GH Update Tuesday 11/20/12

General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/20/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Drake home: Monica consulted with Patrick over the phone about Edward's health. He was stable for now. Monica was apologetic about bothering him, but Patrick was happy to help, because Edward had done a lot for Patrick's family. Robert arrived. Patrick told him that Edward was dying. Robert was sorry to hear that; he knew Edward was tough, but he had a soft spot for Robin. Robert had a gift for Emma, and Patrick told him she was already at school. Patrick told Robert he could go there to see her if he wanted. Patrick was distant with Robert and kept making comments about Robert not being around much due to his busy job. Robert told Patrick he was sorry he wasn't at Robin's funeral and that didn't miss it because of his job. Patrick revealed that he already knew Robert left because he thought Ethan was his son. Robert explained that Luke's lie had given him something to hold onto and kept him from jumping off the bridge. Patrick understood, since he wouldn't have been able to go on without Emma. According to Robert, he bought the story so easily because it gave him an excuse to run away instead of facing Robin's death. He still couldn't believe she was gone. Patrick shared that the funeral had been difficult for him, and he only made it through because of Emma. Robert advised Patrick to cherish Emma and always put her first, even ahead of his career. He told Patrick that Patrick didn't want to be the person who always showed up late with apologies. Patrick told Robert that Robin was proud of him and thought he could do anything. Emma did, too. Robert smiled, then he decided that he did want to go see Emma at school. Patrick gave him directions. Robert reached out to shake Patrick's hand and Patrick pulled him into a hug.

Quartermaine Mansion: Monica found Tracy in the living room making plans to redecorate the house. They argued about whether or not it was Tracy's fault that AJ violated his bond conditions. Tracy didn't think it mattered; she was confident that Monica was going to lose the house over AJ's actions, allowing Tracy to buy it. Just then, AJ walked in. Monica hugged her son. Tracy demanded to know why AJ was free. AJ told her that Diane convinced the judge that there were extenuating circumstances. Tracy warned Monica that AJ was going to hurt her the way he'd hurt Edward, Alan and Jason. AJ wondered what kind of person would lie to someone about their child being injured. Tracy sneered that AJ should have realized that Michael had parents and friends to turn to, so he didn't need AJ. AJ insisted that Michael needed him more than he knew. Tracy predicted that it was just a matter of time before AJ fell off the wagon and messed up. AJ replied that he was sober, but Tracy didn't think that would last long.

While AJ and Tracy argued, a nurse came in and whispered something in Monica's ear. Monica interrupted and told them that Edward was unresponsive, his pulse was faint and his breathing was labored. Tracy wanted to call the ambulance. Monica firmly told her no; this wasn't something that could be fixed, and Edward had made his wishes clear in the his living will. Tracy grabbed the phone, determined to have her lawyer invalidate the living will. Monica urged her to spend time with Edward instead. Tracy decided Monica was right, and she figured Edward was probably fine by now anyway. Tracy started walking toward the stairs, and AJ followed, because he wanted to see Edward, too. Tracy refused to allow it. AJ argued that he was family too and this could be his last chance. Tracy wondered if AJ meant his last chance to take ELQ or to prove he wasn't the loser Edward knew he was. Monica tried to make Tracy stop saying things like that. Tracy disagreed that AJ was family and said that as Edward's next of kin, she decided who could and couldn't see him. AJ asked her to please think of what Edward would want. Tracy snapped that Edward hadn't thought of AJ in years because he was nothing but a disappointment who meant nothing to any of them. She hissed that he better not follow her, then she ran upstairs. AJ and Monica couldn't imagine the house and town without Edward in it. Monica told AJ that Tracy wouldn't throw a fit around Edward, so he could go up and see him if he wanted. AJ said he just wanted to do what was best for his grandfather.

