GH Update Tuesday 11/27/12

General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/27/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita


Haunted Star: Maxie had what she believed was a wonderful idea – she could be Lulu and Dante's surrogate. Lulu laughed and said Maxie couldn't do it. Maxie reminded Lulu that Lulu had wished she had a sister to do this for her. Maxie felt that she and Lulu were just like sisters, so she didn't understand why Lulu turned her down. Lulu countered that Maxie wasn't maternal, which Maxie didn't think mattered as she wasn't raising the baby. Lulu pointed out that this would be a nine month commitment, but Maxie didn't think it was a big deal. Maxie felt that this would be a good way to repay Lulu for all the favors she'd done for her. Maxie added that she had the time to do this, since she was unemployed and wasn't seeing Spinelli, because he didn't think she was good enough. Lulu told Maxie that Spinelli didn't say that.

Maxie reminded Lulu that she'd wished she had another Maxie. Maxie told her that the original was here and willing and this was a brilliant idea. When Lulu disagreed, Maxie assumed Lulu didn't think Maxie was good enough to carry her child. Lulu assured her she didn't feel that way. Lulu wasn't sure Maxie fully understood what surrogacy entailed – hormone shots, morning sickness, stretch marks, weight gain, the pain of delivery. Maxie was adamant that she could handle it all, because she loved Lulu and needed to do this for her. Maxie thought it would give her purpose, something more than working for Connie or investing her heart in a man who didn't want her. While Lulu was grateful for the offer, she still refused to let Maxie do it. Lulu urged Maxie to find a purpose that was about herself, not about Lulu. Lulu wondered if Maxie had considered whether she'd be capable of just handing a baby over after nine months. Maxie was sure she could do it, since she could only take kids in small doses. Lulu gently told Maxie that she couldn't use Lulu's problem to solve hers (Maxie's). Maxie was hurt that Lulu would rather pay a stranger a small fortune to take part in the most special thing Lulu was going to do. Maxie accused Lulu of thinking Maxie was incapable of doing something selfless. Lulu insisted that she knew Maxie was generous, but Maxie told her to forget it. Maxie told Lulu she hoped she found what she was looking for, then she left.

Kelly's: Robert met with Mac. Robert wanted a favor, but first he asked Mac to promise to keep it from Anna. Robert revealed that he thought the real Duke was dead and Faison had stolen his identity. Mac asked if he had proof and Robert told him about the “charming” Olivia's psychic vision. Robert asked Mac to get him a copy of the police report about Faison getting killed. Mac reminded Robert that he didn't have access to police records anymore. Robert disagreed. He pointed out that Mac had been police commissioner longer than Robert was and a lot of the people on the force were still loyal to Mac. Robert knew he couldn't go to the station and start asking questions without fueling speculation, which would make its way back to Anna. Robert explained that Anna had gotten angry when he hinted that Duke was a fraud, so he hadn't gotten a chance to tell her the rest of his theory. Mac said Robert and Anna fought all the time, but Robert said this was different. Robert told Mac that he and Anna always had each others backs and now she might be falling for Faison's game. Mac wondered if this was about Robert wanting one last chance to get back at Faison. Robert challenged Mac to convince him that Faison was really dead.

Pier: Faison got upset when he remembered Anna telling him that he wasn't the same as he was before. He crushed his cigarillo under his boot. Johnny walked up and asked if something was wrong. Faison didn't recognize Johnny, so Johnny told him he was partial owner of the Haunted Star. Faison claimed he was just frustrated because he couldn't kick his smoking habit. He asked Johnny not to tell anyone, especially Anna. Johnny replied that it was none of his business. Johnny explained that the club was his baby and he was suspicious about why a man with experience running his own nightclub would choose to be a bartender. Faison claimed he'd had trouble adjusting after spending so long in prison and he wanted the job as a way to get back on his feet. Johnny was still skeptical; he'd learned that Duke used to launder money in his old nightclub. Faison replied that “he” had gone legitimate by the time he left Port Charles. Johnny expressed doubts that anyone could go completely legitimate. Faison thought Johnny should know. Faison revealed that he knew Johnny was the heir to the Soleito and Zacchara fortunes. Johnny asked how Duke knew that and why he even cared. Faison thought it was very difficult to resist the temptation of that life. Johnny said it wasn't when you've seen the downside. Johnny made it clear that he was out of that life and he wanted the club to remain a clean business. Faison said they were on the same page. Johnny asked if he was working tonight. Faison said he'd be in later and that he looked forward to getting to know Johnny, as they had a lot in common. “We'll see” Johnny replied, then he left. Robert arrived a short time later. The two men greeted each other coolly. Faison noted that Luke must have asked Robert to help him turn Anna against him. Faison told Robert that thus far, he'd only angered Anna and pushed her toward him (Faison). Robert replied that he and Anna had been fighting for decades, but in the end, she always trusted him. Faison needled Robert by saying Anna chose him, not Robert.

