GH Update Friday 12/7/12

General Hospital Update Friday 12/7/12


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

Sabrina speaks to herself in the locker room, looking in the mirror as she is giving herself a pep talk as a shirtless Patrick walks in behind her. She stops and turns to look at him.

In the office of Manning Enterprises, Todd is talking to someone on the phone, trying to settle an incident where he apparently threw coffee at someone. There is a knock at the door as he finishes his call and hangs up. He turns to find Carly there.

In his apartment, Michael is finishing a call, asking for a call back to let him know if something works as Starr is on her computer. Starr asks him what he is talking about. Michael is reluctant to tell Starr because he doesn't want to jinx it but she coaxes him to tell her what it is. He tells her that its possible that AJ could go free.

At the PCPD, Tracy approaches John McBain and is about to discuss something with him when AJ and Diane approach. AJ tells Tracy that if she's there to watch him get taken to prison, he thinks she's going to be disappointed. Diane tells AJ not to get ahead of himself. Tracy says that while she would love to see AJ go to prison, she's there for another reason: she wants to see Robert Scorpio.

In his cell, Robert tells someone who walks in that he's glad that he came. Dante tells Robert that he has other cases to tend to. Robert tells Dante how dangerous a situation Anna is in and how her life is on the line because she's with Faison.

In Switzerland, Anna and Faison are getting settled into their hotel suite. Anna is pensive as Duke asks her what is wrong. She tells him how the last time she was in Switzerland was when Heather told her that Robin was alive there. Faison apologizes and says he shouldn't have taken her there. She tells him it's ok. She says she thought they were going somewhere else and asks why they are in Switzerland. Faison flashes back to his conversation with Dr. Obrecht when he told her that Anna needs to see that Faison and Duke are two different people. Present day, he tells Anna that they are there because the food and the skiing are better than in the Catskills. He says besides, he's not welcome in the states anymore. When Anna asks what happened, he tells her that Faison is not welcome in Port Charles anymore.

Sabrina tells Patrick hello and walks away to stand around the corner so that she doesn't stare at him. She tells him that it's a surprise to see him. Patrick teases her and tells her because its weird to run into someone you work with. She continues to avoid looking at him, telling him that he's half naked. Patrick tells her that she's near his locker and she moves away from his locker. Patrick asks her if she's ok. She says she is but still looks away from him. She tells him that she has a meeting with Todd Manning. She says that he could be their last hope. Patrick asks why she didn't ask him to go with her. She thought he would be busy & thought it might be a waste of time, but he says that he's free for the day and would love to go with her...and that nothing with the nurses' ball is a waste of time. Sabrina and Patrick agree that they make a good team. Patrick says that Todd Manning isn't going to know what hit him. Around the corner, Britt is shown to be listening in.

Carly gives Todd some black coffee she brought him. She apologizes about the Blair thing and tells him that he can like who he wants and go out with whomever he wants. She says that she was just in a bad mood and took it out on him. Todd asks why she was in a bad mood. She said it's because of Michael.

Michael explains to Starr that AJ and Diane are meeting with the ADA to discuss a plea bargain because AJ has information on a serious criminal that the authorities want more than they want AJ. He also comments on how Diane is the best at making deals, too. Starr asks if Diane was Michael's attorney when he went to prison. He says she was but tells her that it wasn't Diane's fault since he confessed and there was nothing Diane could do. Starr says that now she understands why Michael is so worries about AJ going to prison. It's because Michael knows what it's like. He confesses to her that the memories of prison sometimes come back to him. He says when he thinks about his life now, he realizes that it is better than he ever thought it would be and it's thanks to Starr. Michael kisses her.

