GH Update Friday 11/16/12

General Hospital Update Friday 11/16/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Haunted Star: Robert told Lulu that he thought Luke's suspicions were correct – Duke was hiding something. “Like his face?” Lulu asked. She told Robert about Olivia's history of premonitions and the vision she had when she saw Duke earlier. Robert was curious to know how accurate Olivia's visions were. Lulu told him that the visions started after Olivia was injected with LSD, but she assured him that Olivia was very reliable. Lulu thought it was possible that Duke might be someone else. Robert wanted to ask Olivia to describe the man she saw.

Hospital: When Sabrina walked up to the Nurses' station humming a tune, Elizabeth noted that she was in a good mood. Sabrina explained that Patrick hadn't slept with Britt, meaning there was still a chance for Sabrina. Sabrina. Liz tried to shush Sabrina, but Sabrina didn't get the hint and began to babble about there being no way the “gorgeous brilliant doctor” would choose her. Liz discreetly motioned Sabrina to turn around. Patrick was standing right behind her. He asked who this doctor was – he wanted to help by putting in a good word for her with her crush. Sabrina was mortified. She stalled and was about to tell Patrick he was the doctor, but she chickened out at the last second. Sabrina noticed Steve talking with Olivia, and she told Patrick that Steve was her crush. Liz went with Sabrina's story. Patrick told her Steve would be interested in her under other circumstances, but he had a girlfriend. Sabrina explained that she knew she had no chance, because Steve had a smart, accomplished, beautiful girlfriend, but she had cared about them from the moment she saw him and nothing could change that. Patrick and Liz both empathized with Sabrina. Patrick explained that he couldn't help loving Robin, even though she was gone. There was someone Liz wanted and couldn't have, too. Sabrina felt bad for talking about her crush when Patrick had gone through something so much worse. Patrick didn't think she was minimizing his loss, though. Sabrina asked if they could drop the subject. Patrick apologized for prying into Sabrina's conversation in the first place. Sabrina accepted it, and Patrick went back to his rounds. Sabrina felt like she'd made a fool of herself, but Liz told her to relax. Sabrina had Liz promise not to tell Steve about her fictional crush.

Olivia told Steve about her encounter with “Duke” in which she'd pictured him as someone she'd never seen before. She admitted that she'd gotten the sense that the man she saw was dangerous. Lulu and Robert arrived. Lulu made the introductions, then Robert asked Olivia to tell him about her premonition. Olivia wasn't sure her random flash would be helpful, but Robert assured her that he wanted to hear about it. They went into an office to talk. Olivia recalled that the man was smoking a cigarillo. Robert knew that Duke didn't smoke back when he knew him.

Steve went to the Nurses' Station and asked Liz to come help Robert with Olivia. Patrick stopped by later and said some wonderful things to Sabrina about herself. He added that if Steve were single, he'd be an idiot not to go for her and while her unrequited crush might feel uncomfortable right now, it would get easier and she'd be okay. Patrick was confident that Sabrina would find someone available who loved her the way she deserved to be loved. Sabrina beamed.

Office: Liz made a sketch based on Olivia's description. Olivia announced that Liz had drawn the man she saw. Once Liz was finished making the sketch, she took a good look at it. “Oh my God! It can't be,” Liz said. Robert looked at it and immediately said “Faison.”

Faison's place: Faison was preparing to host a romantic dinner, when he heard a knock on the door. He began to approach it without his mask on, as he assumed it was the delivery boy. He was alarmed when he heard Anna call out to him. Faison told her he wasn't decent, and Anna reminded him that they'd they'd seen each other like that before, but Faison insisted on on getting ready first. He put his mask on then let Anna in. Faison noticed that something was wrong, and Anna admitted that a visit from Robert had put her on edge. Faison said he hadn't realized she was still in touch with Robert. Anna explained that Robert was there because Luke had convinced Robert that he (Faison/Duke) posed a threat to Anna. Anna told Faison how Luke had gone to Turkey to find out if Duke had ever been held there. The story checked out, and Anna didn't understand why that the end of it. Anna thought Robert believed Luke so easily because, as a spy, Robert was predisposed to see conspiracies everywhere. Anna said Robert was here to save her from 'Duke' or from herself. Faison wondered if Robert was jealous. Anna didn't think so, but she found Robert and Luke insufferable. The whole ordeal had persuaded her to move out of Luke's suite. Faison said she could stay with him. Anna didn't respond, and the topic was dropped. Faison admitted that he wasn't sure what to make for dinner. Anna told him her cooking skills hadn't improved so the best she could do was keep him company while he cooked. Anna reminisced about the times Duke and Robin cooked together, including the time they made pizza. Faison played along and pretended they were his memories. He sighed that he loved that little girl. Anna said Robin loved him, too.

