GH Update Wednesday 11/21/12

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/21/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Crypt: Tracy went to the family vault to talk to Alan. She cried as she wondered how she was going to get through this. She heard footsteps approaching realized it was Ned. She smiled and they hugged. Ned couldn't believe Edward was gone. Tracy knew what he meant. She said Edward was her rock. She took the flower Ned was holding and put it in the holder on Edward's marker. It read “Edward Louis Quartermaine. 9/2/1918 – 11/20/2012.” Tracy remembered talking to Edward at her wedding to Luke. Edward had said he was happy, because Tracy was happy. Tracy told Ned that Edward was the glue that held the family together. She wondered what they'd do now. Ned told her they were Quartermaines and they'd survive, because they had Tracy, the toughest of them all. Tracy didn't feel tough. Ned suggested they go back to the house, but Tracy told him she wanted a little more time. Ned kissed his mom goodbye. Tracy started crying. She spoke about moments she, Alan, Edward and Lila had experienced as a family of four when she and Alan were growing up; things she was the only one left who remembered, now.

Kelly's: Steve and Olivia ordered two Thanksgiving dinners from Shawn. Steve had to work today and Dante and Lulu were in Bensonhurst, so Steve and Olivia were grabbing a quick meal at the diner. Olivia wished she would be having dinner with Kate later. Olivia felt bad that Sonny and Kate weren't getting to have their first Thanksgiving as a married couple, and she wasn't sure they ever would. Shawn told her not to count them out just yet, then he went to get their order. Olivia told Steve it almost sounded like Shawn knew something about Sonny and Kate. Shawn returned with their meals, but Olivia saw Heather approaching them instead. She screamed and ran from the table. Once she calmed down, she told Steve and Shawn what she saw. Steve called Ferncliff and the staff confirmed that Heather was there and asleep. Olivia found it odd that she was asleep so early. Steve tried to assure her that there was nothing to worry about, but Olivia wasn't convinced.

Heather was actually at the restaurant. She was wearing a wig, dressed as nurse and reading the paper; Edward's death was front page news. Shawn served Heather a BLT and made small talk about Edward. He wondered if she knew him. Heather said she knew him very well. After Heather ate, she hid her face and scurried out past Steve and Olivia. Shawn told Steve one of the nurses just skipped out on her bill. Steve and Olivia talked about how Edward. Olivia had heard that Heather married Edward. Steve explained that Heather took advantage of the fact that Edward was grieving over Lila. Edward quickly got the marriage annulled once he realized Heather was after his money. Steve still felt foolish for helping Heather get out of Ferncliff. Olivia assured him that he was a good man. Olivia felt bad that Monica had lost Jason and Edward in rapid succession. Steve thought having AJ helped. Olivia wondered how AJ managed to fake his death. Steve admitted he played a part in it. He told Olivia how AJ miraculously came to life after flat lining, and Monica enlisted his help in making sure the world thought AJ was dead, to keep him out of prison. Steve revealed that he faked an autopsy to help cover up the truth. Olivia said she was glad she he told her, but Steve noticed that she looked sick. Olivia was trying to digest what Steve had told her. She wondered if there was anything else he was hiding. Steve swore this was the last secret. Olivia hoped that this didn't come back to haunt them.

Quartermaine Mansion: Monica put another sympathy card on the mantle, and AJ noted that hey were running out of room. Monica replied that a lot of people loved Edward. She remembered visiting Edward in the hospital years ago and telling him she cared about him. Alice came in to relay a question from the caterer. AJ wondered why they were having a Thanksgiving celebration when no one was in the mood to celebrate. Monica told him it was Tracy's idea and that she wasn't going to argue with her about it. AJ couldn't fathom the Quartermaines having Thanksgiving without an argument. Monica thought Tracy wanted to get things right this time in honor of Edward, because he loved the holiday so much. She and Alice went to talk to the caterer, while AJ looked at the pictures on the mantle, then remembered a moment when he'd impressed Edward at ELQ. Skye arrived and she and AJ had a happy reunion. Skye was shocked that AJ was alive.

