GH Update Thursday 11/29/12

General Hospital Update Thursday 11/29/12


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

Maxie asks Dante and Lulu if they found their surrogate yet. They say it depends on whether she still wants to be their surrogate. They tell her that if she hasn't changed her mind, they would like for Maxie to carry their baby.

Ellie is very upset that Maxie told Spinelli that she loved him. Ellie says it's bad enough that she found out that Spinelli and Maxie almost got married but now she finds out that Maxie still loves him. Ellie wants to know why Maxie would tell Spinelli something like that when she knows that Spinelli is with Ellie. Ellie then concludes that Spinelli is still in love with Maxie.

TJ meets Molly at Kelly's and wonders why she wasn't in school. Molly tells him that she took a personal day. TJ is concerned because Molly just took a personal day for Edward's funeral. Molly tells him that she pitched her novel to a publisher.

Todd tells Carly that he doesn't want to discuss Tomas. Carly asks him what if she tells him that the man Blair is going to marry isn't Tomas Delgado. Todd thinks that Carly is just trying to make him feel better. Carly insists that the man Blair is going to marry isn't Tomas. Todd asks who he is. Skye walks in and announces that Tomas is the father of her child for starters.

In Llanview, Téa gives Blair some mementos from Téa's and Tomas' mother's wedding. Téa tells her that she can't believe that in less than 24 hours, Blair will be a Delgado. She thanks Blair for saving her life when Todd destroyed it.

Sonny promises that he won't let anyone hurt Kate again. He tells her that she just needs to come back to him. Kate appears to be coming back when Michael arrives at the warehouse and asks what is going on. Sonny tries to get Michael to leave but he doesn't. Connie returns and starts insisting that Sonny tell Michael what is going on. She tells him to tell Michael how he kidnapped her and tied her to a chair like an animal. Michael asks if what Connie says is true. Sonny confesses that it is and tells him that it's because the legal system is useless and he thought if he got Connie alone, he could bring Kate back. Michael tells Sonny that he's not a psychiatrist. Sonny says that he had one but the guy left because of Connie. He tells Michael that he was close and nearly had Kate back. Connie tells Michael that he got there in the nick of time. Connie tells Michael he should call the cops. Sonny tells her that's not going to happen. Michael asks Sonny if he's sure about that.

Spinelli claims that he didn't know how deep Maxie's feelings are for him. Ellie tells him that she knew things were too good to be true. Spinelli seemed perfect for her. Spinelli tells her that he is. Ellie also tells him that she thought Maxie wanted to live with her because Maxie liked her. Ellie tells Spinelli about all she's done for Maxie and how nice she was to Maxie. Spinelli tells Ellie that everything she has done for Maxie makes him love her even more. Ellie says that she knows Maxie divorced Matt for Spinelli. She wants to know when Spinelli intended to break up with her. Ellie announces that she is going to pack to move out. Spinelli stops her and tells her he wants his say now. He tells her that Maxie asked him to choose and he chose Ellie.

Maxie tells Dante and Lulu that they scoffed at her offer as an attempt to use them to fix her problems. Lulu says that they didn't realize that Maxie was serious about wanting to carry their child. Now they realize that she is and they would like her to do so. Maxie asks if they met with other candidates. Dante tells her they did meet with a couple of others but they didn't work out. Lulu says she wouldn't have let either of the candidates carry her purse, let alone her child. Maxie asks them to admit that she is their last resort.

TJ asks Molly to tell him where she really was. She swears him to secrecy then tells him that she wrote a book. TJ realizes that Molly telling him she went to a publish was real He asks about her book and Molly gives him a copy to read.

Todd says that Skye reminds him of someone. She asks if he means the person he and Blair framed for shooting Max Holden. Todd says that Skye looks just like her. Skye says she is not there about that, she's there about Alcazar. Todd guesses that Alcazar is a remote island prison and asks what an Alcazar is. Carly points to the photo Todd was looking at and tells him that the man she's pointing at is Alcazar.

