GH Update Wednesday 11/28/12

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/28/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Maxie and Ellie's: Maxie made it a point to ignore Spinelli. She purposely grabbed the last donut just because she knew he wanted it. Spinelli told her he was sorry he hurt her, but they had too much at stake for her to keep giving him the silent treatment. Ellie walked in with a wedding photo of Maxie and Spinelli and demanded answers. She assumed they were married and accused them of trying to lure her into a polygamous arrangement. Maxie knew the picture had been in her room and asked Ellie how she got it. Ellie had been looking for the hairbrush she loaned Maxie. Spinelli explained that Maxie hadn't been ready to get married, so they broke off their engagement and had a reception without making vows or commitments and now they were just friends. Ellie wanted to know how they went from loving each other enough to be engaged to just being friends. Maxie bluntly said Spinelli didn't want her anymore. Spinelli countered that it was more complicated than that. Maxie said that Spinelli, who was the smartest person she knew, realized at their wedding that Maxie wasn't ready to give him the commitment he deserved. She added that Spinelli had moved on by the time Maxie was ready to commit to him, so now they were just friends, and he was all Ellie's.

Maxie asked for her picture. Ellie gave it to her and apologized. Maxie told her it was best that they'd gotten all this out in the open. Maxie decided to go out; Spinelli seemed like he thought there was something else they needed to talk about, but Maxie insisted that there was nothing left to say. She left. Spinelli apologized for not being upfront with Ellie. Ellie was angry that Spinelli hadn't told her how serious he and Maxie had been. Spinelli told her that he made it clear to Maxie that there was nothing between them. Ellie asked when he did that, and she was stunned when Spinelli mumbled “last week.” Ellie asked when the wedding was and Spinelli quietly said “three years ago.” Ellie demanded to know what happened last week. Spinelli told her how Maxie declared her love for him and told him to choose between her and Ellie.

Haunted Star: Dante and Lulu finished an interview with a potential surrogate. Lulu didn't like her; she had a smoker's voice and ordered a mixed drink at 10 AM. Lulu asked Dante if it was too late to consider accepting Maxie's offer. Dante was confused; he thought that they'd come to an agreement not to complicate things by using Maxie as a surrogate. Lulu thought they were overlooking how nice it would be to use someone they knew. Dante believed that Maxie cared about them, but he was concerned that she made her offer on an impulse. Lulu told Dante that Maxie still swore she wanted to help even after Lulu told her what surrogacy would be like. Dante agreed to consider choosing Maxie, but he didn't want them to make a decision until after they talked to the lady they were scheduled to meet. The woman arrived and Dante and Lulu seemed to like her at first. She was married with two children of her own. She loved pregnancy and was looking into surrogacy as a way to make ends meet while her husband was out of work. The woman noted that they must be well off to own a club and pay the surrogacy fees. Dante and Lulu explained that they weren't as wealthy as she assumed they were. The lady wanted them to pay rent for the place where she and her family lived. Dante and Lulu were taken aback and the woman explained that it would help her be stress free and lead to a safer pregnancy.

The woman disclosed that she was also being considered by another couple who were offering a very generous stipend. Lulu told the woman that they weren't looking to buy a baby. The lady countered that that was what surrogacy was. Dante explained that they preferred not to think of this as a business transaction. The woman understood their view, but she considered surrogacy a service and she thought it was fair that they compensate her so she could provide for her family while she provided them with a family. Lulu told her they'd contact her for another interview later. The woman told them that they seemed like a nice couple who'd make great parents, but she thought they should lower their expectations, since they wouldn't find many candidates like her and she left. Dante was willing to consider using the woman, but Lulu didn't like her at all, due to her focus on money. Dante pointed out that they'd have to pay a surrogate, but Lulu felt like the lady tried to make them feel guilty and tried to draw them into a bidding war over her womb. She couldn't imagine going through nine months of that. Dante believed they'd find the right match if they kept looking, but Lulu wondered if they'd already found the surrogate for them. Later, Maxie marched into the club and behind the bar while venting about her bad morning. As she prepared to pour a drink, she asked Lulu and Dante if they found their surrogate yet. They smiled and told her it depended on whether she was still willing to give them their baby.

