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The social worker tells Lulu and Dante that everything in the application is a lie. Lulu starts to explain their families when the social worker says she wants to start with Dante's family and mentions his father, Michael "Sonny" Corinthos, the mild mannered coffee importer.

Sonny asks Diane how she could do this to him. Alexis backs him down as the judge tells her she's been warned about controlling her client. Sonny sits down and Alexis apologizes to the judge. Diane argues that Connie is the "real" person and Kate Howard is the alter. Trey starts to speak up but is quieted by Alexis as Connie announces that Kate Howard doesn't exist and that she, Connie Falconeri, is the real deal.

Replay of Carly storming into the Quartermaine mansion. Carly asks where AJ is. Monica asks if Carly means her late son AJ. Carly says that's who she means and says that she knows AJ is alive.

Replay of AJ and Alice bringing unconscious Tracy to the boathouse as Michael knocks on the door and calls out to AJ.

Mac visits Anna at her office. He looks at her desk and says looking at files brings back memories. Anna asks if Mac wants his job back and he says he doesn't. He's happy at the Floating Rib. Anna asks about the trend of very qualified men taking jobs as bartenders. Mac asks if she means Duke and says he thought they had a good time at the Halloween party. She says he can ask Duke when he returns from Washington as he is there answering questions about his captivity.

Duke arrives at the clinic in Switzerland. Dr. O straps Robin down onto a bed as Robin says its time to let her go. Dr. O. says it's not time yet. Robin asks what she means by "yet". Dr. O. refuses to answer her, only telling her to rest as she walks out of Robin's room. Dr. O. sees Duke and is surprised that he is there. Duke says he's there because of her incompetence. He says that because of her, Robin was able to reach a phone. Dr. O. tells him that she only spoke to her child and that Patrick thought she was playing pretend. Duke is concerned that in another couple of moments, Robin would have spoken to Patrick. He tells her that because of her, he has to change his plans for Robin. Back in her room, Robin struggles to get free, but to no avail.

Mac tells Anna that he will always be a cop. He'll never take things at face value and will always ask questions. Anna asks Mac if he's ever gotten a feeling about something but couldn't put his finger on what it is. Mac asks if she means a case or if she means Duke.

Dr. O. tells Duke that Robin's responses to the treatments are erratic. Sometimes she is catatonic and sometimes she is uncontrollable. Duke tells her to stop making excuses. He tells Dr. O. that his timetable in Port Charles was perfect until now and now it's changed because Dr. O. can't control Robin. In her room, Robin struggles to get free again, telling herself she needs to get out of there and she will. Out in the hallway, Dr. O. tells Duke he is right and that she should be able to control Robin. She asks if there is anything she can do. Duke tells her to stop groveling and for once, listen to him.

Dante begins to explain that his father is a coffee importer. The social worker tells him that he is also an alleged gangster as that has never been proven in court. Lulu says that Sonny does have a coffee business. The social worker then brings up Luke. Lulu says that her father does travel the world and help people in an informal way. The social worker says that she is sure that a man with a history in an illegal diamond trade can fabricate an authentic looking Peace Corps ID. Lulu says that Luke does tend to improvise. The social worker then asks about Laura. Lulu comes clean and tells her that Laura is a patient with a condition called psychomotor disassociation. The social worker asks Dante if Olivia was ever a teacher. Lulu tells the social worker that she embellished but if she hadn't, would they even have gotten as far as the interview?

Sonny tells Alexis to shut Diane down. Alexis tells Sonny that he needs to relax. Diane submits Connie's birth certificate as evidence of Connie's being the "host personality". Alexis calls the birth certificate semantics. She says no one denies Connie's birth name but it was Kate Howard who graduated from Princeton and Kate Howard is the one with the reputation in the fashion business. Alexis argues that when the personality split, the second personality selected Connie's birth name and Connie is a danger to herself and others. Diane argues that Kate was only created out of D.I.D. which happened due to a traumatic experience. Connie speaks up and tells the judge that she was raped by Joseph Scully Jr. The judge tells Diane to restrain her client. He says if the outbursts continue, it will reflect badly on both attorneys. He then tells Diane to make her point. Diane says again that Kate Howard was the result of the personality split that happened due to the rape. Alexis says that Diane is spinning what is said in the psychiatric report. The judge says the report is very technical and he wants to speak with the doctor. Alexis tells the judge that Connie's doctor is dead.

