GH Update Tuesday 11/13/12

General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/13/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Haunted Star: Connie handed Johnny some papers to sign and warned him about the consequences he'd face if he refused. Johnny was glad to sign them and hoped they worked, because he wanted Connie out of his house and his hair. Lulu walked in as Connie was leaving. Lulu made it clear that she knew Connie blackmailed Johnny into marriage. Johnny admitted that Lulu was right; Connie had blackmailed him. Lulu encouraged him to tell her what Connie was holding over him. Johnny explained that while he trusted Lulu, he wasn't going to tell her because he didn't want to force her to choose between protecting him and lying to Dante. Lulu understood and agreed it was probably best that she didn't know since she'd had enough trouble with lies for one day. She explained that she'd ruined her and Dante's chances of adopting a child. Lulu said in any other situation, she'd think it served her right, but she wanted to be a mother so badly. Johnny offered to pull some strings and make sure she and Dante got to adopt. Lulu was grateful for the offer, but she wouldn't accept it, because she knew Johnny was planning to do something illegal and because she knew Dante wouldn't want to be beholden to him. Lulu told him there was another option. She showed him the pamphlet on surrogacy and shared her concerns – it cost more than she and Dante could afford and there were lots of legalities to deal with and she wasn't sure if she wanted to bring a stranger into her and Dante's lives. Johnny thought that if she Dante wanted a child, they should get one. He knew it wouldn't be easy for them, but he was confident that the child they had would love them as much as they loved it.

Manning Enterprises: Starr rushed in and tried to convince Todd that he hadn't figured out Michael's secret, but Todd told her that when he'd seen the look on her face, he knew he was right when he guessed that AJ was still alive. Starr worried that Todd told Carly about it. Todd was a little hurt, he told Starr that he'd never rat her out. Besides, he thought it was only fair that he kept her secret, since she was keeping a secret for him. Starr thanked Todd. She said Michael trusted her, and she already felt bad enough keeping Todd's secret from him. Todd assured Starr that her secret was safe with him. Connie strolled in and said Todd's secret wasn't safe with her (Connie). Starr demanded to know why she wasn't in the mental institution. Connie revealed that the judge ruled in her favor.

Starr was enraged that the person who killed Cole and Hope was free. Connie snapped that she didn't kill them. She ordered Todd to tell Starr that she (Connie) didn't do it. Connie explained that a psychiatrist had determined that she was the true personality and Kate Howard was the alter and the one who killed Hope. Connie used a sympathetic tone, but Starr thought Connie was faking her concern, so it only made her angrier. Connie said now that she'd been exonerated, she wanted her magazine back. Todd quipped that he didn't give magazines to imaginary women. Starr screamed that Connie and Johnny may have fooled the judge, but she wasn't fooling her (Starr) or Todd. Starr insisted that Todd wouldn't give anything to the monster who killed Hope. Connie said she was sorry for Starr's loss, but Connie had her own life to worry about and she had a magazine to run. Starr reminded Connie that Todd owned the company that owned the magazine. Connie announced that Todd was contractually obligated to give her the magazine. She handed Todd a paper which had a message from Johnny written on it. It told Todd to give Connie what she wanted and get her out of Johnny's life or Johnny would go to the cops and tell them what Todd did. Todd read the letter, then he apologized to Starr and said he had no choice. Starr was so upset she ran out and kept going even after Todd called after her. Connie relaxed in the chair then told Todd she wanted her office back, too. Todd made it clear that there was no way he was giving up his office. He reminded her that he still had the number of the men who kidnapped her on Todd's orders and who were going to kill her until Todd changed his mind. When Connie realized Todd's wasn't going to give her the office, she decided to share it with him.

