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General Hospital Update Friday 11/30/12


Written by Tami
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At the hospital, Sabrina becomes upset when she sees Patrick and Steve talking. She voices her concerns to Elizabeth. Sabrina told Patrick that she has a crush on Steve to avoid telling Patrick that she actually has a crush on him. Sabrina tells Elizabeth that she is worried that Patrick will tell Steve about her "crush". Elizabeth assures Sabrina that Patrick would never embarrass her by telling Steve that. Nearby, Britt is listening to the two nurses talk.

Mac and Anna take a seat at a table at Kelly's. Mac asks Anna how she is doing. Anna tells him that Robert is back and is sticking his nose into her business. She asks Mac to talk to Robert and ask him to back off. Mac tells Anna that Robert doesn't listen to him. They are interrupted by Anna's cell phone ringing. She sees it's a call from Duke and she ignores it for the time being. Mac asks Anna if she is ready to move on with Duke.

At the Haunted Star, Duke leaves a message for Anna, asking if he can see her tonight, telling her that he needs to speak with her about something important as Robert and Olivia walk in together. Robert is glad to see that Duke is there working. He thanks Olivia for going to the Haunted Star with him to help him out and tells her to let him know if she gets a flash while looking at Duke, assuring her that there is no pressure. The two approach the bar and Robert asks Duke if he is open for business.

Back at Kelly's, Mac tells Anna that perhaps Robert is just worried about her and that he has reason to be. Anna tells Mac that concern is one thing but Robert is being patronizing. Mac asks her to consider that Robert is right and Duke isn't who he says he is. Anna concedes that Duke is different but they haven't seen him in years and she must be different, too. Mac asks Anna how Duke seems different. They are interrupted by the arrival of Maxie. Maxie is glad to see both Mac and Anna. She asks where Felicia is. Mac tells her that Felicia is at a movie with Emma. Maxie tells them that they can pass her news along to Felicia later, but she's too excited and has to tell someone. She then announces to a shocked Mac and Anna that she's having a baby.

At the Haunted Star, Dante carries a box of glasses for Lulu and asks how many more she needs. She tells him that's all she needs, then she wonders why Robert is at the Haunted Star. Dante tells her that regardless of what Robert is doing, their priority tonight is family and that when Sonny gets there, they can tell him their big news.

Outside of Kelly's, Shawn tells Sonny that he's sorry thinks didn't work with Kate. Sonny tells him that if he had just a little more time, he's sure it would have worked. Shawn tells Sonny that if it was that close, maybe he should try again. Sonny tells him it's too risky, he'll need to find another way. Shawn tells Sonny that if he needs anything from him to ask. Sonny tells Shawn that he might, but not about Kate. Sonny promises Shawn that he's not going to forget what Shawn did for him and Shawn tells Sonny that he'll help anytime. Sonny tells Shawn that he may need his help down the road. They are interrupted by Alexis arriving and asking Shawn to tell her that he's not working for Sonny.

In Llanview, Blair is surprised to see Todd, Carly and Skye there. She tells them that she is getting married tomorrow and no one is going to stop it. Todd, Carly and Skye walk into Tea's house as Todd tells Blair she may change her mind when she hears what he has to say. Téa tells Todd that Blair is over her. Blair says that no matter what Todd says, she's marrying Tomás tomorrow because he's ten times the man Todd will ever be. She tells Todd how wonderful Tomás is and Todd tells her that he's not Tomás. Téa is surprised by this. Carly tells Blair that the man she is going to marry is not Tomás Delgado. Skye adds that his name is Lorenzo Alcazar.