Téa tells Blair how hard it was to come home without her baby. She says that she didn't think she would make it through but she did thanks to Blair and Tomas. Blair tells Téa not to thank her for that. She and Tomas supported Téa because they love her. Téa tells Blair how much she loves her, too. Blair can't believe what Todd did. Téa tells Blair that she couldn't possibly know what Todd would do. Blair says that he's done it before when he made her believe Jack was dead because Todd thought he was Max Holden's son. Téa and Blair wonder what is wrong with Todd, how did they ever love him and why are they talking about him. Téa tells Blair that they need to celebrate because it's a happy day. Blair says that tomorrow will be happier because she's marrying the most wonderful man.

Todd tells Carly that he's lost. She tells him that he believes Blair is marrying Tomas Delgado. She then sits down and shows Todd photos of Lorenzo Alcazar on his laptop. Skye and Carly tell him that the man may be Tomas Delgado to him but he's Lorenzo Alcazar to them.

TJ asks Molly what the book is about. She tells him it's about a rich girl who tries to prove she can make it without her parents' money so she works at a diner. The girl then meets an intriguing, hot man. TJ jokes that the book is about him.

Todd asks Skye if Tomas isn't who he says he is. He then asks who Lorenzo Alcazar is. Skye tells him that Lorenzo was an international arms dealer. Carly tells Todd that she was briefly married to Lorenzo. Skye tells him that Lorenzo is the father of her child and he is dead. Carly tells Todd that Jason went on trial for killing Lorenzo but he got off because it couldn't be proven that Lorenzo is dead. Todd asks how long ago it was. Skye tells him years ago and Todd asks if Tomas could be Lorenzo. Carly comments on how much Tomas and Lorenzo look alike. Skye brings up Luis but Carly reminds her that there was a body with Luis' death. Skye and Carly decide that with the money the Alcazar family have, they could have faked Lorenzo's death. Todd is happy to hear this. He tells Carly and Skye that this means Tomas and Blair are finally over.

Téa tells Blair that she thinks Todd did what he did because he couldn't stand for her to mourn her baby. She says she doesn't forgive him but she understands. She decides that Todd does the most damage when he's trying to do good for someone. Blair tells Téa that she disagrees because she has seen Todd do a lot of damage on purpose. Téa wishes that Todd would have the guts to admit what he did. Blair says that it will never happen. They then agree to stop talking about Todd.

Spinelli asks if Ellie's silence indicates happiness or calm before the storm. Ellie is surprised that Spinelli chose her over a girl who is so gorgeous, sexy and adorable. Spinelli tells Ellie how Maxie takes opinions and treats them as facts. Ellie points out that he knows Maxie and loves her. Spinelli says he used to love her. Ellie reminds him that they didn't get married because Maxie wasn't ready but now she is. Spinelli tells her that he has moved on from Maxie to her. Ellie asks why he chose her. He tells her that she is his girlfriend and he made a commitment to her. Ellie wonders if he's acting out of obligation but he assures her that he's doing what he wants. He says he wants Ellie. Ellie wants to know if he would be with Maxie if she and Spinelli never met.

Dante tells Maxie that she is not a last resort. Maxie reminds Dante and Lulu of all the things Lulu said as reasons for Maxie not to carry their baby. Lulu tells her that she realized that Maxie was right, that they are like sisters, Maxie gets her, is brutally honest and cares about her more than anyone. Dante tries to correct her when Maxie tells Dante that she and Lulu are having a moment. Lulu tells Maxie how wonderful she is and that she wants Maxie to carry her baby. She tells Maxie that even if she changed her mind, Maxie is still her best friend.

Sonny asks Michael if he wants to have Sonny arrested for trying to help Kate. Michael says that what Sonny is doing isn't helping, its kidnapping. Sonny reminds Michael that he was supposed to be married to Kate. Michael says that he understands why Sonny hates Connie because he does, too. He then compares what Sonny is doing with Connie to when he strong armed AJ into giving Michael up. Sonny tells Michael that this is completely different. Michael tells Sonny that its exactly what AJ told him was Sonny's M.O. Sonny isn't happy that Michael is listening to AJ and says that AJ is filling his head with garbage. Michael says that he thinks AJ is right. Sonny challenges Michael to call the cops if he believes AJ is right.

