GH Update Monday 11/19/12

General Hospital Update Monday 11/19/12


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Tracy and Monica are arguing when they discover that AJ’s leg bracelet has been removed and is beeping.

AJ has gone to find Michael after Tracy as set him up to believe he had to rush to find his son after he’s (Michael) been in danger.

AJ goes to Jason and Sam’s home to find his son but can see he’s ok. He knows he’s been set up but vows that he will risk being thrown in prison or whatever is needed so that he can be there for his son. Michael seems to believe his father’s sincerity.

Maxie goes to find Spinelli after he’s spent the night with Ellie and she declares to him that she wants him and is not afraid to admit that he is the man for her. Yet he is not certain how to respond to that.

Lulu and Dante are talking at The Haunted Star. She attempts to explain to her husband all that she’s recently heard regarding Duke Lavery coming back. Her dad has gone to Turkey to investigate something that doesn’t sound right regarding that. Her father seems to want to “protect” Anna from Duke. And recently Robert Scorpio, Anna’s ex and Robin’s father is in town. She informs him that she talked to his mom who informed her that she “bumped into” Duke Lavery. Yet Olivia told her she did not “see” Duke. She saw someone else.

Right then and there, Olivia goes to the hospital and talks to Elizabeth and Robert Scorpio. She describes the suspicious man she saw hiding himself at The Haunted Star who sounded like he believed he was Duke Lavery. And when she describes his appearance, Elizabeth draws him. At that point, she sees the pictures and confirms that that is exactly what he looked like. Robert also sees the picture and tells them he knows this “person”. His name is Faison. Olivia and Elizabeth both ask Robert who is Faison.

The imposter (identified by Robert as Faison) is wearing the Duke Lavery mask and continuing to fool Anna into believing he is Duke. He kisses her and confirms that there is nothing to stop them from moving forward. He then asks her to sleep with him. But she pulls away and tells him maybe they should just slow this down. He asks her why and if she could just know how much he’s missed her. She tells him she understands but somehow knows they cannot move forward the way he wants. He then begs her not to make him wait and asks her to please say yes. And it appears she does.

Robert declares when he sees the pictures Elizabeth drew that Olivia confirmed that this is a man he never wants to see again. He asks how anyone can begin to describe Phazon. He tells him that Phazon is from the cold war and the perfect strain of bacteria. He knew Phazon from when he was a spy. He also knows that Phazon is supposed to be dead.

Right then, Lulu talks to Dante about his mom seeing a strange man pretending to be Duke Lavery. But, she tells her husband, his mom was less concerned about that than about their problem with being able to adopt a child. Olivia was very supportive and generous and even offered to pay. Hearing that, Dante admits that Olivia is not the only one, remembering his similar conversation with Sonny.

Maxie becomes emotional and admits to Spinelli that she wants him. But he reminds her that she told him she wanted to move and told him that her feelings for him were strictly platonic. She tells him that she knows that she’s made a mistake to run from her feelings for him for a long time and is ready to admit that she needs to face up to her feelings for him. She cries. He admits that for the longest time, he has wanted her and has hoped and prayed for too long that at some point she’d come around and return his feelings. Hearing that, she asks if this means they can have their happy moment together. But Spinelli appears to hesitate with answering that question the way she wants.

When Monica discovers that her son has removed his ankle monitor, Tracy rubs her sister-in-law’s nose in the fact that she believed that AJ changed only to be fooled yet again. She reminds Monica that it looks like she’ll lose her home and have to go to prison along with him because of what he’s done.

At Jason and Sam’s house, Michael reminds AJ that he’s removed his ankle monitor and risked some very serious consequences. But AJ protests to his son that he’d do it all over again if he thought his son was in trouble. Michael tells his dad he knows it’s probably just a matter of time before the cops find him and throw him back in jail. He knows that Tracy set him up but he will protect him and hide him where he will be safe in this house. But right then, Sam comes down the stairs and tells Michael no he won’t. AJ is not welcome in this house.

When it appears that Anna is ready to move forward with “Duke”, she pulls away indicating that she can sense something is “not right”.

Right then, Robert tells Olivia that Lulu informed him about Olivia’s “visions” about things happening. And he asks her if she can tell him more about the specific things she can list. She then tells him there was her premonition about Lulu being pregnant. There was the thing about Heather in the rain the night when Sam and Jason’s baby got taken and it appeared he was dead when she knew otherwise. She also remembered her premonition about Dr. Keenan. She was able to see that her cousin was Connie instead of Kate when nobody else could see it. He tells her that she may very well be onto something to have seen Phazon knowing that he (Phazon) has a connection to Duke Lavery.