Skye gave Lila Rae a family photo album to look at. She showed the little girl pictures of her great grandparents Lila and Edward, then went to talk to AJ. Skye wanted details on where AJ had been hiding, but he joked that he wouldn't reveal his secrets. Skye told him she found out about Jason at the same time she learned that Edward died. Skye remembered the last time she and Edward saw each other last year; he'd asked her not to be a stranger and to bring Lila Rae next time. Skye stated that she'd kept one promise. AJ noted the loving way she looked at Lila Rae. Skye told him she really wanted to be a good parent. AJ understood. He told her he was sticking around because he planned to be a father to Michael. Monica came in and greeted Skye warmly. Skye brought Lila Rae over and told her that this was her grandmother, Monica. Monica fawned over Lila Rae and told Skye that although they hadn't always gotten along, she was glad to see her there, and she knew Edward and Alan would agree. Skye said this was her and Lila Rae's family. Skye asked and was given permission to show Lila Rae around the grounds. On her way out, she told AJ that having him back made the loss of Edward a little easier to bear. “Speak for yourself” Ned said as he walked in. Ned said hello to Skye and told her that her daughter was beautiful. Skye told Ned she was easing Lila Rae into the family. Ned knelt down and warned the child to get out while she still could. Skye and Lila Rae left, and Monica hugged Ned and told him she was glad he came. Ned said he couldn't miss his grandfather's favorite holiday. AJ grumbled that Ned missed everything else, and Ned shot back that AJ had no room to talk. Monica asked if he brought Brook Lynn along. Ned explained that she was on tour and Lois was traveling with her. Dillon couldn't come, because he was filming a movie in the far east. AJ sarcastically said they were lucky Ned was able to come. Ned thought Edward would be rolling in his grave over AJ, even though he hadn't been buried yet. Monica interjected that this wasn't the time to snipe at each other. Monica wondered if Ned had seen Tracy. Ned told her that he had. Ned pointed out that Tracy was the only one left; all the family she'd grown up with was gone.

Crypt: Tracy got up and gently touched her family's markers. She heard someone come in and complained about the intrusion. Skye apologized and said she didn't realize anyone would be in there. Skye told Tracy she was sorry about Edward and would miss him very much. Tracy replied in a snide tone that she bet Skye would. Skye ignored Tracy's scornful tone. She explained that she wanted Lila Rae to know the people who were important to her. She lead the Lila Rae toward Lila's marker and told her she was named after a woman who was beautiful inside and out, just like Lila Rae. Tracy found this inappropriate. She snapped that Skye wasn't related to them. Skye firmly said Alan and Edward loved their family and she was blessed to be part of it. She told Tracy that love, not blood, was what made a family.

Quartermaine Mansion: AJ agreed that Monica was right, and he tried to call a truce with Ned, but Ned refused to ignore everything that happened. Ned picked up the photo album and remembered telling Edward that he was going to apply the values and skills that Edward taught him to their new project. Monica tried to convince Ned to reconcile with AJ by saying Edward would want his grandsons to get along. Tracy walked in and asked if Monica really expected her son (Ned) to get along with the man who single handedly killed Edward. Tracy snapped that she told AJ he was going to kill Edward and he did. Ned told AJ that he'd hit a new low. AJ pointed out that he had nothing to do with Edward's death. Tracy thought AJ was the last one to see Edward alive. Monica told Tracy she (Monica) was the last one to see Edward; he died before Tracy allowed AJ to go upstairs and visit. Tracy accused Monica of defending AJ, when he belonged in prison. AJ told Tracy he understood that she needed someone to blame. Ned ordered AJ to stop patronizing his mother. Monica thought Ned's concern for Tracy's needs rang false when he didn't even call her after the pathogen scare. Tracy took offense at Monica talking to Ned that way. Skye, Lila Rae, and Alice walked in in the midst of the argument. Alice asked if Skye was staying for dinner. According to Tracy, Skye wasn't family, so she wasn't welcome. Monica and AJ disagreed. Skye was going to go back to the hotel, but to Tracy's chagrin, Monica insisted that she and Lila Rae stay there. This sparked another round of insults and accusations from Ned, Monica, Tracy and AJ. Lila Rae looked up at Skye and asked if everything was okay. Skye assured her that it was and said “welcome to the family.” She picked Lila Rae up and went off in search of an aspirin.

Michael's: Sonny stopped by. He told Michael he respected Edward and knew Michael loved him, and he thought Michael could use some fatherly support. Michael asked Sonny not to turn Edward's death into a competition with AJ. Sonny insisted that he wasn't doing that. Michael noted that Sonny made it a point to mention that he was Michael's father. Sonny replied that he was Michael's father, and Michael said he knew. Sonny explained that the one thing he and Edward had in common was their love for Michael. Sonny swore he wasn't there about AJ, and he got up to leave. Michael asked Sonny if he would have killed AJ to keep him away from Michael. Sonny was silent, and Michael knew that meant he would have. Sonny asked if Michael thought he did the wrong thing. Michael felt that Sonny took things too far when he threatened AJ's life. Sonny admitted he'd do it again if that's what it took to protect Michael. Sonny explained that he'd been afraid AJ would hurt Michael like he hurt Jason and Carly. Michael pointed out that AJ never got a chance to be a father to him, so Sonny couldn't know what AJ would have done. Sonny was convinced that he was the better choice for a father for Michael. Sonny admitted he made some mistakes, but he believed that the best thing he'd ever done was raising Michael. Sonny told Michael it was okay to wish AJ had been in his life growing up, but Sonny wondered if Michael wished Sonny hadn't been there. Michael assured Sonny that he didn't. Michael told Sonny he was a great dad, but Michael was ready to make up his own mind about AJ. He wanted to get to know him and see him through the trial. Sonny understood. He advised Michael to use his head and and keep his guard up. Michael smiled and said he learned those skills from Sonny. Sonny asked if Michael and Starr had plans. They didn't, because Starr was in Llanview with her mom. Michael revealed that he was going to the Quartermaine gathering for Edward. Sonny thought Michael should be there. Michael was curious about what Sonny was doing. Sonny would only say he had plans. They hugged, and Sonny left.