A more calm Tracy went up to Edward's bedroom. Edward was lying in bed (only his hands were shown). Tracy asked the nurse how he was – still unresponsive. Tracy asked her to go, then she sat down next to Edward and took his hand. She fought back tears as she encouraged him to rest and get his strength back. Tracy told Edward how well ELQ was doing. She said she told him she could run a company, then she said to herself that she never thought she'd have to. Tracy tried to keep a positive atmosphere in the room by telling Edward good news. She told him she found the 18 million dollars and everyone in the family was fine. Tracy cried that nothing was going to upset him today.

Sam's: Sam told John she was glad he stopped by. She started showing him all the work she'd done trying to find a lead on Jason. John advised her to slow down. Sam argued that she couldn't do that – Jason needed her. John thought they should assume Jason was alive until they had a body, but he thought she was letting the case take over her life. Sam didn't understand; she thought he was on her side. John told her he was on her side, but he as a fellow obsessive, he knew there was value in stepping back and getting some distance from a case. He suggested she take Danny outside and enjoy the nice weather. John knelt down to the playpen and asked Danny if he'd like some fresh air. Sam snapped that Danny didn't want to go outside and that she didn't need John filling in for Jason. Sam told John she as sorry he didn't get to be with his son, but he didn't get to borrow hers. John insisted he wasn't doing that. Sam knew Jason wouldn't approve of John being there or spending time with his son. John told Sam he'd go, since he'd upset her. Sam just got angry, because John was acting as if he was leaving by choice instead of because she told him to. John nodded. Sam told him to focus on his own family and leave hers alone. John left. AJ called Sam. She wasn't in the mood to talk to him, but he was adamant that she needed to hear this.

Michael's: Michael walked out of the bedroom in his boxers. Starr was folding up things on the couch. She thanked him for letting her stay and wondered if he found it awkward that they hadn't slept together. Michael still believed it was a good idea to wait until the time was right. He admitted that he hadn't slept the night before, because he was conflicted about AJ. Michael knew AJ wanted a relationship with him, but he couldn't help but remember the damage AJ caused in the past and Sonny and Carly's warning that AJ was manipulating Michael. Starr encouraged him to set everyone else's feelings aside and figure out whether he wanted a relationship with AJ. Michael wished things weren't so confusing. Starr asked if Michael couldn't accept all of his parents. Michael was trying, but he knew that too many things had happened between Carly, Sonny and AJ for them to accept each other and become one happy family. He told Starr that AJ pushed Michael down the stairs and made her lose her baby and as a result, Sonny threatened to kill AJ if he didn't give up custody of Michael.

Kelly's: Alexis couldn't wait for Shawn to meet her adorable grandson, but she wasn't sure Sam would ever invite her over again. Shawn was sure Sam would come around. Sonny walked in and asked Alexis to help him keep AJ away from Michael. Sonny had learned via Dante that a judge let AJ out on bail. Alexis was annoyed that the man who kidnapped Kristina, and Sonny's sons was free. Sonny wanted Alexis to get a restraining order against AJ on Michael's behalf. Alexis explained that she couldn't do that – Michael was an adult and AJ would have to be a threat. Sonny said Michael was defending AJ. Sonny thought AJ was going to use guilt trips to derail Michael's life. Alexis sympathized, but there was nothing Sonny could legally do, and she warned him not to do anything illegal either because going after AJ would drive Michael away. Sonny found the thought of doing nothing while Johnny, Connie and AJ worked the system to be unacceptable. Alexis told Sonny to wait for AJ's inevitable screw up. She said bye and left. Sonny and Shawn sat down at a table and Sonny vented about his troubles. Shawn gave Sonny his condolences on Jason and Sonny mentioned that he lost Kate, too. Shawn thought Sonny could get her back. Sonny thought about it and decided to get Kate back by doing things his way. Sonny believed that when he was with Connie, he could feel Kate struggling to get out. Sonny wanted to get Connie alone. Sonny noted that normally, he'd go to Jason for help. Sonny asked if Shawn would be willing to help. Shawn said he was out of the business. Sonny thought Shawn could fall back into his old job easily, just like he did when taking on Jerry. Shawn reminded Sonny that Sonny had an issue with Shawn when Shawn used to work for him. Sonny claimed it would be different this time, now that he knew what Shawn was made of. Shawn said he ran a diner now. Sonny thought Shawn had to be bored by that.