Sabrina tells Elizabeth that she has something to do. She tries to run off and is stopped by Patrick and Steve. Sabrina tells them that she has something to do on the third floor. Patrick reminds Sabrina to call him Patrick and not Dr. Drake, then asks that what she has to do waits because he needs to talk to her. He tells her that he and Steve were talking. Steve tells Sabrina that Patrick told him everything. Sabrina is concerned until Steve tells her that Patrick told him about the Nurses' Ball and how she wants to bring it back. He tells her that Patrick told him all of Sabrina's ideas and he thinks it's great. He wants to be involved. Patrick tells her that he, Steve, Sabrina and Elizabeth appear to be the Nurses' Ball committee. Elizabeth says that she already booked the conference room so they can get started. As Patrick and Steve walk off, Sabrina is relieved. Elizabeth tells Sabrina she told her so. Sabrina tells Elizabeth how embarrassing it would be to come to work every day if Steve thought she was crushing on him and the two head off to meet with Patrick and Steve. Nearby, Britt has been listening again and smiles.

Sonny tells Alexis that whatever she thought she heard, she heard wrong. Alexis asks him to tell her that he didn't just offer Shawn a job. Sonny says no and says he has to leave to meet Dante and he rushes off. Alexis watches Sonny leave as Shawn starts to handle things with Alexis. Alexis tells Shawn she heard Sonny say he needed Shawn which usually implies something professional. Shawn tells her that he just did Sonny a favor. Alexis asks what kind of favor. Shawn tells her that it doesn't matter and asks how she's doing. She says that she's fine and gets back on topic by tells him that Sonny is not only her daughter's father but her client as well. She tells him that she knows him well and how he makes his money, so she's concerned with Shawn getting involved with Sonny in any kind of "weird" way. Shawn comes up with a cover story, telling Alexis that he signed a deal with Sonny's distribution company and that Kelly's is going to carry Sonny's coffee now. Alexis finds it hard to believe that their hush-hush meeting was about coffee. Shawn asks her if it's so hard to believe. She says yes it is and tells him that he's lying. She would like him to tell her the truth.

Duke asks Olivia if there is anything he can get her. Olivia watches Duke closely and says she doesn't want anything. Lulu approaches and asks Robert if there is anything she can get him. Robert says he was just about to order a vodka martini, shaken not stirred. Lulu tells Duke that Robert is a guest of the house. Robert tries to protest but Lulu insists and tells him that his drinks are on the house. Meanwhile Olivia continues to watch Duke closely. Dante joins them and gets Olivia's attention. She is curious as to why they called her to the Haunted Star. Dante says he doesn't want to spoil the surprise. Olivia tells them not to leave her hanging. Lulu suggest that she, Olivia and Dante take a seat at a table. As they head over to the table, Olivia hangs back a bit and Robert asks if she saw anything. Olivia says she just saw Duke and has no idea why she saw "the other guy" last time. Robert tells her that the important thing is that she saw Faison once and now he needs to speak with someone to find out why as he takes his cell phone from his pocket.

Maxie asks Mac and Anna isn't it amazing about the baby. Mac tells her it's certainly a surprise. Maxie said she couldn't believe it either but as soon as she found out it was happening, she was happy. Mac tells Maxie that they are happy for her, too, but he had no idea that she was back with Spinelli. Maxie tells them that Spinelli isn't the father, Dante is. Anna is clearly confused by this announcement.

Shawn asks Alexis why he would work for Sonny when he runs Kelly's. Alexis reminds him that he's a trained Marine with a teaching credential so he's working below his pay grade in her opinion. He says that may be so but he still has a job to do and tries to retreat into Kelly's when Alexis tells him that he's avoiding the question. Shawn asks if he's on the witness stand. Alexis says he's not and apologizes but says she thought she merited a truthful answer and she asks again what he is doing for Sonny. Shawn says he just did a little job, that's all. Alexis asks how little a job. Shawn gives in and tells her that he kidnapped Connie Falconeri for Sonny. Alexis is clearly stunned to hear that.

Dante introduces Sonny to Duke. Sonny says he's heard Duke's name before and he knows some of Duke's associates. Duke says that's from a long time ago and that he just returned to town. He tells Sonny he heard about Jason and offers condolences on Sonny's loss. Sonny thanks him and Duke asks if there are any leads on the shooter. Dante tells him not yet but they are working on it. Duke tells him that he's sure Dante will get his man very soon and he leaves Sonny and Dante.