Tracy asks AJ where Michael is. AJ tells her that he doesn't know. Tracy tells him that perhaps his "victim act" wasn't as successful as AJ wanted it to be. He tells her that building a relationship takes time. Tracy asks AJ if Michael knows that or if he figured out how bad AJ is. She tells him that he's going to fit right in at Pentonville. She tells him that there is nothing she'd like more than to see AJ in Pentonville because he shot Alan in the back. She says she wants him there before he and Skye can do any damage to ELQ. AJ tells her that he and Skye have a plan to save ELQ from Tracy. Diane interrupts them and tells them that the ADA is ready for her and AJ. She asks if Tracy wasn't looking for Robert Scorpio. Tracy says she was and goes to tell John that she's still waiting. McBain says that he's busy and asks an officer to escort Tracy to Robert's cell. John returns to his desk where Diane introduces AJ to John and tells AJ that she understands that John will be at their meeting with the ADA. John tells them that yes, he will be sitting in. Diane tells John that she hopes he is ready to deal because what AJ has to offer shouldn't sit on the table too long.

Dante explains to Robert that the DA is backed up. Robert asks Dante to call in a favor or something to get him out of there. Dante says that he tried to but Robert has to wait his turn. Robert tells Dante to remember what Lulu said about Faison and Anna going on a ski trip. Dante tells him that it's too late...Faison and Anna are gone.

Anna asks why he would say that, that there's nothing remotely funny about Faison...not even his hair. Faison apologizes and says that he was just trying to make fun of Robert and his claims and paranoia. Anna asks if it is not outside the realm of possibility. She asks what if Faison is still alive.

Patrick and Sabrina get ready to go meet with Todd as Patrick finishes dressing. Britt steps around the corner, saying she needs to speak with Patrick. Patrick tells her that he and Sabrina are about to leave. Britt asks if it could wait because she needs a consult on a case and the patient is having a tough time. Patrick tells her that they are meeting with a potential backer for the Nurses' Ball and it probably can't be rescheduled because Todd is a busy man. Britt pushes on about how important her consult is. Sabrina tells them that she was prepared to meet with Todd alone anyway so she'll do the best she can. Patrick tells her that he has confidence in her and she leaves to meet Patrick.

Todd guesses that Carly is upset because Michael is mad at her and won't return her calls. She says that he's right. She tells him how when she's upset, she lets people know about it while Michael keeps quiet because he's used to being a peacemaker and wants everyone to be happy. She blames AJ for her rift with Michael and she's worried she's losing Michael. Todd shares with Carly how Starr behaves when she's upset with him, saying she writes him off and stops talking to him but he always wins her back. Carly asks how he does it. He tells her that he has "Good Todd" beg for forgiveness when "Bad Todd" screws up. Todd tells Carly to go talk to Michael. He tells her to say she was wrong and apologize. Carly says she isn't sorry. Todd tells her that she should get used to distance between her and Michael, then. He tells her that its their job to make their kids feel safe. Carly tells Todd that Jason would tell her to be honest. Todd says to look where that got her. He says he has a hard time believing that there's anyone who wouldn't forgive her.

Michael and Starr are still making out until Michael stops and apologizes to Starr. He said they promised to wait until it felt right. Starr wondered if it didn't feel right just now. Michael is worried he's pressuring her. She tells him it's what she wants. Michael says it's what he wants, too and he kisses her again.

Diane tells John that the deal they have to offer is one that the city cannot afford to not take. The ADA walks in and John says for her to tell the ADA. The ADA thinks that AJ is there to confess, but Diane says that's not what they're there for. The ADA tells her no confession, no deal. Diane warns him to not be hasty. She tells him that AJ has information that the government would want and he is willing to give it if all of the charges are dismissed. The ADA wants the case to go to trial and he has signed statements that AJ shot Alan in the back. John wants to know what kind of information AJ has. Diane tells them that they are certainly aware of the FBI's top ten most wanted list. AJ shows John a photo of Faison on his phone and asks where Faison fits in on that list.

