GH Update Wednesday 12/5/12

General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/5/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita 

Metro Court: Sonny came by to talk to Carly. Carly confessed that Michael had been avoiding her since AJ returned, because he didn't want to fight with her. She was upset that she didn't know what he was thinking or feeling. Sonny admitted that he may have made things worse; he told Carly how Michael caught him holding Connie captive. Carly reacted with shock when Sonny explained that he'd kidnapped Connie for a few days and tied her to a chair and forced her to meet with a psychiatrist. According to Sonny, he'd made a lot of progress, when Michael walked in and misread the situation. Carly told Sonny he held a woman against her will, and he was lucky he wasn't in jail. Sonny explained that Michael didn't call the cops because he remembered how it felt when ignored Michael's pleas and turned AJ in. Carly was frustrated that Sonny had played into AJ's hands. Sonny insisted that he was only trying to help Kate and he didn't know Michael would walk in. Carly predicted that Michael would go straight to AJ after this. Sonny was still reeling because Michael said AJ was right about Sonny. Carly couldn't believe this was happening. Sonny insisted that Michael misunderstood, but Carly maintained that Michaels 'reaction made sense. Carly thought that AJ was probably using what Sonny did to turn Michael against him and her. She asked Sonny if the risk he took to try and get Kate back was worth losing his son. Sonny asked if she really wanted to do this here. Carly admitted that she didn't want to fight. She was just upset that they were losing Michael despite their efforts to ensure that never happened. Sonny contended they didn't know that, but Carly was adamant that they were already halfway there. And now they were further along due to Sonny's stunt. Sonny refused to apologize for the steps he took to try and get back the woman he loved. He asked Carly if she was mad at him. Carly wasn't mad at Sonny; she felt scared and alone, especially now that Jason wasn't there to fix things. Sonny understood how she felt. They hugged.

Sonny admitted that he should have handled things with Connie better and shielded Michael from it all. Carly and Sonny agreed that this was new territory for Michael and for them. What hurt Carly most was knowing her Michael felt torn and confused and was refusing her support. Carly and Sonny agreed to set aside their differences and be a united front for Michael. Sonny told Carly he wasn't going to give up on Michael, but he wasn't giving up on Kate, either.

Quartermaine Mansion: Michael dropped in to visit AJ. When AJ heard the doorbell he assumed it was Diane, who was trying to work out a plea bargain for him. Michael hoped it worked out. AJ was stressed out because he wasn't sure whether or not he was going to prison. Michael noted that not everyone paid for their crimes. AJ picked up on the subtext and asked what Sonny did. While Michael wouldn't go into detail, he admitted that AJ had been right when he claimed Sonny would use force to get his way. Michael had been close to turning Sonny in. AJ was sympathetic, and Michael replied that he knew AJ didn't care if Sonny went to jail. AJ told Michael he cared about his happiness. AJ was surprised to hear himself admit that he hoped Michael and Sonny worked things out. Michael thanked him. Diane arrived, and Michael and AJ were eager to hear what she had to say about AJ's case. Diane told them it helped that most of the witnesses to AJ's crimes were presumably dead. Michael pointed out that they didn't know if Jason was dead, yet. Diane hadn't been able to get the attempted murder charges dropped, but she thought she could handle it. The kidnapping charges were a more difficult issue. Michael asked if it would help if he refused to testify about the kidnapping; AJ was touched Michael would do that for him. Diane pointed out that AJ conspired with Faith Roscoe to kidnap Morgan and Kristina too, and Michael replied that neither of his siblings were old enough to remember what happened. Diane thought the best strategy would be for AJ to give the prosecutor a criminal even bigger than he was. Michael didn't think AJ knew anyone like that anymore, since he'd been in hiding for years. Diane asked AJ if it was okay to speak freely. AJ confirmed that he didn't want to keep secrets from Michael. Diane searched for a tactful term to describe AJ's past character. AJ readily admitted that he had been a shady person years ago. AJ remembered that he did know someone whose crimes were much more heinous than his own – Faison. Monica sent AJ to a Swiss clinic to recuperate from his broken back and attempted murder. Once AJ recovered, he went wandering around the clinic and stumbled upon a restricted area where he spotted his doctor talking to Faison, who was also dressed as a patient at the clinic. They didn't notice AJ, and AJ had kept his discovery to himself until now. AJ confessed that he had selfishly decided not to call the police, because he was afraid to of risking his own freedom. Faison had still been at the clinic when AJ left. AJ also recalled that Faison had a non romantic relationship with AJ's doctor. AJ remembered that Faison wasn't very nice to the woman. Diane asked AJ if he had proof. He did – he produced a picture of Faison he'd taken on the untraceable cell phone Monica gave him. Michael and AJ looked relieved when Diane said she thought this would be enough to get the prosecutors to drop the kidnapping charges.