Duke and Robert briefly discuss the martini before Robert asks about the shooting Duke mentioned to Sonny and Dante. Duke tells him the victim was Jason Morgan and starts to explain Jason to Robert. Robert tells Duke he knows who Jason is. Duke tells him "was" and explains that Jason was shot and fell into the harbor. Robert wants to know why Duke cares about the shooting. Duke says he used to be close to the Quartermaines, so he was being sincere. Robert tells Duke that Duke never impressed him much as a man who cared about law and order.

Over at their table, Sonny asks Dante and Lulu what is going on. Dante tells them that it's about their baby.

Mac and Anna both express concern to Maxie about Dante being the baby's father and that he is married to Maxie's best friend. Mac starts to leave to kill Dante but Anna stops him and Maxie tells them that they don't understand. Mac wants to know what he doesn't understand about and Anna tells him to sit down.

Shawn walks into Kelly's followed by Alexis. She tells him that he can't just tell her something like he did and just walk away. Shawn asks if they can talk about it later. She tells him no. He asks where Molly and TJ are then lowers his voice to tell her he doesn't want to talk about this publicly and asks if they can speak privately about it, especially since the past and present police commissioners are nearby. He takes Alexis up to his room to talk.

At their table, Mac is still very upset. He says he doesn't care how it happened, Maxie just broke up with Spinelli and Dante took advantage of her. Anna tries to quiet Mac down a bit as Maxie says she didn't sleep with Dante. Mac and Anna are confused by how she didn't sleep with Dante but she's having his baby. She says technically its Lulu's baby, too. Anna says she needs to sit down while Mac asks Maxie to explain. Maxie explains Dante and Lulu's situation to them. Mac tells her not to say what he thinks she's going to say. Maxie announces that she will be their surrogate mother and asks if that isn't wonderful.

Sabrina starts to call their meeting to order when Britt walks in, apologizing for being late. Sabrina, Elizabeth, Patrick and Steve look at her in surprise. She asks if that's the meeting to plan the Nurses' Ball. Elizabeth tells her it is but they didn't know she was interested. Britt says of course she is because it's a worthy cause. Sabrina tells her that they can use all the help they can get then tells the group that the main issue now is fund raising. Elizabeth explains about budget cuts and says they need some outside sponsorship. Britt suggests the Quartermaines. Elizabeth and Sabrina explain they already tried the Quartermaines and Tracy told them no. Elizabeth tells everyone that Sabrina has good ideas but needs help with execution. She says they also need to find a venue because the Nurses' Ball used to be held in the Versaille Room at the old Port Charles Hotel. Britt says there is no Port Charles Hotel. Elizabeth explains that it burned down and now the Metro Court is there. Patrick says that Elizabeth was the only one of them who's been to the Nurses' Ball and he asks if the Metro Court is big enough for the Nurses' Ball. Elizabeth says she doesn't know but they can look into it but in the meantime they can keep looking. She says it's a two person job so they should pair up. Britt suggests that Sabrina and Steve work together. Sabrina is surprised by this and Britt tells her not to be. Britt says she's just trying to play Cupid for her. Steve tells Britt that he'd be happy to work with Sabrina professionally but he has a girlfriend. Britt apologizes and says she had no idea that Sabrina's feelings for Steve were one sided. Mortified, Sabrina quickly leaves the meeting.

Blair asks if Todd, Carly and Skye have lost their minds. She wants to know why anyone would think Tomás wasn't Tomás. She asks Todd what he told Carly and Skye. Todd tells her that he's not the one who figured it out. Blair tells him he wouldn't know the truth if it bit him. Todd tells her that Tomás isn't who she thinks he is...he's an international arms dealer. Blair accuses Todd of being desperate but Carly tells Blair that what Todd is saying is true. She tells Blair that the man she is marrying is Lorenzo Alcazar and she used to be married to him. Skye says she had a baby with him. Téa thinks the whole thing is ridiculous. Carly and Skye show Blair pictures, one of Carly with Lorenzo and one of Skye and Lila Rae with Lorenzo. Blair turns to Todd, starting to consider what they are telling her. Todd asks if she believes them now. Blair tells him that they could have faked the photos. Todd then hands her a folder filled with articles about Lorenzo. Blair says he could have faked those, too. Téa backs Blair up, saying Todd owns a newspaper and could have faked them. Todd sarcastically says that he stayed up all night writing phony newspaper articles. Téa sarcastically tells him that he would never do that....he says he would. Téa says she knows her brother. Skye tells them that they are telling the truth. Todd says Téa and Blair don't have to believe them, they should go right to the source.

