GH Update Monday 11/12/12

General Hospital Update Monday 11/12/12


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Right when Carly goes to the Quartermaine house assuming that nobody will believe that she saw AJ and that she imagining things, she walks in to see him in the room talking to Michael. She then confirms that she is not seeing things and her son’s biological father is alive just like she saw.

Lulu and Dante return home after finding out she’s been permanently banned from ever adopting a child due to her falsification of an application.

Right then, when Robin is in her hospital room talking to the Duke Lavery lookalike and believing he is the man she knew as a father figure as a child, he confirms to her that he does not remember important details that only Duke would remember. She calls his bluff yet appears afraid to know that she is talking to an imposter and helpless to get out of her hospital bed or defend herself.

At the hospital, Patrick is talking in a friendly manner with the new nurse and babysitter, Sabrina, he indicates that he is becoming comfortable and ok with his current situation and coping with Robin being gone.

Right then, in Robin’s hospital room, the Duke Lookalike reveals himself to her with another face. And she is horrified. She looks at the “evil” man discovering that he is the person who’s been keeping her held hostage all the while. He tells her that Duke Lavery is not the person who’s come back from the dead. He is.

At the hospital, Patrick talks to nurse Sabrina about how he has some concerns about his little girl, Emma’s trying yet not quite able to get over her mom. And he admits that he is having the same difficulty. He admits that some days, he’s ok. But other times, he cannot go on without his deceased wife.

In the nurse’s station, Elizabeth talks to the new doctor whom Patrick is seeing about whether she should expect Patrick to “move on” with her. Elizabeth admits that she doubts that Patrick won’t be able to see someone else remembering before he met Robin, he was a “real player”.

The revealed man pretending to be Duke Lavery admits to Robin that he is impersonating someone her mother loved hoping that Anna will fall for that. Robin tells him he’s psychotic and asks if he really things that he can pull that off.

Sam goes to talk to Anna about whether Jerry Jacks is the person they need to find. She tells her that she and Spinelli have been working and will hopefully find Jerry. And that could lead them to Jason. Anna clarifies to her that they assumed it was Joe Scully that shot Bernie and Jason also got shot and disappeared. But there may be more to it than that that they are not aware of.

Dante talks to Lulu about finding other options and to not give up on having a baby together.

When Carly sees Michael in the room revealing that he is hiding the fact that he knows AJ is alive, she demands to know why her son did not tell her. He protests to his mom that he was not certain what to do. And right then, AJ angrily confronts her telling her he does not owe her a damn thing. Michael is his son and he’s not going to be intimidated by her or anyone else who dislikes him, wants him dead, or who may have mistakenly thought he is dead.

Patrick’s new lady friend asks Elizabeth to tell her more about Patrick’s history of sleeping around. Elizabeth then admits that Patrick was “doing” a nurse while on the job and got caught red-handed and aware yet not caring. Then Robin came along and changed him. Yet now that she’s gone, Patrick might be very willing and able to find another partner.

In the locker room, Sabrina tells Patrick it’s ok to miss his wife. She was still young and had a lot to give. He tells her she’s right. Robin was more than just a wife and mother. She was a wonderful doctor who saved lives and did many heroic things. Sabrina smiles and reflects how she can see that Emma was really proud of her mom. They talk about an organization that has lost funding at the hospital but which she might want to bring back by hosting a fund raiser. She asks Patrick what he thinks about that. He appears evasive and walks away, indicating that he may not want to discuss this secret.

Robin firmly tells the man in her hospital room, that it will just be a matter of time before her mother knows that he is not Duke. He tells her that her mother danced with him. They danced the tango. And it was he whom she was with. And, although Robin protests that he will never fool her mother, he tells her he does not care. As long as he gets Emma.

Anna tells Sam about the mystery the cops have been trying to uncover that indicates that there is another criminal out there besides Jerry Jacks and Joe Scully. And that person may very well be responsible for Jason disappearing. Yet she seems to have no clue that it’s the man who appears to be Duke.

Carly talks to AJ about knowing that he is a criminal. She bets he killed Jason. He would have killed many people years ago until somebody stopped him. And she’s going to stop him right now and call the cops and have him put away. But right then, Michael urges his mom not to go through with that. She protests that he hired Faith Roscoe to kidnap him and Morgan. He could have been killed. If Jason had not gone after him, he’d have been killed. And if Michael may not remember, AJ brainwashed him when he was a child into hating her and Sonny and Jason. Monica protests her son only did it because Carly, Sonny and Jason kept him from his son and he had no choice. But Michael protests that she please not call the cops. Even if she hates AJ’s guts, can she please do this for her son? Carly then tells her son she would do anything for him. But not this.

Lulu and Dante talk about whether they should have another woman carry their baby. She talks about how weird that would be. He tells her that the baby will be hers’ and his regardless. But she tells him it’s not the same if another woman carries the baby in her womb for 9 months. Right then, Dante gets a call from Carly urging him to get to the Quartermaine’s ASAP. He asks her what is up. She replies AJ Quartermaine is alive and right in the living room standing beside her. Dante asks Carly if she is serious. And right then, Monica urges her son to run for his life. Michael also seems to want to help his biological dad.

