GH Update Wednesday 11/14/12

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/14/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Police Station: Michael ended his phone call with Starr when Carly walked in. Carly asked if they could go somewhere and talk, and Michael coldly refused and said he couldn't leave father. Carly bristled at Michael calling AJ that; she reminded him that AJ didn't raise him. According to Carly, AJ didn't give a damn about Michael. She asked Michael to think about why AJ was suddenly back and trying to force himself into Michael's life. Michael reminded Carly that AJ was there because she called the cops, but Carly insisted that this was all part of AJ's plan to turn Michael against her. Carly tried to get Michael to agree that everything AJ did to all of them was much worse than what she did when she drugged him. Michael replied that he didn't blame her for hating AJ, but he now realized that AJ had reason to hate Carly, too. Michael got agitated because the cops wouldn't let him see AJ in lockup. Carly asserted that AJ was in lockup because he belonged there, but Michael argued that he was locked up because Carly called the cops even though Michael begged her not to. Carly was adamant that she'd done that for Michael. Michael thought this was a continuation of the fights Carly and AJ had over whether AJ was bad for Michael during his entire childhood. He asked Carly to stop and give him (Michael) have a chance to figure things out. After Michael was gone, Carly noticed Monica and Alice being brought in in handcuffs and grinned. She asked an officer what the charges were, aiding and abetting? The man told her they were charged with assault and battery on Tracy. Carly snarled that Monica should have let AJ go to prison years ago. Monica didn't think Carly would do that to her own sons, and Carly replied that her sons would never commit the crimes AJ did. Monica shot back that the might, if a lying scheming bitch drove them to it. Carly found it hypocritical of Monica to have wanted Michael to grow up to be like Jason instead of AJ, yet she didn't acknowledge that she only got her wish due to Carly's decision to give Michael to Jason. Monica got annoyed and said she wanted her lawyer. Carly noted that AJ wouldn't have anyone to visit him in prison now that Monica had been arrested. “He'll have his son” Monica said with a smirk. Alice and Monica went to get booked.

Sonny went down to the holding cell and, he and AJ glared at each other. Sonny told AJ that while he may have escaped death, he wouldn't escape Sonny. Sonny asked why AJ came back. AJ replied that he returned because Jason was probably dead thanks to Sonny. AJ condemned Sonny for staying in his office while Jason took all the risks. Sonny insisted that he loved Jason like a brother, and AJ replied that Jason was HIS brother. He accused Sonny of exploiting Jason, and Sonny shot back that AJ robbed Jason of his life when he caused Jason's head injury. Sonny told AJ that if he disapproved of Jason's choices, AJ should remember that he made Jason that way. AJ regretted what he'd done to Jason, but he argued that Sonny was the one who put him in harm's way and turned him into a killer. “You're the reason Jason's dead,” AJ hissed. Sonny replied that he wasn't there to argue about Jason. He then calmly informed AJ that he was not to have any contact with Michael. Sonny said Michael had a bright future and he wasn't going to let AJ bog him down with guilt from behind bars. AJ scoffed. He said Michael had been lied to his whole life and AJ planned to tell him the truth, even if he had to do it from prison. AJ had forgotten how Sonny arrogantly expected everyone to bow down to him. AJ told him that he couldn't change the fact that Michael was his son. Sonny thought AJ should be glad that Sonny had stepped in and cleaned up AJ's mess and provided Michael with a decent life. Sonny reminded AJ that Michael called Sonny dad. AJ thought Sonny had deluded himself; he told Sonny that he was a thug who couldn't cut it in the real world. Sonny replied that he worked hard for what he had unlike AJ, who was given everything and threw it all away. AJ yelled that Sonny stole everything he had, including Michael. Sonny told AJ that it didn't matter, because he was never going to see Michael again. AJ said that Michael was a man and could make that decision on his own. Sonny growled that Michael was more of a man than AJ ever would be. He said Michael had overcome some difficult things, and he didn't need AJ or his fairy tales. AJ noticed Michael walk in and suggested they let him decide for himself.

Michael asked Sonny why he came. Sonny said he was just straightening something out, but AJ told Michael exactly why Sonny was really there. AJ told Michael how Sonny used torture and threats to force AJ to sign over his parental rights to Michael. Michael asked if it was true. Sonny admitted it and said he wished it wasn't necessary. He told Michael he did that, because AJ pushed Carly down the stairs, killing her unborn son and almost killing her. AJ insisted that it was an accident and he was sorry. Sonny said AJ had a lot of accidents and he didn't want any of them to happen to Michael. AJ argued that Sonny wasn't protecting Michael, but stealing him. Sonny listed AJ's crimes – stealing from his family, having Sonny's children kidnapped, faking Michael's death and shooting Alan. AJ admitted that he was out of control. When Sonny blasted AJ for endangering children, Michael pointed out that AJ admitted he was wrong. Sonny wouldn't let up, and AJ asked if Sonny was saying no child had ever been injured around him. Sonny said no, and Michael reminded him that wasn't completely true. Sonny asked if Michael was calling him an animal like AJ. Michael replied that sometimes things escalated and people got hurt, like when he (Michael) got shot in the head. Michael apologized to Sonny and told him he knew it wasn't his fault. AJ was horrified. He hadn't heard about this, and he wanted details. Michael explained that he'd been in a coma but he was fine, now.