Manning Enterprises: Todd read an article about Tomás called “Runaway Groom.” Starr arrived and Todd asked why she wasn't at the wedding. Starr told him she knew he knew the wedding wasn't happening today. Starr accused Todd of being involved in Tomás' disappearance. Todd looked hurt; he told Starr that Carly thought he might have killed Tomás and now Starr thought so, too. Starr wasn't swayed by Todd's wounded expression. She reminded him that he'd kidnapped Tomás before and given Téa the wrong baby. Todd maintained that he'd acted with good intentions and that he didn't have anything to do with Tomás' latest disappearance. He told Starr that there was a chance Tomás was really Lorenzo. Starr told him that Blair disagreed. Todd thought Blair was afraid to admit she was wrong. Todd felt they should just be happy that Tomás was gone. Starr told him that the wedding wasn't off; it was postponed until Tomás returned. Todd believed Blair would figure things out and break up with Tomás. Starr realized Todd thought he was going to get Blair back. Starr told him it wasn't going to happen, because Blair loved Tomás. Todd replied that Blair loved who she thought Tomás was. Starr told Todd that if Tomás was being truthful, he and Blair could be married very soon. “Or not at all” Todd replied. Starr foresaw Todd getting hurt, and she urged Todd not to do this to himself. Todd smiled and assumed Starr's concern was a ruse. He figured Blair had asked Starr to get Todd to back off a bit. His face fell when Starr told him that Blair hadn't been thinking about him at all; she was focused on Tomás. Starr remembered why she came and asked how he liked Molly's manuscript. Todd hadn't read it. Starr was annoyed he hadn't kept his promise. Todd stated that he only promised to read the manuscript because Starr used cryptic comments about Sam's baby to blackmail him into it. Starr kept working on Todd and he grudgingly agreed to read the manuscript. It wasn't on his desk. He and Starr began to search for it. Todd knew the cleaners didn't move it. He said he'd cut their fingers off if they touched his stuff. Starr found Connie's bracelet and snarled “that skank.” She figured Connie must have taken the manuscript. Todd noted that Connie did have boundary issues and Starr wondered why Todd never threatened to cut Connie's fingers off. Starr decided to go confront Connie. “That's my girl” Todd said as she left.

Kelly's: TJ showed Molly a book cover he'd made for her book in a computer program. She loved it. TJ had read the book already. He teased Molly and said he didn't like it, then he admitted that he loved it. They took each others hands. TJ thought the book was going to make Molly famous. Todd hadn't contacted Molly yet, so she assumed he didn't like the book. TJ was sure Todd loved the book. TJ looked for his copy of the manuscript, to show Molly some notes he'd made about it. He realized the copy was gone at the same time that Molly panicked as she realized the manuscript wasn't on her laptop anymore. TJ took a look and broke the news that Molly had accidentally overwritten the file and it couldn't be recovered.