Quartermaine Mansion: Tracy grumbled “thanks for nothing, Daddy” as she hurled the jar of Lila's relish over her shoulder. Ned happened to walk in and catch it. He asked what it was and Tracy spat that it was her inheritance. Ned studied the jar and remembered that he heard stories about Pickle-Lila. According to Tracy, Monica had done something that caused the Quartermaines to fall on hard times. Lila decided to market her relish to make money and it became such a huge success that the family was able to rebuild ELQ. Since Edward knew Tracy didn't like the relish, she figured he'd given her a jar as a last joke on her. Ned thought there was a deeper meaning behind Edward's final gift to Tracy. Ned understood that Tracy's was disappointed that Edward didn't leave her anything to acknowledge the love they had for each other. Tracy admitted that she loved and missed Edward so much that she couldn't be angry with him. She was sure Edward had intended for her to find a message in the gift, but she couldn't figure out what it was. Ned pointed out that she was still CEO of ELQ. Tracy wasn't sure she would be for long. She didn't have enough shares to control ELQ, meaning the Board could vote her out at any time. Ned tried to reassure her that it would be difficult for anyone else to amass enough shares to force her out. Tracy worried that the other heirs would form an alliance and vote as a bloc. She figured that AJ was probably already planning a takeover. Ned told her not to forget that AJ was facing serious prison time and that the name AJ was synonymous with the word screw up in the Quartermaine family. Tracy was concerned that Diane would help AJ beat the charges and that Monica would use her influence to fulfill what Tracy felt was Monica's long held dream for AJ to become CEO. Ned didn't think Monica and AJ would ever be able to convince enough board members to support AJ instead of Tracy.

Crypt: AJ touched Edward's marker and apologized to him. Skye walked in and asked what he was sorry for. AJ had wanted to prove to Edward that he wasn't a screw up, but now he'd never have the chance. He also felt like he didn't deserve to inherit a portion of Edward's stock. Skye pointed out that the will clearly stated that every living grandchild was to get a share, but AJ countered that Edward didn't know AJ was alive and hadn't meant for AJ to be included. Skye urged AJ to focus on making himself and Michael proud. AJ wanted to use his shares of ELQ to do something good for the family, but he knew there was a chance he might go to prison. Skye assured him he had a good chance of beating the charges with Diane as his lawyer. AJ also knew that Tracy wouldn't allow him to gain any traction at ELQ and that she'd die before she gave up control of the company. “What if she were forced to,” Skye said in a sly tone. AJ was intrigued. Skye told AJ how Tracy had invested her late husband Gino Soleito's money into ELQ. “Tracy laundered mob money through ELQ?” AJ asked. He noted that that was a felony and an SEC violation. AJ figured Edward would roll over in his grave if he knew. Skye told him she'd warned Edward about it so he could protect his company. AJ was surprised Edward didn't make Tracy pay for what she'd done. Skye thought that Edward felt Tracy got punished for what she'd done when Anthony forced her to marry him. Skye filled AJ in about the marriage and explained that she was the one who gave Anthony the leverage he needed to blackmail Tracy. Skye said it wasn't her shining moment, but AJ thought it was inspired and that Tracy had it coming. Skye told him the marriage only lasted a few months before Anthony was murdered. AJ asked questions about this and learned that Tracy had been arrested and released on murder charges and that Anthony's murder case was still open.

AJ wondered if it was in bad taste to plot a takeover so soon after Edward's death. Skye didn't think so. She saw thought it was in the family's best interest for Tracy to be forced out of ELQ. Skye lamented that she didn't know where Anthony put the proof that Tracy put mob money into ELQ.

AJ thought it would be best if he used his own shares to prove that he was an asset to ELQ. He felt lucky to have shares at all. Skye told him to drop the false modesty and focus on figuring out how to get more stock behind him.

Quartermaine Mansion/Crypt: Similar discussions were taking place in both locations as both Tracy and Ned and AJ and Skye worked to figure out who Tracy/AJ would have to sway to get control of 51% of the ELQ shares and controlling interest in the company.