Robert tells Dante to get him out of jail. Dante says that the DA's backed up but he will see what he can do. He leaves as Tracy arrives to see Robert. Tracy says she wasn't sure she was going to come but he mentioned Luke. She wants to know where Luke is. Robert tells her he's in Turkey. Tracy wants more details. Robert tells her that he is in Turkey handling a situation and that he (Robert) is handling Anna. Tracy guesses by Robert being in jail that Anna wasn't happy about it. Robert tells her that Anna had him arrested for breaking into Duke's apartment. Tracy says that he had a lifetime as a secret agent and must be slipping. Robert admits that desperation makes him sloppy. He needed to find proof. Tracy asks what he needed proof of. Robert tells her to brace herself.

Anna says that Robert could be right. Faison could be alive as he's cheated death before. Faison tells her that isn't proof that he is alive. Anna says that it's a reminder for her to keep her eyes open and that she's trained not to overlook any possibility and she won't. Faison reminds her that he was in love with her. Anna says that Faison was obsessed with her. Faison asks that if he was alive and loved her, wouldn't he have come to her by now. Anna says maybe but the thought of Faison being alive is unsettling to her. Faison suggests Anna not think about it. Anna says it's hard because she almost lost everything because of Faison. Faison suggests she go unpack and they will see each other in a little while in a little while. She agrees and goes to her room to unpack. On the way out, she asks that they not talk about Faison anymore. She leaves and Faison locks the door before calling out to someone that they can come out now. Dr. Obrecht comes in from the next room as Faison removes his mask.

Patrick looks over the file that Britt had given to him and says that if the levels hold up, surgery isn't necessary. He says it wasn't that dire. Britt apologizes and tells him she was probably just over thinking things. Patrick says that's not always a bad thing with a patient. He says that the good news is that he still has time to make the meeting with Sabrina. Britt tells him that she wouldn't do that if she were him. He asked why.

Patrick is on the phone discussing a former assistant as Sabrina arrives and knocks on the door. Todd starts to ask her questions, assuming that she is there to become his assistant. Sabrina agrees to do the filing and copying he handed her and asks if they can talk about the Nurses' Ball when she's done. He tells her probably not and she reminds him that they had an appointment. Todd thinks the appointment is for him to break her in as an assistant. He starts to tell her what he expects from his assistant. Sabrina tells him that she's a student nurse, there to discuss the Nurses' Ball with him.

Michael and Starr continue making out and decide to go to Michael's room. They are on the way there when a knock at the door interrupts them and Carly calls out to him. Michael suggests ignoring her and she'll go away. Carly continues on about Michael not taking her calls. Michael asks Starr to get the door while he gets dressed. She opens the door to Carly who is surprised to see her there. Starr invites her in. Carly asks if Michael is there. Starr says he is but he's getting ready for his day. Starr calls out to Michael who walks in. Starr leaves them to talk privately. Carly says that she's been calling Michael. Michael says he's been busy. Carly tells Michael that she's sorry she called the police on AJ. She says that he asked for time with AJ and she should have respected his wishes. She apologizes to him again and asks for forgiveness.

Diane tells the ADA that his case may not be as solid as he thinks as some of his witnesses are dead. Dante walks in and AJ objects to his being there because he's Sonny's son. Diane mentions that Dante does have a conflict of interest since his father has a vendetta against AJ. The ADA asks if she wants to grandstand or deal. Dante wants to know what deal they are talking about. John tells him that they are discussing dropping all the charges against AJ and Dante is upset by this. AJ tells Dante that he is a petty criminal compared to Faison. AJ shows Dante the photo. Dante thinks it is photoshopped and AJ points out the timestamp on the photo. Diane says that their tech department is welcome to examine it for authenticity once a deal is made. Diane tells her how huge busting Faison would be for the department and asks if they prefer to have AJ or Faison.

