GH Update Thursday 11/8/12

General Hospital Update Thursday 11/8/12


Written by Tami
Pictures by Juanita

As Lulu walks into the house, Dante is getting off the phone with someone. He tells Lulu that the adoption agency is sending someone over to talk to them about their application and to see if they have any questions. Lulu looks concerned as she flashes back to when she completed and submitted their application. She then tells Dante that sounds good. Dante asks if something is wrong.

The judge starts the hearing, asking to know who Trey is and then reading aloud that the hearing is for a petition to involuntarily commit Connie. Connie speaks up, letting the judge know who she is and that her name is Mrs. John Zacharra as Alexis, Trey and Sonny look over at her.

Carly talks to Todd in the alley, telling Todd that AJ is not as dead as she thought he was. Todd tells her that he thought she said he was smothered to death. Carly tells Todd that Michael told her that AJ was alive.

Michael tells Starr about his conversation with Carly. Starr says that's what AJ said not to do because he could go to prison. Michael tells her pretty much.

Tracy tells AJ of course he's alive, he can't even die properly. AJ and Monica look at each other with concern.

Michael tells Starr the story of how Carly drugged AJ and doused him with alcohol and that Carly told him it was true.

Carly tells Todd how she slept with AJ and tells him the same thing Michael told Starr....the drugging of AJ and that she told Michael it was true. She asks Todd if he thinks she's a horrible person.

AJ tells Tracy that its good to see her, too. Monica tells Tracy that it's not what it looks like. Tracy says it looks like her son who no one mourned or missed is alive and if it's not true, please tell her. AJ tells Tracy to stop badgering Monica but Tracy refuses because she is protecting AJ. AJ starts to go at Tracy but is stopped by Monica who says she can explain everything. Tracy tells her to explain away.

The judge asks Trey's attorney to account for herself and Alexis tells him she is Trey's attorney. The judge says that Connie seems to be without council and Diane walks in, announcing herself as Connie's attorney. Sonny asks if she is Connie's attorney now. Diane tells Sonny that Connie is her friend, she called and that Diane doesn't work for Sonny anymore. Diane tells the judge that Trey only signed the papers after being manipulated by Sonny to do so. Sonny tells Diane that it's a lie. The judge tells Sonny if he has something to say, take the stand. Sonny takes the stand.

Lulu tells Dante that she's just surprised that it's happening so fast, she's heard that it's a long process. Dante tells her that it's just the first step in the process. He tells her it's going to be fine since they know about her crazy parents, his crazy mother and his criminal father. Lulu says that they don't know. Dante asks what she is talking about. Lulu says she did something he's not going to like but asks him to go along with it.

Alexis asks Sonny if he coerced Trey into signing the papers. He says he did not. She then asks him if he wants Kate aka Connie to be committed and he says he does. She says that's all she has and Diane wants to question Sonny. She asks if Sonny was engaged to marry Connie. He tells her he was engaged to Kate. Diane asks if during the wedding, Connie told him she was married to Johnny. Alexis asks to confer with her client but gets no answer before Sonny answers. Sonny says he did. Diane accuses Sonny of wanting payback and that's when he reached out to Trey. Diane accuses Sonny of strong-arming Trey. He says it's not true. He wants Kate to get help so she can get to know her son and he could get to know her. He says that Connie is not Kate, she's a symptom of Kate's illness. Connie snaps at Sonny and the judge tells Diane and Alexis that they need to control their clients. Diane has no further questions and Sonny is dismissed from the stand. The judge calls Connie to the stand. She kisses Johnny and takes the stand.

Michael tells Starr that he thought AJ started the whole war over him but he is realizing that AJ was right and that Carly started it. He wonders what if AJ is right about Sonny, too. Starr says she thought Sonny only threatened AJ and it doesn't sound that bad. Michael says he didn't tell her all of the details. Michael tells Starr about the meat hook situation. Starr tells him that it is how Sonny conducts business. Michael says that to think that Sonny had AJ hung on a meat hook and then used his alcoholism against him is something he can't wrap his head around and he has no idea how to feel about it.