Sabrina asks if foreign countries are hiring. Elizabeth says she can't leave, everything will blow over. She is angry with Britt.

Britt feigns that she had no idea, she thought that Steven knew. Patrick says that Sabrina is shy and keeps things to herself. Britt says she would like to help find a venue and offers to help find one with Patrick.

Elizabeth encourages Sabrina to go back to the meeting. Sabrina first says she can't but then decides if she wants the Ball to happen, she has to suck it up and just do it.

Shawn and Alexis go into his room. She says that she can't believe that he kidnapped Connie. He tells her it's not like he tossed her into a trunk and threw her into a river. They had a psychiatrist waiting. Alexis is surprised that one would be there. He tells her that he knew she would be upset and that's why he didn't tell her. She says it's not all bad since it was one job....wasn't it? He tells her that Sonny offered him a job and he said yes.

Sonny asks if Lulu is pregnant. Dante and Lulu say that she isn't but they are moving ahead with the surrogacy.

Robert waxes nostalgic about returning and his past as the Commissioner. He says he took out a lot of garbage. Duke says it must be nice to relive his glory days. Robert says that he doesn't live in the past. Duke says he doesn't either and that's why he and Anna are looking forward to a future together. Robert says it will be enlightening to see how that works out.

Olivia asks about the surrogacy interviews. Dante and Lulu say they did some interviews but they found the perfect surrogate: Maxie.

Maxie offers Mac and Anna chocolate and says she forgot how she loved it and how she sees things through different eyes. Mac tells her because of what she is doing. He asks if she knows what is involved. She tells him what she knows is coming. Mac reminds her that it is a big commitment. Maxie thinks that he is telling her that he thinks she jumps into things without thinking and will back out. Mac says he never said that. Maxie asks what he is saying and asks him to tell her like he would tell Robin.

Sonny asks if they mean Maxie Jones. Lulu and Dante reassure Sonny and Olivia that Maxie is the right person to carry their baby. She is doing it for them, not the money. Olivia hallucinates Lulu is holding a stuffed dog.

Sabrina and Elizabeth return to the meeting. Sabrina apologizes for running out of the room and says she needs to explain and be honest about her feelings.

Todd suggests that they find Tomás and ask him who he is. Todd asks what Tomás is doing, locking up another person. Blair says he's running errands for the wedding and he doesn't have to answer to Todd. Todd says that Tomás answers to Blair. Blair says if it will get rid of them, she'll ask Tomás to come home and they can talk to him. She steps away to make the call. Todd says this should be good and Skye agrees. He tells Skye to shut up. Blair is on the phone with Tomás and asks him to stop by Tea's. Skye grabs the phone from her and asks if it is Lorenzo on the phone. Blair grabs the phone back away from her to talk to Tomás but no one is there. She guesses that Tomás hung up. Skye says that if she knew what Lorenzo was capable of, Blair would be thanking her. Blair tells Skye to shut up. Téa tells everyone calms down. She says this is a waste of time and everyone will see that when her brother Tomás gets there.

Alexis can't believe that Shawn would even consider working for Sonny. Shawn reminds her that she works for Sonny. she says that's sort of different, she's just his attorney and everyone deserves defense. Shawn says he thought she goes back and forth to Sonny because he got Kristina into Yale. Alexis tells him to look at how that turned out. He asks her to admit that she likes what she does. She says she does not and stop turning it around on her because they are talking about him. Shawn says that running Kelly's is fine and it's clean but it's not what he is. She says she knows that whomever works for Sonny gets hurt and then blurts out that she cares about him. She says she cares about him and she doesn't want to see him get hurt.