Kelly's: Sonny met with Shawn after the diner was closed. Sonny asked how things went with Connie. Shawn replied that she wasn't happy, but things were under control now. Sonny told Shawn he'd done a good thing. Shawn wasn't sure kidnapping qualified as a good thing. Sonny was adamant that Connie was where she belonged. Shawn hoped this worked. Sonny was confident it would and that he'd get to spend Christmas with Kate.

Quartermaine Mansion: Alice let Michael in. She and Michael listened to the shouting coming from the living room and Alice lamented that they couldn't stop fighting for one minute in honor of Edward. Michael sighed as he remembered how happy Edward was when he came to work at ELQ. Edward had praised Michael and told him about the importance of family. Michael entered the living room and observed his screaming relatives for a moment then he yelled at them to remember that they were supposed to be there to honor Edward. Michael urged them all to make Edward proud by being civil. Tracy rolled her eyes, but the others agreed that Michael was right.

Heather broke into the Quartermaine home and rifled through Edward's desk. She found his will and smiled. She read it and said he thought of everything. She shoved it back into the drawer, leaving part of it hanging out. Skye walked into the room as Heather was leaving through the terrace doors. Skye assumed she was staff and asked about aspirin. Heather turned around and Skye recognized her and called her name. Heather took off her wig. Skye demanded to know why Heather wasn't in Ferncliff. Heather replied that she was very resourceful as “Blaze” should know. Heather recalled that Luke gave Skye that nickname and he called Anna “Slim.” She wondered why she didn't merit a nickname from Luke, too. Skye attempted to leave the room, and Heather grabbed a carving knife off the table and told her she wasn't going anywhere.

Back in the other room, Ned vowed that they would all have the Thanksgiving Edward always wanted. Skye let out a piercing scream and everyone ran into the sitting room in time to hear Heather's plan to force Skye to leave with her. Ned and AJ advanced toward Heather, but they stopped because Heather threatened to kill Skye if they came any closer. Tracy shrugged in indifference at the threat, which shocked Monica. Ned promised that they'd allow Heather to escape if she let Skye go, but Heather scoffed and said she wouldn't trust a Quartermaine. Heather started to back out of the Terrace doors with one arm around Skye and the knife to her throat, when Alice suddenly snuck up behind her and hit her over the head with a baseball bat, knocking her out. Skye ran into Ned's arms. Alice cracked that it was a traditional Q Thanksgiving. They called Steve, and he and Olivia arrived in time to hear things crashing as Heather attempted to fight off the orderlies who came to pick her up. They finally restrained her and brought her into the foyer. Heather was surprised to see Steve. She rambled about them spending the holiday together and insisted that she was okay as she was carted away. Steve and Olivia left, too. AJ apologized to Michael about all the drama. He called him “son” and said he was glad he came. Michael looked uncomfortable. He replied that he barely knew AJ and they couldn't bond overnight. AJ knew. AJ asked if someone had been talking about him. Michael said no. Everyone gathered around and reminisced about the other Thanksgiving disasters. Michael thought they sounded like pretty awful celebrations, but Tracy told him they were wonderful, because Edward presided over them. Ned knew they all had a favorite Edward memory. Tracy grudgingly admitted that that included Skye.

Ferncliff: Heather was in a straight jacket manically repeating that she knew something the Quartermaines didn't know. As she yelled a shot of the will partially sticking out of Edward's desk was shown.

Quartermaine Mansion: Several clips from Edward's past were shown – Edward lovingly interacting with Lila, scenes of him talking to Ned, Alan, Tracy, Monica and Michael, Tracy and Edward saying they loved each other and her kissing his cheek during the pathogen scare. Ned toasted to Edward and said there'd never be another one like him. Everyone went into the dining area and were horrified to see that Heather had knocked over the table during the struggle. The food was ruined. Alice tried calling the pizza parlor, but they were closed. The doorbell rang and Alice rushed off. Tracy was very upset that they couldn't have the perfect holiday for Edward. Ned said maybe they were honoring Edward by keeping the tradition of disastrous Thanksgivings alive.

Alice opened the door – no one was there, but there were stacks of pizza boxes piled high. She brought them inside, just as everyone was wondering what they were going to eat. “Let's eat!” Lila Rae yelled. Everyone was ready to grab a slice, until Tracy stopped them and told them to remember what Edward always said. Edward and Lila's spirits were shown watching over their family. Edward said “First we sing, and then we eat” just before everyone repeated said the same thing. Everyone sang “We Gather Together,” Edward and Lila included. Edward took Lila's hand. After the song was over, Edward walked away, while Lila used her wheelchair. They got to the staircase and Lila stood. Edward asked her to renew their commitment to each other. Lila replied that of course she would. They ascended the stairs and faded into the light. The camera focused on a picture of Edward, then a bumper in memory of John Ingle played.

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