Carly asks Monica again if AJ is alive. Monica rages at Carly for barging into her house, making accusations against AJ when Carly knows Monica is mourning Jason. She says that she has lost two sons. Carly says it's a yes or no question. Monica tells Carly that it is a hateful, cruel and ridiculous question. Carly says those are three of AJ's biggest qualities. Monica says that AJ has been gone for years. Carly notices that Monica says "gone" but not "dead" and starts to leave. Monica says if it will get her out of there, she will say that AJ is dead and asks if Carly is satisfied. Carly says she is not. Monica says too bad and starts to tell Carly that if she ever lost either of her sons...then asks why this is coming up now. Carly says because she saw AJ alive.

AJ comes out of the boathouse, apologizing to Michael for taking so long and asks what he is doing there. Michael says he started to head for the house but saw AJ out there with Alice and it looked like they were carrying something. Alice is still inside with unconscious Tracy. AJ says he was helping Alice put the canoe away before the weather got bad. Michael is surprised that AJ was helping Alice around the house and he thought AJ didn't want anyone to know he was back. AJ says that Alice isn't just anyone. He says that there is no secret the family can throw at Alice that she can't handle. Inside the boathouse, Tracy comes around. Tracy starts to scream but is quickly gagged by Alice. AJ explains to Michael that he trusts Alice the way he trusts Michael. Michael tells AJ that he couldn't keep his being alive completely secret. He had to tell "her". AJ asks who "her" is.

Monica asks Carly if she saw AJ. Carly says she did as clearly as she is seeing Monica. Monica asks where this happened and Carly tells her on Pier 52. Monica asks if that was where Jason was shot. Carly says it is and that's why she was there. She was thinking about Jason. She tells Monica she heard footsteps and turned to see AJ there. Monica tells her it sounds like her mind was playing tricks on her. It was Halloween, dark on a pier and Carly saw someone who looked like AJ. Carly says that she considered that. Monica tells Carly that she must realize how crazy it is to think that she saw AJ who has been dead for years. Carly asks if Monica thinks Michael is crazy because he thinks AJ is alive, too.

Diane brings up Ewan's activities during the water toxin crisis and his association with Jerry Jacks. Alexis objects to every mention as prejudicial and irrelevant. The judge overrules one objection and sustains the other two. The judge puts it on Alexis to convince him not to throw the report out. Alexis explains that Ewan had a very good reputation and that his diagnosis was correct and mentions how he continued to treat Connie even after she assaulted him and left him with a head trauma that required surgery. Connie asks Diane if she isn't going to object. Diane tells her that she wants it on record that Ewan compiled the report after receiving a massive head trauma. Johnny comments that Diane is good. Sonny tells Alexis to forget Ewan, they will get another doctor to evaluate Connie. Diane says she is so glad he said that.

The social worker tells Lulu and Dante that if Lulu had been honest, they would have taken that into consideration but the agency also judges the couples on the basis of their integrity. She says they have all they need now. Dante tells her that there's something else she needs to know before she files her report.

Anna asks Mac if he's suspicious of Duke as well. He tells her that he is curious and if the government has questions, does Anna have questions, too? Anna says that Duke will tell her when he is ready. Mac tells her that he doesn't know Duke because by the time he got to town, Duke was gone. Mac wants to know who else is skeptical. She tells him that Luke is convinced that Duke is an imposter. She tells Mac she ran is prints and they were a match with Duke's. Mac asks if that's enough to satisfy Luke. Anna says it isn't and that Luke isn't letting it go until he finds something. Mac asks what Anna thinks.

Robin continues to struggle as the door opens and Duke is shoved into the room by an orderly as he tells the orderly that if he puts his hands on him again, he'll kill the orderly. Robin is stunned to see a handcuffed Duke there. Duke acts surprised to see Robin.

Dante admits that Lulu lied but he thinks it was for a good reason. The social worker says there is never a good reason to lie on an adoption application. Dante says there is if someone thinks its their best shot to adopt a child. Dante says that Lulu is not some pathological liar and tells the social worker what a wonderful woman Lulu is and that she'll make an amazing mother. He admits that their families are "eccentric" and are flawed. He says that they are good people but they don't appear that way on paper. He asks for one more chance to make things right.