Alexis finished up a call outside Kelly's when John arrived. They discussed Sam; Alexis was worried According to Alexis, Sam was in complete denial about Jason and she wouldn't talk to Alexis or her sisters. John shared that he thought he just got added to the list. John still wasn't sure what happened at Sam's. He told Alexis what Sam had said about him needing to focus on his own life instead of hers. John wondered if Sam was right. John admitted that he rarely slept anymore. He spent his nights thinking about kidnapping Liam from Natalie. The only thing that kept him from going through with it was the knowledge that he'd be found, sent to prison and never see his son again. John said he sat around looking at Liam's picture and waiting for Alexis to call and tell him there had been progress on his case, but she never did. Alexis said the lawyers at Buchanan Enterprises appeared to be trying to keep the case tied up in court long enough to wear John down. John thought they were trying to bankrupt him, too. Alexis told him neither thing would happen. John acknowledged that he owed Alexis a fair amount of money, but times were tough. Alexis gently asked if he had an income at all. She told him that if the case did go to trial, he would need to show that he could provide for his son. John didn't have a job at the Llanview Police Department anymore. Natalie's father, Clint, had threatened to use his power and influence to get his brother Bo, the police commissioner, fired if Bo let John go back to work. Bo urged John to come back to work anyway, but John didn't want to cost his friend his job.

Alexis told John to work on finding a job. She hoped he'd find employment close to Port Charles, because she believed Sam needed John.

Manning Enterprises: Carly walked into the office and announced that she was losing her son. She was stunned when the chair spun around and Connie was in it. Carly called Connie a liar when Connie said she and Todd were sharing the office. Todd walked in and told Carly he had no choice but to hire Connie, so she was here for now. Connie countered that she was there forever. Todd wondered what brought Carly by, and Connie blurted out that Carly wanted her “bed-buddy” to fix things with Michael. Carly and Connie had words, then Carly and Todd went into the main office to talk in private. Carly was flipping out because AJ was out on bail, giving him a chance to insert himself into Michael's life. She thought it was crazy, since she and Sonny were his parents. Carly thought AJ had made progress in turning Michael against her. Todd tried to cheer her up by pointing out that AJ would be going to prison, but Carly was terrified Diane would manage to help AJ stay out of lockup. Connie cracked open the door and listened in. Todd thought that if AJ did go free and it turned out that he was scum, Michael would figure it out on his own. Carly was surprised by his restraint, and it made her wonder what he'd do if he were in her shoes. Todd quickly said he'd kill anyone who tried to take his kids, just like he did with his brother Victor.

Carly contemplated killing AJ. Todd didn't think Carly would do it. Carly asked why Todd wasn't supporting her on this. Todd explained that he didn't want her to kill AJ, because if she did, she'd go to prison then Todd wouldn't have a friend not to have sex with and to talk to or call if he got in trouble. Todd told her he'd miss her. Carly smiled. Connie lost her balance and tumbled out of her hiding place. Carly called her a spy in addition to being a conniving skank. Connie acted like she didn't know what Carly meant. Connie picked up a sheer thong and told them she was thinking of putting it on the cover of Crimson. Connie taunted Carly by saying she was going to wear the panties for Johnny tonight. Carly grabbed them and used them to strangle Connie while yelling that she was sick of Connie. Todd pulled Carly off, and Connie told him to tell his girlfriend to back off. Carly announced that she was going home. Todd pointed out that it was 10 AM, and Connie said she had something business related to do – modeling the clothes for Johnny. Carly lunged for Connie again, but Todd blocked her. Carly wondered if there was a way to get rid of Connie. Todd sighed that they were stuck with her. Carly admitted she was only raging at Connie because she couldn't beat up AJ. Todd told her she wasn't going to lose Michael, because she was a terrific mother. Carly told Todd how she was afraid she was going to lose Michael to the Quartermaines last summer when he went to work for ELQ. Todd told her she didn't lose him then and she wouldn't now. Carly asked what if Michael didn't come around. Todd told her they'd cross that bridge when they got to it. Carly smiled.