Dante reminds Lulu that he believes with all that’s happening in Sonny’s life and with AJ coming back, Sonny may just want to connect with his oldest son... He knows that he and his biological dad might always be at odds but he might just want to take Sonny up on his offer just this once. But before they can continue the conversation, he gets a call from the Quartermaines and tells her he has to take this and respond.

At the Quartermain house, Tracy reminds Monica that she needs to face up to the fact that her son is not to be trusted.

At Sam and Jason’s home, Michael protests to Sam that his dad came there and violated his parole because Tracy tricked him into believing that Michael was in danger. So, Michael tells Sam, he can’t let his father get nailed for something that wasn’t his fault especially when it had to do with him (himself). Sam tells Michael that she does not trust AJ. Michael asks Sam if his dad can just stay with her while he goes to the Quartermaine’s and attempts to post bond. At first Sam says no but then agrees and gives Michael limited time, concluding that it will just be a matter of time before AJ goes to prison.

Spinelli admits to Maxie that he could not wait for her anymore. He made a decision to move on. With Ellie. He tells her he gave his word. She asks what that means when he has admitted that he loves her (Maxie). In response to that, Spinelli asks why she didn’t come to him months ago. She urges him not to throw away all they had just because it took her too long over a girl he barely knows. He reminds her that Ellie means something to him. He likes her. Maxie tells him she likes Ellie too. But she loves him. He then asks her to be honest and asks her if she will still love him in another year. What will happen given their differences from day one regarding his not being the kind of guy she’s attracted to or wants to be seen with. What will happen when the time comes that she is drawn to someone else? She then protests that she is not that shallow person anymore. She knows what is important; support, commitment, understanding. She now knows that those things are essential. Things are different and the two of them can have that this time. He then informs her that he and Ellie slept together. They were not in pain. They were not drunk. It’s not something they will regret. They have established trust. And he admits that he could not be happy with her if it was at Ellie’s expense. Maxie then reminds Spinelli that she’s heard him talk a lot about trust. But she hasn’t heard him say the words attraction or need. Those are the things that draw people to one another. She tells him she wonders if he really wants Ellie more than her or if he just doesn’t want to hurt Ellie’s feelings.

Dante goes to the Quartermaine’s home informing Monica and Tracy he knows that AJ has broken off of his ankle monitor and he wonders if either of them might have seen AJ. Monica bluffs that she has not. But Tracy hands him the ankle monitor and tips him off to find her nephew. Monica protests that this is not AJ’s fault. Tracy set him up. He tells her she may take this to the judge but he needs to take AJ in. She protests if she could just have a moment to talk with her son she’s sure they could work this out. But Dante tells her he has no choice but to place AJ under arrest. When the two women admit they do not know exactly where AJ has gone, Dante tells him he needs to put out an APB. Monica protests to give her more time. Right then, Michael enters and tells them if they are looking for AJ, he can give him to them. But he needs to speak his piece.

Alone in the apartment with Sam, AJ observes a picture of his son and tells her that Michael is his son and he loves him. She tells him that he is only Michael’s father in name only. He has betrayed Michael along with Jason and his family.

Robert concludes to Olivia and to Elizabeth that maybe Lavery “is” Phazon.

Right then, Anna admits to “Duke Lavery” that she has reservations. He asks her why. Is it because Robert has come into town?

Robert then tells the two women that he wouldn’t put it past Phazon to pull some dastardly scheme to get Anna back by having her believing that he’s Duke Lavery.

Right then, Anna admits to “Duke” that it’s not Robert Scorpio that is the reason she’s not ready to do what he wants. He asks then what is it. She knows something is “not right” about him.

Spinelli admits that of course he doesn’t want to hurt Ellie’s feelings. But he doesn’t want to hurt Maxie’s either. She then tells him if he chooses Ellie, he will be hurting both of them because she and Spinelli belong together and he knows it.

At the Quartermaine house, Tracy reminds Dante that he needs to do his job and put AJ behind bars. He’s a criminal. But Dante tells her that he knows all about her opinion but is willing to listen to Michael and his concerns about the fact that she’s set his father up. He tells Michael he understands his feelings but Michael needs to know that if he continues to cover for AJ, he’s going to be dragged down with him and will be putting himself in legal trouble. Does Michael want that? Hearing that, Tracy asks Monica if she’s listening to that and if she wants that for her grandson. Michael then asks Dante if he can ask him a hypothetical question. What if there was a cop (Dante) who shot his father (Sonny) but alleged that he attempted to shoot himself. Would that not be perjury? Dante answers yes. Michael then asks what about this “cop” who didn’t really know that very same father very well, whom he discovered was his father after all these years, decided he did not want to send his father to prison although his job dictated that he does so. Michael tells Dante he understands why Dante (the hypothetical cop) did what he did. But can he live with what he is doing now? Dante tells Michael that he has to live with the decisions he’s made for the rest of his life. But regarding Michael and his “similar decision”, he can’t let his brother be put in this decision. So, he asks Michael, where is AJ? Tracy then blurts out that he’s at Sam and Jason’s home.