Maxie says she's sorry if talking about Robin upsets Anna and Mac, it upsets her, too but it was clear that Mac had more faith in Robin than he does in her. Mac says it's not true. Anna says that she's been away but she spoke with Robin. She says that Robin told her that Mac gave Robin more leeway than Maxie because he trusted her decisions more. She says that Maxie has earned their trust. Mac says he just wants Maxie to think about the emotional as well as the physical cost. Maxie assures Mac that she has and she's ready. Anna tells Mac that Maxie is old enough to make her own decisions whether they like the decisions or not and she happens to think that Maxie is doing a lovely thing. She says that Mac and Maxie need to talk and excuses herself. She just urges Maxie to be very sure about it. Maxie says she is and Anna says that's all she needs to hear. Maxie asks for Mac's blessing.

Sonny is surprised by Dante and Lulu's choice. He's worried Maxie will lose interest. Dante and Lulu assure Sonny they talked about it with her and Maxie understand what she's doing. Sonny says if it gets them a family, god bless both of them.

Duke offers Robert another drink, especially if he's drinking on the house. Robert says another time as he gets up to leave. Duke tells Robert not to leave on his account. Robert smiles and says he is, then leaves with a soft laugh. Duke watches him go.

Blair asks if Lorenzo was Skye's baby's father, why didn't she keep a better eye on him. Carly tells Blair they thought he was dead. Skye says they were wrong. Blair says there's nothing obvious about what they are saying and says she can understand why a man would fake his death to get away from Skye as Skye could never hold on to any of her men. Skye says not everyone is as lucky as Blair to get such a devoted guy like Todd who commits crimes. Blair reminds Skye that she's getting married tomorrow and not to Todd. Skye says Blair is marrying Lorenzo, yet another of her men and asks how many of her men Blair is going to take. Blair says she is marrying Tomás and attacks Skye.

Dante and Lulu are concerned about Olivia. She hasn't offered congratulations yet. Olivia congratulates them and says that they should go into this with their eyes wide open. She then says she need to go and hugs them. She wants to tell Steve the news. She leaves them.

Téa steps in and tries to break up the fight as Todd and Carly watch. Todd comments that its better than Pay Per View. Carly tries to help. Téa and Carly eventually break up the fight between Blair and Skye. Téa said they need to wait for Tomás. Skye corrects her and tells her that his name is Lorenzo. Téa tells Blair to calm down. Carly tries to calm Skye down. Blair is sure they will prove Tomás is who he says he is when he gets there. Téa urges Blair to o upstairs and calm down because Blair doesn't want Tomás to see her like that. Blair leaves them. Téa asks Carly to take Skye to the other room to blow off some steam. Todd asks how Téa is doing. Téa says she misses her son. She says that she wanted to bring Victor to a Christmas exhibit but she realized that the baby's name wasn't Victor. Todd says he never meant to hurt Téa. Téa says he never means to hurt anyone. Blair returns from upstairs, having received a text from Tomás. He will be there in ten minutes.

Alexis nervously tells Shawn that she does care about him and she couldn't handle if anything happened to him. Shawn tells her how much what she is telling him means to him. She says but not enough to keep him from working for Sonny. Shawn tells her that he cares about her, too, but she doesn't have to worry. Whatever he does isn't going to take him away from her. Alexis tells him he can't promise her that because he doesn't know. She does because she's seen it many times. Shawn promises her that he has no plans to take any risks with his life, especially when he has so much to look forward to. They come together and kiss for a moment. They then look at each other before Shawn grabs Alexis to him to kiss her again. They undress each other and end up in bed together.