AJ figured Monica didn't tell him, because she knew he'd come running to Michael. Sonny figured she didn't say anything because she knew AJ would get arrested. Michael said it was all over, now. AJ lashed out at Sonny for claiming he protected Michael, when he'd been shot. Michael yelled that it wasn't like that. AJ figured out that someone was aiming for Sonny, and he wished Sonny had been hit instead. Michael told AJ to stop, but AJ yelled that Michael never should have been near Sonny. Carly stormed in demanded to know why AJ was yelling so loud everyone could hear him all the way upstairs. AJ told her off about thinking Sonny was better than him, when Sonny got Michael shot. AJ said the only thing worse than Sonny as a father was Carly as a mother. Carly quietly asked Michael to go with her and Sonny to have a family talk. Michael said he was staying with AJ until he got arraigned. Carly told him it wasn't his responsibility, but Michael said it was his decision. Sonny agreed that it was Michael's choice and told Carly, let's go. Michael promised to call later. Carly asked Michael to remember that they loved him. She kissed him and left. Michael looked at AJ.

Quartermaine Mansion: Tracy poured a martini and toasted to Alice, AJ, and Monica going to prison. She grimaced because the drink wasn't very good. Her solo celebration was interrupted by a knock on the terrace door. It was Sabrina and Elizabeth. Tracy made it clear that she didn't appreciate the intrusion. The pair explained that they went to the back door, since no one opened the front door. Tracy dryly said the maid was out. Sabrina introduced herself and Tracy tried to hire her as a replacement for Alice. Sabrina replied that she was already employed as a student nurse. Liz added that they were there to see Edward. Tracy told them he was resting, so they could talk to her or leave. Sabrina began to ramble about the money the Nurses' Ball raised for HIV/AIDS research and how the Quartermaines were historically big supporters. Tracy got fed up and asked Sabrina how much she wanted. Tracy assumed they were selling tickets, and she balked when she realized they were soliciting funds for the entire event. Tracy thought it was no wonder they wanted to talk to the soft hearted Edward. Liz explained that they thought Edward would be offended if they didn't approach him first, because of the support the family had given to the cause in the past and because of his fondness for Robin. Tracy was interested in contributing, since it was for a good cause, but first she wanted to know if Monica would be involved. Liz tried to speak up, but she was drowned out by Sabrina enthusiastically assuring Tracy that Monica would play a very large role in the event. Liz grimaced as Sabrina unknowingly ruined her chances with Tracy. Sabrina was confused when Tracy refused to help them and ordered them to leave. After Liz and Sabrina were gone, Diane let herself in. Diane told Tracy that Monica sent her. Monica was going to have Tracy evicted if Tracy didn't drop the charges against her and Alice.

Later, Alice and Monica came home. Tracy snidely greeted them as the criminals, then told Alice to get her a drink. Alice wanted her to say please, but Tracy didn't think Alice deserved it after she betrayed her. Alice felt she was being loyal to the family when she stopped Tracy from turning AJ in. Tracy called AJ a disgrace and Monica told her that was the last time she insulted her son in her house. Tracy vowed to make sure AJ spent the rest of his life in prison.

Maxie and Ellie's: Maxie arrived with a suitcase and said to herself that the upside of living with Ellie was that Spinelli would see them together and realize Maxie was the only choice. Ellie heard the tail end of this and wondered what choice. Maxie pretended she was talking about room choices. Ellie was happy to let Maxie have the master bedroom. Spinelli walked in carrying boxes of Ellie and Maxie's stuff. Both women warned him that the boxes were full of fragile things. On cue, Spinelli dropped them. He was relieved when Ellie and Maxie told him nothing got broken. Maxie noticed Ellie and Spinelli sharing a loving moment and tried to interrupt it by offering to order take out, but they were oblivious to her and started kissing. When they stopped, Maxie was gone. Ellie was worried that they made her uncomfortable. She asked Spinelli if he thought Maxie had a problem seeing him kiss someone. Spinelli didn't think Maxie cared who he kissed. Things started heating up between them, and Ellie suddenly pulled away. She wanted to take the next step with Spinelli (he did, too) but she was hesitant, because the last time she was with someone, she got hurt, because that guy didn't care about her as much as she cared about him. Ellie didn't want to take things to the next level until she was sure Spinelli was serious. Spinelli said he'd never hut her and that he was the kind of person who got hurt, not who did the hurting.