Robert tells Tracy that Luke told him if he got into trouble, Tracy would help him. Tracy says that its just look trying to use her second hand. Robert tells her how mortified he was when he heard that Luke and Anna hooked up and how he always thought Anna would do better than Luke. Tracy says that she isn't going to talk to him about the two of them if he wants to discuss Luke and Anna. Tracy recalls the evidence Robert has that Faison is alive. Robert thinks that Tracy is going to call him crazy. Tracy tells him that Luke trusts him so if he says that Faison is still alive, they need to stop him before he kills someone else. Robert looks pleased by this.

Dr. Obrecht tells Faison that bringing "that woman" to Switzerland was a huge risk. Faison is unhappy with how she talks about Anna and tells her to show Anna respect and courtesy, then tells her not to question his judgment. Dr. Obrecht tells him that she trusts him implicitly but tells him how dangerous it is to bring Anna there. Faison says that Robert forced him to take a calculated risk to make Anna his.

Britt tells Patrick that she knows that he is fond of Sabrina and so is she, but taking the meeting with Todd alone is what she needs to boost her confidence. Patrick tells her that she underestimates Sabrina and says that she's very determined. Britt agrees that Sabrina is determined. Patrick says that he is Sabrina's partner and should be at the meeting with her, then leaves to catch up with Sabrina.

Todd asks about nurses having balls. Sabrina says they do and tells him how it used to be the biggest event of the year. She then shows him the Nurses' Ball scrapbook, telling him how people would sing and dance for charity. Todd realizes that Sabrina isn't kidding. Todd wonders why the best and brightest would perform. Sabrina explains the how the Nurses' Ball became so important, then became personal when someone close to the hospital community was diagnosed HIV positive. Todd asks why that one person didn't just have a ball. Sabrina tells him how she died. She tells him how good the Nurses' Ball will make everyone feel and how they can raise a lot of money for a good cause. She tells Todd that they just need an underwriter and how she hopes it will be him.

Michael tells Carly it's not a matter of forgiving her because he does. He needs her to understand why he needs to help AJ. He tells her that AJ asked him to join the board of ELQ and plans to speak to his faculty advisor and then juggle work and school like a lot of people do. Carly reminds him how he hated working at ELQ before and couldn't wait to get out. Michael tells her things have changed. Carly tells him not to make a job commitment when AJ could be going to prison. Michael says AJ may not and if he doesn't Michael wants to work at ELQ. He wants to know that Carly is ok with that. Carly says she's not ok with it. She thinks that Michael is making a huge mistake. Michael tells her that she's not going to get in his way. Carly says she is definitely getting in his way.

John says that information on Faison is no good without contacts and location. AJ says he can provide that. Diane insists that he will only with a deal. Dante tries to convince AJ to give the information even without the deal, telling him that it would restore his reputation. Diane tells Dante that a cleaned up reputation is no good to AJ in prison. The ADA asks John and Dante to step outside with him. The ADA is concerned about press reaction to letting a Quartermaine go free. Dante tells him that Robert Scorpio has stories about Faison and John tells him that in his opinion, Faison is a bigger threat than AJ. Diane steps out to tell them that she is sure that the Justice Department will grant immunity if they don't, so the triumph could go to the Justice Department or the PCPD, it's their choice.

Tracy tells Robert that finding a judge shouldn't be a problem and that bail shouldn't be too high. Robert tells her that he can't even get a hearing. Tracy tells him that hopefully the DA's office is working hard to put AJ in prison. Robert wants the DA's office to put AJ's case aside just long enough to let him out because every second Anna is with Faison keeps her in danger.

Faison asks Dr. Obrecht if all of the arrangements have been made. She says they have but there's still time to change things. They are interrupted by Anna knocking on the door and calling out to Duke. Faison gestures for Dr. Obrecht to be quiet.