Quartermaine Mansion: AJ wrote a list tallying up which ELQ stock holders would support him and which would support Tracy. There were question marks next to Sam, Danny and Michael's names. He took a break from that to draw devil horns and a beard on a picture of Tracy. Michael walked in and AJ hid the picture. Michael asked how everyone was doing. Everyone was trying to keep busy to keep their minds off Edward. Monica was babysitting Lila Rae and Alice was interviewing new cooks. Michael noticed the list and asked what it was about. AJ told him it was something for ELQ. Michael asked if AJ shouldn't focus on his defense, and AJ explained that Diane instructed him to let her handle everything, so he was focusing on ELQ as a distraction. AJ told Michael he knew Tracy wouldn't ever let him work there. Michael pointed out that AJ could get back into ELQ if Tracy got voted out. AJ grinned and told Michael he was thinking like a Quartermaine. AJ told Michael about his and Skye's calculations to see if AJ could get the support of the majority of the shareholders. Michael asked how it worked out. AJ told Michael that depended on him. AJ explained the list to Michael. AJ explained that he didn't want to kick Tracy out of ELQ all together; he just wanted to force her to step down as CEO. Michael asked if Tracy was doing a bad job. AJ said ELQ had been better. According to AJ, he knew the business well, since he'd been groomed to run it a long time ago. AJ admitted that this didn't work out. Michael knew; he'd heard that AJ embezzled a lot of money from the company. AJ said his actions made Edward ashamed, but ELQ recovered most of the money after AJ “died.” AJ understood that he'd burnt a lot of bridges, but he wanted a chance to redeem himself in the eyes of his family. Michael was reluctant to take part in getting Tracy demoted since he and Tracy had gotten a long fairly well until she started trying to get AJ sent to prison. AJ wondered if that meant Michael would consider siding with him.

AJ called ELQ Michael's legacy, and he offered to help him learn the business. Michael was too busy with school work for that. AJ sensed that Michael seemed more distant than he had that night at the police station. Michael felt that he was being cautious, but AJ wondered if Sonny had gotten to Michael. Michael made it clear that he loved his parents and he didn't want to shut them out. AJ understood that Michael had formed a bond with Carly and Sonny while he was out of the picture. Michael knew things were complicated and that AJ, Sonny and Carly had all made bad choices. Michael told AJ that AJ, Sonny, and Carly were all going to have to accept each others presence in Michael's life. Michael assured AJ that he was happy that they had the chance to get to know each other. AJ had his doubts that Sonny would accept Michael's wishes. AJ told Michael that Sonny didn't like having his authority challenged and didn't hesitate to use force to get his way. AJ knew he couldn't coerce Michael into feeling the way AJ wanted him to, but AJ believed Sonny had been doing that to Michael for Michael's whole life. Michael told AJ he was wrong, but AJ disagreed. He assumed he knew what Michael and Sonny's relationship was like and he shared his thoughts. AJ surmised that Michael often tried to make peace and calm Sonny down when he exploded, just like Jason did. AJ told Michael that he was just a kid and that Sonny should be taking care of Michael, instead of Michael taking care of him. Michael began to tense up during AJ's speech. Michael insisted that he could take care of himself. AJ stated that Sonny wanted Michael to love Sonny and reject AJ and that Sonny would be willing to put guns to someone's head to get his way. AJ warned Michael that if Michael defied Sonny, sooner or later, Sonny would do that to Michael. Michael told AJ he had to go. AJ sighed. AJ urged Michael to think about what he said about Sonny and ELQ; AJ had a gut feeling that he and Michael would make a great team. Michael nodded and left. AJ circled Michael's name on the list.