In the house alone with Sam, AJ tells her that he knows that Jason loves many people like Michael and like her and knows his brother used to love him. She turns away from the conversation and asks him not to pretend that he gives a damn. He tells her that he came there to see his son and make amends. She tells him that she doesn’t know what he’s heard. But Jason is coming back. He’s coming back to her and her son. At that point, AJ reveals for the first time, that he had no idea that she and Jason have a kid. He asks her if he can see his nephew. She asks why. So he can kidnap him. He tells her he doesn’t have a lot of time before he goes back to prison. So can he please just see his nephew for just a moment before the jig is up?

“Duke” protests to Anna that he realizes she has moved on throughout the years. But he thought when he came back, they could learn to love each other again. She recalls that they used to be so happy together. But she still sense suspicion.

Robert tells Elizabeth and Olivia that Anna has been in the Intelligence Bureau for a long time. So normally, she’d be very difficult to fool. But right now, she’s at her weakest grieving over their daughter. So, that would be the perfect time for Phazon to turn up wearing Lavery’s face, having her believing the man she’s always loved has come back to her. Olivia then asks why this would benefit Phazon. He tells her the guy is a psycho and who knows what he thinks or feels or believes. He might hope that Anna’s feelings have changed. And he now knows he must call Anna and warn her.

Spinelli tells Maxie how amazing she is and that he wishes her all the happiness. She adds that he does not want her. And is that because he met Ellie who is like himself. He tells her there’s great joy in finding someone like oneself. She tells him if the reason they are togegther is because Spinelli merely doesn’t want to “hurt” Ellie, he will some day realize he made the wrong choice and possibly be in a loveless marriage. He reminds her htat he’s poured out his heart to her and doesn’t that mean something? She cries and tells himthat she is not ok with this.

When Robert tells Elizabeth and Olivia that he intends to call Anna and warn her about his “suspicions”, the ask him if he really wants to go through with telling her that, based on nothing more than a sketch of a man who looks like someone who has pretended to be dead, he believes this man has risen from the dead and is pretending to be Duke. He admits they have a point. And he knows that his ex might not believe his suspicions. They also remind him even if he’s right, there’s no tellingwhat this Phazon guy might do. So, he concludes, that he needs to get more proof and do something about this.

Rivght then, Anna tells “Duke” that she is questioning herself since she mistakenly thought he’s been dead for all these years. He tells her she must not doubt herself. He’s been in prison for some 20 years only to get back to her. So he urges her not to tell him that it’s all been for nothing.

Sam agrees to bring her infant son down to meet AJ and introduces him to Daniel. He tells her he really hopes htat Jason is alive and that he comes back. He tell her he knows he may not have the right to ask for this. But can he please hold his nephew? He never had a chance to hold Mihcael, his own son, before he got taken from him. So, could he just have that, please? Before Sam can answer, however, the cops knock on the door and urge AJ to give himself up.

Maxie goes to find Lulu, cries and confides to her friend that Spinelli does not want her and has chosen Ellie.

When Spinelli is alone after Maxie has left, Ellie returns, confident that she and he are the perfect couple. She asks him how his day was. He is not certain how to answer.

At the Quartermaine house, Miichael asks Monica what he should do regarding his father. Tracy is silent when Monica tells her grandson that Tracy ws wrong about everything about the fact that he cannot be bailing his father out of his jams. She affirms that she is AJ’s mother and she will call Diane, the lawyer to represent AJ. Tracy tells them they need to face up to the fact that it won’t do AJ a bit of good. He is going to prison. This house is going to be auctioned off. And when that happens, she (Tracy) will be able to buy it. And when she does, she will finally, after all these years, be able to evict Monica. She smiles.

Dante puts AJ in hand-cuffs and takes him away while Sam holds the baby, not certain what to say or do. He tells her that she and the baby can count on him.

Anna affirms to “Duke” that he has not “lost” her. She just needs a little time. Can he give her that? He tells her of course. And they will be together until the end as he’s always known.

Robert looks at the pictures of  Faison and declares to Elizabeth and Olivia that he has to do something before it’s too late.

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