GH Update Monday 11/5/12

General Hospital Update Monday 11/5/12


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

While Johnny is arguing alone with Connie, married to her but discontented, Carly goes to the docks. She sees a mysterious man who appears to be a darkened silhouette. She first calls to Jason wondering if it’s him. But as he gets closer, she sees that he’s AJ and she is shocked.

Monica is alone with her cook realizing that she has to keep AJ hidden or they will both be in trouble.

Luke and Tracy return from the Halloween party both wondering what will happen in their lives.

The Duke Lavery look-alike is at The Haunted Star with Anna who suspects nothing and he makes it clear he wants to win her back.

Back at the Quartermaine house, Tracy asks Luke just what he believes is Duke Lavery’s scheme.

Michael returns to Starr and is hesitant about admitting to her that he just came face to face with his biological father whom he’s believed for many years is dead.

Johnny asks Connie to give him one good reason why he should not kill Todd Manning with the gun he has in his hand. She tells him he could go to prison. And, she tells him she knows the only reason he wants to kill Todd is because if Todd lives, he can expose Johnny’s deep dark secret. But Johnny is very upset, frustrated and not willing to accept having lost everything because of Todd and because of her. He tells her the only reason she doesn’t want to risk his going to prison is because he’s the only person who can keep her out of the nut house.

Anna admits to the Duke Lavery lookalike that she is getting disappointed by Luke giving her nothing more than lip service when she knows he is keeping a secret from her.

Tracy reminds Monica and the cook that she knows they have a secret and are lying to her about what they are talking to her. The cook knows if Tracy and Luke so much as sit on the couch, they could expose their secret.

When Carly sees AJ on the docks, she is horrified to see the man she believed and hoped was dead. And she falls to the ground. He tells her that he is very tempted to throw her ass right in the harbor. He knows she will expose him to everybody. But, he tells himself, he realizes he is not “That man” anymore. AJ disappears knowing someone is coming and knowing it’s Sonny. Sonny goes to find Carly passed out and helps her to come to. She tells him he needs to know that AJ is back. But when Sonny assumes AJ has been dead for years and sees no sign of him there, he questions whether his ex-wife knows what she’s talking about.

At the Quartermaine house, Tracy informs Luke that she saw Monica talking to a dead person. She wonders if it might be Monica’s husband and Tracy’s brother, Alan. She knows that due to Jason’s disappearance and assumed death, maybe Monica is hearing and seeing things. But she knows that there was a mysterious unidentified man at the Halloween party whom she knows might have something to do with Monica’s secret.

In the other room, Monica “brainstorms” with Alice the maid about what they’re going to do regarding how to hide AJ

Michael explains to Starr that he saw with his two eyes that his biological father, AJ was killed. She tells him in that case, he must be mistaken to assume AJ is alive. But he tells her he is pretty certain that Monica, AJ’s mother and his grandmother may have covered for AJ and let people believe he was dead when he was not. She asks Michael what he plans to do regarding his suspicions.

When Sonny finds Carly alone at the docks, she protests that she was not “seeing things”. AJ was there only minutes ago. He’s alive and they need to find him.

AJ is alone and unseen.

Johnny reminds Connie that she coerced him. He tells her that he is not ok with losing Carly and wonders why she seems to really enjoy hurting people. She reminds him that she was raped and doesn’t believe he has any more reason to whine about bad things happening in his life. She taunts him about all the things that “poor little Johnny” can whine about. She says: “boo hoo” regarding knowing that his mom lied to him that she was his sister and his dad was really his grandfather. She asks how he could have survived living in a house full of rich people. He replies barely. His father/grandfather tried to kill him. She asks him if he want to “trade”. Because she’d gladly accept growing up in a rich family like his over having some disgusting pig forcing himself on her as a teenager and not being able to do anything about it, then getting pregnant. He tells her he’s sorry. She tells him it doesn’t matter if he’s sorry. The only thing she knows while growing up catholic is that sex is not something that “good girls” do. So, she’s learned that sex is a weapon that one must use before it gets used upon them. She cries when she remembers that she got beaten for what Joe Jr. did to her. Yet Kate got off easy. She, on the other hand got stuck with a kid and the memories. So he might have to forgive her for making sex jokes when she flirts with him because it’s better than the alternative.

The Duke Lavery lookalike reminds Anna that they are alone at the Haunted Star without Luke or anyone else. So, he asks her what she says to dancing with him.

Tracy asks Luke what could possibly be Monica’s secret with privacy. She tells him she remembered the unidentified man at the part was rude just like AJ. Luke reminds her that AJ is dead.

Monica waits alone for AJ to return and urges her son not to go to the grave with issues unresolved like his father did.

Michael reminds Starr that he is not about to keep any secrets from her. Yet he knows he might have to keep this secret about AJ from his family and that might be easier said than done. She tells him that she knows all too well about secrets regarding her own family and her dad. And she tells him that there’s no easy answer. He has to make his own decision about whether to give AJ up or not. He gets on his phone to call Dante.

