GH Update Wednesday 11/7/12

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/7/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita


Drake home: There was a replay of Sabrina stopping by with a gift for Emma, and asking Patrick how he was doing. Patrick told her it had been difficult to celebrate Emma's first birthday without Robin. Sabrina listened sympathetically as Patrick told Sabrina how Emma had pretended to talk to Robin on the phone. Patrick thought that Emma didn't get sad when she watched Robin on the home video, because Emma understood that Robin was still with them. Patrick thought that was a good thing, but he wasn't sure Emma believed him when he explained that she wasn't ever going to see Robin again. Back inside the house, Robin called and Emma answered the phone. Emma asked when Robin was coming home and if she was having fun in Heaven. Robin replied that she wasn't in Heaven. Dr. Obrecht regained consciousness and grabbed for the phone, but Robin ran into a room and barricaded the door. Robin told Emma to go get Patrick. Just then, Patrick and Sabrina walked inside. Sabrina showed Emma the gift and told her to open it. Emma said she'd do it afterward; she told Patrick that Robin was on the phone and she needed him. Sabrina and Patrick exchanged a concerned glance, and Patrick tried to convince Emma to open the present yet, but when she kept insisting, he picked up her toy phone and pretended to talk to Robin. Emma pointed him toward the real phone, and Patrick patiently explained that this phone wasn't a toy and it was only for emergencies. Emma replied that she didn't use the phone; Robin had been the one who called her.

Meanwhile, back in Switzerland, Dr. Obrecht ordered Robin to open the door. Robin taunted her and said by the time she got found a way into the room, Patrick would have told Robin's parents where she was and they would send an army to rescue her and make the doctor pay. After awhile, Dr. Obrecht and two orderlies forced their way into the room. Robin tried to fight them off with an IV pole, but they overpowered her, and Dr. Obrecht took the phone away.

Patrick picked up the real phone and pretended to pretended to chat with Robin for a bit. Dr. Obrecht smiled as she listened to Patrick talk then hang up. She told Robin what she'd done had been ill conceived.

Swiss Clinic: Dr. Obrecht called Robin more trouble than she was worth. Robin told her to release her then, and Dr. Obrecht said it wasn't her call. Robin was confident now that someone on the outside knew she was alive. Dr. Obrecht said Emma was a child. Robin said the doctor had never met her child. She was convinced that Emma would get through to Patrick and then he'd come rescue her, but Dr. Obrecht crushed her hopes when she told her that Patrick did come to the phone and he thought Emma was playing make believe.

Drake home: Emma was satisfied by Patrick's pretend conversation and opened her present – it was a toy medical set. She loved it and hugged Sabrina then ran off to play with it. Sabrina started rambling about how hard it was for her to choose gifts for people, then she noticed that Patrick wasn't paying attention and apologized for boring him. Patrick told her he was thinking about the phone call – there was no dial tone when Patrick picked it up. He didn't understand who'd call Emma and pretend to be Robin. Sabrina told him to dial *69. He did, but the line was busy. Sabrina suggested that maybe it was a robo call and Emma just pretended it was Robin. Patrick said maybe.

Pier: Michael had an angry outburst when he remembered AJ tell him that Sonny, Jason and especially Carly kept Michael away from AJ. Carly happened to see it as she was walking by and asked what was going on. Michael didn't want to talk about it, but he opened up after Carly gently urged him to. He said the situation with Jason made him think about Jason and AJ a lot recently. Carly remembered Michael telling her that Monica had brought up AJ when he went to visit her. Carly understood that Monica loved and missed her son, but she said that didn't change the fact that AJ was angry, bitter and entitled and never thought about what was best for Michael, which was why Carly had kept Michael away from him. Michael was curious about how the feud between AJ and Carly started. Carly said it started with AJ getting a court order mandating that Carly get a paternity test while she was pregnant.

Carly said AJ wanted to take Michael as soon as he was born. Michael wondered what prompted AJ to feel that way; why did he hate her? Carly asked where this was coming from and Michael told her that someone told him Carly drugged AJ and poured alcohol on him in an attempt to get him out of her life and make sure he never found out Michael was his. Carly assumed Monica was the source of the story about the alcohol and told Michael that Monica was grieving and not objective. Michael just wanted the truth, and he asked Carly to tell him that AJ started the feud and that she never drugged him. Carly was honest with Michael and admitted that she had drugged AJ. She explained that she was young at the time and felt trapped in a bad situation. Michael was appalled that she'd make an alcoholic think he fell off he wagon. Carly attempted to make Michael understand where she'd been coming from at the time by giving him more details. She explained that she'd been living with Tony, her mother's husband at the time and had a one night stand with AJ, which he'd been too drunk to remember at first. Once Tony found out she was pregnant, he was going to marry her, which Carly thought she wanted at the time. Michael interjected and expressed surprise that she'd want to marry her mother's husband. Carly replied that she was a different person back then, scared and desperate. Around the same time, AJ began to remember the one night stand and he told Carly that if he fell off the wagon he'd go to rehab out of state. Carly said she set AJ up out of fear and selfishness and she was still paying for what she'd done. Michael replied that AJ paid for it more.