Quartermaine Mansion: Carly left Michael a voicemail, pleading with him to call her back. Monica was thrilled to hear that Michael wasn't talking to her. Carly warned her that her joy wouldn't last long, because Carly would make sure Monica was soon in a cell next to AJ's. Carly tried to leave, but Monica refused to let her go anywhere after what she'd done to AJ. This sparked an argument in which each woman dredged up things from the past to hurl at each other. Carly didn't understand why Monica didn't see AJ for who he was; a snake who hurt members of Monica's family, when he kidnapped Michael, shot Alan and tried to kill Jason. Monica argued that AJ was desperate after dealing with Carly's lies and schemes. Carly didn't think she had anything to feel guilty about. Monica didn't think Michael would agree. Monica brought up the time Carly drugged AJ and Carly reminded Monica that AJ pushed Carly down the stairs when she was five months pregnant. Carly what kind of grandmother Monica was – she let Michael suffer from PTSD for months thinking he'd seen AJ get murdered. Monica replied that she was desperate, because her grandchild had been stolen and her son had been destroyed. Alice walked in. Carly shot back that AJ was a liar and a drunk who turned into a psychopath and destroyed his own life. Monica warned Carly that she and Sonny would lose Michael when this was all over. Carly snarled that Monica didn't get Michael when he was a baby and he wasn't going to get him now. Carly left. Monica told Alice that Carly had AJ arrested. Alice confessed that while her back was turned, Tracy untied herself and escaped from the boathouse. Just then, Tracy burst in through the terrace doors armed with an oar. She took a swing at Alice, who dodged her and grabbed a fireplace poker. Monica grabbed a vase that was in their path to keep it from getting broken and narrowly escaped getting hit. Alice and Tracy went after each other until Monica ordered them to stop before they destroyed the house. Tracy realized AJ was the person she wanted to hurt the most, so she stopped fighting and asked where he was. When Monica and Tracy didn't answer, Tracy grabbed her phone to call the cops on him. Monica told her he'd already been arrested, thanks to Carly. Monica realized Tracy wasn't concerned about her nephew at all. Tracy confirmed that she wasn't concerned about AJ, then she called the cops on Alice and Tracy.

Police Station: Anna called Duke, but she reached his voicemail, so she left a message telling him how much she enjoyed talking to him and how glad she was that he returned from the dead. “He's not the only one,” Dante said. Anna turned around and was stunned to see AJ back from the dead. AJ noted that Anna had been presumed dead once and joked that only the good came back. Dante read the charges AJ had been facing before his supposed death -kidnapping, fraud, and attempted murder. Anna told Dante to let AJ have his phone call, then book him. Michael rushed in and announced that nothing was going to happen to his father without him. Anna and Dante understood Michael's concerns, but they thought he should go home. They promised they'd handle everything by the book. Michael said he could keep AJ company. “Thank you, son” AJ said. Michael told AJ not to say anything until the lawyer Monica called got there. Dante and Anna stepped aside and discussed the situation. Dante mentioned that he thought Monica helped AJ fake his death. Anna understood Monica's motivation but knew she'd have to bring her in for questioning anyway. Michael was going to ask Alexis to represent AJ until his lawyer got there, and AJ asked if Alexis was still Sonny's lawyer. Michael said yes. AJ didn't think Alexis would represent him, because he kidnapped Kristina and because Sonny hated him too much to let his lawyer help him. Anna asked Michael what kind of father would do the things AJ had done to him. Dante chimed in that AJ belonged behind bars. Michael shot back that it was easy for Dante to say, when he'd never been locked up. AJ seemed startled by this. Dante reminded Michael that AJ shot his own father and Michael countered that Dante's father shot Dante.

Dante told Michael not to trust AJ or feel that he owed AJ anything. AJ ordered Dante to mind his own business and lay off his son. Dante shot back that this was his business, because Michael was his family, too, and Michael clarified that Dante was his brother. AJ didn't understand how, and Dante snapped that he and Michael had the same father. AJ wondered how Sonny managed to get his kid onto the police force. AJ thought this explained why Dante and Anna were trying to turn Michael against him. AJ wondered if Dante and Anna knew about all the illegal things Sonny had done to AJ, such as threatening to kill him and torturing him. Anna said they couldn't act on any of those things without proof and AJ said sure Dante and Michael could vouch for Sonny being capable of those things. Michael urged AJ to be quite until his lawyer arrived, but AJ felt that it was important that Michael find out the truth about Sonny. Dante shot back that Sonny never kidnapped any kids. AJ countered that Sonny kidnapped Michael. AJ asked Anna if she was sure Dante wasn't using his position to cover up Sonny's crimes. Anna took Dante aside and told him to get someone else to book AJ then take the rest of the night off. Dante wanted to stay on the case, but Anna explained that he couldn't due to his relationship to Sonny. Dante asked Michael to leave with him, but Michael decided to hang around until AJ's lawyer got there. AJ thanked Michael for standing by him. Dante told Michael to call him if he needed him, then he grabbed AJ and led him down the hall.