Johnny's: Johnny got home and was annoyed to see Connie lounging on the couch. Connie told Johnny about her ordeal and was irritated by his indifference. Connie thought the two of them had bonded when she made him a sandwich. Johnny bitterly told her that didn't make up for the fact the woman he loved hated him and he was stuck with a woman he hated. Johnny told Connie he couldn't stand her and that he'd be ecstatic if she disappeared. Connie had taken Molly's manuscript from Todd's office. She picked it up and threw it at Johnny's head. Connie declared that Sonny brutalized her, but Johnny thought she looked fine. Connie was shocked that Johnny hadn't been concerned about her. Johnny replied that he was concerned that she'd come back. Johnny let Connie know that no one tried to contact her while she was gone. He told her that no one cared. Connie was appalled that Johnny hoped his wife would end up in a ditch. Johnny was fine with her ending up in a ditch, the harbor, or the Pine Barrens as long as he was able to find his way back to Carly. Connie didn't understand why Johnny was being so hateful after they called a truce. Johnny didn't want a truce; he only wanted to get out of the marriage. Johnny wished she'd stayed gone. Connie told Johnny that if he didn't back off, she'd tell everyone he killed Starr's family. Connie wrapped her arms around Johnny and he pushed her away. Johnny said Starr already hated him and there was no use in keeping the secret anymore. Connie challenged him to prove he was serious. Just then, Starr knocked and ordered Connie to open the door.

Once Starr came inside, she told Connie she wanted the manuscript. Connie pretended not to know what Starr meant. When Connie was dismissive of Starr, Johnny stuck up for Starr. Starr ordered him not to defend her. Connie discreetly picked up the manuscript and told them she was leaving so they could talk. Starr agreed to give Johnny thirty seconds. As soon as Connie left, Johnny told Starr that Connie was blackmailing him. It was a relief for Johnny to get that out. The reveal did nothing to ease Starr's anger. Johnny told Starr he didn't mean to hurt her and it pained him to see her talent go to waste. Starr spat that he'd get over it, just like he had. Johnny didn't think she meant that; he knew singing meant everything to her. Starr yelled that her family was everything to her and she couldn't work with Johnny, because he married their murderer. Johnny insisted that he didn't want to marry Connie or to lose Carly and Starr's friendship. Starr told Johnny he could either choose to be miserable or tell her what Connie had on him. Starr didn't understand what Johnny could have done that was worse than losing everyone he loved and letting a child's murderer go free. She asked what kind of life Johnny had now. Johnny didn't think it was a life at all. Starr asked why he was willing to live like this.

Metro Court: Sonny left Michael a voice message. He wanted to talk about the thing with Connie. After he hung up, he noticed Connie walking in. Connie panicked and told Sonny she had security looking out for her. Sonny told he wasn't there for her. He asked how things went with Johnny. Connie invented a story about sharing a happy reunion with Johnny. Sonny gently told Connie he was sorry for what Joe did and that he couldn't stop it. Sonny wanted to make it up to her. Connie scoffed then she asked Sonny if he wanted to hear about her work. Sonny said yes. Connie said she was writing a romance novel. Sonny whispered in Connie's ear that she wouldn't need to write about romance if she was being romanced properly. He smiled and asked if she missed being with a man instead of Johnny. Sonny took the flustered Connie's hand and placed his business card in it. He told her she call him if she changed her mind. He walked away.

Manning Enterprises: Todd looked a portrait of Blair and Tomás, then he put a post it over Tomás' face. Carly stopped in and asked if there was any news. Todd said no; he declared that Blair, Téa, and Skye would never find Tomás. Carly interpreted this as a confession, and she assumed Todd did something to Tomás. Todd said he expected everyone else to think he was guilty, but he thought Carly was different. Carly said she was. She recalled that she did believe him when he said he didn't switch the babies, but she thought he'd do anything to get Blair to love him, including getting rid of the competition. Todd said he'd tried and failed to do that before, and he learned from his mistakes. Carly believed him about Tomás, but not about Blair. Carly thought Todd really believed Blair was going to come back to him, now that Tomás was gone. When Todd tried using a joke to change the subject, Carly realized he was admitting she was right. Carly stated that she dodged a bullet when she didn't sleep with him. Carly thought that Todd had been planning to use her as a backup just in case things didn't work out with Blair. While Carly said that was okay, she seemed hurt. Todd asked why she was bringing this up now. At first Carly said she didn't know, then she suddenly asked Todd what she meant to him. Todd replied that she was the only friend he ever had and he was hoping for... Carly asked Todd to finish his answer, and when he didn't, she said never mind and rushed out. Todd unsuccessfully tried to stop her. Carly said she was just glad she didn't sleep with him. She got on the elevator just as Molly and TJ got off.

