GH Update Monday 12/3/12

General Hospital Update Monday 12/3/12


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Todd goes with Blair and Skye to inform Blair and Téa about the news he’s heard about Tomás Delgado from the two women who both know him as Lorenzo Alcazar.

At The Haunted Star, “Duke Lavery” confesses to Anna about whom he really is. She asks who he is and he hesitates to answer.

Robert Scorpio goes to see Helena Cassadine and informs her that he knows where her grandson, Nikolas is. But he won’t tell her as Nikolas does not want his grandmother to know where he is. She reminds him that he is responsible for the demise of her late husband. He’s managed to stay off of her radar for decades. So there must only be one reason why he’d risk all to face her again. He must want something.

Dante and Lulu propose a test to their new baby. She tells him if they look for names for a baby that is not yet born, it could sound as though they are tempting fate. He tells her he is not worried. Pretty soon they will have a beautiful child. And then they will be even happier. She asks him if he does not have any reservations. He tells her that maybe the only reservation he has is “the obvious” meaning Maxie.

Maxie returns home to see Ellie and Spinelli together. They are playing treasure hung. But Ellie cuts through the chase and tells Maxie she is not playing the game. She wants to talk about the ultimatum that Maxie gave to her and Spinelli. She tells Maxie that since she just found out that Maxie “engineered” their whole living situation just so that Maxie could pursue Spinelli for herself. That’s not only created a rift between herself and Spinelli. It’s also created rift between herself and Maxie. She thought Maxie was the only female with whom she could be successful with girl talk. Maxie tells her she has accepted the fact that Spinelli and Elli have moved on with each other. Spinelli adds that he assumed that she too (Maxie) would also be moving on.

Anna tells “Duke” that she does want to move forward but sees nothing wrong with the two of them taking time to know each other. He tells her that she is absolutely right. He is not the man she knew 20 years. They have obviously both changed. He’s been in prison for many years. He may not laugh or smile as much. He smokes although he’s hoping to quit soon. But he’s also no longer a patient man. He tells her the only thing that sustained him throughout all that time was being with her. So she can’t exactly blame him for wanting her to be back in his life. She tells him she understands that but if they do not move slowly, they will not have the relationship he hopes to have.

Maxie informs Spinelli and Ellie that she is indeed moving on, upward, onward and outward. Hearing that, they assume it must mean that she has a new man in her life. Spinelli asks if she’s back with Dr. Matt Hunter. She tells him no. There’s only one man in her life and that is the man whose baby she is having. Hearing that, they obviously assume she’s gotten pregnant “the old fashioned way”.

Lulu andante discuss the possible complications of relying on Maxie to carry their baby. They both realize that sometimes Maxie is impulsive and does not take the best care of herself. Lulu tells her husband that she realizes Maxie would never intentionally drink or put herself in a position that could endanger or compromise the well-being of their baby. But Dante tells his wife that he has a plan that they both “tail” Maxie without her knowing to make sure that they are aware of Maxie’s every move.

The FBI/CIA agent informs Téa and Blair that there is not going to be a wedding with Blair and Tomás.

“Duke” tells Anna that he knows that someday, someway, they will be together. And he has a plan.

Helena asks Robert how he could be so desperate as to “come begging” to the woman whose husband he murdered.

A strange man comes to the house asking for Téa Delgado. He shows his CIA ID and informs them he’s agent King. She asks what he wants. He tells her he has some information about her brother.

“Duke” tells Anna that he realizes he needs to remember the man she fell in love with many years ago. And he tells her that they both need to leave Port Charles. She tells him she has her work as the police commissioner. He tells her they need to take a break. They need to go somewhere where they are all alone.

Robert Scorpio admits to Helena Cassadine that he has come to see her to in quire about Faison. She tells him they both know that Faison has been dead for a long time. He tells her that he suspects otherwise and she might know exactly what he’s talking about. Helena tells him that even if she did know Faison is alive, why Robert would assume she’d tell him about the resurrection of Faison.

Spinelli and Ellie ask Maxie if they might know the father of her baby. She tells them she knows that they must know him. He’s Dante Falconeri.

Lulu asks Dante just how he plans to arrange watching Maxie and then having their kid. She agrees that maybe they need to keep a close eye on Maxie. But they have a lot of planning to think about.

Maxie clarifies to Spinelli and Ellie that she intends to be a surrogate for Lulu and Dante since they can’t have a baby or adopt. And she’s hoping that they would see that as good news.

