GH Update Tuesday 12/4/12

General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/4/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita


Loft: Robert stopped by to talk to Dante. Robert explained that Luke had told him that Dante would help him with police work. Dante asked why Robert didn't go to his ex wife. Robert told him he couldn't approach Anna without proof. Robert revealed his suspicion that the man Dante thought was Duke was really an ex spy named Faison who'd been stalking Anna for years. Robert asked Dante to lure Faison down to the station, ostensibly to get “Duke's” expert opinion about a criminal matter. Robert wanted Dante to casually talk with Faison in the interrogation room for awhile then throw in a benign question about Faison. Robert would be behind the glass watching Faison's reaction. Dante pointed out that an ex spy wouldn't crack during an interrogation. Robert wondered if they could use an HD camera to prove that Faison had plastic surgery. Dante didn't have the resources or enough evidence to warrant doing something like that. Robert suggested they get a search warrant. Dante had heard of Robert's reputation and he trusted Robert's instincts. Dante assured Robert that he would help him, within reason. He asked Robert to promise not to do anything without running it by him first. Robert didn't think he could do that. Dante realized he was running late. He asked Robert to stay at the loft while he went and met with Lulu. Soon after Dante left, Robert decided to disregard Dante's request and take matters into his own hands.

Faison's suite: Faison and Anna talked on the phone about taking a ski trip to Hurley mountain. Faison had looked it up online and noticed that it was just like it had been when Duke and Anna vacationed there. He told Anna that they still had the fireplace and rocking chair she loved. Anna found that appealing. There was a knock at Faison's door – it was Dr. Obrecht, but he lied and told Anna it was the plumber. Anna told him to go ahead and deal with it, but Faison told her the manager could only hold the cabin by tonight without a reservation. Anna promised to give him an answer by the end of the day. She was at the Metro Court when she noticed John come in, she told Faison her breakfast date was there. Faison wasn't sure he liked the sound of that. Anna smiled and said too bad, then she hung up. Dr. Obrecht had come at Faison's request. Helena had told contacted Faison and told him Robert had figured out his true identity. Faison wondered if Dr. Obrecht was responsible for the leak. Dr. Obrecht assured Faison that she hadn't told anyone who he really was. Faison wondered how Robert figured it out. Faison knew that Robert would work relentlessly to prove that Faison wasn't really Duke. Faison gave Dr. Obrecht a gun and told her to kill Robert. Faison planned to be out of town when the murder happened, giving him the perfect alibi. Dr. Obrecht thought it would be too risky. She pointed out that Robert might have confided in someone else, who could go to the police if something happened to him. Faison vowed to figure out a way to neutralize Robert.

Faison decided to go visit Anna and find out what she knew. Dr. Obrecht offered to go too, but Faison reminded her that Anna would remember her from the Swiss clinic. He left her inside his suite. Robert had been watching the door, from around a corner. After Faison left, Robert worked on picking the lock. Dr Obrecht heard the noise and grabbed the gun.

Metro Court: John asked Anna to meet with him, because he wanted a job. He explained that he needed to find employment to prove to the courts that he could provide stability for his son. Anna asked whether he wouldn't be happier in Llanview. John thought he was better off in Port Charles as long as he was legally barred from going near his son. He also knew people in town and felt like he'd made some connections. Anna thought John was overqualified for all the current openings, but John was willing to take anything. Anna thought about it and told him that Delores had moved to NYC, so Dante needed a new partner. John took the job. Anna put John on Jason's case. His first task was to find the second person who shot Bernie. Faison arrived and Anna introduced him to John and told Faison about John's new assignment. Faison told John that if he was as good as Anna said, John was sure to find the other shooter. John left, and Faison told Anna he was there to get her answer about the trip. Anna wondered what happened to Faison's promise to be patient. Faison told her he was just eager to spend time alone with her. Anna admitted that his offer was tempting.

Faison's suit: Dr. Obrecht hid on the balcony when Robert broke in. Once he'd gone into another room, she slipped out into the hallway and called Faison.

Metro Court: Faison took the message and stayed calm. Once he hung up, he told Anna that a neighbor saw someone break into his apartment. Anna suggested they go check it out.

Faison's suite: Anna told Faison to stay behind her, then she kicked the already open door in with her gun drawn. Anna and Faison came face to face with Robert. Anna tore into Robert. Faison offered not to press charges, because he could see that Anna was upset. Robert couldn't believe that Anna didn't realize she was being played. Anna told Robert she was tired of his arrogance and his believe that he could dictate her life. Robert insisted that he was trying to save her. Robert stunned Anna by telling her the man in the room with them was really Faison.