Maxie asks Lulu if she thinks that she can do it. Lulu tells her that she is one of the strongest people she knows. Dante agrees that Maxie can do it. Maxie says that the one condition is that she gets cute maternity clothes. They agree that Maxie will carry Lulu and Dante's baby.

Spinelli tells Ellie how long he waited for Maxie to love him. Ellie concludes that if she wasn't around, Spinelli would be with Maxie. Spinelli tells her that a part of him may always love Maxie but that doesn't mean they are right for each other. Ellie wants to know why since Maxie loves him and he loves her. Spinelli tells her how he's moved on to her. After she tells him that she's the second choice, he tells her how wrong she is. He tells her how wonderful she is and how right they are for each other. He is happy to not have to run in circles to get her attention because he has it and she has his. He tells her how good she makes him feel, how he can be himself with her and how happy she makes him. He tells her that this is why he is with her. He asks her forgiveness for not telling her everything. She forgives him and they kiss.

Connie encourages Michael to call the cops. Michael says that he's not going to do it. He tells Sonny that it ends and he has to release Connie. Connie tells him that as soon as she's untied, she's calling the cops.

TJ tells Molly how she never said a word about the book. She tells him how it was just something she didn't get to finish and she didn't want to waste time talking about it. She tells TJ that she let Starr read it, Starr read the first fifty pages and loved it. TJ tells her how great it is. Molly tells him that she took the book to Todd Manning and how Starr got through to Todd. She tells him that for some reason, Starr kept mentioning Sam. TJ asks why. Molly assumes it's because Todd still feels bad for giving Sam's baby to Téa.

Téa tells Blair she has more to say about Todd. She wants to know why when her baby wasn't breathing when it was born did she believe that the baby Todd gave her was her baby. Blair says she needed to believe that the baby was hers. Blair tells Téa to stop blaming herself, it's all on Todd. Téa tells her that she sounds like Tomas. Blair wonders if Tomas shouldn't be there by now.

Todd continues to celebrate and Skye wants to know what Todd's issue with Tomas is. Todd tells her how Tomas kept him held in an underground prison with Todd's mother while his twin brother impersonated him for eight years and he had to do it because he was a member of some CIA rogue group. Skye asks if Tomas always wanted to be in the CIA. Todd tells her how Tomas says he was a pianist in Paris and he told Téa that he came back because he saw Blair in Paris and couldn't forget her. Tomas said he had to come clean about being in the CIA to Blair because of this. Skye surmises that all of the years that Tomas was unaccounted for, he could have been in Port Charles as Lorenzo. Todd says that Tomas is a liar and Blair always thought Todd was the bad guy. He can't wait to tell Blair.

Dante, Lulu and Maxie celebrate their decision with some champaign. Maxie asks how it works, if Lulu's fertilized eg is implanted in her and Lulu tells her it's a bit more complicated than that. The three drink a toast.

Spinelli and Ellie cuddle on the couch after having made love. Spinelli asks if she believes him now. She says she does but she needs them to take another step. He thinks she wants to make love again but she says that she means that she wants him to help her pack to move out of Maxie's apartment.

Sonny says that Kate was there. Connie asks if she still is. Michael asks how Sonny thought it was going to work. Connie says that Sonny thought his dimples would bring Kate back and that he and Kate would live happily ever after. She says she wants to be untied so she can call the police. Michael tells Sonny that he promised to let Connie go. Sonny unties Connie and Michael tells him he's doing the right thing. Sonny challenges Connie to call the police but warns her that she will be sorry if she does.

TJ asks if Todd was going to read the book. Molly says that he has the manuscript. She figures that he should be about halfway through reading it. TJ says that puts him halfway to deciding to publish it.

Carly tells Todd that calling Blair to tell her is a terrible idea. Todd thinks it's a great idea. Carly tells him that his doing this right before the wedding screams ulterior motive. She advises him that he needs to have more information before he goes to Blair. She asks what he thinks they should do.

