GH Update Tuesday 11/6/12

General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/6/12


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Starr and Trey's: Maxie dropped by bright and early and told them she wanted her apartment back. Starr and Trey were stunned since they assumed she was giving them the place indefinitely. Maxie reminded them that it was a sublet and one one of them would need to move out, so she could have her room back. Maxie left and returned with her suitcase, then asked which of them was to be her new roommate. Starr thought Trey should stay, but Trey thought Starr should stay. Maxie noted that the last time, they'd fought over who should leave. She could see benefits to living with both of them, but she couldn't decide who to choose, so she told them they could flip a coin. Trey picked up the coin – he won, but he lied and told Starr she did. Starr was angry that Maxie just waltzed in and announced she was moving back in without any advance notice. Maxie didn't think she did anything wrong – she found the place first and there were other apartments they Trey could move to. Maxie also didn't understand why Starr was upset when she wasn't the one who had to leave. Maxie started rambling about how much fun she and Starr would have and said she'd teach her about fashion and makeup. Starr realized she and Maxie wouldn't make compatible roommates, so she decided to move out, too. Maxie complained that this meant she wouldn't have a roommate, but Starr and Trey were just as dismissive of her plight as she'd been to theirs. After she left, they started packing up their things. Maxie wanted them out tonight, but she'd conceded and let them have a few hours to pack after Trey threatened to sic the Renters Right's authorities on her. Starr was very impressed with Trey's negotiation skills. Starr wondered if she really won the coin toss and Trey asked if it mattered, since he couldn't have lived with Maxie.

Pier: Sam brought Danny down to the pier where Jason was shot and told him Daddy was coming home with them. John arrived; Sam's sister had told him where to find her. John was back in town with news on Joe. He'd discovered that Jerry was the one who got Joe out of prison in exchange for Joe providing workers to help poison the water supply. John said this jibed with Tracy's statement to the police that Joe said he saved her life during the contaminated water crisis. Sam wondered if that meant Jerry was the second shooter; John didn't think so, since Jerry was supposed to be dead. Sam pointed out that there was no body, but John theorized that Jerry could have been obliterated in the explosion. Sam countered that Jax and Sonny survived so Jerry could have, too. John didn't see why Jerry would be the second shooter, even if he survived. Sam guessed that Jason could have stumbled upon Jerry that night on the pier, then Jerry shot him to keep him from telling anyone Jerry was alive. John reminded Sam that Jason ended up in the water, but Sam believed Jerry might have pulled him out again. She decided to go tell the police about what she felt was a new lead on Jason. John said he'd already told Anna bout the connection between Jerry and Joe, but he didn't want Sam to go tell the cops her theory on Jerry being the second shooter until they had proof. Sam insisted that she was right, because her instincts told her so, just as they told her that Danny was alive and that he was Jason's.

John hadn't heard about Sam finding out that Heather tampered with Danny's DNA test, so Sam filled him in. john asked if Jason had known, and Sam said he would find out when he got home. John urged her not to get ahead of herself, but Sam was adamant that she knew Jerry was holding Jason somewhere. Sam said if the cops tracked the 80 million dollars that disappeared, it would lead them to Jerry. John pointed out that it wouldn't make sense for Jerry to escape, then come back to town and shoot Bernie. John thought Joe was working with someone else, who had a much bigger agenda than stealing Sonny's money. Sam wanted to look for Jason herself, since the cops weren't doing it. She told John she was sure he would do the same thing if the authorities thought someone he loved was dead when there was no body. John understood her position, but he had no authority in town. Sam didn't either, but she had hope. John said she also had a child, which meant she couldn't do anything stupid. Sam and John knelt down and interacted with Danny. Sam felt that she owed it to Danny's father to do the right thing. John tried to convince her that the second shooter might come after her if she got to close to discovering his identity, but Sam wasn't swayed and she told John that if he wouldn't help, she'd find someone who would. John told her that as her friend, he'd be there when she needed him. He walked away.