Tracy was sure AJ was already colluding with Skye. Tracy took a moment to complain about Skye and Lila Rae owning 18% of ELQ despite not having any Quartermaine blood. Ned knew Skye would support AJ, but he told his mother that he, Dillon and Brook Lynn would support her. Tracy noted that that was only 30%. Tracy wondered if she or Luke could sway Alice to her side. Tracy thought Maya would support her, since they became friendly when Luke tried to trick Tracy into marrying him. This meant she would have 41%. Tracy remembered that Sam had 18% - Jason's 12 and Danny's 6. Tracy didn't think Sam would support her, since Tracy had blackmailed Sam a long time ago and Tracy badmouthed Jason all the time.

Back at the crypt, AJ and Skye did their own calculations – their stock, pooled with Lila Rae's, Monica's and Michael's would give AJ 41%. Skye, like Tracy, figured Dillon, Ned, Brook Lynn, Alice, and Maya would support Tracy. Skye brought up Sam. AJ didn't think she'd support him;, because she hated him due to what he did to Jason.

Both Skye and Ned independently concluded that whoever won Sam over would gain control of ELQ.

Crypt: Skye told AJ that if he was serious about having ELQ's best interest at heart, he had to step up, since none of the other grandchildren were going to. AJ knew he had to beat the charges first. Skye told him he had her full support. They hugged and Skye left. AJ told Edward that Skye was right. AJ was finally beginning what it meant to be a Quartermaine. He promised to be worthy of his inheritance.

Quartermaine Mansion: Tracy vowed to fight hard to sway Sam to her side. Ned told her she had time, since AJ was going to be too preoccupied with his court case to fight for ELQ. Tracy wasn't sure about that. She thought AJ might let Diane handle his defense and spend his time focusing on ELQ. Ned told her that if that happened he (Ned) would rally the troops to her side. Tracy admitted she was glad Ned was there. Ned was just sorry it took Edward's death to get him back in town. They hugged. Tracy confessed that she was a terrible mother. Ned told her that she'd been difficult at times and also amazing at others and he and Dillon loved her. Tracy assured him that although it might not seem that way, she only wanted what was best for Ned and his brother. Tracy sighed that she used to think Edward only wanted what was best for her, but she didn't feel that way anymore. She touched the pickle-Lila. Ned thought he figured out why Edward left it to her – so she could eat it. Ned got hot dogs for the both of them and he opened the relish. Tracy thought it was better than she remembered. They 'toasted' with their sandwiches and Tracy joked that Monica couldn't have any of the relish even if she begged.

Starr was out and about and she sat on the bench outside Kelly's to answer her phone. It was Blair calling from Llanview to confirm that Starr was going to be at the wedding on Saturday. Starr replied that she would be there. Blair was concerned that Starr wasn't enthusiastic about attending. Starr told her mom that she'd relish being there. Blair thought she detected sarcasm in Starr's response. Starr assured Blair that she supported her decision to marry Tomas, but Blair was suspicious that Todd was trying to turn Starr against her. Starr told Blair it was no secret that Todd was still in love with Blair and wished she was getting married to him instead; he'd even proposed to her in June. Blair was surprised Todd was still in love with her. Blair was so interested in knowing if Todd had said anything else about wanting to get back together that Starr wondered if she had changed her mind about marrying Tomas. Blair hadn't changed her mind; she was happy with Tomas.

Blair wondered how Starr was doing. She remembered that Starr was really upset when Johnny betrayed her. Blair kind of liked Johnny, so she was sort of sorry things didn't work out. Starr felt the same way. Starr was still confused about why Johnny would marry Connie when he supposedly loved Carly. Starr asked if Blair married Todd for love. Blair wasn't proud of herself but she married him the first time for money. She reminded Starr that she knew that already. Blair said the second time it was for love. Blair recalled that Todd was different then; at that point there was still a part of him that felt like he could be loved and have something that lasted forever. Everybody disapproved, but Todd and Blair didn't care. Blair said that the moment when Todd showered her with golden balloons had been perfect and she and Todd were perfect together. Starr wondered why Blair was marrying Tomas. Blair explained that the things she referenced happened a long time ago, people change and perfect moments don't last. Starr just wanted Blair to be happy. Blair said she was happy; so happy she could burst, and she was counting on Starr to be there on Saturday. Starr promised to come. They hung up. Despite what Blair said, she didn't look happy. She looked down at her phone – her wallpaper was a picture of her and Todd on one of their wedding days. Blair gently ran her finger over Todd's portrait.