Faison was alarmed when he saw his cigarillos sitting on the end table next to Duke and Anna's wedding photo. He pointed Anna toward the kitchen and hid them once she was gone. Later they sat down to dinner and Faison said that if it hadn't been for her voice mail, he wouldn’t have known she missed him. Anna seemed hesitant and said she still had feelings for... Faison interrupted her and assured her that they could take things slow, because just being there with her was good enough for him. They toasted to their future and kissed. They stopped and Faison asked if there was any chance Robert could interrupt. Anna said no. Faison thought that meant there was no reason he and Anna couldn't be together. Anna confirmed that he was right. They kissed again.

Maxie and Ellie's: Maxie and Spinelli were alone in the apartment. Maxie told Spinelli she wanted him. At first he wondered if she wanted him to move some furniture or kill a spider. Maxie clarified that she wanted him back. Spinelli reminded Maxie that she claimed they were nothing more than friends. Maxie explained that she began to realize her true feelings for Spinelli when he told her that he wasn't content with just being her friend if she couldn't give him her love. She added that Felicia helped, too. Maxie revealed that she was in love with Spinelli. Spinelli wondered why she hadn't said anything before. Maxie told him she'd been trying to tell him this for weeks, but the timing was never right, then she realized how nice Ellie was. Maxie told Spinelli that she divorced Matt for him. Spinelli told her she shouldn't have done that. Maxie told Spinelli she married Matt to keep him out of prison and she'd finally realized she didn't love him. Maxie anxiously wondered why Spinelli wasn't telling her how he felt. Maxie thought Spinelli had figured out her feelings for him on the day of the Halloween party when he told her Matt wasn't the right man for her and Maxie asked who was. Spinelli didn't understand why Maxie would let Ellie move in if she felt this way. Maxie explained that thought the living arrangement would give more access to Spinelli and more chances to reveal her feelings. Maxie's eyes filled with tears and she told him she felt jealous and heartbroken when he made out with Ellie in front of her. Maxie told Spinelli how she confided in Dante and Lulu, and they urged her to tell Spinelli the truth. Maxie explained how her plans to tell him had fallen apart when he didn't answer the phone and when Maxie got home and realized he slept with Ellie. Maxie asked Spinelli if he wanted her or Ellie.

Sam's place: Michael dropped in for a visit. Sam told him she was working on figuring out who shot Jason while Danny was napping. Michael apologized for not coming by sooner. He explained that he'd been busy dealing with his father's situation. Sam asked what was going on with Sonny, and Michael explained that he meant AJ. Sam was stunned; she hadn't heard that AJ was alive. Michael filled her in on AJ's arrest. Michael wasn't allowed to go to the arraignment and he was worried about how it was going. He didn't think AJ would make bail. Sam felt that AJ belonged behind bars. Michael insisted that AJ wasn't solely at fault for what happened; Sonny, Carly and AJ all crossed the line. Sam thought AJ was playing the victim again. She acknowledged that Carly and Sonny weren't perfect, but she thought that AJ's crimes surpassed theirs. Michael wasn't swayed. He was adamant that he did not want his dad to go to prison. Michael told Sam she didn't know what it was like. He wasn't just referring to the rape; day to day life in prison was terrible. Sam understood why Michael didn't want that for AJ. Michael was distressed because Carly and Sonny didn't understand his viewpoint and because Carly, Sonny and AJ were still fighting over him after all these years. Michael knew AJ wasn't his responsibility, but he was his father even if Carly didn't like it. Sam admitted that she would like the chance to get to know her father, no matter who he might be, but she thought that Michael should remember who AJ really was. She told him his parents loved him. Sam was about to tell him what she thought Jason would say, but Michael interjected that Jason wasn't there. Michael apologized and said he missed being able to talk with Jason. Sam said she was going to bring Jason home. Michael thought about it and agreed that Jason was strong enough to have survived. Sam vowed to rescue Jason and make his shooter pay. Later, Sam brought Danny downstairs. Michael asked to hold him and Sam handed him over. Michael told Danny he was going to tell him all about Jason one day. Michael hesitantly told Sam that Danny looked just like Jason. Sam explained that Jason was Danny's biological dad. Michael figured that must have made Jason happy. Sam got quiet, then she said she hadn't had the chance to tell him, but she would when he came back. Michael told Danny that his (Michael's) dad came back, so it could happen for Danny too.