Carly pleads that Sonny realize she was not seeing things. She absolutely knows she saw AJ. He tells her he realizes that since Jason has been gone, many people are not thinking straight. But she tells him regardless, she knows that AJ is not dead and was right there.

AJ goes to his father, Alan’s and sister, Emily’s gravesite and talks about how he knows they died before he could prove himself to them and failing them.

Monica asks Alan to tell her what he wants her to do. She “sees” her deceased husband assuring her that he’s there for her.

At the gravesite, AJ asks the same question of his deceased father and also “sees” Alan Quartermaine appear and tell his son he wants him to know how much his father loves him.

Monica asks Alan if it’s him. He tells her she may slap him in the face to find out. She hugs her husband, tells him how much she’s missed him. She asks how she can go on without Jason. She’s lost so much with him, with Emily and now with Jason. He tells her that she has not lost AJ. He tells her he regrets messing up AJ. She tells Alan that they both made mistakes with AJ. It wasn’t all Alan’s fault. Alan reminds his widow that she should be confident that she got AJ back. But she asks if she’s only gotten him back to lose him again.

And while AJ is at the gravesite, Alan affirms to his son that he is proud of him. AJ tells his deceased father he knows he is not and has good reason not to be, but his father will soon be proud of him and have a good reason to. He knows he has made some irreparable mistakes in his life for which he’s believed there’s no way to redeem himself. But he’s not going to give up. He is determined to get through to Michael and be the perfect father he never before could be to his son and give everybody good reason to be proud of him.

When Michael calls Dante and hears his brother’s live voice on the phone, he chickens out from telling him that AJ is alive and illegal activity has gone on to hide him. He tells Dante he’s calling to thank him and Lulu for the fun party. He hangs up with Starr beside him and tells her he knows he’s such a lousy liar. He admits he could not do it. He could not turn AJ in to the cops. He knows his dad would definitely go to prison if that happened. Hearing that, Starr tells him she knows all too well that very situation with all the times she’s covered for her own dad, lied for him and kept him out of prison.

Tracy tells Luke he needs to let this whole thing about Duke Lavery go. He’s obsessed over it and needs to get over it. But Luke knows he has a secret to uncover.

The Duke Lookalike, reminds Anna of their wedding together many years ago when they danced the romantic dance. He tells her it will all come back to her just like he did.

Connie and Johnny are able to talk in a much calmer and courteous manner knowing that they have similar situations. He concludes if the two of them are going to be stuck in this marriage, maybe they need to learn to be nice. But she tells him she doesn’t “do nice”. But maybe she can be “nicer”. And they agree to that with a hand shake.

Starr tells Michael she will be there for him knowing he’s had the shock of his life and tells him she realizes he cannot make any decisions right now.

AJ realizes that his deceased father, Alan, is not really standing beside him and knows he’s alone.

Carly tells Sonny that maybe they need to do some investigation of whether AJ is really dead and buried as they’ve believed for years. He asks her if she wants him to dig up his casket to see if it’s empty or not and if so, he can have Max and Milo assist them. He then concludes to her that she need not worry about AJ. They both have had some issues in their lives. But they have one thing to be proud of which is the great young man they raised together. And he assures her that AJ is gone and will never get his hooks in Michael nor infringe upon their lives again.

Monica talks to the deceased Alan about being afraid she’s not strong enough to be able to make these decisions all alone. He tells her that he knows how strong she is and assures her she’s not alone. She relives many years ago when the two of them first got together and had a passionate argument that turned into a love fest. She smiles and declares that she loves Alan. But when she turns to see him, he’s gone and she realizes he’s not really there.

Tracy and Luke talk in the other room about how they can find out about Duke Lavery’s agenda. She asks him if he does not believe that Anna, who’s not only Duke’s ex but the chief of police, would be able to get to the bottom of whatever is going on with this man. Luke then realizes for that very reason, he cannot rely on Anna. They talk about Turkish prisons and he declares to her he’s going to investigate this very thing all by himself. He’s going to Turkey.

It appears Anna is “mesmerized” when she remembers her romantic encounters with her ex-husband all those years ago, and dances with him suspecting nothing about the man who looks just like Duke.

Starr tells Michael she has the perfect solution for him. He needs to let her cook, and she will prepare the perfect meal for them.

Connie tells Johnny they can do the same thing and looks like she wants to enlighten him with the cooking skills she’s learned from her Italian up-bringing.

While dancing, Anna is enchanted by the Duke Lookalike until he wants to kiss her and she pulls away. She knows that things are moving ahead “too fast”.

Luke tells Tracy he needs to get ready to travel to Turkey. He kisses her goodbye. But she somehow knows that she can’t count on having any future with Luke. She admits that she just got out of a relationship with a rapist after breaking up with Luke. And now she’s all alone. But then, the “ghost” of her deceased brother Alan appears and she stares at him wondering if she’s seeing things.

Starr and Michael have ice cream together and kiss.

When Monica is alone, AJ suddenly appears by entering through the window. She demands her son not go running off like that again. He assures his mom that he’s not going anywhere and hugs her. They both see and sense Alan’s presence in the room watching over them.

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