GH Update Thursday 11/15/12

General Hospital Update Thursday 11/15/12


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

Maxie is on the phone and leaves a message on Spinelli's voicemail, telling him that he needs to call her back and that its urgent. As she hangs up, Ellie walls in and asks what Maxie needs to tell Damian.

Olivia stops by the Haunted Star. She sees Lulu and tells her that it's great to see her again. Olivia is curious how things went with the social worker. Lulu looks at Olivia in surprise. Olivia tells her that apparently Dante let the cat out of the bag on that one. Lulu says it's not like it's a big secret. She tells Olivia that they were turned down. She tells Olivia that she lied on the application. Olivia asks what she lied about. Lulu says one of the things she lied about was Olivia.

Dante visits Sonny at the gym as Sonny works out. Dante asks if Sonny is ok. Sonny says he's fine as he beats on a picture of AJ from The Sun. Dante says he doesn't have to guess whose face Sonny is beating to a pulp as he sees the picture of AJ on the work out bag.

Steve looks at The Sun at the hospital and drops the paper on the table.

Liz asks Sabrina what is wrong. Sabrina tells Liz she's still upset over what happened between Patrick and Britt. Elizabeth says she understands. Sabrina says she knows they are two consenting adults and they can sleep together if they want to. Liz tells her that it doesn't mean she has to like it. Sabrina says it's partly due to her feelings about Patrick but also because she doesn't think that Patrick is ready to move on. She doesn't know how she can look Patrick in the eye. Patrick joins them and says he couldn't help but overhear what they were saying.

Faison arrives in his room and starts to take off his Duke mask before he calls Anna. She asks if he is home and he says he is. She tells him that she knows he wasn't gone very long but she missed him. The door to Anna's room opens and Robert walks in, interrupting her with a "Hello love". Anna tells "Duke" that she will need to call him back because someone is there. Faison guesses Luke but Anna says it's someone else. Faison tries to talk Anna into dinner with him. She initially says no but then says she will try to she hangs up. Robert asks Anna if she is talking to Duke. She says she is and asks how he knows. Robert tells her that Luke got into a bit of trouble tracking down information on Duke.

Faison talks to his Duke mask, telling it that he took Duke's face and next he will take Duke's place at Anna's side.

Patrick tells Sabrina that he knows she thinks he's disappointed in her because she can't find anyone to underwrite the Nurses' Ball. He reassures Sabrina that he will never be disappointed in her. Liz tells Patrick that she and Sabrina will brainstorm and work on finding new sponsors. Patrick tells the two of them how much it means to him that they want to do a Nurses' Ball in Robin's memory and offers his help. Sabrina says she has to go and she leaves. Patrick asks what's wrong with Sabrina. Liz says she doesn't know and Patrick guesses she's just having one of those days. Patrick excuses himself to go talk to Britt and Elizabeth goes to speak with Steven. She tells Steven that it's incredible and wonders how AJ is still alive.

Dante sees the tear in the paper and tells Sonny that he thinks Sonny busted AJ's nose. Sonny says he would love to inflict the pain on AJ that AJ caused everyone else. Dante tells Sonny that it's a good thing AJ is locked up because Sonny doesn't need to add that to his life. Sonny says that it's worth it to see AJ suffer. Dante tells Sonny that AJ is being arraigned today and Sonny tells Dante that the charges better stick. Dante doesn't anticipate any problems because AJ has skipped the jurisdiction once already but Sonny is concerned because Diane is AJ's attorney and Diane has a talent for getting guilty people set free. Dante mentions that Diane did that for Sonny, too. Sonny tells Dante not to compare him to AJ. Dante tells Sonny that it was a joke and he didn't realize how much Sonny hates AJ. Sonny tells Dante how much pain AJ caused everyone, especially Michael but now he is playing the victim and winning Michael over. Dante tells Sonny how Michael insisted on staying at the PCPD. Sonny tells Dante that AJ wants to steal "his son". Dante reassures Sonny that it won't happen because he is Michael's father, not AJ. Sonny tells Dante that he loved Michael from the minute he walked in the door and that he loves Michael like he loves Dante and Morgan. That they are all his sons. Dante tells Sonny that seeing Sonny with Michael made him want to adopt a child. Sonny wonders why Dante didn't tell him. Dante says he didn't want to bother him with all that Sonny had going on. Sonny tells Dante how great it is that he wants to adopt. Dante tells him that it's not going to happen.