Anna's office: Felicia stopped by with lunch for Anna and asked her if she'd figured out which of the three men in her life (Robert, Duke and Luke) was the one for her. Anna explained that Luke was in Turkey investigating Duke. Anna complained that Luke had gotten Robert involved and in turn, Robert had barged into Anna's former suite and badgered her about Duke. Felicia remembered that Anna married Robert both before and after she married Duke. Felicia thought Robert might be jealous. Felicia believed Robert cared about Anna. Anna knew that, but the way Robert expressed his concern was grating on her. Anna told Felicia that she'd come close to sleeping with Duke and had noticed that something was different about him. Anna explained that Duke was still as charming as ever and he had he fully remembered things from their past, but his kiss didn't feel right. Anna left her office to take care of something in another part of the police station. She bumped into Mac and knocked a file out of his hands. In helping him pick it up, she noticed it was Cesar Faison's file, and she asked why he had it. Mac lied and claimed he'd taken the file home to read awhile ago because Jerry Jacks' crimes reminded him of Faison's and he was just returning it now. Anna bought the story, and she recalled that Faison had been full of tricks. Anna hoped she never had to see that file again. She gave it back to Mac and went on her way.

Later she returned and thanked Felicia for the food. Anna thought they should talk about Felicia next time. Felicia was happy and she wanted Anna to have the same thing. Felicia asked if Duke was so different that Anna didn't want him anymore. Anna didn't think it went that far. She thought she might need to take things slow, but there was something... Anna didn't get to finish her thought, because Faison arrived. Felicia greeted him then wished Anna luck and left. Faison wondered why Felicia wished her luck. Anna told him Felicia was talking about the paperwork Anna had to fill out. Faison leaned in for a kiss and Anna pulled away and asked if he'd been smoking. Faison admitted that he had. “That's weird. I don't remember Duke ever smoking,” Anna said, before catching herself and rephrasing by substituting the word “you” in place of 'Duke.” Faison claimed he'd picked up the habit in Turkey, because it was one of the few pleasures prisoners had. Anna understood, but she wondered if there were going to be any more surprises. Duke told her that some things had changed as was normal, but the important things remained the same.

Pier: Mac gave Robert the file. Mac told Robert he'd read the file; Faison's body was never found, only remnants of the boat were recovered. Robert wasn't surprised. He thought that Anna's grief was making it easy for Faison to take advantage of her. Mac told Robert he was grieving too. Robert wondered if Mac thought Robert had dreamed up this danger as a way to save Anna because he couldn't save Robin. Mac knew Robert was the best and if he said Faison was impersonating Duke, Mac believed him. Robert appreciated the support. Mac had made a copy of the file for Robert, so he told Robert to destroy it after he was finished with it. Robert learned that Mac had ran into Anna, and he asked how she looked. Mac thought she looked like she had a lot on her mind, and he wondered if Robert had gotten through to her after all. Robert thought he knew where he could get the proof he'd need to convince Anna that Faison was pretending to be Duke. Later, Robert was at the pier alone talking to someone over the phone. The person agreed to help him and Robert said he'd owe the person big time. Robert noticed the cigarillo that Faison left behind. He speared it with a pen then studied it.

Kelly's: Felicia walked in and was surprised to hear Maxie ordering a huge salad with tons of toppings like croutons and bacon and whole milk when she usually had such a small appetite. Felicia asked what was wrong. “I can be different. She'll see,” Maxie said.

Haunted Star: Dante arrived and Lulu told him about Maxie's idea. He was surprised she'd make such an offer. “You obviously told her no,” Dante said. Lulu said of course she did, but Lulu was worried they wouldn't find another surrogate. Dante mentioned that they were meeting some potential surrogates tomorrow. He felt certain that they'd find someone Lulu clicked with. Skye walked in and ordered something from the bar. Johnny turned around and told Skye she was looking well. Skye noted that Johnny looked better than she did when she last saw him. Johnny recalled that that had been when she left him tied to the bed while she went off in search of Anthony. Skye regretted that and she was there to make it up to Johnny. They both smiled. Skye tried to seduce Johnny, but he saw through her game and told her he knew she was only trying to retrieve the documents on Tracy that she'd given Anthony. Skye admitted Johnny was right. Johnny told she wasn't getting anything from him. Skye wondered if that meant he had the document. Johnny smiled and said she'd never know.

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