante called around to see if anyone had news on Anna.

Hospital: Starr helped a bruised and bloody AJ limp into the hospital. Starr told Elizabeth she'd brought AJ there, because the wait at the emergency room was too long. Liz thought AJ was on house arrest. He told her it had been cleared up. AJ thought it was nice to see her again, but Liz didn't feel the same way about their reunion. Liz lead AJ and Starr into a cubicle and left. Starr commented on AJ's way with people and AJ admitted that he had a lot of amends to make. He groaned and held his ribs as he climbed onto the exam table. AJ sighed that he wished Michael hadn't seen Sonny beating him up. Starr shot him a skeptical look and countered that he wanted to look like an innocent who was being victimized by Sonny. She found it too convenient that Sonny just happened to be beating AJ when she and Michael got there. AJ insisted that he had no way of knowing Michael was going to come into the gym, but Starr remained unconvinced. Starr told AJ she saw through his manipulations, because she had a father with a shady past who used tricks just like the one AJ was using. AJ kept reminding Starr that he didn't know Michael would walk into the gym at that moment. Starr told AJ that Michael just wanted to know him. Starr said Sonny had been very good to Michael and AJ and Michael's relationship shouldn't be built at Sonny's expense. AJ asked Starr why she was defending Sonny after she'd tried to kill him. Starr was taken aback that he knew this. AJ divulged that he'd done his research because she was dating his son. Starr explained that she'd learned that Connie, and not Sonny, was the one who killed her family. AJ was sorry for Starr's loss. AJ told Starr he wasn't Connie or her father; he was just a man who wanted to get to know his son. Liz returned; there was no one else to help, so she was going to patch AJ up. She asked about his insurance card. AJ hadn't had a chance to get his paperwork yet. He offered to pay with cash, then remembered he'd left his wallet in his jacket, which was at the gym. AJ asked Starr to go get it before Sonny set fire to it. She left and Liz mumbled that she wouldn't blame Sonny if he did. AJ asked if she was taking his side. Liz wondered if AJ knew how many people would love to take a crack at him.

As Liz stitched AJ up, she asked how he took care of his charges. She was stunned to hear they'd all been dropped. Liz recalled that her friend and AJ's sister, Emily saw him shoot their father in the back. Liz pointed out that he tried to kill Jason, too. AJ admitted that he'd been messed up, but he was adamant that he'd changed. Liz was aware that AJ had professed to be a changed man on several other occasions. She told him that Emily believed it every time. Liz wondered what made this time any different. AJ suggested that it would be easier on both of them if she found someone else to treat him. Liz agreed that this was a good idea, and she left. She returned later and started getting things set up to treat him. AJ wondered why she was back and Liz said she was just doing her job. AJ didn't blame her for disliking him. Liz didn't think she was in a position to judge. She confessed that she'd done something she was ashamed of before Jason was shot. While Jason forgave Liz, she still felt bad that she'd never have a chance to make things up to him. AJ knew his brother well; he assured Liz that once Jason forgave something he considered the matter closed, so she had nothing to make up for. Liz softened and apologized for being so cold toward AJ. AJ guaranteed Liz that what she did to Jason wasn't as bad as what AJ had done to him. Both AJ and Liz agreed that they missed Jason. AJ showed Liz an old picture of him and Jason together during happier times. AJ recalled that when that picture was taken, he had been staying out of trouble and Jason was thinking about becoming a doctor. AJ regretted that he didn't have the chance to make up for the things he'd done to Jason. Liz revealed that Jason went to AJ's grave and apologized for keeping him away from Michael. AJ was surprised to hear this. Liz said Jason regretted hurting AJ. AJ told Liz to keep the picture. AJ knew that Liz didn't know Jason before the accident. He told her Jason had been a good person and a good brother who deserved a different life. Liz assured AJ that Jason loved the life he had, then she advised AJ to stay away from Sonny.

Manning Enterprises: Connie looked at Sonny's business card and her thoughts drifted back to him telling her he could help her out if she missed being with a man instead of a boy. Todd snapped her back to the present by walking in and bellowing at her to get out of his chair. Connie stuck the card in her bra, then she and Todd bickered for a second about whether the office belonged to him or to both of them. Connie reminded him that he agreed to share the office, meaning the chair was hers, too. She told him she was leaving, then she rushed out. Molly and TJ lurked outside the office and saw Connie leave. TJ wanted to go inside and look for the manuscript, but Molly was nervous about having to deal with Todd. Just as TJ announced that he wasn't afraid of Todd, Todd walked out. He told them they were fired. Todd assumed an agency hired them. TJ and Molly explained that Connie hired them as interns. Todd didn't understand why they'd be willing to work for free, but he was happy to put them to work. TJ said they couldn't start until Todd told them what happened to the manuscript. Todd told them to ask Connie. Molly told Todd that Connie had made some comments that made it clear that she'd been reading the manuscript. TJ and Molly revealed that they were only working there because they wanted to search the office. Todd recalled that Sam did the same thing, and he wondered if anyone worked at ME without an agenda. TJ asked what Todd's agenda was. Todd acknowledged that he didn't care about the manuscript, but he'd tried to hire a PI to find it, because it meant a lot to Starr. Todd asked why they needed that copy so badly and Molly explained that it was the only one left. When Todd refused to let Molly and TJ look for the book, Molly suggested they ask Starr to talk to Todd for them. Todd asked if they were threatening him with his daughter. TJ and Molly kept up the pressure until Todd caved. He told them to ignore any skeletons that belonged to him, then he left for dinner. He was dismayed when he returned and saw the mess TJ and Molly made. Molly was crestfallen because the manuscript wasn't there. TJ figured Connie had hidden it somewhere else. Molly didn't understand why Connie would do that to her, when Molly had never done anything to her. Todd explained that Connie took pleasure in hurting unsuspecting people. Molly thought there must be more to it; she didn't believe anyone was bad enough to hide her book for no reason. “Oh honey. Most people are so much worse” Todd said.