Lulu tells Olivia that she didn't just lie about her, but their entire family. Olivia figures that agencies are used to a little lying. Lulu tells her that it was more than a little lying, she made them too perfect. She tells Olivia what she put in the application. Olivia agrees that Lulu got carried away and Lulu tells Olivia how both her family and Dante's looks on paper. Olivia tells her that everyone fibs a bit to make themselves look better. Lulu tells Olivia how lucky she and Dante are to have such loving families. Olivia understands, especially given how she herself has been lately with seeing visions and hallucinations. Lulu tells her that's going to make for awesome birthday parties for their kid. Olivia reassures Lulu that she and Dante will have a baby...she can see it. Lulu asks if it's one of her visions.

Maxie tells Ellie that she is just being dramatic and tends to before her first cup of coffee. Ellie tells Maxie how she is a bit scattered before her first cup, too, then says that Maxie's message to Damian sounded urgent. Maxie says that she just wanted to tell Spinelli that they are playing his favorite movie on the classic movie network: The Maltese Falcon. Ellie says that is urgent as Damian loves that movie. Maxie says she'll just wait and tell Spinelli in person. She mentions that Spinelli has been sleeping on the couch at the office a lot lately. Ellie tells her not last night he didn't. As Maxie asks what she is talking about, a half dressed Spinelli walks into the room. Maxie and Spinelli are surprised to see each other there. Spinelli comments that the situation is awkward but Ellie says there's no need for discomfort since they are all adults and Maxie knows they are dating. Ellie tells Maxie that they will respect her space and if Maxie meets someone, it will be no problem if he wants to spend the night. Maxie is surprised to hear that Spinelli and Ellie had slept together.

Patrick asks Britt to join him in a private room to speak.

Steven comments that it seems impossible for AJ to turn up alive like he did. Liz asks Steven if he wasn't the one who pronounced AJ dead right there at the hospital. Before Steven can answer, Liz sees Sabrina and excuses herself to speak with Sabrina. Liz asks if Sabrina is ok. Sabrina says she is. She just needed to splash some water on her face in a moment of panic. She thought Patrick overheard her talking about her crush on him. Liz promises to keep Sabrina's secret safe and sends Sabrina to prep a room for one of the doctors. Sabrina goes to prep the room and its the same one that Patrick and Britt are in. Britt asks what Patrick wants to talk about as Sabrina listens from outside the door. Patrick wants to talk about last night.

Sonny tells Dante that there has to be other agencies who would be happy to let him and Lulu adopt. Dante explains how the application went out onto a database. Sonny urges Dante to not give up. Sonny tells Dante that the doctors don't know everything, women who are told they can't get pregnant do all of the time. Dante explains that Lulu can get pregnant, she just can't carry to term. He tells Sonny that he and Lulu are considering surrogacy.

Lulu asks Olivia if she had another vision of her and Dante with a baby. Olivia apologizes and says that she meant she can just picture the two of them with a baby and that they are going to make great parents. Lulu asks if Olivia can try to see a vision but Olivia says it doesn't work that way. They just come when they do and they don't always make sense. Lulu says its worth a try. Lulu tells Olivia that she and Dante are considering surrogacy. She says the problem is that they can't afford it.

Dante thinks that Sonny would consider surrogacy strange but Sonny tells him that it's not true. Sonny tells Dante that he and Lulu will be great parents. Dante says he doesn't think it will happen because it costs too much.

Olivia tells Lulu not to worry. She knows where Lulu and Dante can get the money.

Sonny tells Dante if money is the only problem, he knows where Dante can get it.

Lulu asks Olivia where they can get the money. Olivia tells Lulu that she has the money.