Carly tells Michael that she's not going to let him make the mistake of throwing in with AJ. Michael reminds her that AJ is his father. Carly insists that AJ isn't his father in any way that counts. Michael tells Carly that it's for him to decide. Carly suggests lunch with AJ, not working with him. Michael says that Carly wants him to cut AJ out of his life but it's not what he wants. Carly tells Michael how AJ will use bribes and manipulation to get to him. Michael tells her that if that's true, he needs to figure it out for himself. Carly asks if AJ mentioned any plans to him and guesses that his first plan is to force Tracy out so he can be CEO. She continues to try to convince him that AJ is using him. Michael tells her that AJ has his support. She tells him that she controls his shares of ELQ until he's 25 and she will not let him vote on AJ's side. She says that AJ will run ELQ into the ground and the shares will be worthless. Michael asks if that's her excuse of an apology. Carly says that she apologizes for calling the police on AJ but not for keeping him from siding with AJ. She tells him that if he finishes college and then decides to work at ELQ, she won't stand in his way, but not before. Michael tells Carly to take the shares and leave. Carly can't believe Michael doesn't see what is going on. Michael tells her they had their fight, she won, he lost now leave. Carly leaves. Starr returns and comments on how well that conversation went.

Sabrina asks Todd if they have his support. He says no. When she asks why, Todd says that AIDS is so 90s. He says if people get AIDS now, they take a cocktail. Sabrina tells him how wrong he is as Patrick arrives and listens from outside the office. She starts to quote statistics to Todd regarding the number of people who contract and die from AIDS. He says that he didn't know that. Sabrina asks if he changed his mind. She tells him that he can't be that heartless. Todd says he isn't heartless, he's broke. He tells her that Jerry Jacks and his ransom broke him, so he can't underwrite the ball. Sabrina tells him how foolish he is and how the ball will happen without him, how wonderful it will be and how they will pay tribute to Robin. She heads out and Todd stops her. He tells her that he has one thing that he really really needs copied. Sabrina tells him to make his own copies and leaves. As she walks past Patrick, he apologizes for being late. Sabrina says that she's sorry, too, because he may have been able to help get the funding. As they get on the elevator, Patrick tells him how proud he is of her and how Robin would be, too.

AJ signs paperwork and Diane congratulates him on becoming a free man. John says he's not free yet. He asks where Faison is. AJ tells him that Faison is in Switzerland.

Anna continues to call out to Duke. Dr. Obrecht asks Faison what they should do. Anna calls out that she's jet lagged and is going to take a nap. She hears a sound from inside the suite and calls out to Duke in concern.

Back at the hospital, Sabrina is concerned because Todd was the last one-percenter to turn her down. She doesn't know what else to do. Patrick assures her that the ball will happen because of Sabrina. He has faith in her. He leaves her and Britt walks in. She tells Sabrina she overheard and is sorry that Sabrina didn't get the funding. As Britt leaves, she looks through the scrapbook commenting how there has got to be someone who can help her save the ball. She looks at a photo of Lucy and says maybe she can.

Carly goes back to Todd and tells him what happened at Michael's apartment. She tells Todd her reaction to Michael's announcement that he is going to work at ELQ. Todd guesses how Michael responded to Carly's response. Carly tells him that "Good Carly" is no match for "Bad Carly."

Michael's cell phone rings at his apartment. Diane shares the news with Michael that AJ has been cleared of all charges.

AJ is on his way out of the PCPD when Tracy calls out that AJ is escaping. AJ tells her that he's a free man and that all charges have been dropped. Tracy says that is not possible. AJ tells her how they PCPD found someone they want more than they want AJ and says he will see her in the boardroom.

Dante goes to Robert's cell where Robert asks if there is any news of his arraignment. Dante says no but tells him that AJ backed his story and said that Faison is in Switzerland.

Anna calls out for Duke to open the door. She tries to break the door down when her cell phone rings. She shuts off her cell phone and John is shown leaving a message for Anna, telling her that Faison is alive. She breaks into Faison's suite and searches for him. She hears the door close behind her and turns around to see Faison standing there.

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