When Todd hears the agent announce that there will be no wedding, he “happily” asks why. Blair and Téa angrily ask why. Todd informs them that the agent knows some things about “agent Delgado”. Blair tells them she does not believe there’s anything suspicious about her fiancé (Tomás aka Lorenzo Alcazar). She just got a text message from him only minutes ago. But the agent knows something she does not know. Blair and Téa tell the agent if he knows so much about the man they know as Tomás, what is his “real name”.

Dante and Lulu sleep together and brainstorm about how they “rotate shifts” of each of them watching Maxie. She knows how to invite Maxie to her home and socialize with her “friend” so that Maxie suspects nothing. And he knows how to appear “undercover” pretending to want to talk to Maxie about fashion and make up. They realize that they cannot watch over Maxie 24/7. She tells him that they can if she lives with them.

Ellie talks to Maxie about the major burden that too many women go through in order to carry a baby for someone else. But she does sound like she approves and encourages Maxie to go through with her plan. Spinelli however, tells them that it may be a good thing in theory. But it may be too much for Maxie. She turns away from both of them telling them it’s none of their business.

Helena tells Robert if he wants her to tell him what she knows about Faison, he needs to tell her why he needs this information so bad.

Anna and “Duke” continue to dance around their plans and how it should be arranged for them to go away together. He suggests going to Switzerland to ski in the mountains which she used to go to with Duke, but which Faison does not know of.

When the agent comes to inform Blair about Tomás, she informs him that her Aunt Dorian Lord is a US Senator. So he better not think he can play games with her or he will regret it. When Carly and Skye leave Téa’s house with the Agent, Blair confronts Todd about how furious she is with him for pulling this stunt with her.

Lulu tells Dante she has the perfect idea of where Maxie can stay yet he tells her that it will prevent him from having a life. She tells him it might be worth the sacrifice to make sure they know what Maxie is doing. He tells her that maybe they need to realize Maxie is an adult and maybe the only way to be informed about her every move is to draw up a legal contract. Yet although they are not entirely certain about the logistics of the whole arrangement, they are happily.

Alone with a concerned Spinelli, Ellie tells him that they should not worry about Maxie’s decision. But he is.

Carly tells Blair she realizes that Blair does not want to believe that Tomás is an imposter. She realized when she was seeing Lorenzo that he was ruthless. And she would like to forewarn anybody she cares about before they get themselves into something they can’t deal with involving the man she knows as Lorenzo Alcazar. Yet neither Blair nor Téa care about “this Lorenzo person” and only see him as Téa’s brother and the man Blair loves.

Helena asks Robert if she understands him correctly that he has “uncovered” Faison's whereabouts, in Port Charles because a woman who’s been hospitalized for LSD overdose told him she saw a person who looked like Faison. She finds that very hard to believe. But he urges her to know that Faison is disguising himself as Duke Lavery. He has proof. But she laughs and tells him she does not believe that. She tells him his years as a spy have taken their toll on him. He’s either losing his mind from dementia or he’s insanely jealous of his ex-wife being with another man. She tells him she believes this all boils down to his inability to accept that he’s lost the battle with Duke Lavery for winning Anna over.

Anna tells “Duke” that she needs to get home since she has a lot of work to do the next morning. But they agree to see each other again.

While Lulu and Dante are intimately together in their bed, Maxie comes out into the kitchen to get some food and asks Spinelli if he has anything on his mind. She asks if he believes she is making a big mistake. But he’s hard in a position to judge. He asks her why she says that. She asks if it’s not obvious what she’s talking about regarding his choosing Ellie over her.

Carly talks to Todd alone about what Blair and Téa might be doing in the other room in order to find Tomás. And she asks Todd if he had anything to do with this, noticing his smirking and seeming like it’s not just “coincidental”. She reminds Todd that they are alone and he can tell her privately. But she can see that Todd might have “motives” to engineer something like this on the night that the woman he loved for many years and mother of his kids is ready to marry another man. She asks if he is really over Blair or not.

Anna gets on the elevator at the Metro Court and runs into Robert Scorpio. He gets ready to tell her something but hesitates. Alone in the elevator, he wonders if he should tell her what he suspects or not.

Helena is on the phone telling Faison that she just spoke to Robert Scorpio who is onto him. She reminds him not to ever say she never did anything for him.

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