Sonny tells Dante that he can give them the money.

Faison talks to a photo of Anna and Duke. He tells it that he took Duke's life as his own and soon Anna will be his wife as he loads a gun.

Robert tells Anna that Luke called him collect from a Turkish prison while he was looking for information on Duke and that Luke is still in there. Anna asks why Robert isn't helping Luke. Robert says that he is with Anna helping Luke thanks to a deal where Luke would get himself free while Robert tells Anna what Luke found out about Duke. Anna asks Robert what Luke found out.

Liz tells Steven that maybe he can talk to Monica. Steven doesn't know what to talk to her about since AJ seemed to fake his own death. He asks Liz why he would need to talk to Monica. Liz tells him it's not about AJ. She says that Sabrina had an idea.

Sabrina continues to listen in as Patrick apologizes for what happened. Britt tells him that it's ok. Patrick says he appreciates it but he wants to explain. He thought he was ready to take the next step but he wasn't ready to move on.

Ellie brings two cups and hands one to Maxie, apologizing for Spinelli staying over. She said she didn't know if overnight guests were a problem, especially Spinelli since he and Maxie were acquaintances. Maxie tries to voice her feelings when Spinelli returns to the room, saying that they are hungry. He offers to go to a bakery to get breakfast. He kisses Ellie goodbye and rushes out as Maxie watches him leave. Ellie goes to take a shower before he returns and leaves Maxie alone. Maxie goes to the desk and picks up a cell phone.

Lulu tells Olivia that it is sweet of her to offer but she knows Olivia doesn't have $60,000. Olivia offers to take out a second mortgage on her house for them or sell the home. Lulu tells her not to do that. She doesn't feel comfortable with Olivia doing that and Dante wouldn't be either. They are interrupted by Lulu's cell phone ringing. Olivia tells her to answer it but they are not done talking about it. Lulu tells Olivia that her answer won't change. She answers the phone. Maxie is calling. Maxie tells Lulu that Spinelli and Ellie are sleeping together. Lulu tells her that maybe they're not but Maxie tells Lulu that she's sure of it and asks what she should do. Olivia looks at her checkbook and sees that she doesn't have $60,000...she only has $600.

Dante tells Sonny that he didn't tell Sonny about the surrogacy to get money from him. Sonny tells him that he knows that but if he and Lulu want a baby, that's how to make it happen. Dante doesn't want to take the money. He says it will take him and Lulu the rest of their lives to pay him back. Sonny says it's not a loan. He says it's a gift. Dante says that he knows that Sonny has the best of intentions. Sonny wants to give him the money because of all he missed out on in Dante's life. Dante says no.

Robert tells Anna that Luke asked a lot of people a lot of questions and it seems Duke's story checks out. Anna considers the subject closed but Robert laughs. Robert tells Anna that just because a story checks out, that doesn't mean that a person isn't hiding anything. Anna says that Luke found out that the story checks out and brought Robert in because the story was too well constructed. Robert reminds Anna that if something is too good to be true, it usually is. Anna says that Duke is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't, then tells Robert she's not listening to him. Robert asks her what she is saying. Anna tells him how happy she is to see him, how good he looks and how she's glad he's moving on with his life and tells him to stay out of her life.

Lulu urges Maxie to calm down and tell her what happened. Olivia tells Lulu that they will talk later and she leaves. She stops to look at Lulu and then hears Duke's voice telling her how good it is to see her. She turns around to see Faison and asks who he is.

Sonny asks if Dante is turning him down. Dante says he shouldn't be too surprised. They've always had issues about money and he's accused Sonny in the past of trying to buy his love. Sonny said back then, maybe, but now. Sonny asks what is wrong with a father wanting to help his son have a son of his own. Dante tells him it's where the money comes from. Dante doesn't want his kid owing his life to Sonny's world. Sonny says his kid won't owe his life to any world. Sonny asks what if the money came completely from the coffee business and was legit. He says he wants to do this for Dante and Lulu and for himself.