Todd asks if Carly is asking him if she's a horrible person. She says she is. He says he did more horrible stuff by the time he was nine and her stunt doesn't rate next to his. He tells her that she could do better. Carly tells Todd that while she appreciates his opinion, it's Michael's that matters. Todd tells her that he's going to be angry, he's a kid. Carly tells him how disillusioned Michael is with her. Todd asks if the years of love and affection mean nothing. Carly tells Todd that Michael is upset over AJ not getting a chance to be his father. Todd tells her who cares, its great if AJ's dead. Carly is wondering why Michael told her that AJ isn't gone and she wants to know who told him the story of what she did to AJ.

AJ tells Monica that Tracy doesn't need all of the details, but Tracy disagrees, especially on how AJ faked his death. Monica says that AJ didn't do it, she did. AJ tries to stop her but she insists on pressing on. She says she did the actions so she can live with the consequences. She tells Tracy how she helped AJ and how no one knows now or will know. Tracy tells Monica she should have hidden AJ better. AJ tells Tracy that he came home to comfort Monica over Jason. Tracy laughs at him and says he's home for money. Tracy reminds Monica that AJ shot Alan in the back and then asks AJ if he's going to use the excuse that it was an accident. AJ tells her that shooting Alan was the biggest mistake of his life. Monica tells Tracy how much Alan loved AJ and that if she cares about Alan, she will keep it to herself...for Alan's sake. Tracy says for the family's sake, she's going to do what should have been done years ago: she's going to call the police.

Lulu tells Dante what she did with the application and that she was afraid that they wouldn't be accepted when the agency saw how "unconventional" their families are. Dante tells her that their families are crazy but the two of them decided that didn't matter. Lulu tells him that's true but when she saw their family history on paper, she saw how bad it looked. Dante asked what she changed. She tells him that she was going to change just a couple of things but she changed the whole story. Dante asked her what. She tells him she basically gave a history of a perfect family then apologizes. She says if she could fix it, she would. Dante tells her they can fix it. They'll get the application back and make changes. Lulu is concerned that it is too late since the social worker is on the way. He says they will call and asks for the number for the agency. Before Lulu can answer, Dante's phone rings and he answers it. Its Tracy saying that she's reporting a fugitive. Tracy points a poker at AJ and Monica as AJ shields Monica from Tracy.

In court, Connie is telling the judge how she tried to get away from Sonny but he kept pulling her back in. The judge tells her to just answer the question. Diane eggs her on, telling her how terrible it had to be for her. Connie says her only way out was to find her true love, John Zacharra. Diane tells Connie she thought Johnny was in the mob but Connie tells her that he isn't, he got out and is a legitimate businessman now. She tells the judge that she's not crazy, she's just a woman in love, something Sonny knows nothing about. She says that if Sonny doesn't get what he wants, he makes sure no one else does either. She accuses Sonny of trying to get revenge. She wants to know why else Sonny would bring Trey to court to have her committed. Alexis objects. Alexis is overruled because the judge called the hearing to get Connie's side of the story. He asks Connie if there is anything else. She says she has nothing else, she told the truth. The judge asks Johnny if he wishes to co-oberate.

Michael tells Starr he knows how crazy it all sounds. She tells him that it doesn't and that both of them have crazy families. Michael wants to ask Sonny if what AJ says is true. Starr says he can't yet because Sonny is at the hearing. Michael remembers the hearing. He tells Starr that if Sonny says the story isn't true, he can't trust AJ but if it does turn out to be true, he owes AJ another conversation.

Todd tells Carly that someone was bound to tell AJ what happened. Carly thinks Monica told him. She wonders why Monica tells him now. Todd asks if she did something to piss Monica off. Carly says maybe Monica always wanted to tell him but held off for Jason's sake, knowing Jason would take her side. Todd suggests that Monica just wants to make AJ look good. Carly thanks Todd. Todd reassures her that Michael will be fine, then asks what's wrong. Carly tells Todd she thinks she saw AJ.

Tracy is still on the phone with Dante when Alice walks in and puts Tracy in a sleeper hold until she is unconscious, then looks proudly at Monica and AJ.