Maxie and Ellie's: Maxie stuffed a pillow under her shirt and studied the reflection in the mirror, then she started to leave. She was meeting Dante and Lulu at the hospital. Just then, Felicia arrived and told Maxie that she wasn't going to let Maxie do this. Maxie was miffed that Mac had talked to Felicia without her. Felicia explained that she could tell Mac had big news and she badgered him until he revealed it. Maxie assumed that Felicia was going to try and get her to rethink being a surrogate because it was a big responsibility and would involve putting her life on hold, just like Mac did. Felicia promised she wasn't going to say that. Felicia gently told Maxie that she understood that Maxie was feeling very lonely after all she'd been through this year, including Spinelli choosing the other girl over her. Maxie admitted that she did feel a little lonely. Felicia thought that most people would withdraw under those circumstances, but Maxie was reaching out and offering her friends an incredible gift. Maxie noticed that Felicia didn't seem happy about it. Felicia told Maxie that surrogacy could be gratifying or it could be a huge mistake. Maxie insisted that she was ready for the things she'd have to face, like weight gain and the drugs. Felicia wasn't sure Maxie was truly physically prepared. She reminded Maxie that she almost died as a child. Maxie assured her that the doctors knew about her heart transplant and would make sure she was on the right drugs. Felicia wasn't swayed, and Maxie was hurt that Mac and Anna supported her, but her own mother didn't. Felicia responded that, as Maxie's mother, she was concerned that Maxie would find it difficult to walk away from the baby after carrying it for nine months. Maxie replied that Felicia had no problem walking away from her (Maxie). Felicia apologized. She guessed this meant that she and Maxie hadn't moved past this, like she thought. Felicia started to leave, and Maxie stopped her. Maxie assured Felicia that they had moved past what happened and that she only snapped at Felicia because she was nervous. Felicia admitted that she forfeited the right to give motherly advice when she walked away from Maxie. Maxie disagreed; she was glad about Felicia's presence and she valued her input. After they made up, Maxie panicked and realized she was supposed to be at the hospital a half hour ago. Felicia offered to drive Maxie to the appointment, and Maxie accepted.

Quartermaine Mansion: AJ found Tracy placing a large stuffed bear onto a chair. The table was set for tea and AJ made a crack about Tracy playing tea party. Tracy told AJ he wasn't invited. His lawyer called and he left the room. Sam and Daniel arrived a few minutes later. Sam wondered why Tracy invited her there. Tracy smiled broadly and told Sam she invited her because she was family. Tracy showed Sam the food, which included a jar of pickle-Lila, but Sam wasn't hungry. Tracy grabbed Danny's gift, the bear, and showed it to him. Sam wanted to know why Tracy really called her. AJ walked in and announced that Tracy wanted Sam's 18% of ELQ. Tracy reminded AJ that he wasn't welcome there. AJ told Sam that Tracy was bitter because she didn't have any shares of ELQ. Tracy insisted that she was happy with her inheritance, but AJ knew she would have been happier if she inherited some of Edward's shares. AJ explained that Sam controlled 18% of ELQ, because she had Jason's shares and Danny's shares. Sam wondered how the other shares Jason had inherited from Alan, Lila and Emily figured in. Tracy sighed that she didn't want to talk business today, but she explained that Jason's other shares were valuable, but they were subordinate to Edward's shares. Only people who inherited shares directly from Edward had the right to a seat on the board. If the board was deadlocked, people with subordinate shares would get a vote, too. AJ wondered what happened to the other subordinate shares. Tracy said Edward had reacquired the ones that weren't owned by the family, before he died.

AJ explained to Sam that Tracy was trying to rally the shareholders behind her to protect her job at ELQ. Tracy countered that she'd done an excellent job. AJ and Tracy shot barbs at each other about each of them having 41% of the stock behind them. Sam realized this meant that she could swing the vote toward one of them. Tracy stated that ELQ had done well despite the bad economy. Tracy told Sam that if they changed leadership, stock prices would plummet and her and Danny's stock wouldn't be as valuable. AJ suggested that Sam forget the finances and remember how nasty Tracy was to Sam and Jason. He thought Sam might enjoy getting back at Tracy. Tracy asked why AJ cared what happened to ELQ when he was going to prison. Sam thought AJ made a good point. Tracy urged Sam to think about the Quartermaine legacy. Sam recalled that Tracy never thought Sam was good enough to be a Quartermaine and that Jason didn't want to be one. In a sympathetic tone, AJ added that he was sure Jason wouldn't want Sam or Danny getting involved in the family infighting. Tracy urged Sam not to let AJ manipulate her and left. Sam admitted that she enjoyed torturing Tracy, because Tracy had been awful to her, but she wasn't sure she'd vote her out. Sam had no interest in getting involved in the company and she'd heard that Tracy was doing a good job. Sam wondered why AJ wanted to vote Tracy out. AJ hinted that Tracy had done some unethical things at ELQ. Sam didn't think Tracy's crimes could be worse than AJ's. AJ admitted she was right. Sam decided to leave, but AJ suggested she stay and eat the breakfast Tracy had made. Sam agreed to stay for a little while. They made small talk, then Sam thanked AJ for calling her when Edward was on his deathbed. She was grateful that Danny got a chance to meet his great grandfather. AJ wished he'd had the chance to say goodbye. AJ confided that he wanted to be involved in ELQ as a way to make Edward proud. AJ understood if Sam didn't think he was sincere. Sam told AJ she believed him.