Faison tells Olivia that they had met before and surely she remembers. She looks at Faison, stunned.

Lulu tells Maxie to calm down. Maxie tells her what if she waited to tell Dante how she feels and he came out of the new roommate's bedroom, smiling. Are they supposed to all just be friends even though he drop kicked her heart, even if it was unknowingly. Lulu says that she would likely react the same way. Maxie ponders why she didn't tell Spinelli how she feels just as Spinelli walks back in. Maxie tells Lulu she has to go and hangs up. Spinelli says he didn't get bagels after all, he got almond croissants. Ellie returns to the room telling Spinelli how much she loves almond croissants. Maxie says they are her favorite, too. Spinelli says they are his as well. Ellie is excited for them to share breakfast together. she tells Maxie how much fun it is and how she knew they would be great roommates.

Olivia starts to tell Faison that she doesn't know him when Lulu approaches. Lulu asks if she is ok and tells Olivia that it is Duke who is there. Olivia looks back at him and sees Duke instead of Faison. Duke explains that he and Olivia met at the Metro Court when he was bringing flowers to Anna. Olivia says she remembers now. She says he looked like someone else. Duke tells her that it's understandable, she probably meets a lot of people in her line of work. Duke says he is there to see Lulu and apologize for leaving so suddenly. Lulu says she understands. Duke asks if he is still welcome there behind the bar tomorrow night. Lulu asks about tonight. Duke says he knows he is risking pressing his luck but he asks if he can return tomorrow as he has special plans tonight. Olivia watches the conversation in disbelief.

Robert tells Anna that she is grieving over Robin and she is upset. He is not convinced that Duke is who he says he is. Anna reminds him that people who that they were both dead, too, but they are there and alive so why can't Duke return. Robert tells Anna that one person not back from the dead is Robin. Anna tells him that he doesn't get to do that. He doesn't get to just come back and police her life. Anna says that if she wants to believe that Duke has come back for her then that's what she'll believe. Robert says he got her. She wants to believe that Duke is coming back to her.

Sonny tells Dante how important family is because you never know when someone won't be there. He says they may all fight sometimes but they are his kids and they are there for each other. They talk about Dante having a son who calls Sonny "grandpa". Sonny tells him that he knows they both have a lot of pride. He says he knows that Dante and Lulu have a lot of love to give and they shouldn't let money stop them from having a child. Dante says that they do want a family. He says that it would just be a loan and he would pay it back if it takes him the rest of his life. Sonny asks if that's a yes.

Olivia asks Lulu if they can finish the talk now. Lulu says there's nothing to talk about since she knows Olivia doesn't have the money. Olivia tells her that if she wins the lottery, she'll give it all to Dante and Lulu. Olivia tells her not to worry about things, it will all work out and that's not a crazy vision, that's from her. Lulu asks speaking of visions, what was going on with her and Duke. Olivia tells her that she looked at Duke and saw someone else. Lulu asks who. Olivia says she doesn't know, it wasn't someone she recognized but she knew it wasn't Duke. She says the guy was really creepy.

Faison removes the Duke mask again. He talks to the mask telling it to get some rest because it has a long night ahead of it.

Robert tells Anna that even if Duke is telling the truth, it's too convenient. He came out of nowhere when Anna is at her most vulnerable. He says its Spy 101: Always attack your opponent at their most vulnerable. Anna asks who her opponent is. She wants to know what someone would have to gain. Her position as Police Commissioner? Robert says he doesn't have the objective and Anna says there is none. Luke is jealous and that's it. Robert thought that Luke and Anna were an item. She says Duke returns and Luke doesn't like it. Luke tries to turn Anna against Duke and when that didn't work, he called Robert in. Robert says it's a good thing he did. He says Anna is in quicksand to her waist and he'll pull her out whether she likes it or not. Anna tells him that she doesn't want it. She says that if Robert talks to Luke, she hopes he is well and that she is moving out. She's done with Luke.