Monica takes the phone as AJ looks at Tracy on the floor. Monica apologizes to Dante and comes up with a fugitive horse story and tells him that Alice got the horse corralled so everything is ok. Dante asks if everything is ok and Monica tells him everything is fine and hangs up.

Dante tells Lulu it's a false alarm. She says she wishes she could say the same. Dante tells her that they can just call and explain. Lulu says that the social worker is on the way. Dante tells her that they must get cancellations all of the time. Lulu asks how many want to re-submit applications that were originally fabricated. She tries to convince Dante to just go with what she told them. Dante tells her that if he agrees to go with it, he needs to know everything she submitted. She asks if he would do that for her and he said he would. Before she can fill him in, there's a knock at the door. It's the social worker.

Monica tells Alice how grateful she is to her. AJ tells her that the move was awesome. Alice tells him she used that move a lot to win matches. Alice couldn't bear to see AJ arrested. AJ asks Monica if AJ bought her story. She says that Dante is used to Tracy's histrionics and she thought he actually sounded distracted.

The social worker begins questioning Lulu. She says that she runs the Haunted Star and that it's a kid friendly place. The social worker says she thought it was a floating casino. Lulu says it's not anymore, but it was when her parents ran it. She confirms that its a family run business and her father taught her everything she knows. The social worker asks if that was before or after her father joined the peace corp. Dante nearly chokes on his tea. Lulu says it was around the same time. The social worker is impressed and Dante tells her that Luke always puts everyone before himself. Lulu is asked about her mother being in a mental health facility and how long her mother has been a psychiatrist. Dante is clearly not happy with what he's hearing. Lulu tells the social worker that Laura has been dealing with mental disorders for as long as she can remember. The social worker is ready to talk about Dante and his family.

In court, Alexis asks if its Johnny's assertion that he's in love with Connie and entered in to a voluntary clandestine relationship with her. Johnny says its true. Alexis tells Johnny that Connie is very sick and shows Johnny the report on Connie. Alexis asks why on earth he would marry Connie. He says that he is in love. Alexis asks if that's his only motivation . Johnny asks what else would there be. Alexis reminds Johnny that when Kate's wedding to Sonny was interrupted, Connie announced that only Johnny could have her committed and wonders if that's why Johnny married Connie. Diane objects, asking how that relationship would benefit Johnny. Alexis says that's a good question. She asks Johnny to elaborate, what is he getting out of the marriage. Johnny tells her he gets everlasting love. Alexis asks if he was involved with Carly and what happened to that relationship. She reminds Johnny that Connie is mentally ill, tried to kill Johnny's grandfather and killed two other people. He says he answered her question but she wants to ask again: what is Johnny getting out of a marriage to Connie. She wonders if it's not something to gain but something to lose. Diane objects again but is overruled. Alexis urges Johnny to tell the truth. If he says the words, Connie would go away, Kate would come back and Johnny would be free. She tells him to do the right thing.

Todd asks Carly to tell him what happened. She tells him the story of how she saw AJ. She tells Todd that she's not crazy and he agrees with her. He says that maybe this is Michael's secret. Carly asks what secret.

Starr urges Michael to listen to all sides and assume the truth is somewhere in the middle. Michael asks how she knows that. She says that AJ sounds complicated and she knows the type. Michael tells Starr that his mother isn't perfect and that she lies. He tells her that Carly perjured herself in a murder trial to protect him. Starr says that Carly probably just thought she was protecting him with the laundry cart incident. Michael tells her how he, Kristina and Morgan were kidnapped at AJ's design. He tells her that AJ told him Sonny and Carly didn't want him. Starr thinks that AJ is capable of some horrible things. Michael tells her that AJ didn't start it like he thought his whole life that AJ did. Michael gets up and starts to leave. He tells Starr that AJ wanted to talk so he's ready now. Starr asks if it's a good idea since Michael is keyed up.