Coffee warehouse: Sonny and Max were in the alley. Sonny asked if there had been any progress and Max told Sonny he needed to see for himself. They went inside the warehouse. An enraged Connie was inside, gagged and bound to a chair, and a doctor was with her. Connie had headbutted the doctor earlier and given him a black eye. The man called her the most entrenched alter he'd ever dealt with. He told Sonny that he couldn't help Kate, and he quit. Sonny tried to change the man's mind, but the man told Sonny that what he really needed was an exorcist. He scurried out. Connie thrashed around and tried to make noise, but the gag muffled her screams. Sonny told Max to leave, then he took the cloth out of Connie's mouth. After Connie had screamed herself hoarse, Sonny removed his earplugs. Connie told him that he couldn't do this to her; people cared about her and would realize she was missing and look for her. Sonny challenged her to name one, and Connie named Johnny and Todd. Sonny revealed that he had people watching them both, and neither had made an effort to locate Connie. Todd had even packed up Connie's belongings at her job. Sonny checked her phone – no one had tried to reach out to her. Sonny told her that it seemed to him that people were happy to be rid of her. Sonny asked her why she liked a weak guy like Johnny. Connie returned his taunts by telling him she'd prefer a strong man who was a good kisser, like Milo. Connie swore she'd choose anyone over Sonny.

Sonny picked up a chair and slammed it down close to Connie, then sat next to her. Sonny told Connie that if she was the real personality, as she claimed, that meant she fell in love with him when she was a teen. He asked her to explain how she could go from loving him to hating him so much that she framed him murder and humiliated him at the wedding. Connie started to cry. She told him she got raped. Sonny told her that was Joe's fault, but Connie was adamant that she never would have been raped if it weren't for Sonny. Sonny was taken aback that she blamed him for what Joe did. Connie got upset that Sonny couldn't even say the word “rape.” Connie reminded Sonny how it had been obvious to everyone that Joe Sr. favored Sonny over Joe Jr. Sonny called Joe Jr. scum. Connie accused Sonny of having loved showing up Joe Jr. Connie Joe Jr. felt so inferior to Sonny that he raped Connie to take what Sonny had. Sonny insisted that he didn't know. Connie thought Sonny was too wrapped up in being Joe Sr.'s chosen son to see what was going on. Sonny's eyes filled with tears as Connie cried that Sonny hadn't kept the promise he made to always protect her. In an anguished tone, Connie asked Sonny why he didn't save her that night. Sonny stroked Connie's hair and apologized to both her and Kate for not being there. Connie wept and said it didn't make a difference, now. Sonny kept gently apologizing for not saving her and told her it didn't matter if she was Connie or Kate, he just wanted her to come back to him. It appeared that Sonny was making progress and was getting through to her. Connie softly said his name. Just then, Michael showed up looking for Sonny and was shocked by what he walked in on. Michael asked Sonny what the hell he was doing.

Manning Enterprises: Starr brought Molly to ME to talk to him about publishing her novel. Molly was afraid to go inside. She was worried her novel wasn't good enough. Starr gave her some encouragement and told her that Todd was a pussy cat deep down. Molly noted that he didn't seem like that when he fired her sister. Starr told Molly the trick was catching him in a good mood.

Todd was in his office reading the paper when he spotted an announcement for Blair and Tomas' wedding on Saturday. He angrily crumpled it up and let out a scream as he hurled it out the door, where it landed at Molly and Starr's feet. Molly looked terrified when Todd growled at Starr that she owed him an apology for stabbing him in the back. Molly wanted to leave, but Starr convinced her to stay. Starr impatiently told Todd to get his rant over with. He gave her the paper and she saw the picture. Todd went on a tirade; he didn't know Blair was getting married so soon, and he was furious that Starr didn't tell him Blair was marrying an assassin. Starr thought he knew. Todd screeched that he had no way of knowing because only person in Llanview who talked to him was a seven year old. Starr had avoided bringing it up, because she was concerned he wouldn't take it well. Todd didn't understand how Blair and Starr were okay with Blair marrying the man who kidnapped Todd and cost Todd years with his family. Todd forbid Starr from attending the wedding. Starr protested – Blair was her mom, but Todd shot back that he was her father. Todd realized he didn't change Starr's mind, so he told her she made her loyalties clear and she could go. Starr told Todd what Blair had said about how she loved him and the perfect moment they shared when they danced in the room with the golden balloons. Todd didn't understand why Blair would marry someone else when she had a perfect moment with him. Starr told him that Blair was happy with Tomas, now. Todd thought Blair was lying. Starr refused to take sides between her parents, but Todd told her she already had. Starr changed the subject and asked him to talk to Molly. Todd was dismissive toward Molly at first, then Starr told him about the manuscript. Todd promised to read it if Starr boycotted the wedding. When Starr refused, Todd told her to get Tomas and Blair to find her a publisher. Starr said she would – she told him any publisher would love to have Molly's book, especially since Molly had an interesting background as a Cassadine and Sam's sister. Todd took note of Molly being Sam's sister. Starr pointedly told Todd that publishing the book might help make up for Molly and her relatives being kept away from Daniel for so long. Todd got the hint and took the manuscript. He wondered what happened to his sweet little girl. Starr smiled and said she was her father's daughter.