Haunted Star: Lulu was working on her laptop. Duke walked in and sent Anna a text, then asked Lulu if all the money from last night was there. He told her he knew she only hired him so she could spy on him for Luke. Lulu told Duke that while she thought Anna was good for Luke, that was Luke's business and the Club was hers. Dante walked in and kissed Lulu hello. Duke asked Dante whether they had any leads on the pier shooting; he covered his interest by saying some of the bar patrons were worried. Dante said to tell the customers everything was fine, but he wasn't at liberty to give out any details on the case. Duke walked away and Dante had Lulu check her email – he'd called an adoption agency and had them email them an application. Lulu was excited to start the process, and she and Dante began to fill it out together, but Lulu became discouraged when they reached the section that asked them to fill out the history of their extended family. She and Dante agreed that their relatives' checkered pasts and history of mental illness didn't paint a picture of an ideal family. Lulu wasn't sure what they should do, but Dante thought they should tell the whole truth and let the rest of the application speak for how loving and stable he and Lulu were, in spite of their parents and siblings' issues.

Duke got a phone call from Dr. Obrecht in Switzerland. He was annoyed she'd broken the rules by calling him, but Dr. Obrecht said she needed his help – Robin was becoming stronger and more difficult to control. She thought Duke might need to come take care of things. Duke agreed to make arrangements, then he booked a flight to Zurich.

Back in Switzerland, Dr. Obrecht caught Robin sneaking out of her room. Robin insisted that she was better now and it was time for her to go home to her family. She wasn't sure of the date, but she thought it might be Emma's birthday. Robin worried that Emma had forgotten her. Dr. Obrecht told Robin she couldn't leave and they struggled, and Robin got the better of her and knocked her out, then stole her phone.

Drake home: Anna smiled as she read Duke's text saying they should tango again sometime, then she rang the doorbell. Patrick let her in and Emma raced into her arms. It was Emma's birthday, and she offered to tell Anna what she wished for when she blew out the candles on her pancakes. Anna smiled and remembered the time little Robin told Duke she used her birthday wish to hope that he and Anna would get back together. Anna gave Emma a toy phone for her birthday, then Patrick sent her upstairs to get dressed. Patrick was having a bit of a hard time, because it was Emma's first birthday without Robin; he'd made birthday pancakes just like Robin used to. Anna thought Patrick was doing a good job handling things. Anna and Patrick both agreed that leaning on family helped them both. Patrick wondered if Duke's return helped Anna cope. Anna recalled that Robin adored Duke and that he was a great dad to her. Patrick asked how she felt. Anna was having a difficult time processing everything; she'd moved on, so she didn't think of Duke as her husband anymore, but he was the husband she thought she'd lost.

Anna was curious about Patrick's date. Patrick said he had a good time, but he didn't look enthusiastic about it, so Anna told him she really thought Robin would want him to be happy. Patrick wasn't sure what happy was. He said he was still wearing his wedding ring. Anna shared that when she lost Duke, she didn't think she'd ever be able to marry again. Patrick didn't even want to think about marriage. Anna explained that she meant Patrick had to start somewhere. Patrick told her about declining Britt's invitation to go home with her after the date. He still couldn't think of himself as single. Anna reiterated that she supported him taking steps toward starting a new relationship. Emma ran in and said she wanted to see Robin before she opened any more presents. Patrick gently said that they all wanted to see her, but they couldn't. Emma clarified that she meant she wanted to watch her birthday DVD, and Patrick explained to Anna that he and Robin made it for Emma last year. Patrick made sure Anna was up for this, then he he started the DVD. Anna wiped away tears as they watched Robin on the video. Emma kissed Robin's face on the screen. Duke called Anna and asked her to stop by the Club. She agreed to drop by on her way to the station.

Haunted Star: Anna arrived and chatted with Dante and Lulu, then went talk to Duke. Anna told Duke he was right when he said her memories would start flooding back after the dance. Duke replied that he had a wonderful night, which made it so difficult to tell her he had to leave. Duke lied and said he had to go to Washington to get debriefed on the time he spent in prison. He told Anna he'd be back in a couple of days. Anna told Duke she'd miss him. He was going to miss her, too. Duke wondered why Anna had sounded sad over the phone, and he comforted her when she told him how difficult it had been to watch the birthday video Robin made for Emma.