Sabrina tells everyone that she told Patrick about her feelings for Steve. She says that she realizes that Steve has a girlfriend and that she can be completely professional when working with him. Elizabeth says she sees a problem with it. Steve asks what. She says that Steve is terrible at asking people for money. He couldn't sell gift wrapping to their mother in high school. Steve says that their mother had a whole closet full of gift wrapping but Elizabeth says that doesn't matter. Patrick says he has no problem asking people for money, especially with a cause he's so close to. He volunteers to work with Sabrina. Britt tells him that's not a good idea, that Sabrina and Steve can figure out a way to work together. Steve says he'll talk to Olivia to see if the Metro Court is big enough to handle the Nurses' Ball. Elizabeth volunteers to go with Steve and they agree to be partners. Britt asks what about her. Sabrina says she is sure they can find something appropriate for her to do.

Mac asks Maxie if she knows what she has to give up over the next nine months. She tells him how she intends to take care of herself and assures him that she knows what she is giving up. Mac is worried that being pregnant will keep Maxie from being able to fall in love and have her own child. Maxie tells him that's far down the road for her. Mac asks how she knows. Maxie says the man she wants is with someone else and she thinks it's a sign that its time for her to do something selfless and that her life has a bigger purpose. She tells Mac how important having a baby is to Lulu and Dante and that if they can trust her with it, he should be able to as well. Mac tells Maxie how much he loves her and wants to protect her, but if she believes she's doing the right thing, she has his blessing.

Anna goes to the Haunted Star to see Duke. He tells her that he didn't expect her to be there. She says that he told her that it was important. Duke says there is something she needs to know.

Robert walks into Wyndemere and comments on the ambiance. He calls out that someone can come out, wherever they are.

Todd asks Blair if she's nervous. She says that she is not. Todd tells her that a lie is like a bandage, just rip it off and it hurts less. Blair insists that it's not a lie and she's not nervous. She just doesn't want Tomás to walk in and see Todd. Todd asks why not. Téa says maybe because he kidnapped Tomás and framed him for murder. The doorbell rings and Todd says guess who. He says it's time to see who Blair's fiancée really is.

In bed together, Shawn asks Alexis if she still plans on fighting him on this. She smiles and says no, she's good. Shawn is a little disappointed. He doesn't mind fighting if making love is how they make up. Alexis asks Shawn to promise that he won't let Sonny get him killed because she'd like to do this again sometime. Shawn promises. Alexis asks for another round with Shawn right now. He says it sounds good to him and kisses her.

Sonny writes a $60,000 check to Dante and Lulu and tells them to let him know if they need anything more. Lulu tells Sonny how generous he is. Sonny tells them how he wasn't a part of Dante's life and wasn't able to be a good father. He hopes that he gets to be a better grandfather. He leaves them. Dante tells Lulu that it's really happening and how great it was that they have the support of their families. Lulu feels that Olivia wasn't telling them something. Dante thinks she means one of Olivia's visions but the only thing it could have been was the two of them with their baby and their happily ever after.

Maxie offers Mac chocolate again. Mac asks if she had all of the exams that she needs. Maxie promises that they will tell the doctor that she was the recipient of a heart transplant, but she's done research and she doesn't anticipate any problems. Mac asks her to promise that she will take care of herself. Maxie tells him not to worry and that Lulu will be watching her every move. Maxie asks if Felicia could be back from the movies yet. Mac suggests they tell her together and ease her into the news. Maxie agrees this is a good idea and thanks Mac for believing in her. Mac is obviously still worried.

Olivia arrives at the hospital and sees Patrick. She asks him where Steve is. He turns around and it's Steve. He tells her that it's him, Steve. She said for a minute she thought he was Patrick. Steve tells her that its kind of hard to mistake him for Patrick. She asks how she can not know the man she loves when he's right in front of her.

Patrick arranges to meet Sabrina for breakfast to discuss their planning as Britt watches. Elizabeth approaches Britt and suggests that she start on publicity, telling her that the nice thing is that she can do it in her free time, all by herself. Everyone walks off, leaving Britt fuming by herself.

Anna asks Duke what it is he thinks she should know. Duke has a confession to make about who he really is.

Robert turns around with a smile and exclaims "Mrs. C." then asks if she prefers Helena.

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