Shawn was in the elevator at the Metro Court. Connie got in, too. She noticed Shawn staring at her and sneered at him.

Kelly's: Sonny got a text from Shawn that said “ Bird's in the cage.” Sonny left.

Quartermaine Mansion: Sam, Danny, Michael and Starr arrived after they got AJ's call. AJ knew Edward would want to see Michael and meet Danny. Sam noted that Edward loved Jason. Michael asked AJ if he wasn't coming upstairs. AJ told him Tracy didn't want him there. He told Michael to go tell Edward what he meant to him. Michael promised to tell Edward on behalf of himself and for AJ.

Monica stepped into Edward's doorway and watched Tracy talking to Edward. Tracy told Edward he looked better already and that the doctors, especially Monica, didn't know what they were talking about. Tracy urged Edward to show them what he was made of. Monica slowly entered the room and touched Tracy's shoulder. “Please don't go!” Tracy wailed, then she turned and hugged Monica. Sam, Michael and Danny walked in. Tracy quickly walked out. Michael explained that AJ called them. Michael asked if Edward could hear them. Monica thought so. Monica thought Edward would be overjoyed by the visit. She cooed at Danny then left to give them some time. Michael told Edward he admired him and he now understood that everything Edward did was out of love. Michael thanked Edward for making him feel like a part of the family even though his last name wasn't Quartermaine and he didn't work at ELQ. Michael thanked Edward for everything, then he gave him a kiss and told him he loved him. Sam introduced Edward to Daniel Edward and told him how Jason named the baby after him. Monica returned as Sam was telling Edward how similar Jason and Danny were. Sam announced that Jason was Danny's biological father. Monica looked thrilled. Sam told Edward they were going to raise a family he could be proud of. Everyone smiled when Edward reached out his hand and Danny grabbed Edward's finger. Monica was glad Edward got to see Danny. She thanked Sam for bringing him. Monica said it was just like Edward knew Danny was there. Sam apologized for not telling Monica about Danny's paternity earlier. Monica understood. Monica knew Jason didn't mind either way, but she was hoping Danny was his biological child. Sam said she had been, too. Sam and Monica wished Jason could have been there to say goodbye.

Tracy stopped in the foyer and eavesdropped on AJ and Starr talking in the living room. Starr told AJ it was nice for him to call Sam and Michael. AJ said he knew Edward would want that and he wanted to give them a chance to say something to him. Starr asked what AJ would say if he had the chance. AJ said he would apologize for the drinking and being greedy and for being jealous of Jason and being a coward. AJ said he could never stand up to Edward the way Jason and Ned did. AJ thought he'd tell Edward that Edward would like what AJ would become. AJ got choked up and stared at a framed picture of Edward and Lila. AJ cried that Edward would never know AJ had gotten his head on straight and was determined to make things right, just like Edward always wanted him to. Tracy stepped into the room and quietly told AJ to hurry upstairs to see Edward.

Sam, Danny and Michael went into the living room. Michael thanked Tracy for letting AJ go see Edward. Tracy asked how Edward was. When she heard about him reaching out his hand, she chuckled and assumed it was a sign that they shouldn't count him out just yet.

Edward's room: AJ reached the doorway, just as Monica walked out. She gently told him that Edward was dead. While Monica went downstairs, AJ went inside. He laid his head on Edward's chest and sobbed.

Monica broke the news to everyone else. Tracy was in disbelief at first; she pointed out that he'd just moved his hand. Monica told them that Edward had said something just before he died – Lila. Tracy looked at the portrait of Lila and Edward.

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