Haunted Star: Patrick and Britt arrived for their date. Lulu took their order. Britt asked for champagne, because they were celebrating. Once the champagne arrived, Britt toasted to clear communication and to Emma for happily spending the night with Mac and Felicia. Patrick brought up Robin's phone call to Emma, which he still assumed was imaginary. He thought Emma was working through her grief and found it natural, but unnerving. Britt was sympathetic. She changed the subject and mentioned that her place was getting renovated, so she and Patrick would have to go to the Metro Court. Patrick looked uncomfortable and Britt asked if he was reconsidering their plans. It wasn't that – Patrick hadn't done this in awhile and he wasn't sure what the rules were. Britt assured him that there were no rules; they were just having fun. Patrick replied that he'd had a lot of fun with her lately.

Dante asked Lulu if she was sure she wanted to explore surrogacy. Lulu did want to look into it, but she was having trouble wrapping her head around the idea of their reproductive cells being combined in a lab then placed in someone else. She wondered if they just showed up nine months later to pick up the baby. Dante was sure they'd meet with the surrogate and go to prenatal visits. Lulu wasn't sure she'd feel like the baby's mother, but Dante was certain that all Lulu's doubts would melt away when she held the baby. They knew it would be tough to pay for the procedure, but they were committed to trying. Maxie arrived and told Dante and Lulu how disgusted she was by Ellie and Spinelli kissing on her couch. Dante thought Maxie should have been prepared for that when she asked Ellie to move in. Lulu understood that Maxie thought the proximity would make Spinelli realize how much he cared for Maxie. Maxie complained about how the plan wasn't working. Dante advised her to be direct and tell Spinelli how she felt. Maxie said she couldn't do that; if she did, she'd be known as a home wrecker again. Maxie wanted to break Spinelli and Ellie up, but not in a way that looked bad. Maxie decided she wouldn't technically be a home wrecker, because Ellie and Spinelli hadn't had sex yet, so it wasn't serious. Dante thought that if Maxie really cared about Spinelli, she should be honest with him instead of playing games.

Sabrina and Liz arrived looking to drown their sorrows, just as Patrick and Britt were leaving. Britt asked if it was nurses' night out, and Liz told her what happened with Tracy. Patrick was interested in helping them come up with fund raising plans. Britt interjected that it would have to be tomorrow as they were on their way out. Sabrina asked who was watching Emma, then Patrick started chatting about that. While Patrick and Liz talked about the fundraising, Britt purposely dropped the keycard from the Metro Court where Sabrina could see it. Sabrina bent down to grab it and looked hurt when she realized what it was. Britt smirked as she took the keycard from Sabrina, then she and Patrick left. Sabrina told Liz to supersize her drink. They got their drinks and Liz tried to cheer Sabrina up, thinking she was upset about getting turned down by Tracy. Sabrina was tipsy after one drink. She told Liz she wasn't upset about Tracy, and she started mocking Britt. Sabrina told Liz that Patrick and Britt were having sex. Liz realized Sabrina had a thing for Patrick, and Sabrina admitted it. Liz understood why Sabrina would like him; he was an adorable surgeon. Sabrina loudly giggled that it was just a crush. She begged Liz not to tell anyone. Liz said she never would. Sabrina felt crazy to think Patrick would ever like her back. She got up and acted out the way Britt took her shirt off in front of Patrick in the locker room, which Sabrina would never do. Lulu brought them more drinks. Sabrina just wanted Patrick to be happy and make a real connection, even if it wasn't with her. She didn't think Britt cared about Patrick or Emma as people. Sabrina also felt that you could look at Patrick and tell he wasn't ready for this.

Lulu went back to Dante and Maxie. Lulu urged Maxie to tell Spinelli how she felt before he and Ellie got serious. Maxie was convinced, and she called Spinelli, despite Dante and Lulu's opinion that she should say what she needed to say face to face. Maxie wondered why Spinelli wasn't answering, then she decided to have the talk tomorrow, since not much would change between now and then.

Maxie and Ellie's: Ellie asked if someone hurt Spinelli. He said someone did a long time ago, but it didn't matter anymore. Ellie promised she'd never hurt him. She told him she really liked him and thought he was extraordinary. Spinelli felt the same way about her. They kissed. Spinelli didn't notice that Maxie was calling his phone. Spinelli made sure Ellie was ready for this, then they walked into the bedroom hand in hand.

Metro Court: Patrick kissed Britt inside their room. Britt began to unbutton his shirt, then she told him to finish up while she got ready. Patrick undid some buttons and paused when he saw his wedding ring. Britt returned in her bra and panties and found Patrick putting on his jacket. He said he was sorry, but he wasn't ready.

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