Michael spat that Carly had no right to drug AJ and Carly agreed that he was right, but once she did it there was no going back. She said when AJ found out, he wanted to take Michael away. Michael countered that maybe AJ just wanted to be his father, but Carly yelled that AJ wasn't father material and that he only wanted to impress the Quartermaines. Carly said she made Jason Michael's father, because if she didn't, AJ would have taken Michael from her and brought him to the Quartermaines. Michael yelled that Carly couldn't just “make” someone his father when they weren't. Carly told Michael that Jason had been the first to love him and he'd been there for Michael when Carly was too sick to be. She insisted that he'd been more of a father than AJ ever was. Michael shot back that AJ never had the chance and Carly argued that he had, when he kidnapped Michael and allowed everyone to think Michael was dead. Michael didn't think there was a way to defend what AJ did, but he felt that AJ was reacting to what Carly started. Carly felt that while she started it, AJ was the one who kept escalating things in very twisted ways. Michael wasn't sure what to think or how to feel. Carly wondered if she should have told Michael about this a long time ago. She hadn't seen the point in bringing it up before because she and Michael were a family and AJ wasn't part of it. Carly said AJ was gone and Michael said no he's not. Carly wanted to know what Michael meant by that, but he told her to forget it and walked away. Carly got a quizzical look on her face and pulled out her phone.

Quartermaine Mansion: Tracy grumbled about having to take Edward on a vacation to Niagara Falls in November. Monica told her to dress warm. They shot barbs at each other, then Tracy softened and expressed concern, because Monica hadn't been out of the house since Jason went missing. Tracy asked Monica to go with them, but Monica declined. Immediately after Tracy left, AJ came in and complained about the way Tracy had talked to Monica. Monica felt their exchange had been mild compared to their usual verbal sparring matches. Monica warned AJ that he was risking getting caught if he stayed in town much longer, and AJ confessed that he already had been caught. Monica asked if he was talking about his run in with Michael. AJ told her he still planned to get his son back. Monica was still upset with AJ for approaching Michael. AJ insisted that he couldn't give up on his son, just like Monica had never given up on Jason. Monica understood AJ's position, but she pointed out that all Michael knew of him was about the kidnapping and what Sonny and Carly taught him; so he could think AJ was dangerous and decide to turn him in. AJ didn't think his son would turn him in so he could go to prison. Monica argued that Michael was AJ's son biologically, but any other connection had been severed and Sonny and Carly had been poisoning him against AJ and the other Quartermaines for years. AJ didn't think that was completely true since Michael came to visit Monica sometimes. Monica said he came by on holidays and when he did, they never talked about AJ. AJ remembered hearing Michael tell Monica that if AJ were alive he'd listen to what he had to say. AJ was confident that there was a part of Michael that was curious about AJ and that would keep him from turning AJ in. AJ said he wasn't confident about Carly.

When Monica picked up on what he said, AJ admitted that Carly saw him. Monica flipped out and scolded AJ for being so careless, then she panicked and wondered if the cops were already on the way. AJ assured her that wasn't going to happen, and Monica asked whether he'd done something to Carly. AJ said no, then he told her the rest of the story about how Sonny convinced Carly that AJ was still dead by taking her to the cemetery and showing her his marker. AJ explained that he was already at the cemetery looking at Alan and Emily's markers when Sonny and Carly got there. AJ ranted about the way Carly and Sonny gloated about AJ burning in Hell while they raised his son. AJ promised not to take anymore risks, but Monica felt that the damage was already done and that all it took was for Carly to have lingering questions about what she saw for everything to fall apart for AJ. AJ didn't think it mattered if Carly found out. Monica argued that Carly would do anything to see him behind bars, and AJ said to let her try. He was adamant that he was getting his life back. Monica didn't think AJ was being realistic. Monica had enjoyed spending time with AJ, especially now that Jason was gone, but she felt that they'd worked too hard and given up too much just to lose it all, now. She begged him to leave while he still had the chance. Monica told him she didn't want to lose another son. AJ said he couldn't go; he belonged there with Monica and Michael. Monica pointed out that if he got caught, he wouldn't be there, but in a jail cell. AJ promised to figure something out and clean up his mess in a way that wouldn't involve Monica. Monica thought AJ was falling into his old pattern of thinking he could use a shortcut to get what he wanted, like a relationship with Michael, instead of having to work through the obstacles in his path. AJ took responsibility for creating the obstacles he was facing and he said he wanted to prove to Monica and Michael that he'd changed. Monica pointed out that Michael might not give AJ a chance to do that. She knew AJ had expected Michael to have reached out to him by now. AJ wondered if he'd been wrong to think he'd gotten through to Michael.