AJ tells Alice he owes her for taking out Tracy. Alice tells him to forget it, she's wanted to do that for a long time. Monica asks if Tracy is hurt. Alice assures Monica that she's not, she's just getting a good sleep and will wake up in 20 minutes feeling refreshed. Monica says then Tracy will call the police again. AJ agrees and says Tracy won't be happy until he's in handcuffs. Monica asks for suggestions. AJ says they could kill her. Monica says she can't kill Tracy, she's a doctor. AJ tells her that he was kidding and that Tracy always did hate him. Monica tells him that she's always been jealous because Ned is an Ashton. Alice reminds them that they need to figure out what to do with Tracy because she'll be awake soon. AJ agrees. They need to find a way to keep Tracy from saying anything.

Starr is sorry that Michael is going through the whole situation. She says she knows that it's hard when two people he loves fight over him. He thanks her. He is glad he shared his secret with Starr and knows he can trust her. They kiss and Michael leaves.

Carly asks Todd what secrets is he talking about. Todd tells her that Michael told Starr he had a secret. Carly guesses that if she saw AJ, then Michael could have, too. Todd tells he she can get revenge by sleeping with him. She laughs softly and leaves.

Johnny tells the court that Connie has nothing on him. Johnny tells them that they love each other and he wants to know if he's done. The judge dismisses him from the stand. He sits down and Connie whispers for him to kiss her and he does. He tells her you're welcome. Connie reminds him that if he said anything on the stand, he'd be going down.

Lulu tells the social worker that Dante is tired from a long day say she would be happy to answer any questions. The social worker says they probably know each other well but she likes to hear from both parents. She asks Dante how his job is. He says its good. The social worker says she thought that his job would be interesting and asks if he's a cop. He tells her he is. Lulu says its a lot of paperwork being a cop. They tell the social worker its dull, like watching paint dry. The social worker says his parents must be proud and Dante says they are. She wants to hear about his parents and says they sound like a couple of characters. Dante tells her that is true. She says that Sonny's work sounds interesting. She thinks that Sonny works in coffee. The social worker believes that Sonny invented single serve coffee.

Diane asks Trey if he just met Connie recently. Trey says that it is true. Diane asks if they are to believe that he is so concerned about her that he wants to have her committed. Trey tells Diane that his wanting Connie committed has nothing to do with revenge or manipulation. Diane asks if he is upset that Connie rejected him. He says he isn't. Diane says she understands that Trey was abandoned by Connie in a dresser drawer and that if it was her, she'd be upset and want some revenge. Trey says that's her. He says he's not there for revenge. He has a friend who was hurt by Connie and he doesn't want to see that happen to anyone else. He says she's sick, dangerous and needs help. Diane pushes on about Trey trying to get an on camera confession for "Mob Princess". The judge tells Diane that both she and Trey made their points. Diane is finished and Alexis questions Trey. She asks if it is about more than getting Connie off the streets. She asks if he wants a relationship with his mother. He says he does but it can't happen until she gets some help. The judge dismisses Trey from the stand and calls a recess. Connie tells Johnny and Diane she's worried that the judge believed Trey but she has an ace in the hole. Diane wants to address the court. She wants to move that Trey's petition be dismissed on the grounds that the petition states that Connie is a symptom of Kate's illness when the reverse is true: that Connie is a real person and that Kate is the alter.

The social worker asks Dante about his mother. She asks what Olivia does for a living. Lulu tries to mouth something to Dante and he says that she's a preacher, then says she's not. He says she's the manager of the Metro Court Hotel. The social worker asks if that's the same hotel where Olivia was injected with a massive dose of LSD which caused her to be hospitalized for severe hallucinations. Lulu asks how she knew that. The social worker says she did her homework and asks how stupid Lulu and Dante thinks she is. She knows everything in the application is a lie.

There is a knock at Starr's door and she answers it to find Todd there. He says he has a question for her as he walks in. He wants to know if the secret that Michael has is that AJ is still alive. Starr asks why he would ask her that. He says he has his answer.

Carly barges into the Quartermaine mansion asking what is going on. She asks Monica where AJ is. Out at the boathouse, AJ and Alice put Tracy on a couch. AJ says that solves one problem. There's a knock at the door and Alice asks who it is. Michael calls out to AJ. Alice asks what AJ is going to do.

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