Diane has brought in another psychiatrist and asks for permission to allow the doctor to present her findings about Connie. The judge allows it. Alexis tells Sonny that this psychiatrist will testify to anything for a buck. Johnny asks Connie if she knows about the doctor and he realizes that of course she does. The doctor testifies that Kate Howard was created to help Connie cope with the rape and the unwanted pregnancy that resulted from the rape. Connie speaks up and says it's not her who wanted to get rid of Trey, she wanted to keep him, it was Kate. Trey tells the judge that Connie is lying, that she looked him in the eyes and told him that she wanted to abort him. Diane objects to his statement. The judge sustains the objection and strikes both Connie's and Trey's statements, then tells the doctor to continue. The doctor describes Kate as "cool and aloof" and says that she protected Kate. If Kate disappeared forever, Connie would be considered integrated. Diane says that's what Sonny is trying to achieve.

Tracy tries to talk to Alice but Alice explains that she couldn't let Tracy call the police until Monica figures out what to do. Tracy tells Alice through the gag that she is going to be fired. Alice blows her off. Michael tells AJ that he told Starr everything and AJ is not happy about it. Michael says he had to talk to someone and he trusts Starr. AJ asks if he can trust Starr, too. Michael promises that Starr won't say anything. AJ tells Michael that he risked everything to let Michael know he's alive and no one else can know until AJ figures out how to fight the charges against him. Michael says someone else might know and that he might have told Carly. Again, AJ is not happy with this but Michael says he slipped and told her. AJ yells at Michael.

Carly tells Monica about how Michael suddenly had questions about AJ. Monica tells her that she is a skilled liar and was probably able to easily brush them off. Carly says that she asked Michael why he had all of the questions when AJ was gone and Michael told her that he's not. Monica tells her that Michael meant that AJ wasn't gone from his thoughts. Carly tells Monica that her questions were very specific and had to do with the laundry cart incident. She wants to know who told Michael about this in the last 24 hours.

Anna says that it's like nothing has changed between her and Duke. She tells Mac that she and Duke share memories and how they danced the tango at the Haunted Star. Mac tells her it's hard to be objective when someone is dancing with you. Anna says it's not just anyone, it's Duke. She says it's like time stood still for them when everything else has changed. Mac asks if that includes Luke. He asks where Luke fits in.

Robin thinks she's hallucinating Duke. Duke says that Robin is all grown up and asks what they've done to her. She says he's not really there, he's dead. Duke says he's there and real. He takes her hand and she asks where he's been. Duke tells her that he was in prison and was kept from everyone he cares about. He last saw her when she was a little girl. He asks what she is doing there. She says she doesn't know. She's a prisoner and she doesn't know why. She is grateful that Duke is there and if anyone can get her out of there, its Duke.

Anna says that even if Duke hadn't returned, she that things with Luke hit a snag. Mac says he's never seen Anna talk in circles before. She says that's what it's like in her mind. She tells Mac that she's hopelessly confused. She then tells him how Luke is unpredictable and reliable which keeps her on her toes and she has a past with Duke. She said that he was in Robin's life, too. She says that Robin adored Duke. She tells Mac how Robin wished for Anna and Duke to be back together one birthday. Now Duke is back in her life. She says part of her thinks she should be with Duke to honor Robin's wish, that he could somehow help her rest in peace.

Robin tells Duke about the explosion at the hospital that "killed" her and that she was drugged. When she woke up, she was there. She tells him about the electroshock treatments she endured. He acts disgusted by them. She says she needs to get back to her family. She wonders how Anna will react to Duke being alive. He tells her that Anna was shocked. He says that he insisted on going to Port Charles when he was released from prison. Robin asks if Duke saw Emma. He says he did and tells her how beautiful Emma is, that she is like Robin was as a little girl. Robin wants to know how Patrick is. Duke tells her everyone at home thinks she is dead. Robin asks what Duke is doing there. He says he came looking for her. She wonders why if everyone thinks she is dead. He tells her that when he was in Washington being debriefed, he heard a rumor she was alive so he came there to find her. Robin asks if he told Anna what he heard but Duke says he did not. He said he didn't tell anyone. He didn't want to get anyone's hopes up in case he didn't find her. Duke says unfortunately they found him first but he's going to find a way to get them both out of there and take Robin home to her mother.

The social worker tells Lulu and Dante that they can't ignore that Lulu lied on the application. Lulu says that she doesn't want them to think they don't love their parents because they do. Dante says that they are not their parents. He is a cop, not a gangster and Lulu runs a club, she doesn't smuggle diamonds. Lulu says she likes to think they got the best of their parents in them and they will give a child the best of themselves. Dante says they have a lot to offer a child: a home, security and love. Lulu says if they get a chance, they will be the best parents in the world.

