GH Update Monday 11/26/12

General Hospital Update Monday 11/26/12


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

People go to the chapel for Edward’s funeral. Spinelli attempts to approach Maxie and asks if they could talk. But she “coldly” calls him Damien and tells him she’d appreciate it if he no longer calls her Maximista since he does not deserve to give her a nickname. She walks out indicating she’s jealous. Sam sits with her baby while her two younger sisters visit and then leave. Inside, Spinelli wants to talk to Sam about his dilemma with Maxie.

Outside Kristina and Molly are both concerned about how their older sister may not be handling the grief of losing Jason the right way and invite her to join them and their mom for dinner tonight. Kristina walks out to see Trey and asks what is up with him hiding

By Edward’s gravesite, Monica and Michael appear to be the only ones defending AJ for his breaking off of his ankle monitor and hiding. Ned asks his mom and Sky why everybody always makes excuses for AJ. AJ then reminds them that they are about to bury his grandfather. Maybe they all need to stop fighting. Monica and Michael find Tracy and she tells her grandson to maybe let Tracy have some time alone with her deceased father.

Lulu finds Maxie whom she knows is depressed over Spinelli and encourages her to get out and have some fun. Maxie reminds her that she has no money to shop or do anything. That’s why she has to share the apartment with Ellie. So she has no choice except to have her nose rubbed in Spinelli dumping her for another girl. And she asks Lulu just what she’s supposed to do.

AJ talks alone to his deceased grandfather promising to redeem himself and make his family proud of him.

Molly goes to Kelly’s and finds Starr Manning. She tells Starr she’s working on a paper for school. But it seems she has something a lot more personal going on than that.

Diane Miller comes to the Quartermaine house and announces that Edward wanted her to handle his will. Tracy instantly does not trust her realizing she’s AJ’s lawyer and announces that this is a conflict of interest. But Monica tells her it’s too bad. Edward chose Diane. Diane reads what Edward wrote about his grandchildren. Tracy does not want to hear anything except the verdict about what her father willed to her. Michael then reminds them that AJ is one of Edward’s living grandchildren. Tracy argues. But Diane agrees that since AJ is a living grandchild, the law allows him the rights directed by Edward. She then announces that each grandchild will inherit 12%. Tracy instantly does the math and realizes that accounts for 60% and asks why her father has only left her 40% of the voting shares.

At Kelly’s, Molly appears to be having a secret about writing something and talks to Starr. Kristina enters to overhear their conversation and finds it hard to believe that Molly is seeking Starr’s help in Biology and remarks that’s like Michael Phelps seeking help with swimming.

Kristina finds Trey and asks him what his plans are. He then reminder that the only reason he even came to Port Charles in the first place was to shoot Mob Princess with her. Now that’s no longer an option. His father is gone. He has no future there. She asks if that means he intends to leave town.

Sam sits alone in the chapel with Spinelli and asks him if he believes, after all this time, that Jason is not alive. He admits that he does not share her unwavering faith. Hearing that, Sam asks why Spinelli of all people would lose hope, remembering how he’s spent so much of his time believing that he will have a future with Maxie and not believing anybody who doubts it. He then reveals to Sam that that is no longer the case with him and Maxie.

Lulu talks to Maxie about how she and Dante are having difficulty adopting a baby when all they have left as an option is finding a surrogate. Maxie asks Lulu what is so difficult about that and why can’t they just meet and select a surrogate. Lulu admits it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Diane continues to read the will and announces that the grandchildren inherit 60%. His great grandchildren, which include not only Michael, but Skye’s baby daughter as well as Sam and Jason’s baby Daniel inherit the next 30%. Tracy then concludes that leaves her with only 10% and asks how her father could do that to her.

Lulu asks Maxie if she thinks it’s going to be as easy as a surrogate whom she and her husband don’t know gets pregnant with both of their DNA, has the baby and then walks away. Maxie tells her it’s not as complicated as she thinks. She reminds Lulu that she (Lulu) should be able to make it work. Lulu is capable of doing many things including getting Maxie's mind off of Spinelli. Hearing that, Lulu then tells Maxie that reminds her of what they need to discuss regarding Maxie and Spinelli.

Molly reveals to Starr that she wants to write a novel and it might have something to do with a boy she likes. But she asks Starr if anybody would publish a novel written by a high school student. Starr tells her she might be able to help her with that and mentions that her father, Todd, might be a resource for them.

Diane continues to read the will about what Edward has bequeathed which is 5% to his daughter in law, Monica. And he mentions the other 5 % goes to a special woman in his life who has been there for him ever since Lila died, who is Alice Gunderson, the maid. So that seems to exclude Tracy.

Spinelli shares with Sam that he has a dilemma on his hands regarding Maxie. She asks him what has happened. He tells her that he is worried about hurting Maxie when he’s seeing someone else. Hearing that, she tells him he need not feel bad and encourages him to explore the relationships, reminding him that Maxie has been stringing him along for a long time. Finding out that Spinelli’s new girlfriend also happens to be the girl he met at the DNA lab when he was seeking answers about baby Danny’s paternity. He took her to Sonny’s wedding and he likes her. But she can sense that although Spinelli feels “committed” to Ellie, maybe he does not have the feelings for her that he has for Maxie. He does not admit otherwise.

Kristina reaches out to Trey telling him that he need not feel he’s failed her nor done terrible things. She wants to help him and give him a better option than living in the church basement. He tells her that he is pretty certain that his father was working with Jerry Jacks to poison the water and almost kill everybody in Port Charles. She asks where he’s gotten that idea. He tells her that he knows his dad was seeing Tracy Quartermaine and gave her the only dose of serum he had left. And it all ties into Jerry Jacks. He’s afraid to show his face around town and there’s nothing for him here.

Sam and Spinelli talk about her inability and unwillingness to say goodbye to Jason or believe that he may be dead.

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