Robin asks Duke Lavery how on earth he could have found out about Duke and her and her mom and all. He tells her that it was quite a challenge turning into this man. But it was worth it. His little plan is coming to fruition. Except for one little thing, he tells her. And that is her.

Elizabeth talks to Patrick’s new friend about their possible future of dating. Right then, a little girl calls to the doctor and throws up on her smock.

In the locker room, Patrick tells Sabrina that he wishes she could have known Robin. She indicates to him that she can see his much Robin meant to him and to Emma. But right then, they are interrupted by the new doctor (Patrick’s hot friend). She tells them she’s “sorry to interrupt”. But she has to change her clothes. She lifts up her shirt to reveal her hot body with only a bra and tells them she’s “covered in puke”.

The “imposter” tells Robin he realizes he has to prevent her from returning to her family. Otherwise, his plan is ruined. And it looks like he can do just that, seeing that she’s unable to get up from her bed. But she tells him he will not succeed with his plan.

After Dante gets the call from Carly, he tells Lulu he has to go but he is serious about finding a way for them to have a baby who is theirs’. He promises her that some day, some how, they will have a family.

Monica urges AJ to hide. But he tells his mom he is not going to be kept away from his son or from her. Carly tells him he will be locked up in prison where he belongs. Michael tells them he does not want that. But AJ protests to him that he’s tired of running. And he will take his chance even if it means the only way he can see them is if they visit him in prison.

Anna and Sam are still trying to brainstorm about who this “unidentified criminal” is.

Robin argues with the imposter but tells him she thinks she might know if “another way” to get her mother to love him. She tells him if he can bring her back alive and safe, Anna will be eternally grateful to him. She won’t be angry nor want to get him in any trouble. He does not believe that that could happen if Anna finds out what he did. Robin protests that she knows her mother is forgiving. Once she makes her mother understand, he will be her mother’s hero. And he will be her hero too.

Sabrina tells Patrick she had a great time at the Halloween party. He tells her so did he and leaves her alone with his new “friend”. The “new friend strips down to her panties and bra, looks arrogant and confident about letting Sabrina wash her “puked-upon” clothes. Sabrina talks about the fund raising of a tribute to Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake. The new “friend” is not “keen” on that idea and tells them it sounds depressing. And she asks Patrick to tell her that he must not be in favor of that idea. But he tells her he is, disappointing her.

Robin works on the imposter telling him he “has her word” that she will not let him get in trouble and will make sure that her mother appreciates him if he just takes her back to her family.

Dante arrives at the Quartermaine house before AJ has had a chance to leave. Carly “introduces” them. Dante tells him “it’s a pleasure”. And since he’s a police detective, it’s his job to arrest him. He tells Michael he’s “sorry” but has to do his job. Only Carly encourages Dante to do his job while he places AJ under arrest, in handcuffs and reads him his rights.

Anna talks to Sam about how she knows all too well what it’s like to lose a loved one. She knows that Sam has wanted a “shred of hope “that Jason is alive not unlike what she mistakenly did herself with Robin. She shares with Sam that she went to Switzerland to a clinic in search of her daughter only to find out it was for nothing. She tells Sam she doesn’t want to get into Sam’s business but understands what one needs to do> Sam also brings up to Anna that she knows about Anna having lost her “husband” and may have gotten him back when everything thought he was dead. Maybe she, herself, can have the same thing.

Robin tells the imposter that she knows she can convince her mother of his good intentions. And Anna will have no choice except to love him back. But he reveals that he’s afraid he cannot believe her.

In the locker room, Sabrina agrees to launder the doctor’s clothes and Patrick is very gracious to Sabrina. His “new friend” finds out that Patrick and Emma are both becoming really close to Sabrina. Yet she assumes that Patrick will definitely want to sleep with her (herself).

The imposter tells Robin he’s sorry but does not believe what she’s telling him that “they can do this”. He tells her she made a marvelous fight. It’s beautiful. Her mother would be proud of her. She asks him so now what. He tells her she will have to be “more specific”. She then asks him what he plans to do to her.

Alone in the house, Lulu confirms that maybe adopting a baby with a surrogate is the right thing to do.

After Dante takes AJ away, Carly protests to Michael that he must not see AJ as his father. He protests that maybe AJ has faults but so does he. Yet nobody has rejected or abandoned him. Carly protests to her son that he is nothing like that monster who is his biological father. He’s kind and good and honorable. And she won’t accept Michael seeing AJ as his father.

Patrick agrees to have a “sleep-over” with the hot female doctor. She smiles gleefully.

The imposter tells Robin what he’s going to do is keep her there. He tells her he can do that if he wants. She tells him he may be able to look and impersonate Duke. But he will never be Duke. He will never be able to hide the ugly nasty person he is. And he will regret not listening to her and know he needs her help. But he does not buy that.

Sam admits to Anna when she got her son back, it was a miracle. Just like when Anna got her husband back. She tells the commissioner she doesn’t know what will happen with all of this. But whether it’s her husband or son or Anna’s husband or her daughter, they have every reason to hold onto hope. Sam leaves Anna alone in the room.

The imposter walks into another hospital room and notices an unseen person lying in a hospital bed. He tells the person they thought they were clever. But he’s going to give this guy what he deserves. And we see that his prisoner is Joe Scully Jr.

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