GH Update Thursday 12/6/12

General Hospital Update Thursday 12/6/12


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

Molly and TJ go to Manning Enterprises to ask Todd for Molly's manuscript. Todd tells them that he can't give it to them because it's gone. He tells them to ask Connie what she knows about it. Molly asks her if she took the manuscript and Connie insists she's never heard of it as the manuscript is shown in her purse.

Starr tells Johnny that he has lost everyone that he loves. She wants to know what kind of life that is and what Connie has on him. He tells her that Connie knows about something he did. Starr pushes, asking what he did. Johnny tells her that it's bad, that it's the worst thing imaginable.

Maxie is at Kelly's when Spinelli arrives. He tells her that seeing her is a pleasant surprise. She wants to know who it is pleasant for. Spinelli asks her how her first appointment for her surrogacy went. She asks him how he thinks it went and why he cares.

Lulu arrives at the Metro Court where Olivia is working. Olivia turns around and has a vision of Lulu with a puppy in a baby carrier. Lulu asks her what is wrong.

Dante welcomes John McBain to the PCPD. John comments on Dante being stuck with him as a partner and then apologizes for Anna not asking for Dante's input. Dante said it's fine and that he is all for having John as a partner. Dante is concerned that being a detective with the PCPD will feel below what John is used to being. John says it isn't true and that he is happy to be there. Dante promises that the job won't be boring, that they never know what will come through the door. An angry Robert is brought in by two officers, insisting that they have the wrong guy.

Anna is looking at the sketch of Faison as Duke asks if Robert honestly expected her to believe that he is Faison. Anna says that Robert was adamant about it. Faison tells Anna that it is impossible and she says she knows, but is clearly distracted and considering it. Faison asks if she regrets having Robert arrested.

Dante asks one of the officers arresting Robert what is going on. The officer tells him that he was arrested for breaking and entering with intent into the home of Duke Lavery. He says that Anna busted him and called. Dante tells the officer that he'll take over. Robert tells the cop that he knows that the cop is doing his job and then tells Dante that he has to understand that Anna made a mistake. Dante tells Robert that he needs to understand that he is in a lot of trouble. John joins the two and asks what is going on. Robert tells him that it's a private conversation but Dante introduces Robert and John to each other. John knows Robert as a legend in the intelligence community. Robert asks John about his experience in intelligence. John explains that he was in the FBI for twelve years and that Anna was his mentor at one point. Robert tells him that he trained with the best and then tells the two of them that they need to be worried about Anna. John tells Robert to explain. Dante stops Robert before he can start and asks Robert if he's lost his mind.

Anna tells Faison that Robert knows what he did, he knows the law and he knows the consequences. She tells him that she wouldn't blame him for taking out a restraining order. Faison tells her that he doesn't think that will be necessary. He thinks that after a night in jail, Robert will realize that he can't come between them. Anna says he is obviously not Faison in disguise, that it's impossible for him to be. Faison tells her that Robert is desperate but he can't harm them, especially there in his room. Faison then surprises Anna with a ski trip. He tells her that she knows she wants to go. Anna tells him that a ski trip is exactly what she needs. She agrees to go with him.

Spinelli tells Maxie that they agreed to respect each other's choices: Maxie's to carry a baby and his to choose Ellie. He then apologizes for mentioning choosing Ellie. He tells her that it's what they agreed to. Maxie says they did and tells him to shut up. Spinelli says he was merely asking how she is. Ellie walks in just in time to hear Spinelli tell Maxie that he cares about her and always will.

Lulu tells Olivia that she is seeing something again and wants to know what. Olivia tries to cool down with some ice and tells Lulu she saw a mouse. Lulu calls her on the lie, telling her she knows that Olivia saw something and she wants to know what she saw. Olivia tells Lulu she doesn't know what Lulu is talking about. Lulu tells her that she knows that Olivia saw the same thing she saw the other day and that's why she said "not again". Olivia tries to tell Lulu that it doesn't matter, but Lulu tells her it does to her. Olivia tells Lulu that she saw her with a baby, but it was a baby dog.