Blair is worried about Tomas for taking so long running errands. Téa says that she is worried that Tomas will leave and not return and given what Todd has done to Tomas, its understandable. Téa tells her about when Tomas left to become a pianist and she then learns that he was in the CIA. Blair is relieved that the CIA is behind Tomas because she doesn't want to worry that every time she kisses him goodbye, she's watching him walk out to danger.

Todd tells Carly and Skye that they're not going to do anything. He's going to talk to Lorenzo Tomas Delgado Alcazar himself. He makes a call and orders the jet be readied to go to Llanview.

Lulu and Dante read information to Maxie, explaining how the procedure goes. Maxie is clearly nervous and Lulu tells her its ok to be nervous. Maxie insists that she's not. Lulu tells Maxie how big a favor what she is doing for them is. Lulu tells her how big what she is doing really is. She asks Maxie if she truly feels like she can do it.

Spinelli is concerned that Ellie wants to move because she is concerned he will want Maxie at some point. Ellie tells him that Maxie still wants Spinelli and could try to win him over again. She thinks that moving out is best for everyone, including Maxie and that maybe if she moves out and Spinelli isn't always around, Maxie may have an easier time moving on. Spinelli asks where she will go. She suggest moving into his office with him.

TJ imagines that Molly will be a best selling author. Molly has doubts that Todd will even finish the book, let alone publish it. TJ is amused by the thought of being Molly's arm candy when she is a best selling author.

Carly and Skye insist on going with Todd to Llanview to confront Lorenzo. Todd says it's worth it to see the look on his face when he sees Carly and Skye and it'll be even better to see the look on Blair's face when she learns that Tomas is liar.

Téa asks Blair if she is truly over Todd. Blair says she is. She tells Téa about how Todd proposed to her and even stirred up a lot of old feelings. She assures Téa that this was before she knew about the baby switch. Téa asks how she shut down those feelings. Blair says she thought about Tomas, how wonderful he is and their relationship is. She declares Todd definitely behind her. Téa says Todd is not between them anymore either. They can bond as sisters in law. Blair tells her they can also bond over their love for Tomas.

Connie tells Sonny that he's the one who will be sorry. Sonny threatens to tell the cops that Connie went to him to kill him. Connie claims that she has witnesses in Shawn, Max and the doctor Sonny hired. Sonny is confident that none of Connie's witnesses would speak against him. He tells her that his reputation isn't great but hers is worse and no one will believe her. Connie tells him that if he tries it again, he's gone. She leaves the warehouse. Sonny tells Michael how close he was to getting Kate back, then Michael walked in.

Spinelli tells Ellie that his office isn't practical or comfortable and then reiterates that he has no feelings for Maxie. He tells her how fickle Maxie is. He tells her to give Maxie a couple of weeks and she will have forgotten about Spinelli.

Maxie insists that she wants to be a surrogate not to forget about Spinelli but to give Dante and Lulu the family they want and deserve. She tells them she is honored to be a part of them getting their family. She says she can handle it and bring it on.

TJ buys a banana split for them to share. He asks her to be honest and tell him that he's the last person to read her book. Molly tells him how only Starr and Todd have seen it, not even her family has read it as far as she knows. She said it probably won't get published so she's going to make sure no one knows it exists.

Connie walks into Todd's office and is relieved to find him not there. She sits at his desk and sees Molly's book. She reads it while she eats.

Sonny tells Michael that if he had a little more time, he'd have Kate there. Michael accuses Sonny of blaming him for Kate not being there. He says if Kate isn't there, it's because of what Sonny did to Connie, not because of him. He tells Sonny he has no one to blame but himself and leaves.

Blair raves over the wedding mementos again and promises Téa that she will cherish them. Téa says she knows Blair will and tells her she's always wanted a sister. Blair says now she has one. Blair heads out to leave and runs into Carly, Skye and Todd at the front door. Todd tells Blair that they are there to stop the wedding.

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