Quartermaine Mansion: Tracy came downstairs and overheard Monica on the phone thanking Diane for calling about AJ. Tracy assumed this meant AJ was staying in jail where she believed he belonged. Monica chided her for taking pleasure in the misfortune of others. Tracy said the only reason Monica wasn't in jail was that she threatened to evict Tracy. Tracy crowed that Monica couldn't use extortion and blackmail to get AJ out of jail; no judge would grant him bail. AJ walked into the house and told Tracy to guess again. Monica greeted AJ with a big hug, but Tracy couldn't contain her irritation. She was sure Monica was going to help AJ go on the run again. AJ lifted his pant leg and showed Tracy his ankle bracelet – he was on house arrest. Tracy scoffed, because she didn't think it was a hardship to be confined to a luxurious home.

AJ announced that the first thing on his agenda was to see Edward. Tracy raced to the stairs and blocked AJ's path. She insisted that Edward's heart was too fragile to take the shock of seeing AJ back from the dead. Monica, on the other hand, thought it would do Edward good to see that AJ was alive. AJ thought Edward was up to his old trick of pretending to be more frail than he was. AJ surmised that Tracy wanted to keep him away from Edward, because she was afraid Edward would take ELQ from her and turn it over to AJ. Tracy laughed at AJ's assumption that he was fit to run a company, but she stood aside and told him to go upstairs and kill his grandfather if that's what he wanted. Tracy was suspicious when AJ changed his mind about seeing Edward. AJ snapped that contrary to her opinion on AJ, he loved Edward and would never want to risk hurting him. Monica believed that AJ was genuinely looking out for Edward's best interests. Tracy felt that Monica was a fool and that AJ was only pretending to care as part of a con game. Tracy went upstairs to check on Edward. AJ asked if Edward was really that fragile. Monica admitted he had good days and bad, but she thought she'd be able to prepare him for a visit with AJ. Monica thanked AJ for taking the high road with Tracy and he thanked her for believing in him. AJ asked where she got the money for his bond. They went into the living room and didn't notice Tracy come back downstairs and plant herself in a place to listen in on them. Monica confessed that she'd been forced to use the house as collateral. AJ didn't think Monica should have done it, but Monica explained that she couldn't bear to have him spend one more night in jail. AJ thanked her and said he loved her. She made it clear that AJ must stay on the property no matter what, or she'd lose the house. AJ assured her that he wouldn't do anything to cost her the house.

Tracy quietly made a phone call and told someone she needed to find Michael, then she lured Monica out of the living room by telling her that Edward was pale. The phone rang and Tracy answered it and faked a serious discussion. When she hung up, AJ asked what was going on. Tracy manipulated AJ by pretending she was preparing him to hear something upsetting. Once AJ was sufficiently concerned, she told him Sam called and said Michael was hurt and at Jason's. AJ asked if Jason still lived at Harbor Towers. Tracy said yes. AJ grabbed a pair of scissors. Tracy put on a show, acting like she didn't want AJ to break his house arrest, but she grinned triumphantly as soon as AJ cut off the monitor and left. Monica returned soon afterward with the news that nothing was wrong with Edward.. Monica asked where AJ was. Tracy nudged the ankle bracelet under the couch and said AJ had to be around there some place.

Sam's place: The visit was nearing an end. Sam asked Michael to remember her warning about AJ, then she took Danny upstairs, while Michael opened the door to let himself out. A breathless AJ appeared in the doorway and asked Michael if he was okay. When Michael said he was fine, AJ realized Tracy tricked him.

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