Connie closes her purse as Molly suggests retracing their steps to find the manuscript. She tells Todd that Starr gave it to him to read but before he could read it, it was gone. He says that yes, it was gone and so his he as he grabs his phone and heads out. He tells Molly, TJ and Connie to work it out amongst themselves. Molly implores Connie if she knows where the manuscript is to tell her. Connie says she already told her she doesn't know and asks why she would be interested in a teeny bopper fish out of water story. Molly asks how she knew what the book is about. Connie tells her that she knew from the title "Love in Maine". She tells Molly that it's what the kids are reading now anyway and tells her she doesn't read books without sex in them. She asks Molly if there is sex in her book and Molly says there isn't. Connie says then she wouldn't be interested in it and she's too busy running a magazine for it anyway. She tells Molly she may want to consider looking at her magazine. TJ suggests that maybe Connie saw the book lying around and moved it, then tells her that its important that they find it. Molly tells Connie that the copy they gave Todd is her only copy.

Starr tells Johnny that he owes her an explanation as to why he married the woman who killed Cole and Hope. Johnny tells her that he wishes he could tell her why. Starr urges him to tell her and promises to try to understand. He tells her that she won't understand this. Starr knows that deep down Johnny is a good guy but he tells her that he is not. He tells Starr that he is just as bad as the rest of his family and maybe worse. Starr says that he's acting like he killed someone and realizes that he did kill someone. Johnny tries to get Starr to leave but she refuses to go. Starr says that she thinks she knows who he killed. Starr says she should have figured it out and knew that he was a suspect all along, but she couldn't believe he would kill his own grandfather. She asks if he killed his grandfather. Johnny says that the cops blamed Heather Webber for his death, but Starr says Heather never went to trial for it and she thinks the case is still open. Johnny tells Starr that Connie's blackmail has nothing to do with his grandfather's death. He says that killing his own grandfather would make no sense. Starr says that it would a little if it was because of Anthony's part in Cole and Hope's death.

Connie asks if Molly really doesn't have another copy of the book. Molly tells her she did print out a copy. TJ adds that it's gone and that it was his fault. Connie asks if she saved the book on her computer or maybe typed it on a typewriter. Molly says she accidentally overwrote the file on her computer. Connie laughs and TJ tells Connie it isn't funny, that the book meant a lot to Molly. Connie tells Molly that she's young and has time to write another book. Molly tells her that it wouldn't be like this because this book was a labor of love. TJ tells her that the manuscript has to be around the office somewhere and he starts to look around.

Ellie says hello to Maxie and Spinelli. Spinelli tells Ellie that he was asking how Maxie's first appointment went and he got chewed out for no reason. Ellie tells him that there actually is a reason. Maxie asks what that could be. Spinelli tells Ellie that it might be wise to stay clear of Maxie as she is still hurt that he chose Ellie and not her. Ellie says that she wasn't referring to their relationship. Maxie asks what she was referring to. Ellie says that she saw the lab reports and saw that Maxie and Lulu had their first hormone injections. Maxie accuses Ellie of stalking her. Spinelli reminds Maxie that Ellie is a lab technician and that it was her job. Ellie then tells Maxie about what hormones can do to someone, including making them emotional. Maxie insists that she is not emotional then loses it over the sugar container being out of sugar and shouts for some sugar.

Lulu is crying with Olivia, afraid that Maxie is going to give birth to a dog. Olivia assures Lulu that Maxie giving birth to a dog is physically impossible. Lulu is worried that the baby will be ugly. Olivia tells her that is impossible, too. Lulu wants to know why she would have a vision of a puppy. Olivia guesses that the baby will be cute and cuddly like a puppy then tells Lulu that her visions aren't always accurate. Lulu says they are. Olivia said upsetting her is why she didn't want to tell her about the vision. Lulu tells Olivia that it's not her, it's the hormones. Olivia tells Lulu she needs to concentrate on getting ready for the baby, not listening to her ramblings. She suggests that Lulu go clean up and Lulu apologizes for crying before she goes to clean up. Anna walks in and tells Olivia that she is glad Olivia is there. Olivia asks what she can help with. Anna says she wants to talk about the sketch of Faison.