Tracy answered the door. It was John, who came there to see her. He told her about his new job, then asked her some questions about Joe Jr. John asked if Joe was working for anyone besides Jerry. Tracy didn't know. John wondered if Tracy had overheard Joe take any calls during which he seemed to be taking orders from someone. Tracy was adamant that she didn't know anything. AJ opened the living room door for Sam. Sam thanked AJ for the tea as she pushed the stroller into the foyer. Tracy grabbed AJ's arm and steered him back into the living room, where she accused him of manipulating Sam. AJ claimed he didn't know what Tracy was talking about. Tracy ordered him to admit the wanted the 18% too. AJ told her she had nothing to worry about, because he was going to prison. John knelt down and talked to Danny. Sam apologized for yelling at him “like a lunatic” and telling him he wasn't a stand in for Danny. John told her he'd already forgotten about it. John admitted that she'd been right in a way. John told her that he did need to take steps to get his son back. John told Sam about his new job. “I’m gonna find out who shot Jason,” John said.

Hospital: Sabrina was at the Nurses' Station with an employee named Felix. Patrick walked over and asked if she was ready for their date. His words made her flustered, then she remembered that he meant the breakfast meeting about the Nurses' Ball. Patrick walked away. Felix watched Sabrina checking out her reflection on a random metallic surface, then Sabrina asked him if she had any poppy seeds stuck in her teeth. Felix realized she had thing for Patrick and offered to give her a makeover that could help her land Patrick. Sabrina insisted that she wasn't trying to land Patrick and that this wasn't a date. Sabrina told Felix about the Nurses' Ball. When Felix heard that participants got to sing and dance, he asked Sabrina to sign him up. Felix pulled a tube of lipstick out of his pocket and offered it to Sabrina, so she could fix herself up before the meeting with Patrick. He asked her to tell him more about the Ball, and Sabrina explained that it raised money for AIDS research; a cause Patrick's late wife was passionate about. Felix didn't realize Patrick was a widower. Sabrina hoped that the Ball would ease some of Patrick's pain. Felix recalled that Patrick was dating “Dr. Westnile.” Sabrina told him it was “Westbourne.” Sabrina was adamant that Patrick wasn't ready to move on and that Britt wasn't right for him. Sabrina looked bashful when Felix wondered if Sabrina thought she was right for Patrick. Felix found Patrick attractive, and he shared that he would get involved with Patrick if that were possible.

Lulu arrived at GH and wondered where Dante and Maxie were. Patrick noticed her and asked if everything was okay. Lulu beamed as revealed why she was there. Lulu expected Patrick to raise doubts about whether Maxie was a suitable choice, like everyone else had. Patrick thought Maxie would be a wonderful surrogate. He recalled that Maxie had been the first one to get him help when he was on drugs. He told Lulu that she and Maxie saved his life. Patrick said he saved lives for money, but Maxie did it out of kindness. Britt walked over; she was the endocrinologist who was going to be working with Lulu, Dante and Maxie. Everyone chatted for a bit, then Patrick left for his meeting with Sabrina. Dante dashed in and apologized. He told her about Robert's visit. Maxie and Felicia arrived around the same time Britt returned. Britt lead Dante, Lulu and Maxie to an exam room. Britt told them that Maxie's cardiologist thought she was healthy enough for the procedure. Britt told them what the process entailed. Today, Maxie and Lulu were going to get shots to synchronize their cycles and get their bodies ready for the procedure. Britt stressed that this would be a demanding process, especially for Maxie. She asked if they were sure about this. Maxie said she was sure. Lulu and Dante agreed. Later, Maxie and Lulu changed into hospital gowns and sat side by side on a table. Lulu noted that Maxie looked pale. Maxie was scared of needles. Lulu assured Maxie that they wouldn't judge her if she changed her mind. Maxie insisted that she wanted to give them this baby. Maxie asked Lulu to hold her hand, and Lulu did.

Felix helped Sabrina with her lipstick, but Sabrina didn't like the color. She hastily tried to wipe it away, just before Patrick walked up. Sabrina smiled at him, and Patrick told her she had something on her teeth – it was the lipstick. Sabrina was mortified.

Metro Court: Sabrina and Patrick got a table and got to work. Sabrina had made a list of the wealthy people who paid off Jerry – Sonny, Carly, Johnny, Todd and Tracy. Sabrina thought they should ask them to help fund the ball. Sabrina remembered her earlier attempt to get Tracy to donate money, and she crossed her off the list. Patrick vetoed the others, too. He didn't think it would send a good message for mobsters like Johnny and Sonny to contribute, Carly's money was tied up in the hotel, and Patrick didn't think Todd was a generous person. Sabrina wondered what she was going to do now that the list was blank. Patrick apologized for shooting down all of Sabrina's ideas. Patrick knew he and Sabrina weren't going to give up. Sabrina asked if Patrick was sure they couldn't ask Sonny. Sabrina remembered seeing pictures of Robin and Sonny together when she and Emma were looking at the photo album. Patrick told Sabrina that Robin and Sonny were close, so close that Robin didn't hesitate to forgive him after she got hurt because Sonny fired a gun in her home. Sabrina found that amazing. Patrick replied that that was Robin. He got a bit misty eyed and apologized. Sabrina took his hand and told him he loved Robin and that wasn't something to be sorry about.

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