GH Update Monday 12/10/12

General Hospital Update Monday 12/10/12


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Faison and his helper have the real Duke tied to a chair and have brought him to Anna. He protests that she has made some serious mistakes loving Duke and Robert Scorpio and Luke Spencer. He tells her that he is the only man she could ever love. She gets in his face and tells her that Duke is the only man she could ever love. He tells her she will think differently when Duke is out of the picture.

While Robert Scorpio is in jail, he informs Dante that he knows about the search Luke made to unsuccessfully find Robin for Anna. He talks about how it broke her heart when it appeared they found a patient who looked just like Robin but was not her.

At the police station, Alexis talks to John about how maybe Robert Scorpio is not using good judgment and may be losing it over the grief of losing Robin. He has this idea that some strange man, some villain named Faison is walking around with Duke Scorpio’s face. Hearing that, John indicates that he finds that ridiculous. She tells him that whether he believes it or not, stranger things have happened. John then asks her to name one.

Elizabeth is at the hospital talking to a “star struck” Sabrina who is hoping to become more than friends with Dr. Patrick Drake.

Michael talks to Starr about the dilemma of what to do regarding AJ and Sonny. She tells him that she knows he cannot change either of his “dads” any more than she can change Todd. But, she suggests that maybe men like Sonny and Todd, although powerful, have their weaknesses and need to be reassured that his kids love him. She talks about how her dad is a complete control freak but has sensitivity for the people he loves. He tells her it’s pointless to compare AJ to Sonny. He knows all the trouble AJ has gotten himself into.

Sonny and AJ are at the boxing arena where Sonny talks about how the only reason AJ is Michaels’ father is due to getting Carly pregnant many years ago when he was drunk and did not remember it. He asks AJ when he’s going to stop blaming everyone else for his own problems and grow up. AJ then tells Sonny he's right. Maybe it’s time to step up to the plate and be a man and confront Sonny by telling him that he has the right to be a father to his son. Maybe there’s room in Michael’s life for both of them.

At the boxing arena, AJ talks to Sonny about how he remembers doing a little sparring back in the days. Shawn stands by Sonny who is confident that AJ will lose and be afraid to challenge him. But AJ faces him and says he’s ready to do it.

Elizabeth tells Sabrina that she remembers a woman named Lucy who used to flirt and do strip teases in order to raise money at balls. She would auction off her clothes and made a lot of money. Sabrina wants to find a way to reach Lucy Coe although Elizabeth tells her that nobody has seen or heard from Lucy in a long time.

Dante asks Robert if he really believes that Faison would know how to impersonate Duke. He sounds like he wants to listen but reminds Robert that he’s a cop and needs evidence. Robert reminds Dante that while he (himself) is stuck in jail, time is running out while Anna is in danger. Dante appears like he senses that something is going on and Robert is truly on to something.

Faison gets ready to shoot Duke who is bound and gagged. Anna asks him if he thinks that killing Duke will make her love him. He tells her love comes in many different ways.

Alexis goes to talk to Robert telling him that if he uses his old tricks to find his ex-wife, he will be in serious trouble. He tells her he knows that and asks if she has any better idea. She tells him that is the reason he’s going to do exactly as she says. She will represent him and help him but they have to do things her way.

Faison and his helper are ready to shoot Duke when Anna attempts to wrestle the gun out of his hands. But at that point, they inject her with a needle and she passes out on the floor.

While in the hospital locker room talking about Lucy Coe, Felix overhears Sabrina and Elizabeth, reveals he knows her and that he might be able to find her.

Sonny and Shawn wait while AJ gets suited up and ready to fight. Shawn warns Sonny that maybe he should not be so confident. AJ might be able to win. AJ notices a text on his phone from Michael informing him that he is getting to the gym soon because they need to talk.

John, Dante, Alexis and Robert try to get a hold of Anna and are suspicious that she cannot be found.

Duke confronts Faison for what he is doing while Anna is passed out. Faison protests that he had to do what he did for a reason. He has to prove himself to Anna. Duke then urgently calls out to Anna, asking if she can hear him and protesting that he loves her. But she does not awaken and we only hear a gunshot fired.

AJ gets into the ring appearing to be just as confident as Sonny. Shawn warns them both that he wants a good clean fight. They start sparring and both of their minds are focused on their argument about the competition of being a father to Michael.

Robert goes with John and Dante into Anna’s office. Both cops admit that they are leaving urgent messages yet not hearing from Anna. Robert then tells them this can only mean that she’s up on the mountain with that crazy and dangerous man.

Faison holds his gun and unties Duke who tells him he better give up on Anna. She will never do what Faison wants. But Faison is confident that they are both at his desperate mercy.

The guy in the hospital locker room informs Sabrina that, like her, he is a starving nursing student who desperately makes money. So he sells Cocoa cosmetics that are owned by Lucy Coe. He knows her and might be able to find her. But he asks what is in it for him if he does.

AJ tells Sonny that he is determined to get back everything that was taken from him. And when he gets done, Sonny will have nothing. Everybody will know that Sonny is not better than him and is only a piece of garbage. Michael enters and rushes to break up their fight, afraid that one or both of them could get injured and knowing they are both ready to hurt each other.

Sabrina asks the nursing student what it would take for him to connect her to Lucy Coe. Felix replies artistic control of the ball. Elizabeth protests that they should work together since they all want to raise funds for charity. But Sabrina listens while he tells her just what he wants and arranges to find Lucy and arrange the ball.

Michael and Starr rush into the boxing arena to see Sonny assault AJ. Noticing his bio dad with cuts on his face and injured, Michael furiously confronts Sonny and tells him there’s no excuse for that. And he declares he does not know Sonny anymore.

At the police station, Robert tells John that he knows John used to work for the FBI and believes that he’s a better cop, more ethical and more highly skilled. But, he tells John, perhaps this is his chance to prove what he’s really made of and put his skills to the test. They need to find Anna.

Duke manages to take Faison’s gun and shoot him. He revives Anna, assures her that Faison is dead and they need not worry. But they are still both a bit worried.

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