Dr. Obrecht enters Faison's apartment, telling him she noticed that he outmaneuvered Robert as she saw him being led away in handcuffs. Faison tells her that he did but Robert still had a chance to tell Anna who he really is. Dr. Obrecht asks how Anna took it. Faison tells her that Anna thought he was crazy and insane with grief. He says that Anna is the one who called the police. Faison tells her that Robert won't let him keep Anna. He's going to have to take her.

Robert tells Dante that he thought Dante believed him about Duke. Dante says he does but then he also told Robert to wait for him at his apartment and not to go after Duke alone. Robert asks Dante how he's going to get proof that Duke is Faison. Faison's name gets John's attention. Dante asks John if he knows Faison.

Starr tells Johnny that he knows that Anthony wasn't directly responsible for the accident but he did run her off the road because he was running, thanks to his ties to Sonny and that's why Connie shot out his tires. She says that when she asked Anthony for help, he just left them and that she told Johnny this. She tells him that he took her loss personally and reminds him how angry he was with Anthony. Johnny says that as much as he'd like to pin everything on Anthony, she's got it all wrong. She says she knows that it was Connie's fault and the lines could get blurred but Johnny can't confess, she doesn't want him to do that. She tells him that if this is true, he must be going through hell. Johnny tells her that she has no idea.

Connie stops TJ from looking around and tells Molly and TJ if she finds it, she will let them know but she doesn't think she will because Todd keeps moving things around. Molly asks if Connie doesn't have people to help her keep track of things. Connie says she has tried to hire an assistant but since she works with Todd and Kate has a reputation for being difficult, she has a hard time hiring someone. Molly offers herself and TJ as interns to Kate. TJ protests because he's a guy and Connie comments that he's a cute guy. Molly asks if that means she and TJ are hired.

Maxie tells Ellie and Spinelli that maybe she is on edge and she could have spoken too harshly. Ellie tells Spinelli that her advice is not to take anything personally because it's the hormones. Spinelli agrees that it must be the hormones. Todd walks into Kelly's and wants to speak with Spinelli. Todd asks if Spinelli is a P.I. and says he wants to hire Spinelli.

Olivia asks Anna where she got the sketch of Faison. Anna tells her that she got it from Robert and asks if that's the face she saw when she looked at Duke. Olivia says it is. Anna wants to know if Robert made any suggestions or mentioned any features to help Elizabeth draw the sketch. Olivia says she did all of the talking and that is who she saw. Anna comments that it's really him. Olivia swears that the sketch is the spitting image of what she saw when she looked at Duke. Anna says that she doesn't understand hallucinations and asks Olivia if that's the face she saw when she looked at Duke, does that mean that they are the same man?

John tells Robert and Dante that Faison was one of the most wanted at the Bureau until he supposedly died. Robert insists that Faison is not dead. John asks if he knows that for a fact. Robert says he just talked to him. He says that Faison is alive and well and living with another man's face. John asks if he told Anna. Robert says that's what got him arrested. Anna doesn't believe him. Robert tells Dante and John that he needs them on his side and he needs to get out of there before Faison hurts Anna or worse.

Faison says that Robert is always showing up where he is not wanted. He says he had to change his plans once already when Robin figured him out. Dr. Obrecht tells him that bringing Robin home alive would have made him a hero. Faison says he could have left Robin where she was. He says he didn't even need Robin but he didn't realize that Anna's attraction to Duke was so strong. He could have won Anna over on his (and Duke's) own merits. Faison says that Anna agreed to go away with him but Robert must be stopped. Dr. Obrecht asks if Robert must die. Faison says that as tempting as that is, no. He has a more effective plan in mind.

Connie tells Molly that they don't want to be interns because interns don't get paid. Molly says that's ok with her. TJ tells Molly that he's not working for free. Molly steps on his foot and tells him to not think of it as work. TJ asks what he should think of it as. She tells him she doesn't know, maybe community service. Molly tells him that they can use the internship to fulfill the required hours for school. Connie interrupts as Molly tries to convince TJ to be an intern with her to tell them that they are her interns and they can start tomorrow. Molly wants to start right away but Connie insists that it be tomorrow. She throws them out of her office. Connie goes back to her office, takes the manuscript out of her purse and says that by tomorrow the manuscript will be gone, too.