As Alexis questions the doctor, Trey whispers something to Sonny. Alexis asks the psychiatrist if she has ever personally treated Connie or Kate. The doctor says she has not and starts to explain but is cut off by Alexis. That's all she needs. As Alexis heads back to her table, Sonny stops her and whispers something to her. The judge says that if there is nothing else, he is ready to rule. Alexis says there is another thing. She says that murder charges against Kate were dropped because it was found that Connie committed the crime. She says that if this is the case, the authorities will need to be contacted in case murder charges in the deaths of Cole and Hope Thornhart need to be re-filed against Connie. Connie stands up and says that they can't do that because she never shot anyone. Johnny tries to stop her. Connie says she's never fired a gun in her life and that's the truth.

Carly says there's only one person selfish enough to tell the story to Michael when he's mourning Jason and that would be AJ. Monica tells Carly that she told Michael. Carly asked why after so long did she tell him. Monica says she's right, she should have told Michael sooner. That way instead of hating the father who loved him, he would know that his mother was a conniving bitch.

AJ asks Michael why he would tell Carly about him being there. Michael says that AJ told him to ask Carly about the laundry basket incident. AJ apologizes for getting upset. He says he's right but he thought Michael could ask without giving away that AJ was there. He asks what else she knows. Michael tells AJ what he said to Carly and then that he walked away. AJ says its one slip, he doubts Carly knows he's alive. Michael says that Carly knows something is wrong. AJ tells him that Carly was going to find out eventually anyway. He just thought he'd have more time to tell Michael his side. AJ asks if Carly denied it. Michael says that she didn't, she admitted the whole thing. He tells AJ what Carly told him. AJ asks if she had a lot of excuses. Michael says that Carly claimed desperation. AJ says that Carly pretended to be his friend, then drugged him to steal Michael. Michael tells AJ that Carly thought she was protecting Michael. AJ says the important thing is that Michael believes him now, that he isn't the monster Michael was told he was. Inside the boathouse, Alice tries to adjust Tracy's gag. Tracy kicks at Alice, knocking her against a table. AJ and Michael hear Alice fall back against the table. Michael asks what the sound was.

The social worker tells Lulu that when she submitted the application, she checked a box that swore that she told the truth on the application so there is nothing she can do. Dante mentions that they can apply with other agencies. The social worker tells them that when the application was submitted, it became part of a national database, so they will not only be turned down by their agency but likely by every agency on the list. There's nothing that can be done. She leaves Dante and Lulu alone.

Monica tells Carly she slithered her way into Jason's life and convinced him to help her keep Michael. Carly says that Jason respected her and helped her keep the Quartermaines from stealing her child. She says if Jason was still there, Monica would never have brought up the past. Monica says that Jason isn't still there. Carly asks if Monica plans to rewrite history and turn AJ into a victim. She mentions AJ shooting Alan and causing the accident that hurt Jason. Monica tells Carly that it worked out well for her because she turned Jason against AJ. Carly says that AJ was a screw-up who became a psychopath who kidnapped children. Monica told Carly that whatever he became was because Sonny and Carly drove him to it. Carly says she regrets nothing she did to AJ and the only good thing AJ did was father Michael. Monica reminds Carly that AJ was Michael's father. Carly tells Monica that Jason was Michael's father, Sonny is now Michael's father and AJ is dirt. Carly says if AJ really is dead, Monica doesn't mind Carly looking around.

Michael says he heard something in the boathouse. AJ says it's probably Alice with the canoe. Alice comes out of the boathouse. AJ asks if Alice got the canoe handled. Alice says she has the old dingy tied up, it's not going anywhere. Michael asks if she's sure she doesn't need any help. Alice says she's fine. She thought she saw a rat in the boathouse. She said she's going to take care of it and suggests AJ and Michael go to the main house for some father/son bonding time. AJ agrees this is a good idea. Michael agrees and leaves with AJ.

Alexis says it's a matter of record that Connie shot out the tires that caused the accident that killed Cole and Hope Thornhart. Connie asks says who? Sonny says he says because she told him that herself. Connie says he's lying. Diane asks if there were any witnesses to her alleged confession. Sonny says there were no witnesses and Diane declares hearsay. Sonny asks if Connie didn't do it then who did. Connie says Kate did it. Sonny says it's a lie because Kate hated guns. Connie says Sonny knew nothing about Kate. Connie tells the judge that Kate killed Cole and Hope then cried her way out of it. Sonny gets up and confronts Connie while Alexis and Diane try to break it up. The judge calls for order. Alexis tells Sonny to sit down as the judge tells Alexis and Diane to get their clients under control before everyone is held in contempt. The judge explains that the hearing was convened just to review Trey's petition to commit Connie. The judge is ready to render a ruling.