TJ and Molly asked about the manuscript, and Todd said he didn't have it. Connie walked in and Todd told the teens to ask her where it was.

Faison's suite: Anna was upset that Robert would even say Faison's name. Robert insisted that Faison was there in the room with them. Faison claimed to be at a loss for words. Robert told Faison to stop hurting Anna and come clean. Anna replied that Faison was dead. Robert pointed out that they all thought Duke was dead, too. He reminded Anna that they all survived the first explosion. Robert believed Faison survived the second one as well. Robert explained that he hadn't been planning to say anything until he had proof without a doubt that this was Faison. Anna couldn't believe Robert would bring up Faison, a man who took them both from Robin when she needed them, without something to back it up. Robert exclaimed that he had plenty to back it up. Robert filled her in on Olivia's vision of Faison with his real face. Anna knew that Olivia had gotten injected with LSD, but Robert told her that even Dante agreed that her visions were reliably correct. Faison thought the whole story was over the top. Robert showed Anna the sketch that Elizabeth drew with Olivia's help. Anna recalled that Liz knew Faison. She suggested that Liz pulled that sketch from her subconsciousness. Robert was adamant that Liz followed Olivia's instructions to the letter. Faison accused Robert of guiding Liz to draw a picture of Faison, because Robert was obsessed with Faison. Robert offered more proof – Olivia had seen the man smoking a signature cigarillo, just like the one Faison used to. Robert produced the cigarillo that Faison had dropped on the pier earlier. Anna questioned Faison and reminded him he told he smoked cigarettes, not cigarillos. Faison didn't think this was a big deal and when Anna kept looking to him for an explanation, he rolled his eyes and asked her to tell him she wasn't buying this.

Faison firmly told Anna that Faison was dead. Anna recalled that hey hadn't recovered a body. Faison wondered how they leapt from that to face stealing. He told Anna that Robert was coming between them just like he always did. Faison urged Anna to look at him and tell him who he looked like. Robert argued that Faison had access to good plastic surgeons. Robert accused Faison of stealing Duke's identity to win Anna, because she hated Faison and loved Duke. Robert told Anna to tell Faison his plan had failed. Anna glanced back and forth between the men. Faison got fed up and told Robert he was stalking him, acting paranoid and breaking into his home. Faison didn't think a cigarillo or the visions of a drug addled woman were strong proof of anything. When Faison pointed out that Robert couldn't lock him up, Robert decided to call the CIA. Anna gently stopped Robert from calling anyone. Anna assumed that all this was a fantasy Robert created to keep his mind off Robin's death. Robert insisted that he was right. Anna was compassionate toward Robert, but she still felt that he was wrong. Robert begged Anna to support him on this, but Anna told him she couldn't. Her voice cracked with pain as she called the cops and reported Robert for breaking and entering.

The police came and handcuffed Robert. Robert desperately warned Anna that she was putting herself at risk by trusting Faison. After the police took Robert away, Faison asked if Anna was okay. Faison thanked her. She thought so. Anna studied the sketch Robert left behind. Faison pretended to by sympathetic toward Robert. He suggested that psychiatry might help Robert. Faison thanked Anna again for believing in him, then he hugged her and called said “my Anna.” As they embraced, a doubtful looking Anna continued to look at the sketch.

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