Ellie says she's glad that they got everything out into the open about Maxie's feelings for Spinelli. She asks if refocusing he energy on helping Dante and Lulu is working. Maxie tells her that she's not helping them to get her mind off of Spinelli. Ellie says that what she is trying to say is coming out wrong. She tells Maxie how wonderful what she is doing is. She tells Maxie that its going to be difficult for Maxie and that she will need people to turn to. She says she would like to be one of those people. She said it's preferable to being rivals. Maxie asks how they can be rivals when Ellie already won...then tells her it's the hormones talking.

Spinelli asks why Todd wants to hire him. Todd tells him about Molly's missing manuscript that he needs found. Spinelli asks if the book was by a famous writer and if it was valuable. Todd says no on both counts and says that he needs it found because he promised Starr he'd read it and he'd do anything for her.

Starr tells Johnny that she knew it had to be big for him to do what he did to her and to Carly. Johnny tells her he didn't want to marry Connie, that it ripped his heart out to marry her. Starr says that she thinks she understands why but Johnny tells her that she doesn't and that's not even close. Starr then confesses that she doesn't understand, that there has to be something else. Johnny says that Starr is being way too easy on him. Starr tells him that some things aren't as black and white as they seem. She tells him that she won't press him anymore and they don't have to talk about it ever again if he doesn't want to. Johnny tells her he doesn't do much talking these days anyway. Starr tells him that it's a good start. She goes to leave and picks up her CD, then comments on how they made a good team. Johnny agrees with her. Starr leaves Johnny alone in his home.

Faison says who knows how many people have heard Robert's story and maybe he's under investigation now. He needs Anna to see that Duke and Faison are two different people. He knows how to make that happen but he needs the doctor's help.

Anna asks Olivia if some of her visions come true. Olivia says almost all of them, but they don't always make sense until later. She tells Anna about seeing her future grandchild as a dog for example. Olivia encourages Anna to take her visions with a grain of salt. Anna says none of it makes her feel any better about having Robert arrested. Lulu returns in time to hear this and asks Anna if she said she had Robert arrested.

Robert reminds Dante of the cigarillo he found. John comments that they now have the sketch of Olivia's vision and a cigarette butt. Robert asks Dante if John is always like this. Dante says he doesn't know, it's their first day as partners. Robert tells them that they have Olivia and her visions. He says that Olivia is a true psychic and her visions come true. Dante confirms this. Robert says that makes Olivia a reliable witness. John says that he prefers evidence but says that he's known a few psychics who have turned out to be right on occasion. Robert takes that as John believing him. Robert says that since John mentored under Anna, he knows how dangerous Faison is. He gives John a brief rundown on what Faison has done to Anna and her family. Robert says that Anna is blinded with grief over Robin or she'd have seen through Faison. He believes that she eventually will but says that Faison will turn on her when she does. John reminds Robert that he lost Robin, too. Robert says this is true and he thinks about her every day but he is not delusional. He says that this is how Faison works and that John and Dante need to get him out of there.

Ellie tells Maxie that she doesn't want to think of their situation as a contest. Maxie says it is. Ellie says that if that's the case, she needs to remind Maxie that she and Spinelli are together. Maxie tells her that it's not going to last more than a year. She says that she and Spinelli are soul mates and will end up together. She then blames the hormones for what she said again.

Spinelli turns Todd down. Todd tells Spinelli that he should be afraid of him. Spinelli says that no amount of money can change his mind because of his loyalty to Jason and Sam and what Todd did to them. Todd reminds Spinelli that Sam got her baby back and wonders why everyone is dwelling on what happened.