Duke's hospital room: Duke was strapped to a bed with restraints. Faison confronted Duke about feeding him lies, and Duke was unapologetic. Faison reminded Duke of the horrific conditions he'd lived in in Ankara. Faison felt that Duke should be grateful that Faison liberated him and brought him to Switzerland, but Duke argued that he'd moved him from one prison to another. Faison asked Duke if he'd like to return to the Turkish prison. Duke was quiet, and Faison assumed that he didn't want to go back. Duke didn't think having to choose between Ankara or Faison was much of a choice. Faison said all he wanted from Duke was a little conversation in exchange for his release. Duke insisted that he'd told Faison his life story. Faison countered that Duke had caused his plan to suffer a major setback when he lied about an important event in his (Duke's) life. Faison pulled out a gun and vowed to make Duke suffer for what he'd done. Faison offered Duke a final cigarette but Duke declined. Duke assumed Faison's anger meant that Anna had figured him out. Duke said he knew a well placed lie would be all it took for Anna to see that Faison wasn't the real Duke. Faison said that Anna hadn't figured it out; she only saw a man who loved her and she loved in return. Faison said that the person who did figure out the truth was in no position to tell Anna and neither was Duke.

Duke revealed that he'd fed Faison more than one false memory, and he was sure that the false stories along with Anna's detective skills would help her figure out that Faison had been manipulating her. Faison threatened to kill Duke again and Duke said he'd die satisfied because he knew that Anna would kill Faison. Faison decided to let Duke live for now, since Faison was on the verge of reaching his goal. Duke swore that Anna would never love Faison. Faison played Duke the voice mail Anna left earlier. Duke look disappointed as he listened and said he thought she'd already fallen for him. Duke disagreed and said she was rediscovering her love for him (Duke). Faison countered that he (Faison) was Duke, now. Duke was confident that Anna would figure out the truth soon. Faison didn't think so. He told Duke that he (Faison) and Anna had been having a wonderful time reminiscing about “their” past. Faison recalled that Anna and Duke tangoed when they first met, and he spoke about the event in the first person as if he was really Duke. Faison told Duke that he and Anna had just tangoed again and she'd kissed him afterward. Faison told Duke they'd be saying goodbye for now, because Anna wanted Faison back in Port Charles.

Volonino's: Sonny and Milo were boxing. Milo tried to talk about how sorry he was that Jason was gone and the court case didn't go well, but Sonny told him to stop talking and box. Milo wished he'd told Sonny what happened at the bachelorette party, earlier, but he guessed it was “mute.” Sonny insisted that Milo elaborate, so Milo told him how Connie came on to him. Sonny punched Milo in the mouth and split his lip, then he yelled that he word was “moot.” Milo passed out, and Sonny splashed water on his face, then asked him a few basic questions to make sure he was thinking clearly. Milo was fine. He got up and started rambling about the strip tease he'd done and how “Miss Howard” cornered him and touched him. Sonny made sure Milo understood that Kate hadn't been in control that night. Sonny apologized for taking things out on Milo and said it was his fault. Trey walked in and said it was his (Trey's) fault that Connie was free. Sonny told Trey that Connie was lying when she said Kate was the one who abandoned him. Sonny wondered if Trey was telling the truth when he told the judge that he'd like to get to know his mother. Trey explained that he'd grown up being told his mother abandoned him and now he wasn't sure he'd ever know the truth, but he did want the chance to get to know her. Carly walked in and told Sonny they needed to talk about Michael. Sonny was having a bad day and didn't want to talk right now, but Carly told him it was about to get worse, because AJ was alive. She told him all about finding AJ at the Quartermaines and calling Dante and having him arrested. Sonny thought they should let the cops deal with AJ and come up with how to approach Michael. Carly told him it was too late. Sonny swore he'd kill AJ if he'd done anything to hurt Michael. Carly explained that Michael knew AJ was alive before she saw him that night on the pier. Carly told Sonny AJ was manipulating Michael into believing AJ was a victim. Sonny was confident that Michael wouldn't fall for that. Carly knew Michael wouldn't want AJ to go to Pentonville, because of what happened to Michael when he was there. Carly said she thought Michael had gone down to the PCPD to check on AJ. Sonny said they would go set him straight. Sonny told Trey they'd have to do this later. Trey left. Sonny said aid he'd lost Jason and Kate and there was no way in hell he'd let AJ take Michael.

Haunted Star: Dante surprised Lulu with a kiss. Lulu asked what happened with AJ, and Dante said he was alive and Michael was caught in the middle. Dante wondered how Lulu was doing. She said better, and she told Dante she thought they should look into surrogacy.

Police Station: An officer told Anna she had a phone call.

Starr called Michael and told him Todd found out AJ was alive. Michael said it didn't matter, since AJ was already in jail. Michael noticed Carly walk in and he told Starr that someone turned AJ in.

AJ was lying on a cot in the holding cell when Sonny walked in and they came face to face.

Quartermaine Mansion: Anna and some other policemen arrived. Anna apologetically explained she had no choice but to arrest Monica and Alice. Tracy grinned and taunted Monica as she and Alice were lead out in handcuffs.

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