Robin asks what the plan to get out of there is while he tries to free. her. He says that when someone comes in, he will try to subdue them, get the key card, an ID and hopefully car keys, then they can escape. Robin says that Duke hasn't changed a bit. He's still her hero like in her favorite book when she was a little girl. She asks if he remembers that. He says he can't forget. She tells him about how Anna would keep on her to finish breakfast but she was too into the book. She says she told Anna that the prince in the book was just like Duke. Duke says the hero was a tall, dark and handsome swain. Robin looks concerned.

Anna told Mac that he didn't come to see her to talk about her complicated life. Mac says he didn't mind. He says he brought a gift for Emma and asks if she could give it to her since she will see Emma before he does. Anna says she's happy to. Mac says it's from him and Felicia. Anna looks at the present. It's the book "The Little Prince". She comments on how Emma loves to read and she flashes back to Robin reading the book when she was a child. She tells Mac that this book was Robin's favorite.

Robin tells Duke that the prince didn't look like Duke at all. He was a little boy with blond hair and blue eyes which is what made it so funny. She asks if he didn't remember. Duke says he does remember. He had just forgotten for a moment. She said that he made such a big deal of it. He apologizes and says that he just didn't want to disappoint her. Robin still looks concerned. She says it's ok, she understands. Duke says they still have lots of memories between them but he may need a refresher course. He asks if that's ok. Robin says sure. Duke says he's going to try to get them out of there and starts working on the door. Robin tells him how she was just thinking about him the other day. Duke is surprised to hear this. She says that she thought about the first meal they made together...spaghetti and meatballs. Duke says "of course" and remembers how delicious the meal was. Robin flashes back to the two of them making their first meal together and then tells Duke that it was except it wasn't spaghetti. It was pizza.

The judge says that the petitioner showed no evidence that Connie is a danger to herself or others. He denies the petition to commit her. Connie reacts and hugs Diane. Sonny says its obvious Connie is sick. Alexis tells him not to go into it there. The judge adjourns the court. Connie tells Johnny they need to go celebrate and they start to leave. She stops and looks over at Sonny and Trey looking at her. She asks what they are looking at. Trey says he wishes he knew. Connie and Johnny leave the courtroom. Alexis approaches Diane and asks what happened to her. Diane says that everyone is entitled to the best defense possible. Alexis tells Diane that Kate is her friend and Diane knows Kate is sick. Diane tells Alexis that the way the justice system works is that both attorneys try to do the best job they can and today Diane just happened to do hers better. She leaves the courtroom. Trey asks Alexis if that's it. Does Connie just get to walk out and hurt whomever she wants? Alexis reluctantly tells him that she's afraid so. Alexis apologizes to both Sonny and Trey and tells them if she could think of anything else to do, she would do it. Sonny tells her there's nothing else she can do anymore and he doesn't think there's anything else he could do anymore either.

Lulu asks Dante if he could forgive her. He says he loves her, he has nothing to forgive. He tells her everything is going to work out and he takes her in his arms. Lulu tells him that it's over. There's no way they will ever be parents. Dante says maybe there is.

Monica walks into the boathouse to see Alice and Tracy there. Alice tells her that she has everything under control. Tracy tries to speak up and Monica tells her to shut up. Monica asks Alice where AJ is. Alice tells her that he's on the way up to the house with Michael. Monica rushes out to try to catch him as Tracy tries to yell for her behind her.

AJ and Michael walk into the house as Carly says that Monica wins, there's no sign of AJ. AJ and Carly come face to face.

Robin asks what's going on as Duke tries to get out. He tells her that he's been locked up and tortured for so long that his memory isn't what it used to be. Robin says that the memories they talked about are memories that should have kept him going and kept him alive because they did the same for her. She asks if he remembers the birthday wish she told him about. He says she can't expect him to remember a childhood birthday wish. She says she can because it's something Duke would remember. She says that means he's not Duke. Duke snaps off his cuffs and tells her that she's always been too smart for her own good. He begins to remove a mask.

Mac asks Anna to tell Emma happy birthday from him and Felicia. Anna promises to and says that its good to see Emma happy. Mac says he wants the same for Anna and if Duke is the guy to make her happy, then he's all for it. He kisses her goodbye and she goes into her office. She picks up the book and hugs it to her chest.

A man holds a Duke Lavery mask as Robin watches him from behind. She asks if he's not Duke Lavery, then who is he? He turns to face her and she looks terrified as she says "" and struggles against her restraints.

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