Molly and TJ arrive at Kelly's. She tells TJ that she will research how to deal with people who have DID. She says that her manuscript is in Connie's office and if it's not, Connie knows where it is. She says that interning there could be their in to find it. As Todd walks past them, Molly calls out to him but he completely ignores her. Once outside, Todd runs into Starr. Todd tells Starr that Connie knows nothing about the book. Starr says she knows, she saw Connie at Johnny's. She tells him that she talked to Johnny. Todd wants to know what Johnny said. Starr says that she can't tell him but she changed her perspective and feels bad for Johnny. Todd tells her not to feel bad for him and leaves, commenting on how the day sucks.

Dante tells Robert that they both respect him but they can't just let him go. Robert tells Dante that all they have to do is go get coffee and he can be gone. Dante says they can't, especially since the Commissioner made the call. Robert impresses upon them how dangerous Faison is. John says that they don't want Anna in any danger. Robert tells them to go arrest Faison. John says they don't have a lot to go on. Robert says if they let him go, he'll get evidence. Dante says they can't do it. Robert tells them that they have to do what they have to do but if anything happens to Anna, it's on them.

Lulu starts to cry again, saying its unfair for Luke to send Robert back to deal with everything alone. Anna asks why Lulu is so upset about Robert. She tells Anna that it's not Robert, it's the hormones. Anna is happy that things are getting started with the surrogacy. Anna tells her how she's going to feel so much better when she is holding her baby in her arms. Lulu asked what Robert did. Anna tells her how Robert broke into Faison's apartment to find evidence against him but didn't find any. She says she doesn't see how one man can steal another man's face. She tells Lulu that everything Duke told her checked out. She says if there as any chance Robert was right, she wouldn't go away with Duke.

Faison escorts Dr. Obrecht to the door and asks if everything is clear. She says it is and she's going to get ready, then leaves. As he walks back into the apartment, Faison picks up the ski trip information and tears it up as he says they won't be needing those.

Todd is at Johnny's place and tells Johnny he wants to know what Johnny told Starr. Johnny says he told her nothing. Todd asks if he is sure and tells Johnny about the change in Starr's feelings about him. Johnny says that Starr had her own theories as to why he married Connie and he didn't correct her as much as he wanted to. Todd tells him that it needs to stay that way. Johnny says he is aware of what the stakes are. Todd tells Johnny to stay away from Starr. Johnny reminds Todd that Starr is a grown woman and she almost figured it out. Johnny wants to know why Todd hasn't told on him yet. He says that he knows that if Todd tells Starr then Johnny would tell her that Todd knew all along and helped cover it up. Todd tells Johnny that they both need to keep their mouths shut. Johnny says as long as she doesn't figure it out on her own. Todd leaves.

Starr talks to Molly and TJ about how Connie has to know what happened to Molly's manuscript. TJ wonders why Connie didn't say anything about knowing. Molly doesn't know. Maybe she ruined it or threw it out. TJ asks who lies about something like that, though. Starr says Connie does and tells them that they don't know what she's capable of.

In her office, Connie scratches Molly's name off of her manuscript and writes her own name. She then decides that she needs to change the title.

Spinelli returns to the table where Maxie and Ellie are waiting. He asks if everything is ok. Maxie says it is but she has to go and she leaves them. Spinelli asks Ellie if she's ok, she seems a little peaked. Ellie says that she and Maxie were just talking about where everyone stands. Spinelli asks if Maxie is clear that he stands with Ellie. Ellie thinks back to Maxie's comment about her and Spinelli being soul mates and says Maxie does.

Lulu walks into the PCPD with Dante and asks about Robert. Dante says he knows Robert is family friend...and Lulu interrupts him in tears, telling him he doesn't understand. Their baby is going to be a dog.

Olivia is staring at the sketch of Faison when Faison walks in. He greets her then looks at the sketch, commenting on how nice it is and how she should have it framed. She pulls it away as Anna walks in and says hello. Faison suggests that they have some champagne before their adventure. Anna agrees and asks who is going to be the designated driver. Faison says neither of them because their plans have changed.

Dante asks Lulu if Olivia saw their child as a dog. John brings Robert around and Robert asks Lulu to post bail so he could go after Faison. Lulu says he'd better hurry because they are going on a ski trip.

Anna asks if they aren't going skiing. Faison tells her that they are but she needs her passport because they are going to Switzerland.

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