Volonino's gym: Sonny worked out on a punching bag. Shawn wondered if Sonny would have killed AJ if Michael and Starr hadn't walked in. Sonny believed that AJ got what he deserved. Shawn reminded Sonny that it was supposed to be a sparring match and not a fight. Sonny stated that AJ goaded him into it. Sonny thought it was almost as if AJ wanted Sonny to hit him. Sonny admitted that this wasn't the first time Michael had witnessed Sonny lose his temper, but the other times, Sonny had taken it out on inanimate objects, not people. Sonny wondered why AJ claimed there was room in Michael's life for both of them, only to vow to take Michael from Sonny once they entered the ring. Sonny blamed himself for letting AJ get to him. Sonny noted that Michael had just seen him holding Connie captive. Sonny and Shawn couldn't figure out who let AJ into the gym. Sonny asked Shawn to make sure it didn't happen again; he didn't want scum coming in there. Just then, Connie arrived. Shawn offered to escort her out, and Connie threatened press charges for kidnapping if he touched her. Sonny was sure Connie would behave. He surmised that she was there because she was tired of boys and wanted a man. Connie told Shawn to take a walk. He left. Connie was there scouting for a photo shoot. She asked where the owner was, and Sonny revealed that he bought the place a few weeks ago. Connie decided to find another location, but Sonny loved the idea of having hot models lounging around his gym. He told Connie he might even ask one out. Connie said she thought he was hung up on her; then she changed up and said Kate. Sonny said she wasn't interested, so he had to move on. Sonny wondered who the model was. Connie was going to be the model. Connie wanted a hot boxer to pose with her. She gave Sonny a long once over. Sonny told her to use Johnny, but Connie claimed he was busy, then she said he didn't know how to box. Connie asked if Sonny knew of anyone else. Sonny smiled slightly, but pretended not to be interested in the talk. He told her to come by tomorrow when the boxers were there. Connie asked Sonny to pose with her.

Starr arrived at the gym. Shawn was lounging in the doorway. Disgusted, Starr wondered why Connie was there. Starr told Shawn why she was there, and she asked him why Sonny went after AJ. Shawn told her about AJ's trash-talking. Starr wondered if there was any way AJ could have known Michael would be at the gym. Shawn didn't think so, since Sonny wasn't even expecting him. When Starr picked up AJ's jacket, she noticed Sonny's phone sitting on a bench. The phone displayed Michael's text telling Sonny that he was coming to the gym. Starr brought the text to Shawn's attention. Shawn knew Sonny hadn't seen it, but he remembered that AJ had been sitting on the same bench when he put on his gloves. Starr realized she had to go talk to Michael. She left.

Sonny told her it could get kind of crazy and Connie said she'd have her crew to protect her. Sonny leaned in close and talked about the two of them being hot and close together in the ring. He told Connie a lot of things could happen, even Kate's return. Connie whispered that she told him that wasn't happening. Sonny caressed Connie's arm and told her to let her know if she was brave enough to enter the ring with him. Connie got flustered and left. Sonny and Shawn discussed Connie. Sonny revealed that his new plan was working like a charm. Next, Sonny wanted to figure out how to get Michael back. Shawn showed Sonny the text Starr found and said it meant AJ knew Michael was coming. Sonny realized AJ set him up. He wondered how to convince Michael that AJ hadn't changed. Shawn told him that Starr was on her way to tell Michael about the text.

Hospital: Michael arrived and asked Starr how AJ was. Starr said he was getting stitches. Starr was about to tell Michael about the text when AJ joined them. Michael told AJ he talked to Dante. AJ told Michael he appreciated his help, but he'd rather let it go. Michael told AJ he wanted to back him at ELQ, but he couldn't because Carly had control of his shares until he was 25, and she'd never support AJ. AJ took it in stride and said he might be able to win Carly over at some point. AJ still wanted Michael to work with him at ELQ anyway – father and son. Michael accepted his offer. It was clear that Michael was looking forward to it. Starr looked on uneasily as Michael and AJ shook hands.

Liz stood in the dark exam room looking at the picture. Her eyes filled with tears.

Manning Enterprises: Todd gave TJ and Molly a stack of work to do. Molly thanked Todd for letting her search for her book. She didn't think he was as awful as he pretended to be. Todd advised her to stick to fictional people, because real people would only disappoint her. Connie returned and was irritated to find the office a mess. TJ and Molly told her they were looking for the manuscript. Connie asked if they found it and TJ told her she knew they hadn't. Todd told Connie to give Molly a break and return her book. Todd took a phone call, while Connie told the teens that they worked for her, not Todd. He hung up and told them his manuscript was at his publisher's and they wanted to publish it. Molly grinned. Connie had a sly smile.

Police Station: Dante called John and told him Anna was in Lucerne. John was already on it.

Hotel: Anna and Faison were about to take things to the bedroom when there was a knock at the door. Faison figured that was room service. He opened the door and found John and Robert with the room service cart.

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