Todd went back to playing Solitaire on his laptop, although he lead Starr to believe he was working. Starr urged Todd to read the manuscript right now and when he said he'd have someone else do it, Starr reminded Todd that Molly was Sam's baby sister, stressing the word “baby.” Todd understood her point. He told Molly to tell him about the book. Molly stammered that it was a love story. Todd bombarded her with questions and when she got tripped up, he dismissed her. Molly found her footing and was able to explain things in a more confident tone. The book was about the sort of love that hurts – the kind that kept drawing you in despite it being bad for you. The subject resonated with Todd. He asked how it ended and Molly told him to read the book. Todd begged her to tell him the couple ended up together. Starr urged him to read it, then she and Molly left with big smiles on their faces.

Kelly's: Shawn served Skye and made small talk with her. Skye was reading a newspaper from Pine Valley on her tablet. Skye explained that she liked to keep up with her former towns, such as Pine Valley, Llanview and Port Charles. She told him she was going to be going to Pine Valley soon to see her uncle Stuart's art exhibit. Carly walked in and overheard Skye. Carly suggested that Skye stay in Pine Valley since no one would be sad to see her leave Port Charles. Skye sarcastically thanked Carly for her condolences. Carly told Skye that she wasn't a Quartermaine. Skye countered that she was as much a Quartermaine as Michael was a Corinthos. Carly snarled that she was married to Sonny, while Skye's mom “banged a sideshow carnie” to conceive her. Shawn tried to diffuse things. Carly accused Skye of being AJ's accomplice, but Skye insisted she had nothing to do with AJ kidnapping Michael. Carly told Shawn that Skye used to sleep around and leach off of rich families. Skye reminded Carly that Carly had done something similar. Carly told Skye that she hadn't lost Edward, because Edward wasn't Skye's to lose. Skye decided to stop arguing and leave, and Carly taunted her about taking the high road. Skye needled Carly by predicting that Michael would connect with AJ and turn his back on Carly. Carly told Skye not to talk about her son. Carly was adamant that Michael knew who his parents were and that they loved him and that he remembered AJ kidnapping him and trying to kill Jason. Skye grinned and said Jason wasn't around to clean up Carly's messes anymore and now Michael was going to get to know AJ and come to see Carly for who she really was – “the slut of Port Charles.” Carly slapped Skye, and Skye slapped her back. A brawl erupted. Max happened to walk in and he helped Shawn break up the fight. Skye's tablet fell during the fight. She picked it up and gasped at what it displayed – Blair and Tomas' wedding announcement. Carly was just as stunned. They couldn't get over how much Tomas looked like Lorenzo Alcazar. Skye made a gagging sound at Blair's picture. Carly shared that she liked Blair. Skye wasn't surprised. Skye explained that Blair had framed her for attempted murder, which made Carly laugh. Skye didn't think the resemblance was coincidental. She believed Tomas was Lorenzo, meaning Lila Rae's dad was alive. Carly knew someone who might have the answers they wanted.

Manning Enterprises: Todd looked at Blair's picture in the crumpled newspaper and wondered what she was doing. Carly walked in and told Todd she wanted to talk to him about Blair and the man she was marrying. Todd didn't want to discuss them at all. Carly said what if she could tell him that Blair's fiance wasn't really Tomas Delgado.

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