Lulu and Dante finished the application and got to the part where they were to acknowledge that everything they'd written was true. Dante was going to do this and submit the application, but Lulu claimed she wanted to proof read it first. Dante kissed her and the adoption agency would see that they would be great parents. After he left for work, Lulu erased everything they'd written. She vowed to give the agency the perfect family they were looking for.

Hospital: Sabrina and Elizabeth ran into each other in the locker room and made small talk about the voting lines. Liz tacked up some new photos of her kids in their costumes onto her locker door, and she asked Sabrina how her date went. Sabrina explained that she'd babysat on Halloween. Sabrina asked if she could ask Liz a question about Robin. Liz assumed that this was about Patrick's outburst earlier, and she told Sabrina that Patrick was out of line and that he never understood Robin's bond with Jason. Sabrina assured her that things were okay between her and Patrick; he'd apologized, and she'd babysat for Emma since then. Sabrina told Liz about Emma showing her pictures of the Nurses' Ball. Liz explained that the purpose of the event was to raise money for HIV and AIDS research. Sabrina had heard that Robin was HIV +. Liz found it a shame that Robin died before her dream of someone finding a cure came true. Sabrina and Liz chatted about the ball, and Liz shared stories about Lucy Coe's elaborate dresses and the performance Liz, Emily and Juan Santiago did one year. Liz remembered that Sabrina's last name was Santiago, too. Sabrina revealed that Juan was her cousin, and he was the one who encouraged her to apply to GH. Sabrina was glad he did, otherwise she never would have met “P...” she caught herself and said “patients” and her coworkers. Sabrina asked why they stopped having the Ball. Liz said there wasn't enough money anymore, and there'd never be another ball. Both women agreed that it was a shame. Liz loved the ball, because it had such a great cause. Sabrina thought it would be a nice tribute to Robin to have the Ball again. Liz agreed, but she thought they'd have to find other ways to pay tribute to Robin. Later, Liz got teary eyed when she remembered the time Robin came back from Paris to speak at the Nurses' Ball.

Spinelli and Ellie went to the hospital cafeteria after voting. Ellie mentioned how much fun she had at the party. She wondered if Maxie had a good time, too. Spinelli remembered Maxie pointedly asking him who he thought the right man was for her at the Halloween party. Ellie thought Maxie had something on her mind. Spinelli said it was difficult to know what was on Maxie's mind, since she changed it so often. Ellie replied that she (Ellie) stuck to her decisions once she made up her mind. They talked about the lunch menu and Spinelli mentioned that he'd like to take Ellie spelunking. Ellie loved the idea. Ellie admitted that she'd invited him to lunch because she wanted to ask him to use his P.I. skills to find her a new apartment. Spinelli knew it was tough to find an apartment in Port Charles. He mentioned the time he lived with Maxie, and Ellie was surprised, because she didn't realize they were roommates. Spinelli added that they had separate rooms. Ellie figured it must have been tough to have a roommate of the opposite sex. Spinelli said Maxie only let him move in to make Matt jealous. Ellie felt bad that Maxie was now going through a divorce, but she felt that no one as terrific as Maxie would stay single for long. Spinelli decided to resume the search for an apartment of his own and he promised to help Ellie find one, too. Ellie hoped he could find her an older building that had character. Spinelli kissed Ellie goodbye and promised to pick her up after work. Sam called Spinelli and said she needed his help looking into a lead on Jason.

Later, Maxie stopped by the cafeteria and talked to a nurse about putting up fliers to search for a roommate. Ellie overheard her and piped up that she'd take it.

Drake home: Emma pretended to talk to Robin on her toy phone, then she handed it to Patrick so he could talk, too. Sabrina stopped by with a birthday gift for Emma. She and Patrick talked on the porch. He admitted he was having a tough time today without Robin. Back inside, the phone rang and Emma answered. Emma immediately recognized Robin's voice. “Hi, Mommy!” She said with a smile. Robin cried tears of joy.

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