Hospital: In the Cafeteria, Ellie realized that Maxie's apartment was exactly what she was looking for and that she was everything the flier said Maxie wanted in a roommate. Maxie unsuccessfully tried to convince Ellie that they wouldn't be compatible roommates, but Ellie cheerfully countered all of Maxie's points and said it'd be a perfect fit. Spinelli walked up and Ellie exclaimed that she and Maxie were moving in together. Ellie wondered why Spinelli was there so early. Spinelli said they'd have to reschedule their plans, because he had to work on a case. Maxie added that Spinelli often worked long hours. She said she hoped it wouldn't put a strain on their relationship, but Ellie said she liked Spinelli's dedication to his job and she wasn't angry he had to reschedule. Ellie wondered what Spinelli thought about her good news. Spinelli told he thought it would be a terrible idea for them to move in together. Spinelli said he knew Maxie very well. Maxie thought that was sweet, but she rolled her eyes when Spinelli added that he felt like he had a good grasp on Ellie's personality, too.

Spinelli didn't think Ellie and Maxie were a good fit. He began to use examples of things from the science fiction and fantasy genres to make metaphors for how incompatible they were. Maxie didn't recognize any of Spinelli's examples and she asked which one was better. Spinelli said neither. Ellie insisted that their differences didn't have to stop them from becoming great friends. She reminded Spinelli that he and Maxie had forged a strong friendship despite their differences. When Ellie said this, Spinelli and Maxie stared into each others eyes. Ellie added that for all their differences, both she and Maxie cared about Spinelli. Spinelli told Ellie to let Maxie have a chance to explore other offers. Maxie looked at Spinelli and said she wasn't going to ignore what was standing right in front of her, then she turned to Ellie and told her the room was hers. Overjoyed, Ellie hugged Maxie. Spinelli wondered if Maxie was making a snap decision she'd regret later. Maxie insisted that she wouldn't regret it. She claimed to be looking forward to a chance to get to know Ellie well. Ellie added that Maxie would get a chance to see Spinelli more often, too. Maxie smiled and said they'd be like the three amigos.

Starr and Trey's: Todd dropped in and was surprised to see Starr packing. Starr explained that Maxie had kicked her and Trey out. Todd offered to get Diane to figure out a way to stop Maxie. He added that Diane was very good at what she did. Starr snapped that Diane must really be a good lawyer to get Todd out of serving time for switching babies. Todd told Starr when she looked at him with hatred and disappointment like that, she looked like her mother. Todd asked if she had to bring up all the bad things he'd done. Starr didn't want to make Todd feel bad, but sometimes she wished she didn't know about all the things he'd done. Todd reminded her that he'd told her the truth because she asked him. Starr knew that, but while she was glad that Todd didn't go to jail, she hated having to keep this secret from Michael. Todd chuckled that he was sure Michael was no stranger to hiding the family criminal secrets. Starr argued that Todd couldn't assume Michael was like the rest of his family. She asked how Todd thought Michael would feel when he found out. Todd didn't see why Michael would ever find out, but Starr believed secrets always had a way of coming out.

Starr thought Todd was missing the point, which was that it sucked to lie to her boyfriend, especially when he'd been so upfront with her. Todd realized Michael had a secret too, but Starr refused to tell him what it was. Todd said the difference was Starr's secret could send her father to jail. “So could Michael's!” Starr blurted out. Todd assumed she was talking about Sonny, and he urged her to tell the authorities so they could get Sonny off the streets. Starr pointed out that a lot of people thought Todd belonged in jail, too. Todd said he was just trying to help, and Starr told him to get her a place to live. Todd told her to move in with him. Starr appreciated the offer but she didn't want to live with family. A distraught Carly called Todd and told him she needed him. Todd left. Michael arrived and told Starr that one of the “lies” AJ told him turned out to be true. He added that he accidentally told his mom that AJ was alive.

Pier: Todd arrived and Carly thanked him for coming. She admitted that this was a time when she'd usually call Jason, but she couldn't so she called Todd. Carly didn't want Todd to feel like she was using him as a substitute, though. Todd didn't mind being a substitute. He joked that he was wearing a black shirt right now. He wanted to help Carly and he asked why she was crying. Carly told him it was about Michael and his relationship with AJ. Todd remembered – the dead guy. Carly said AJ wasn't as dead as she thought.

Quartermaine Mansion: AJ knew he couldn't force a relationship with Michael, but thought that he could get through to him if he had more time to talk to him. Monica said maybe he'd get that one day, but AJ said that wasn't good enough. He wished Michael would walk through the door. On cue, the living room door swung open. In walked Tracy complaining about the driver having a flat tire. Her jaw dropped when she saw AJ. “What the Hell?” she said.

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