Steven tells Liz that they have a good idea but he doesn't have much pull with Monica and he has less with Tracy. She asks him to try. Steven says that if they passed, there's nothing he can do. Liz tells him that Tracy passed but they haven't talked to Edward and he should be happy to sponsor the Ball since he used to perform in it. Steven warns Liz how bad an idea it is to go behind Tracy's back and that she can finish the Ball before it starts. Liz tells him that the Ball is what is needed.

Patrick tells Britt that he is still wearing his wedding ring. He says when Britt went to change, he looked at his ring and thought he was being disloyal to Robin by being with another woman. Britt says she understands. Patrick tells her how beautiful she is and how she can't be expected to wait for him. She says he never asked her to. She would like to keep seeing him and if there's a chance he'll be ready to move on, she is happy to wait for him. He says that one day he will be ready to move on. Britt tells him that's good enough for her. Sabrina, still listening in, is not happy.

Maxie thanks Ellie but tells her she doesn't want to interrupt their breakfast plans. Ellie's beeper goes off and Spinelli returns, asking if its bad news. Ellie says it is. Someone didn't show up to work so she has to go in. Spinelli offers to drive her but she says no, she should have breakfast with Maxie. Spinelli makes sure that Ellie takes a croissant with her. Ellie says Spinelli left his phone in her bedroom and returns it to him before she leaves. He sees that he has a voicemail. Maxie tells him not to listen to it but he does. He says he's responding and asks what the urgent matter is.

Sabrina runs off as she hears Patrick and Britt coming out of the exam room. Britt tells Patrick that she is glad they talked. Patrick is, too. Britt tells him that she doesn't mind waiting when it's something worth waiting for. They part ways.

Liz comments that Sabrina seems happier. She says that she is and tells Liz that Patrick didn't spend the night with Britt. She gushes about how handsome and brilliant Patrick is and how he would never be interested in her. Liz stops her as Patrick joins them. Sabrina turns to see Patrick behind her.

Ellie comes off the elevator and says good morning to Steve, asking if it isn't the most beautiful day. He watches her in confusion as she walks off happily.

Maxie says it couldn't be that urgent, she called him a while ago. He tells her it's only been 37 minutes. Spinelli says that something is clearly bothering Maxie as she has been acting out of character all morning. He urges her to tell him what is wrong. He asks if there is something that she needs or wants. Maxie tells Spinelli that she wants him.

Dante says he needs to discuss the loan with Lulu before he answers him. Sonny tells him that he would do anything for his sons. Dante assures Sonny that he's not losing any of them and he leaves. Sonny tears the photo of AJ from the newspaper off of his punching bag and throws it away.

Lulu looks at some surrogacy literature then throws it away. Robert walks in and is unsure if Lulu remembers him. Lulu does remember him and starts to tell him that Luke isn't there. Robert tells her that Luke sent him. He said that Lulu that Luke is ok and not to worry. Lulu says now she's worried and asks where Luke is.

Faison reviews his set up for a romantic evening. He says it's a couple of hours before she gets there so he has plenty of time to make things perfect.

Olivia steps off the elevator at the hospital as Steven starts to look up AJ's records. As she gets to him, he clicks it off and kisses her hello before asking what she is doing there. She says she is sure he hasn't eaten so she brought him something to eat. She picked up something from Kelly's on the way there from the Haunted star. Steven asks if she is ok. She tells him something really weird happened there.

Robert tells Lulu that Luke is in Turkey investigating Duke Lavery.

Olivia tells Steven that she ran into Duke Lavery.

Robert tells Lulu that Duke's story checks out, so he doesn't think there's any doubt that Duke is who he says he is.

Olivia tells Steven that when she looked at Duke, he didn't look like himself. Steven asks what she means.

Robert tells Lulu that he agrees with Luke. That Duke is off in some way.

Olivia says she looked right at Duke and saw a completely different person.

Robert thinks Duke is hiding something. Lulu asks if he means Duke's real face.

Faison prepares champagne for the evening. He hears a knock at the door. He says he doesn't care if some delivery boy sees his face and he goes to answer it. Outside his door stands Anna, waiting for him.

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